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  • The Alabama Civil Rights Trail Podcast is a series where historians and experts help us explore some of the most significant events of the Movement that happened in the state. We also share the real stories of people who were there and who made a difference. And why what took place then is still so relevant to us today.

  • Michael Cortese of NobleSpirit and Charles Epting of HR Harmer interview philatelists around the world.
    Collectors, Dealers, Exhibitors, Enthusiasts, and Researchers.

    Join us as we speak with some of the most interesting people in the world of philately, and talk about the journeys that stamps have taken them on.

  • This podcast methodically details and explores the events, evidence, and historical contexts related to the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The mission of the Awakened Reality Podcast is to fearlessly pursue truth, understanding, and wisdom. To present thought provoking information, by way of a multi-media network, to all who seek personal spiritual growth and awareness. To help cultivate open-mindedness, tolerance, community, and humanity's collective consciousness. To contact us or provide feedback, please email: ''; we'd love to hear from you!

  • This is our new podcast series, “Famous Personalities,” which features short biographies of well-known people with historic significance.

  • Dr. Arthur Plesa reads from the Chiropractic Green Books and provides commentaries. This is a great podcast to get your heart and mind focused on Chiropractic before you start seeing patients. Enlightening and inspiring for the student of Chiropractic as well as the seasoned doctor.

  • I’m a fifth grade teacher that creates audiobooks for my class. Enjoy listening! You can purchase classroom materials that go with these books on my TEACHER PAY TEACHER site:

    I do this for free for your enjoyment and your education. If you feel like supporting me in my cause, you can send money my way! It is much appreciated from this underpaid teacher!
    Venmo: @youngbrian1979

  • Victoria Gill and guests discuss the signs and symptoms of melting ice and anthropogenic climate warming, illicit CFC production and the racket we make in the seas. As two robotic missions from UAE and China arrive at Mars , and a third from NASA arrives next week, UK astronaut Tim Peake talks of the international collaboration in Mars research that is to come. And continuing BBC Inside Science's look at some of the issues facing COP26 delegates to Glasgow this autumn, Victoria is joined by cryosphere scientist Dr Anna Hogg, Anna studies – some Support this podcast:

  • Solvable is a true-crime podcast that seeks to find the answers to unsolved mysteries. With the cooperation of the investigative agency, Solvable takes the listener behind closed doors and speaks directly to the past and current personnel who are responsible for investigating these crimes. In addition, family members and others who are most impacted by these tragedies share their stories in the hopes that answers will one day be found.

  • This series opens the door into a hidden world of drug trafficking and its ties to political power. It’s a story of a man, known as el Transportista, who transported drugs through planes for the world’s most dangerous drug lords in Mexico, Venezuela, Dominican Republic and Colombia. Currently behind bars, he tells the tales of his wild adventures from a North Carolina federal prison via a smuggled cell phone. Each weekly episode is in English and Spanish and shines a light on the life of a man who had access to the top cartel’s, their supply, women and wealth but it all came to a stop. What happened? Buckle up, the plane is taking off and el Transportista is talking about it all.

  • The stories behind the medals. Scout Bassett, Eliza Skinner and Ed Harry find out what it takes to make it to the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

  • Welcome to Whakaaro Fridays: Informative, real-time, empowering kōrero for the people. A podcast released on the first Friday every month about the Māori lived experience.

  • Really Good Shares is a recovery podcast – part interview show, part experimental storytelling collaboration. We talk about recovery from all kinds of things: car crashes, identity crises, drugs, alcohol, ego. Each episode features a Share from a guest about how they got by and musical accompaniment from legendary soul singer Swamp Dogg. Even if you’re not in recovery, these stories have something to teach. 
    RGS is based on the recovery newsletter The Small Bow, which host A.J. Daulerio created after he got out of rehab and wanted to hear stories about sobriety, mental health, and spirituality that he couldn’t easily find on the internet. Most people equate recovery with redemption – the part where people who’ve quit drugs or alcohol then tell you how they did it and how good their lives are now – but RGS focuses less on the beginning and ending of rock bottoms, and more about the middle of the journey, making it through the woods. 
    Join A.J. as he speaks with writers, entertainers, social workers, magazine editors, recovering addicts, recovering jerks – people – about how they made it through hard things and got better because of it. Maybe some of this will help you get better too.

  • EXTRA! EXTRA! The Internet is set ablaze as Tana Mongeau launches her very own podcast: CANCELLED! After years of growing up under the constant scrutiny of public opinion, social media juggernaut, Tana Mongeau, is officially taking back the mic. Acting as a natural evolution of her acclaimed “storytime” videos, this show offers an intimate look at Mongeau, her meteoric rise to superstardom, and the unavoidable moments of vulnerability that make this cyber-personality all the more human. CANCELLED will seek to shed a new light, not only on its host, but on the enigmatic world of “the influencer,” featuring lively celeb tell-alls, current event commentary, and Tana’s unfiltered take on the drama that relentlessly clings to her.

    Produced by The Paragon Collective and David Weintraub Entertainment.

  • Introducing MECCA Talks, an access all areas pass to the beauty, business, and lifestyle experts we call our community. Made by Australia’s biggest beauty retailer—and hosted by MECCA’s chief marketing officer, Kate Blythe, and head of content, Zara Wong—this podcast goes beyond what you see in our 100+ stores, on social media, and on The MECCA Memo to swing open the doors to the global beauty industry, and to our network of friends, founders, and collaborators. Expect conversations with brand founders, industry experts, and our own in-house specialists; deep dives into the history of iconic beauty formulations; and advice for life from our most trusted friends. Hit play!

  • Verbal Highs is a long-form interview podcast with people who create & innovate in their chosen art form, vocation, back shed, main stage, peer group, or shower cubicle. Based in Tāmaki Makaurau, New Zealand, Lewis Tennant explores the lives & thoughts of the likes of musicians, writers, film makers, actors, and comedians... as well as hosting those that make things happen side of stage, below the line, and under the radar. Please like Dr Tennant's Verbal Highs on Facebook, follow @verbalhighs on Twitter, comment, share, subscribe & enjoy.

  • New Zealand's national security is rarely discussed in detail outside a small group of government officials and academics. The Indefensible New Zealand podcast is designed to change that with a wide ranging and ongoing conversation that everyone can understand. Free of the constraints of word limits and sound bites, the host, Simon Ewing-Jarvie, presents a fascinating, 'whole of government' view of what needs to be done to keep Kiwis safe - now and in the future. And by future, we mean this series looks out to 2050 and beyond. Many guests will appear on this show - some whose names you'll recognise and others you will never have heard of. Together, they help to bring this important topic to life.

  • The Backroom of Politics is an insight into the discussion that leads to policy-making in New Zealand, hosted by Hon Gerry Brownlee MP.

    Authorised by Hon Gerry Brownlee, Parliament Buildings, Wellington.

  • A podcast delving into the 80 year legacy of the Man of Steel from two Irishmen in their 30s.

  • We're a small group of people who reach out to wonderful people in many industries that are clearly, well, out of our league! From people in Gaming News, Gaming, Streaming, Film, TV, Music, or even just being really cool.

    Please give us a listen and check out our episodes and let us know what you think!

  • Primary channel for the Filmotomy Podcast. Dissecting film, from the girt to the stars.