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  • Regular radio and studio mixes from Bristol, UK based DJ R-Hawk

  • Reg (Couch Sessions Music Editor) and Stone (Couch Sessions Founder) sit down (usually with some alcoholic accompaniment) and wax poetic about the best music and pop culture topics of the week. Expect profound thoughts, surprises, and maybe some special guests!

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  • Подкаст о музыке и всём, что с ней связано.

    melodiya в Телеграме: t.me/eto_melodiya

    melodiya в VK: vk.com/eto_melodiya

    Инстаграм автора: instagram.com/iliya_the_prophet

    Телеграм-канал автора: t.me/sploshnoe

  • Музыкант, аранжировщик, саунд-продюсер.

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    When I was a kid I heard Pet Shop Boys and I was blown away by the different sounds.
    This was the beginning of an addiction to electronic music.
    From teen to adulthood I listened to all kinds of music.
    From Slayer Metallica to Boards of Canada, rap to happy hardcore, trance to trip-hop, reggae to techno.

    First time in my life I'm only concentrating on only tech music.

    The complex sounds that are evolving from techno pave the way for future music, not just techno.
    Each song that's in the set would have been listened to at least 5 times. I like for the songs to capture me and then I'll look for the hidden gems of why I'd want to share it.

    My sets are mostly techHouse, IndieDance, NightDriving techno, progressive and electronic. With some vocal songs. I much prefer no vocals but some songs are brilliant where the vocals justify the song.

    In near future, I'll be getting back to my dreams and doing production.
    To write music is to spark people's deep spiritual and life connection.

    Music is the only true word from the universe.

  • Подкаст с танцевальной музыкой от DJ Trojan. Еженедельные миксы из серии Stereo World, специальные подборки, лайвы, а также различные авторские работы.

  • If you're looking for that infamous tingling sensation that makes you scream then look no more. ASMR Triggers is a collection of stimulating audio recordings from various sounds to provide you with an ultimate experience.


  • Recopilem els èxits dels 70, 80 i 90 en un programa de dues hores que s'emet de dilluns a dijous a les 13.00 hores a la FM o a través de Online. Pots participar del programa enviant un whatsapp al 973 643015.

  • Подкаст в стиле фикшн. Слушая его, вы переноситесь в воображаемое пространство и незаметно для себя засыпаете.

  • Hello everyone,my name is Armin Alic.I am a bassist, born in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia, in 1980, and based in Germany since the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina started in 1992.Welcome to my “Talking Spirits Podcast”, where you will be able to listen to talking spirits, meaning that I will be hosting many different people from all over the world and we will talk life in general and all of its wonders in particular.While it is in the nature of things that many of my guests will be musicians or people who are working in the music business, in fact the only mandatory thing in order to become a talking spirit is having one or many stories to tell and being willing to share them with me and the world, so basically anyone can be a guest. Due to the story of my life so far and me being a traveling musician I am a multi-lingual guy, so the “Talking Spirits Podcast” is as well multi-lingual one, as there will be episodes in English and in German.A huge THANK YOU goes out to my dear friends Mem Nahadr, Hanno Busch, Roman Babik and Leon Mucke for grooving with me on the “Talking Spirits” jingles you can hear in every episode, to my dear friend Andreas Herr from the Heyday Studio in Wuppertal, Germany, for making the whole broadcast sound right, and to my dear friend Vladislav Filipovic for the amazing artwork and support with the web page. For further infos and latest updates please visit:www.talkingspiritspodcast.com

  • "7 НОТ" — разговоры с музыкантами о музыке и не только.

    Если ты здесь, значит тебе не безразличны творческие люди!

    Здесь ты сможешь познакомиться с жизнью настоящих творцов (профессиональных композиторов, исполнителей, блогеров и тд).

    Подкаст "7 нот" от Виктории Козловой - музыкального теоретика, преподавателя и журналиста.

    Наш Телеграм-канал: https://t.me/sevennotes7

    Поддержать нас можно здесь:

    Патреон: https://patreon.com/user?u=94591913

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  • Jocelyn Hagen shares conversations with composers as a part of Compose Like a Girl, an initiative that amplifies female-identifying composers, helps conductors diversify their concerts, and works toward more equality in music programming and commissioning.

  • Recorder.13 - closed music lovers community. #R13

  • Dj / Producer
    Label @kombustrecords
    Bookings: [email protected]
    Promo : [email protected]
    Demo : [email protected]
    Labels: KOMBUST, Radikon, 3000Grad, Black Rose, Dear Deer, HEINZ, Blindfold, Love Matters, Beatfreak, ZEHN, OKO Recordings, Lost on You

  • Are you creating new ways of performing, teaching, and reaching your audience? Then you're my people.

    My guests are bringing music into the 21st century and beyond. They're the people who understand that live music won't survive if it clings to business models from a previous century.

    I created this podcast to help you to reinvent yourself and expand your own horizons. Take the information, mull it over, and come up with your own way to bring your art to the world. Because it's time to face the music.

    Thanks for listening!

    Chris @ Honesty Pill

  • Jaunais ceļš
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  • Здесь мы общаемся с интересными людьми.
    С любовью к музыке и интервью команда ХЭНГОВЕР / HANGOVER SHOW

  • В середине девяностых в Москве на средних волнах работала независимая радиостанция «Ракурс». Это был оазис музыки, которую нельзя было услышать в ФМ-диапазоне, и именно на «Ракурсе» стали проходить первые в московском эфире полноценные живые концерты не только с акустическим, но и с электрическим звучанием. В концертах на «Ракурсе» участвовали не только известные музыканты, но и молодые группы, известные в основном по клубной сцене.
    В этом подкасте мы разговариваем с участниками концертов на радио «Ракурс» об их творчестве, о том времени, о музыке, людях, о жизни. И, конечно, о том, что происходило в течение той самой четверти века, которая отделяет нас от тех выступлений в середине девяностых, которые мы оцифровываем сейчас и предлагаем вашему вниманию.