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  • Подкаст об исторических травмах и примирении в разных странах

    Ведущий подкаста Сергей Простаков беседует с историками, социологами, юристами, журналистами и политологами о том, как в разных странах работают с трудным прошлым, как устроена память о преступлениях и коллективных травмах, и о поиске пути к общественному согласию.

    Ведущий — Сергей Простаков

    Редактор — Даша Данилова

    Научный редактор — Егор Сенников

    Монтажёр, композитор — Марина Теренжева

    Дизайнер — Александра Филиппова

    SMM — Дарья Паясь

    Telegram — https://t.me/ostorozhno_podcasts

    «Вконтакте» — https://vk.com/ostorozhno_podcasts

    Студия «Осторожно: подкасты!», 2022

  • „Locked N‘ Loaded“ - tai visuomeninis projektas, orientuotas į visuomenės supažindinimą su gynyba, Lietuvos kariuomene, motyvacijos gilinti ar įgyti gynybai reikalingų praktinių įgūdžių stiprinimą.
    Mūsų naujas projektas - „Patrulio bazė“. Tai - podcast‘ų ciklas, o jo vedėjas - karininkas, visuomenininkas ir šiaip puikus žmogus Alminas Sinevičius. Laidoje reguliariai vyks susitikimo operacijos. Čia kalbėsime apie karybą nuo taktinio iki strateginio lygmens.

  • The Princeton Tory Podcast is the inaugural podcast of The Princeton Tory, a student-run publication of conservative political thought breaking down the political scene on campus.

  • Synthetic Society explores our future technological society, with each episode featuring interviews with leading experts, political figures, and entrepreneurs, discussing and teaching us about complex issues. Hosted by disinformation researcher Tom Ascott.

    With a focus on AI, technology and the internet, the show gives insight into many of the legal, social and regulatory problems that we are all facing together. Synthetic Society is part of the #Ai2021 campaign, a public engagement campaign to get the general public learning, thinking, and talking about AI. Contact us at www.ai2021.org. Produced by AI expert Marcus Storm on behalf of the #Ai2021 campaign.

  • Are you ready to venture into the shadows? Dirty Deeds unravels the hidden stories of the fraud and deceit behind some of the biggest international scandals in recent years, told by the investigative journalists who uncovered them.

    We’ll bring you reporting from the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP), a worldwide network of journalists who cross borders and bad guys to shine a bright light on some of the world’s most dangerous criminal networks. We’ll travel the globe from the oil fields of Venezuela to the rosewood forests of Namibia to the steppes of Central Asia. And don’t forget the posh London real estate where much of the dirty cash ends up. These are the inside stories of how the powerful, unscrupulous, and well-connected can acquire unimaginable wealth — and of what it takes to expose them.

    Dirty Deeds is a Little Gem production for OCCRP. The host is Nick Wallis. The producer is Lindsay Riley at Rethink Audio, with research from Phoebe Adler-Ryan and Riham Moussa.

    Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  • The Hot Room is a podcast by The Hill Times, Canada's all-politics, all-the-time newspaper in the heart of Parliament Hill. We talk to politicians, experts, and other reporters about the biggest stories of the day.

    Hot Room podcast theme music written and performed by Gavin Gardiner for The Hill Times.

  • Iraqi Voices showcases authentic perspectives and insights about current developments in Iraq. Each week, we examine one major event in the country through expert analysis, cutting through the conjecture to help listeners better navigate Iraq's complex social, political and economic environment.

    Iraqi Voices is produced by 1001 Iraqi Thoughts.

  • A podcast made by activists for activists! We discuss issues that matter to the left, talk to campaigners, and share our life experiences.

  • This podcast uncovers and dissects topical issues of Lithuanian diplomacy, international relations and all things, related to mysteries and riddles of diplomatic work. The podcast is created by Lithuania MFA's Communications team.

  • Train To Win is an informational podcast that includes interviews with the leaders and experts from the observer coach trainers teams. Produced by the Joint Multinational Readiness Center Public Affairs Office.

  • Sphere, a collaboration between the Cato Institute and the Brookings Institution, is an online debate series designed to create the gold standard for civil discussions of policy issues and political philosophy based on common values and shared objectives. 

    Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.