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  • アーティストやクリエイターが「CHILL」をコンセプトに2時間のミュージックプレイリストを作成しOAするプログラム。あなたの一番不安な時間に優しく寄り添い、穏やかな時間に変える。それが「CITY CHILL CLUB」の役目です。TBSラジオで毎週月~金27時から放送中。
    TBS Podcast:https://www.tbsradio.jp/podcast/

  • "Good Music Makes Good People" • Hip Hop • Rap • Soul • R&B • Funk • Jazz • Reggae • & more..

  • "The" Lance Jay Radio Network is a nationally syndicated program that has aired on ESPN and NBC Sports Radio focusing primarily on sports, hip-hop music and current events. Hosted by James Lewis III and D.J. Rampage the First Lieutenant of the Universal Flipmode Squad, "The" Lance Jay Radio Network airs M-F on The Mighty WVOL 1470AM in Nashville, TN at 12PM Central Time and M-F in podcast format on affiliates in Seattle, Philadelphia, Orlando, Phoenix & Huntsville, AL. Starting 12.13.21 Urban One is picking up the show in the D.C. market on WOL 1450AM and 95.9FM at 11AM Eastern. Video of the show is aired on RokuTV M-W from 5-6 Eastern Time. During the Covid Pandemic James also launched the #HealthCast which is a series of episodes dissecting the American healthcare system and promoting SDoH programs. Issac Palmer Jr. & David Meyer are featured on the #HealthCast

  • Gus grew up in Brooklyn New York during the 50s when Doo Wop was born. As His interest in Doo Wop grew, He was fortunate to go to the Alan Freed shows to witness in person Doo Wop history in the making. Gus later moved to South Carolina in the 80s and began hosting a Doo Wop radio show on 98.3 Fm. Gus also hosted the Doo Wop 50 PBS special in Atlanta, Georgia in 2000. He also hosted Doo Wop and Oldies shows all over the country including cruise ships, which he still does today! Gus now lives in Arizona and is still doing shows and keeping the music and all those great Doo Wop memories alive. Gus has the intention of sharing both the music, the memories, and his vast knowledge of the greatest music of all time !

  • Preschool friendly music lessons that develop perfect pitch and a good sense of rhythm! Host and creator Mr. Rob makes music lessons fun and easy. Why? So that every child can enjoy the benefits of (and art that is) music!

    The show uses 8 colored bells (amongst other characters and instruments) to give preschool children meaningful exposure to pitch! Preschool children are uniquely capable of developing perfect pitch due to the deep-brain auditory development that takes place between birth and age five.

    By using a color coded instrument or a set of the bells featured in the show, your chid can interact with the shows hands-on. A free eBook for parents will familiarize you with the games and concepts, so you can really become your child's greatest music teacher (even if you don't play an instrument).

    Instruments, songbooks, story books, more videos, clickable bells, and a whole host of fun can be found at www.PreschoolProdigies.net.

  • INTO THE WOODS ist die mitreißende, moderne Verfilmung einiger der beliebtesten Märchen der Gebrüder Grimm und verknüpft komisch und gefühlvoll zugleich die klassischen Erzählungen von Aschenputtel, Rotkäppchen, Hans und die Bohnenranke und Rapunzel zu einer ganz neuen Geschichte. Basierend auf dem Broadway-Erfolg „Into the Woods“ inszenierte Rob Marshall, Regisseur des Oscar®-prämierten Filmmusicals CHICAGO, den musikalischen Welterfolg mit einem fulminanten Starensemble darunter Meryl Streep, Johnny Depp, Emily Blunt, Chris Pine und Anna Kendrick.

