• Dr Kevin House is Education Futures Architect at Education in Motion, a growing family of premier education brands, including Dulwich College International and Green School, with more than 11,000 students. As part of this work, Kevin is leading the development of a new and innovative high school concept called SE21. You can find out more about SE21 here. 

    Kevin is also Associate Professor in Practice in the Education faculty at Durham University.

    Prior to this, Kevin led quality assurance processes for the International Baccalaureate Organisation as the Head of IB World Schools. 

    He was Head of High School at the German European School of Singapore, Director of Curriculum at Suzhou Singapore International School and Head of English at the International School of Valencia. 

    Kevin completed his doctoral thesis in International Education at the University of Bath and has been working to align programme standards across awarding bodies such as CIS, WASC and IB. Kevin is also a qualified trainer for global safeguarding practices and protocols.

    Social Links

    Email: Kevin.House@eimglobal.com

    LinkedIn: @dr-kevin-house

    Twitter: @KevinHo17644986

  • AJ Juliani is the Founder/CEO of Adaptable Learning and serves as Faculty for the University of Pennsylvania's Graduate School of Education (PLN).

    Prior to his current role, AJ served as Head of Learning & Growth at NextLesson, Director of Learning and Innovation for Centennial School District, and Education and Technology Innovation Specialist for Upper Perkiomen School District. Previously AJ worked as a K-12 Staff Developer (Instructional Coach) in the Wissahickon School District where he also taught middle school and high school English/LA.

    Juliani's latest book is Adaptable: How to Create an Adaptable Curriculum and Flexible Learning Experiences That Work in Any Environment. Previously he authored EMPOWER, an education best-seller and the award-winning LAUNCH on bringing design thinking into K-12 classrooms. Juliani's previous books include "Learning By Choice" and "Inquiry and Innovation in the Classroom: Using 20% Time, Genius Hour, and PBL to Drive Student Success" available from Routledge Press.

    Juliani now speaks at conferences, organizations, universities, schools, and events around the world on innovation in learning, teaching, and leadership.

    Juliani spent two summers in South Africa and Swaziland, volunteering at clinics, running kids camps, preparing a community structure to be used for a medical clinic, church, school, and food shelter. Since then Comfort For Africa built a six-building school that has over 300 students!

    AJ received his MS Degree from Drexel University in “Global and International Education”. He founded –Project: Global Inform – a project that gives students the power to do something about human rights violations.

    Most importantly, AJ is someone who truly believes in the "inquiry-driven" education movement. He has five kids of his own and wants them to grow up in a world that values their ideas. His award-winning blog and website serve as a place to share ideas and thoughts around "Intentional Innovation" and the future of learning.

    Social Links

    LinkedIn: @ajjuliani

    Twitter: @ajjuliani

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  • In this episode, Tim Logan discusses a fresh new Regenerative Leadership paradigm with its authors, Giles Hutchins and Laura Storm. Giles Hutchins is a pioneering practitioner and senior adviser at the forefront of the [r]evolution in organizational and leadership consciousness and developmental approaches that enhance personal, organizational and systemic agility and vitality. He is author and co-author of several leadership and organizational development papers, and the books The Nature of Business (2012), The Illusion of Separation (2014), Future Fit (2016) and Regenerative Leadership (2019). Chair of The Future Fit Leadership Academy and Founder of Leadership Immersions, co-founder of Biomimicry for Creative Innovation and Regenerators, he runs a 60 acre leadership centre at Springwood Farm, an area of outstanding natural beauty near London, UK.  Previously held corporate roles - Head of Practice for KPMG, and Global Head of Sustainability for Atos (150,000 employees, over 40 countries). You can connect with Leadership Immersions here.

    Laura is an international thought leader and expert on sustainability leadership and has spent her entire career advising global leaders on sustainability and building impact- and purpose-driven organizations, and movements, including the Copenhagen Climate Council, the World Business Summit on Climate Change, Project Green Light and Sustainia. Under Laura's leadership, Sustainia became a global mega-brand within sustainability with an outreach to more than 150 million people, a database of 4000 sustainable solutions, multiple state-of-the art publications and a unique partner network.

