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  • Join the bold and unapologetic David Banner as he engages in conversations that will make you laugh, push your thinking, liberate your mind, and move you to disrupt the status quo.

  • Music is finite, opinions are endless. On The Album Years podcast, long term friends, collaborators and music nerds Steven Wilson and Tim Bowness discuss and bicker about their favourite music released during the golden album years, which they reckon to be from around 1965 to the end of the millennium. Each episode focuses on a single year picked at random. At the end of each episode they pick their personal favourites and the album they think had the most long-term impact on music. Can you guess which albums they will pick?

  • Inês Meneses e Pedro Mexia conduzem um programa sobre a atualidade cultural feito em parceria entre o Expresso e a Antena 1

  • em Lisboa 97.8FM /// contacto: geral@radarlisboa.fm

  • Todas as quartas, das 23h à 1h da manhã, a Nova Era apresenta o rádio show de um dos nomes mais importantes do hip hop nacional e internacional: Mundo Segundo.
    A melhor montra do hip hop que se faz em Portugal e no resto do Mundo em duas horas semanais, no 'SKILLS' radio show. Não percas, os novos lançamentos, as revelações, as notícias, entrevistas e muito mais do panorama do hip hop, com apresentação na primeira pessoa pelo Mundo Segundo.

  • Deejay depuis plus de 35 ans

    Son expérience du dancefloor, ainsi que ça culture musicale lui on permis de faire danser tous les styles de publiques.
    Il à ainsi participer à tous types de soirées en France et à l'étranger exemples : Festivals, night club, première partie de concert, repas d'entreprises, séminaires, mariages, anniversaires, etc...

    Ses origines latines l'ont rattrapé il y maintenant une bonne quinzaines d'années.
    L'amour de la musique et ses talent de Dj l'impose alors comme l'un des précurseurs du mouvement latino en France. En 2000 il prend alors la direction musical du Latino café.
    On fait également appel à lui pour ses sets ensoleillés dans des clubs discothèque ainsi que dans les festivals.

    Actuellement, Dj Carlos assure la résidence deejay et la direction artistique du "Salsapelpa" un des haut-lieu des nuits dijonnaises .
    Il est également concepteur de la compilation sortie en 02/06/2004 "SALSAPELPA Fiesta Caliente"

    Dj Carlos poursuit en parallèle son activité de dj Independent au seins de Mixacademy "Ecole de dj" , ainsi que sa participation à de nombreux évènements et soirées.

    twitter : Dj Carlos@Djsalsapelpa
    email; salsapelpa@wanadoo.fr

  • Radio Show hosted by Ricardo MarianoVidro Azul ("Blue Glass"): its broadcastings began in RUC-Radio University of Coimbra, later extending to Radio Radar and now on Radio SBSR. In its two-hour duration, this author’s project explores melancholic sonorities also experimenting boundarylessly, with beautiful, ethereal landscapes. Through several genres ranging from folk, glitch, indietronica, neoclassical, ambient, jazz, indie pop, minimal among others, themes are blended in an intentional attempt to create a coherent harmony.§Radio SBSR (90.4 Lisbon - 91.0 Oporto | www.sbsr.fm), Radio Universidade de Coimbra (107.9 | www.ruc.pt), EuradioNantes (101.3 | www.euradionantes.eu) and Radio Universitaria do Minho (97.5 | www.rum.pt)§E-mail: vidroazul@gmail.com Vidro Azul is a radio show.

  • WELCOME 2 MAGILLIAN's PODCASTHush Recordz, Musica Gourmet & Hush Deep Head Honcho.Long time Dj & Surfer, recent producer/remixer, multifaceted artist floating around in the emotional spectrum of house and techno.Magillian's dedication to find unique music and talents helped to make Hush Recordz & Musica Gourmet labels two of the most influential Portuguese exports of recent times. In just three years, Hush Recordz label has risen up as a leading light on Portuguese Underground electronic music, becoming one of the 200 most relevant Minimal labels to Beatport customers on 2015&16 and Musica Gourmet imprint has been featured on Traxsource Top 200 tracks of 2017..His blend of electronica, house and techno has seen him release original music and remixes on institutions such as King Street Sounds, Bush Records, Nite Grooves, Monique Musique, Baroque Records or Go Deeva Records.

  • Canopy Sounds is a place for us all to come together, to share, to experience, to live. Sound is a conveyer of thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories... What does your Canopy sound like?


  • O melhor Afrohouse toca na Nova Era. Os ritmos e batidas contagiantes, mixados por Ricardo Lomar.
    Faz play e vicia-te no Afrobitz.

  • Partindo do que é história ou do que se prepara para ficar na história, A Teoria da Evolução pretende enquadrar o passado, antecipar o futuro e confirmar o presente de uma das actuais forças motrizes da música nacional: o Hip Hop. As entrevistas são o mote e a conversa não tem limites. Com José Mariño
    Programas completos(músicas na íntegra) disponíveis em https://www.rtp.pt/play/p5941/a-teoria-da-evolucao

  • What gets you in your feels? Whether it’s a catchy song, a confession, or a debate, each can inspire a variety of emotions. Join Youtuber JREKML and Media Personality Emily Haydel as they attempt to reveal said feels through by tactfully engaging and interacting with each other, the listeners, and their colorful guests. With a focus on the Korean Music world, there is so much to uncover alongside the artists and fans, and JRE & Emily will do that each Sunday through the “In My Feels” podcast. You can download the Himalaya app, follow the “In My Feels” Podcast, and subscribe to our Himalaya+, which unlocks opportunities to hear exclusive content and have access to special events, giveaways, and an intimate community in order to share your personal stories. Thanks for listening, and we can’t wait for the feels to be real.