  • 個人配信のポッドキャストとして、だいたいが歩きながら収録。興味のあること、好きなことを話しています。(2005 - 2018)

  • 当サイトで制作している全てのオリジナル楽曲は、商用・非商用に関わらず無料でお使いいただけます。(ただし、商用利用の場合のみ、メールにてご連絡下さい。)BGM・効果音の使用にあたっては、必ず利用規約を御一読下さい。また、楽曲制作して下さるサウンドクリエイターの方を随時募集しております。(2013年03月 - 2014年10月 リリース分 / Part.1 - BGM 285曲 / Part.3 - BGM 278曲 / Part.4 - BGM 267曲 / Part.5 - BGM 264曲 / Part.6 - BGM 275曲 / Part.7 - 最新BGM配信中)

  • 音楽家・大友良英がここでしか聞けないような変わった音楽から昔懐かしい音楽に至るまでのいろんな音楽とゲストを招いてのおしゃべりや、リスナーの皆さんからのリクエストやメッセージにもお答えしていくこの番組ならではのオリジナルなラジオ番組です。

  • The LJS Podcast is the podcast where you get weekly jazz tips, interviews, stories and advice for becoming a better jazz musician! Hosting the show is the jazz musician behind learnjazzstandards.com, author, and entrepreneur Brent Vaartstra, who’s one goal is to answer any question about playing jazz music you may have. Jazz can be a challenging music to learn and play, but it doesn’t have to be so hard. Each episode features a specific musical challenge that jazz students may come across, where it is discussed and answered. Special jazz guests frequent the show, sharing their expertise on an array of different musical subject matter. Listeners are invited to call in with their jazz questions to the podcast hotline, where it could get answered on a future LJS Podcast episode. Join thousands of other listeners getting free jazz education every week!

  • Meet the members of the Brooklyn Jazz Underground collective! This ten member organization, based in Brooklyn, NY, is committed to the advancement of creative music. Each episode contains an interview of one member and is accompanied by examples of their music and influences.

  • Computers LIVE is a Drum and Bass Podcast made with Native Instruments Reaktor, Ableton Live and midi controllers. The show is streamed online and new shows are posted monthly. Themes are modified and reworked until a futuristic bass experience emerges. Drum and Bass unlike anything you've ever heard. Computers LIVE features exclusive releases of Neurofunk, Breakcore, Vaporwave, Lo Fi. Liquid, Dubstep, Hip Hop, IDM, EDM, DNB, Trap, Trance, Techno Hardcore Electronic Music. Made in Los Angeles California and streamed worldwide https://www.facebook.com/computerslive donations are here https://www.paypal.me/AKB48 you may also visit citrusonic.com for more.

  • 当サイトで制作している全てのオリジナル楽曲は、商用・非商用に関わらず無料でお使いいただけます。(ただし、商用利用の場合のみ、メールにてご連絡下さい。)BGM・効果音の使用にあたっては、必ず利用規約を御一読下さい。また、楽曲制作して下さるサウンドクリエイターの方を随時募集しております。(2017年07月 - 2018年07月 リリース分 / Part.1 - BGM 288曲 / Part.2 - BGM 290曲 / Part.3 - BGM 278曲) / Part.4 - BGM 267曲) / Part.5 - BGM 287曲 / Part.6 - BGM 284曲 / Part.7 - 最新BGM配信中)

  • 吹奏楽や管楽合奏の古典的名曲を詳細に分析することで、吹奏楽を広範囲に知り、音楽的視野を広げる。また、ソルフェージュ的な側面を強化し、スムーズに吹奏楽のスコアが読めるようになることを、目標にする。

  • Host Michael Vincent takes an in-depth look at Glenn Gould’s iconic “pygmy” chair. The more he finds out, the more mysterious it becomes.

  • 東京・下北沢にある音楽レーベル/プロダクション・UK.PROJECTがお送りするPodcastプログラム「UKPラジオ」。
    #UKPラジオ をつけてツイートしてください!

    番組の感想、質問などは、#UKPラジオ をつけてツイートしてください!

  • 1979年10月、ラジオ関東(現ラジオ日本)で 10年間放送された音楽番組を振り返る「全英トップ20」。DJは大貫憲章と今泉圭姫子!日本で初めて、イギリスのヒットチャートを毎週紹介した番組として、今でも多くのUK音楽ファンにとって、伝説の番組として語られている。そんな番組のDJを担当した二人が当時の思い出、アーティストとの秘話を交えたトークをお送りするPodcast!