    In 2018, she founded Regenerators - a collective focused on teaching leaders from all walks of life about regenerative design, regenerative organizations and leadership and regenerative living. For her work, she has been awarded the title ‘Worldchanger’ by Greenbiz and is selected by the World Economic Forum as a ‘Young Global Leader’. She serves on multiple Boards and on the World Economic Forum’s Expert Network as an expert in sustainable development and climate change. Her academic background is a Master in Political Communication and Leadership from Copenhagen Business School.

  • Sir Michael Barber is a world leading expert on government delivery, education systems, systemic innovation and education reform.

    Sir Michael led the Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit for the Blair administration in the UK from 2001-2005. Since then, he has worked on delivery and system-wide reforms in more than 50 countries. He personally leads high-stakes engagements with political leaders, such as quarterly cabinet retreats in Canada with PM Justin Trudeau, to help them adopt the delivery approach.

    Michael held the first Chair of the Office for Students in the UK from 2017 to 2021, and prior to that as Chief Education Advisor at Pearson, Michael led a worldwide programme delivering Pearson’s strategy for education in the poorest sectors of the world, especially in fast-growing developing economies.

    Michael was a Partner at McKinsey & Company and Head of McKinsey’s global education practice. He is a Distinguished Visiting Fellow at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and holds an honorary doctorate from the University of Exeter. Before joining government he was a professor at the Institute of Education at the University of London.

    Sir Michael has written extensively on education at all levels, government delivery and innovation. His most recent publication 'How Seventeen Secretaries of State for Education, through Thirty Years of Constant Change, Enabled the System to Improve' was published this month and is a synthesis of the reflections of the UK education ministers since 1986.

    Michael's book Accomplishment: How to achieve ambitious and challenging things was also published earlier this year and sets out the ingredients for success based on the stories of many inspirational people and Michael's own experiences of delivering success for governments and education systems around the world.

    Other books he has authored are Deliverology 101: A Field Guide For Educational Leaders and How to Run A Government: So that Citizens Benefit and Taxpayers Don't Go Crazy.

    Social Links

    LinkedIn: @sirmichaelbarber

    Twitter: @MichaelBarber9

  • Professor Daniel T. Willingham earned his B.A. from Duke University in 1983 and his Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology from Harvard University in 1990. He is currently Professor of Psychology at the University of Virginia, where he has taught since 1992. Until about 2000, his research focused solely on the brain basis of learning and memory. Today, all of his research concerns the application of cognitive psychology to K-16 education.

    Daniel writes the “Ask the Cognitive Scientist” column for American Educator magazine, in which he has translated relevant cognitive science research for educators since 2003. He is also a prolific author whose writing on education has appeared in seventeen languages. His classic book, Why Don't Students Like School?, has recently been republished in its second edition with additional material. He has also written When Can You Trust the Experts?, Raising Kids Who Read, and The Reading Mind. His forthcoming book (set for release in August 2022) is entitled Outsmart Your Brain: Why Learning is Hard and How You Can Make It Easy, this time directed at students themselves to support them to develop their self-management and study skills. 

    In 2017, Professor Willingham was appointed by President Obama to serve as a Member of the National Board for Education Sciences.

    Social Links

    Twitter: @DTWillingham

  • Dr. Mary Helen Immordino-Yang studies the psychological and neurobiological bases of social emotion, self-awareness and culture and their implications for learning, development and schools. She is a Professor of Education at the USC Rossier School of Education, a Professor of Psychology at the Brain and Creativity Institute, a member of the Neuroscience Graduate Program Faculty at the University of Southern California, and Director of the USC Center for Affective Neuroscience, Development, Learning and Education (CANDLE).

    Mary Helen was elected 2016-2018 president of the International Mind, Brain and Education Society by the society’s membership. She is serving as a distinguished scientist on the Aspen Institute’s National Commission on Social, Emotional and Academic Development and the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine’s Committee on the Science and Practice of Learning. Mary Helen is also associate Editor for the award-winning journal Mind, Brain and Education and for the new journal AERA Open, and sits on the editorial boards of the Journal of Experimental Psychology.

    In her research work, Mary Helen leads cross-cultural, longitudinal studies investigating adolescent brain and social-emotional development, academic success and relations to school and life achievement in urban contexts as well as the neural and psychosocial correlates of mindsets in low-SES adolescents from different cultural groups. She also serves as scientific adviser to several Los Angeles schools/districts.