    Host/Producers: JRE, Emily Haydel

    CHEM Productions-

    Executive Producer: Charlene Pae

    Production Assistants: Alyce Milana, Wendy Silva, Tania Suadi

    Social Media Manager: Rubi Flores

  • MLVC: the Madonna Podcast is the place for all things Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone. Hosted by Tony Trius & Stefan Mreczko, each episode features an in-depth look at a different aspect of the Queen of Pop’s iconic career. We discuss everything from music, videos, movies & tours, and through various interviews, also take a look at her profound and lasting influence in popular culture and to her millions of fans around the world.

  • PUMP UP THE VOLUME Radio Show|Podcast is the most energetic and electrifying show on Radio & web, produced and mixed by Dj Overule monthly, brings us the freshest news, rare remixes and some exclusive music when it comes to the best CLubMusic / HIP HOP / R & B / Electro / Disco / MAsh-up / Dancehall.

  • WEEKLY PODCAST https://linktr.ee/Unheardindie 12 BANDS EACH WEEK + ALBUM NEWS.

    1 track a day posted to Twitter too



    TOP 25 ALBUMS 2019

    1. Temples – Hot Motion
    Foals – Everything not saved will be lost Part II
    Catfish & The Bottlemen – The Balance
    Cassia – Replica
    Modern Pleasure – Goodbye Channel

    6. Foals – Everything not saved will be lost I
    Queen Zee – Queen Zee
    Spinn – Self
    Yonaka – Don’t wait ‘til tomorrow
    The Amazons – Future Dust

    11. Declan Welsh & The Decadent West – Cheaply bought, expensively sold
    Talisco – Kings & Fools
    The Night Café – 0151
    Sam Fender – Hypersonic Missiles
    The Strumbellas - Rattlesnake

    16. Indoor Pets – Be content
    Ten Tonnes – Self
    Blood Red Shoes - Get Tragic
    Pretty Vicious – Beauty of youth
    The SLP – The SLP

    21. Gender Roles - Prang
    No Hot Ashes – Hardship Starship
    Pizzagirl – First timer
    Drenge - Strange Creatures
    YAK - Pursuit Of Momentary Happiness

    TOP 10 ALBUMS 2018

    Tom Grennan – Lighting matches
    Broken Records - What we might know
    The Academic – Tales from the backseat
    Blossoms – Cool like you
    The Brahms – Me and my damn dreams
    Puppet Rebellion – Chemical Friends
    Satellite Stories – Cut out the lights
    Years & Years – Palo Santo
    Vance Joy – Nation of two
    Spring King – A better life

    TOP 10 ALBUMS 2017
    1. Sundara Karma – Youth is only ever fun in retrospect
    2. Soviet Soviet – Endless
    3. Farewell Dear Ghost - Neon Nature
    4. Vancouver Sleep Clinic – Revival
    5. The Amazons – The Amazons
    6. The Sherlocks – Live for the moment
    7. Circa Waves – Different creatures
    8. Talisco – Capitol Vision
    9. IDLES – Brutalism
    10. Fuck Art Lets Dance – FORWARD FUTURE!

    TOP 10 ALBUMS 2016
    1. Elizabeth – Death to rebels
    2. Flume – Skin
    3. Catfish & The Bottlemen – The Ride
    4. Baby Strange – Want it need it
    5. New Desert Blues – To be my own
    6. My Vitriol – The secret sessions
    7. Glass Animals – How to be a human being
    8. Holy Esque – At hope’s ravine
    9. PAWS – No Grace
    10. Spring King – Tell me if you like to

    TOP 10 ALBUMS 2015
    1. Foals – What went down
    2. Best Friends – Hot.Reckless.Totally Insane
    3. Satellite Stories – Vagabonds
    4. Crushed Beaks – Scatter
    5. Everything Everything – get to heaven
    6. Hibou – Hibou
    7. Tom Rosenthal – Bolu
    8. Sun Club – The Dongo Durango

  • ::. A REVOLTA do Vinyl .::
    1 hora de música cheia de energia para respirar e também para dançar com Ricardo Guerra.
    Sábados, 23h - Meia-Noite, na Oxigénio 102 6 fm, Lisboa.
    1 music hour full of energy to breathe and also to dance, with Ricardo Guerra in the mix.
    Saturdays, 23h - 00h, on Oxigénio Radio 102 6 fm, Lisbon.

  • Planeta Pop its a Radio Show produced and presented by Paulo Garcia that aired on radio Radar between 2011 and 2018.

    Planeta Pop features the best in Synth-Pop, Indie-Rock, New-Wave, Alternative, Post-Punk, Electronic, Minimal Synth and Pop.

    Now in podcast format, each week we continue to bring you the best new music along with lost classics and obscure hits from the past.

    Paulo Garcia is also the Founder, Author and Editor of the music site Planeta Pop, since 2004.


    Radio Show and Podcast Archive: https://www.mixcloud.com/paulogarciaastronauta/

  • Exploring Lisbon's live music scene, with a selection of exclusive interviews, tracks and live performances.

  • A home for goths and rivetheads to call their own. Every week (Thursdays) one of the Requiem's DJ's will bring you the most decadent mix they can conjure. Featuring every genre from the underground scene, no one gets left behind! Visit the website for playlists, videos, news and more. Welcome to the Shadows!