    Mary Helen’s 2015 book, Emotions, learning and the brain: Exploring the educational implications of affective neuroscience, is available from W.W. Norton publishers (author proceeds are donated to education-related causes). 

    In May 2020, Mary Helen wrote a must-read article in ASCD with Doug Knecht (Bank Street College of Education) entitled Building Meaning Builds Teens' Brains, if you're interested to find out more about the significant implications of Mary Helen's work this is a great place to start!

    Social Links

    LinkedIn: @maryhelenimmordino-yang

    Twitter: @CandleUSC

  • Joshua Freedman is a leading expert on applying emotional intelligence (EQ) to optimize performance. He is the CEO of Six Seconds, the world’s most extensive EQ organization, now with offices and representatives in 25 countries. 

    Josh teaches people how to increase EQ to be happier, stronger, and more effective professionally and personally. He works with leaders and teams around the world helping them use emotional intelligence to get better results.  His clients include FedEx, Microsoft, INTEL, Amazon, all branches of the US armed forces, and the United Nations.

    Josh is the bestselling author of At the Heart of Leadership, as well as Inside Change, the Handle With Care EQ Activity series, the SEI EQ Leadership Assessment, and the Organizational Vital Signs and coauthor of The Vital Organization.

    Michael Eatman is an experienced inclusion strategist, educator, and coach. He is the Founder of Culture7 Coaching, blending expertise on emotional intelligence and EDIB (equity/diversity/inclusion/belonging) to build leadership capacity and organizational culture for a diverse and inclusive workplace. 

    Previously Michael was Director of Community Life at The Pike School, Director of Diversity and Community Life at University School of Nashville and Director of Intercultural Programs at Spring Arbor University

    Michael's is a Certified Diversity Professional for Organizational Leadership from Diversity Training University International and Advanced Certified Personal & Executive Coach from the College of Executive Coaching. He is Preferred Partner and Certified EQ Advanced Practitioner from Six Seconds EQ Network.

    Social Links

    LinkedIn: @michael-eatman / @freedman

    Twitter: @EatmanatPike / @eqjosh

  • Jonathan James is a teacher, education consultant and doctoral candidate at the UCL Institute of Education.

    Jonathan's own doctoral research investigates how policies developed in response to the threat of terrorism are being implemented in schools in England and France in light of the two countries’ policy traditions, and educators’ pre-existing values and practices.

    Jonathan has written extensively on the role of schools in anti-terrorism policy and is an expert on values education and countering radicalisation. His book, co-authored with Dr Jan Germen Janmaat, Civil Disorder, Domestic Terrorism and Education Policy: The Context in England and France was published in 2019.

    At the UCL Institute of Education, Jonathan has taught on the 'Minorities, Migrants, and Refugees in National Education Systems' and 'Comparative Education: Theories and Methods' Master's courses.

    Since 2020, Jonathan has provided consulting services to the OECD’s Education Policy Outlook.

    Social Links

    LinkedIn: @jonathan-james

    Twitter: @JonathanJames30

  • Sharath Jeevan is one of the world’s leading experts on reigniting our inner drive (intrinsic motivation). He founded and led STiR Education – arguably the world’s largest intrinsic motivation initiative. STiR has re-ignited the motivation of 200,000 teachers, 35,000 schools and 7 million children in emerging countries. 

    Sharath is currently the Executive Chairman of Intrinsic Labs, which supports organizations all around the world to solve deep motivational challenges, from governments to leading UK universities and high-profile corporations. He was elected an Ashoka Fellow in 2014 and was recognised as one of the UK’s ten leading social entrepreneurs in 2019.  

    His work has been featured in the New York Times, the Economist, NPR, CNN, the Hindustan Times and the Times of India. Sharath holds degrees from Cambridge University, Oxford University and INSEAD. 

    Sharath's first book Intrinsic is out now on Amazon and other retailers. It is a book which takes readers on a journey around the world to find practical and inspirational answers to solving our motivational crisis. It harnesses ground-breaking research, from psychology and economics to philosophy and behavioural science. Sharath helps us to see how we can achieve more lasting fulfilment and success in our work, careers, relationships, parenting, and as citizens. Intrinsic has received glowing testimonials from global thought leaders, the CHROs of leading companies and bestselling authors.

    Social Links

    LinkedIn: @sharathjeevan

    Twitter: @sharathjeevan_

  • Andreia Mitrea is the CEO of Colina Learning Center - a new educational project seeking to change the way people think about learning. As part of the Colina Nouă residential development in Romania, Colina Learning Center is developing a new educational concept in response to the question: “How might we use school to serve the learning of both children AND adults?" As the residential development and school grow, Andreia is leading the development of an innovative "integrated adult-child curriculum".

    Andreia believes that “It doesn’t take a village, it takes a GREAT village to raise a child.” 

    With a background in the corporate sector, Andreia is now an experienced educational entrepreneur. In 2007, she co-founded the Avenor College and Foundation, which has now become one of the best-reputed private schools in Bucharest, Romania.

    As a leader and manager, Andreia saw her role as a ‘partner’ and a ‘critical friend’ to the educational team, constantly connecting them to our vision, values and strategic objectives and enabling them to create policies, processes, standards which created a sustainable, high-quality organization.

    Andreia is passionate about organizational learning and systemic approaches and has a Master’s in Educational Leadership from the Institute of Education, London.

    Social Links

    LinkedIn: @andreiamitrea

  • Dr. Samah Karaki is a neuroscientist, and the founding director of the Social Brain Institute. SBI is an NGO based in Geneva and operating in Europe and the Middle East where it implements research-based strategies to support individual and organisational change.

    Samah's research focuses on the neuronal basis of stress affecting emotional and social behaviours. She is also interested in the neural basis of memory and unconscious processes, empathy, behavioural change and creativity. Combining scientific outreach and consultancy experience with neuroscience insights, Samah has delivered tailored seminars to over 2000 academics, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, scientific institutes as well as universities, teenagers at schools and consulted on change management programs for leaders in various organisations.

    Samah also works on bridging the gender and racial gap in the field of STEM and is active in outreach and public communication of science. She has written about the psychology of empathy, creativity, implicit bias and gendered leadership.

    In October, Samah's book Le travail en équipe (Dunod, 2021) was published, which addresses the factors that allow human groups to collaborate effectively, from the perspective of cognitive science.  

    Samah received her BA in Biology at Saint Joseph University in Beirut, her Masters in Neuroscience from The University of Lyon, and earned her PhD in Neuroscience in 2011 from the University of Montpellier.

    She also holds an Masters degree in Ecology and Evolution from the University of Montpellier and Max Planck Institute.

    Social Links

    LinkedIn: @samah-karaki

  • This is the first episode in our series of conversations that we hope will inspire and support the positive transformations going on in education, and other sectors.

    In this introductory episode, Tim Logan introduces the Future Learning Design podcast, and we hear from a selection of the fantastic guests who have appeared on the podcast so far.

    Among these guests are: Valerie Hannon, Yong Zhao, Kiran Bir Sethi, John Hattie, Dr Abdulla Al Karam, Heidi Hayes Jacobs, Andreas Schleicher, Andy Hargreaves, Priya Lakhani, Rose Luckin, Sugata Mitra, Sir Anthony Seldon, Estelle Hughes, Ewan McIntosh, Dave Snowden, Raya Bidshahri and many more.

    This podcast is brought to you in partnership with Intrepid Ed News. With an abundance of fresh and authentic voices, the mission of Intrepid Ed News is to build the capacity of parents and educators to improve learning. Intrepid Ed News is a lighthouse for educators and parents, at the intersection of journalism and professional development.

    If you enjoy listening, do recommend us to a colleague or friend or give us a positive review wherever you get your podcasts.

    Find out more about Future Learning Design at www.futurelearningdesign.com/podcast and follow Tim on Twitter @teb_logan or on LinkedIn.

  • As Dean of the African Leadership Academy, Hatim Eltayeb leads the Diploma Program, enabling the rich community of colleagues bringing the leadership learning program to life.

    Hatim is a life-long educator with pan-African and south-south tendencies. Sudanese by spirit and nationality; born in Kuwait; reared in Oman; raised in Cairo and flourishing in Johannesburg. 

    Alongside a committed team, Hatim works to translate ALA’s mission into the daily work of building, learning, innovating and leading school community. He has represented ALA’s work at conferences and convenings across the continent as well as in Singapore, Japan, the US and at the European Parliament in Brussels.

    Between 2012 and 2016, Hatim was back in his formative home of Cairo, Egypt. With two partner educators, he founded Symposium, a school services and consulting company. Symposium’s flagship product, sympoSAT, grew to serve hundreds of students at 15 leading independent schools in Cairo. He left his executive position in 2016 to return to the Academy. Outside of ALA, Hatim serves on the board of Streetlight Schools, an organization working to make world-class education accessible to every South African child.

    Social Links

    LinkedIn: @hatim-eltayeb

    Twitter: @ALAcademy

  • Mart Laidmets is the General Director of Education and Youth Board of the Republic of Estonia. Previously, from January 2019 until August 2021, he held the position of the Secretary General of the Ministry of Education and Research of the Republic of Estonia, responsible for directing the work of deputy secretary generals and departments of the Ministry as well as co-ordinating the work of state institutions and government bodies under the Ministry’s sphere of administration. 

    In addition to this, Mr Laidmets has been board member of Foundation Innove, and has been working for the non-profit association Universities Estonia and the University of Tartu. He has been a Researcher at the Uppsala University, Advisor to the Chancellery of the Riigikogu (parliament) and an Advisor to the Prime Minister of Estonia. 

    Mr Laidmets has a degree in history from the University of Tartu.

    Social Links

    LinkedIn: @mart-laidmets

    Twitter: @Harno_ee

  • Julia Middleton is passionate about helping people from all backgrounds to develop as leaders and make an active and tangible contribution to their communities and to wider society.

    Julia is the author of two bestselling books: Beyond Authority: Leadership in a Changing World and Cultural Intelligence: The Competitive Edge for Leaders Crossing Boundaries.

    In the autumn of 1989, Julia founded Common Purpose, which has grown to be one of the biggest leadership development organizations in the world. Julia stepped down from the position of Chief Executive in 2019.

    In 2015, Julia gave a very well-received talk at TEDxEastEnd on Cultural Intelligence: The Competitive Edge for Leaders.

    In April 2020 she launched Women Emerging from Isolation which she now leads. Julia is also a member of the Advisory Group of Common Purpose in Pakistan and is a Patron for Common Purpose of the Europe101 initiative.

    She is on the board and chairs the investment committee of Alfanar (delivering Venture Philanthropy in the Arab World), is on the International Advisory Council for Fundação Dom Cabral, business school in Brasil, is a Senior Fellow of Babson College, is a trustee of The Wren Project and is a Goodwill Ambassador of the Aurora Forum.

    Julia was born in London and educated at French Lycées around the world. She worked for the Industrial Society after receiving an economics degree from the London School of Economics.

    Social Links

    Twitter: @JuliaMiddleton

    LinkedIn: @juliamiddleton

  • Jessica Cavallaro is an innovative educator and curriculum designer who brings the agile mindset into the classroom. She is a champion of project based learning and creating purposeful educational experiences both in and out of the classroom. Jessica has delved into applying Agile and Scrum to keep students connected, collaborating and creating while teaching in a hybrid setting. She is passionate about developing better systems that put students first in education.

    Roslynn Jackson is an educator that believes failures are the stepping stones to success. She is a co-founder of the Agile Mind, which strives to help teachers learn to use an Agile mindset to help students acquire the skills they need to solve real world problems while learning educational concepts. She is passionate about making education engaging and meaningful for teachers and their students.  She believes the best strategies for doing so involve  “organized chaos” and getting your hands dirty- this means using systems that provide opportunities for authentic hands-on learning. Roslynn believes that using Agile skills with students, and helping other educators to do the same, is the way to transform our education framework into one that truly prepares our learners for the real world challenges ahead of them, and gives them the tools to do it.

    Social Links

    Jessica - LinkedIn: @jessicacavallaro; Twitter: @JesGilbert5

    Roslynn - LinkedIn: @roslynn-jackon; Twitter: @RoslynnJackson

  • Kiran Bir Sethi is a designer who became a teacher, a principal who grew into an education reformer and subsequently morphed into a social entrepreneur. A trained graphic designer from the National Institute of Design, she comfortably uses the language of design – iteration, prototype, design specs – to develop not only curriculum innovation, but also community-based social programmes.

    Kiran founded the award winning Riverside School in Ahmedabad, India, in 2001. Riverside, is viewed as a laboratory to prototype design processes that uses a systems approach to build a culture of empowerment, graduating young citizen leaders with an ‘I CAN Mindset’ – using their agency for the greater good.

    Riverside Learning Centre (RLC) started in 2016, has codified the practices and processes of The Riverside School and designed training programmes around the 6 Pillars of Curriculum, Parent Partnership, Personal & Professional Development, Community, Administration and Leadership that empower more schools to become user centered.

    Kiran is also the founder of aProCh—an initiative to make our cities more child friendly, for which she was awarded the Ashoka Fellow in 2008.

    In 2009, Kiran launched Design for Change which uses a simple 4 step design framework – FIDS (Feel, Imagine, Do, Share) to cultivate the I CAN mind-set in all children. Today, DFC is the world's largest movement of change - of and by children, and is in 60+ countries—impacting over 2.2 million children and 65,000 Teachers.

    Kiran is a judge for the prestigious YIDAN Prize and a Visiting Global Fellow at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. In 2019, she was awarded the Earth Prize in Luino, Italy, the Lexus Design Award for 2019, in Pune, India, and DFC has been recognised as one of the 100 most innovative educational programmes in the world by HundrED.org in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020.

    Social Links

    Twitter: @kiranbirsethi

    LinkedIn: @kiranbirsethi

  • Estelle Baroung Hughes is the Founding President of Africa Learning International, focused on SDG 4 (Quality Education for All) in Africa. As a Cameroonian citizen, Estelle is passionate about the cultural wealth of her 250 languages country. The focus of her NGO is to honour the diversity of African nations by supporting culturally responsive education on the continent. ALI provides teacher professional development, Master Teacher programs, shares educational resources and opportunities and organizes conferences and teacher exchanges.

    As an educator, Estelle specializes in international education. She is a teacher, a researcher, and an educational coach. She is a teaching and talent development consultant to Enko Education (where she was part of the founding team) and she is also a Language & Literature teacher at the Ecolint: International School of Geneva.

    Estelle is also a blogger and a musician.

    Social Links

    Twitter: @EstelleHughes20

    LinkedIn: @estelle-hughes

  • Cathryn Berger Kaye, M.A., president of CBK Associates, and ABCD Books, travels throughout the United States and globally providing professional development programs, conference keynotes, in-depth institutes, and exceptional education and learning resources on service learning, 21st century competencies, social and emotional realms, climate and culture, youth engagement, effective teacher strategies, and environmental sustainability. 
    Cathryn is the author of The Complete Guide to Service Learning: Proven, Practical Ways to Engage Students in Civic Responsibility, Academic Curriculum, & Social Action (Free Spirit Publishing, 2010), and two books with Philippe Cousteau and EarthEcho International: Going Blue: A Teen Guide to Protecting Our Oceans and Waterways (Free Spirit Publishing, 2010), and Make a Splash: A Kid’s Guide to Protecting Our Oceans and Waterways (Free Spirit Publishing, 2012).
    In addition to her extensive consulting in public education, Cathryn also has been consulting with the International Baccalaureate for five years, infusing her dynamic service learning model into CAS, MYP, IBCC and exploring advancements in PYP, and establishing alignment with Approaches to Learning.

    Cathryn is described as “lively,” “astounding energy,” with the “ability to both inspire and inform, offering practical ideas teachers can put to use immediately.” Find articles, blogs, Cathryn’s international calendar and more at www.cbkassociates.com.
    Here is Cathryn's article on Meaningful Reflection, which we discuss in our conversation.
    Social Links
    Twitter: @cbkaye
    Instagram: @documentar_

  • Raya Bidshahri is a serial education entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and award-winning educator.

    Raya is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the School of Humanity, a revolutionary online high school with a progressive model and skill-based curriculum.

    Raya is also the Founder of Awecademy, an award-winning organization offering future-focussed & wisdom-based education. She has served on the founding teams of multiple organizations including SciFest Dubai, and SheWorks.

    Raya serves as an advisory board member to multiple EdTech companies and is a member of the Bett Future Education Council. She was named one of the BBC's 100 Women for 2019.

    Raya has spoken at many conferences including the G20/Y20 Summit, Global Education Forum, UNESCO Expo-Sciences, GESS Leaders, HR Tech Summit and much more.

    She has been sharing her expertise as a keynote speaker for over a decade – since the age of 16 – and brings a much-needed youth perspective to discussions about the future of education.

    Social Links

    LinkedIn: @rayabidshahri

    Twitter: @raya_bid