• Mr maker of the odd circuits, Mr man with a vision to create a company from the ground up that dramatically changed the modular synth world forever, Mr maker of synth woven musics.

    Please welcome Mr Make Noise himself, Tony Rolando!

    We get into chatting about his excellent new album “Breakin’ is a Memory”

    Which you can find here

    Come and delve into this new work and imagine where Tony’s head is at. Making all these incredible instruments for us all make NOISE with whilst keeping his passion for the original motivation ---- the music making itself.

    He has the irresistible urge to create sound and frame these nocturnal excursions into an LP. He's made all this in his few free hours outside MN to stretch out and fashion a record, his way in his home studio. I’m really glad found space for this. It’s a great result and this LP is a rich listen! We get into all the juicy inside knowledge about how it was made from Tony himself. What machines were used and how. The mindset, the techniques, it’s all here!

    This chat is not an attempt to dive "Biographical". For that I highly recommend you listen to this interview that mylarmelodies conducted with Tony as it contains a quality insight into the Make Noise back story and Tony’s history, philosophy and such.

    Fantastic listen! Click here

    In the nitty I crack out an early version of the Make Noise Strega which was a collab with Tony and pod guest Alessandro Cortini. Such a powerful and fun little box! I put it together with a Befaco Noise Plethora (which is a self contained sculpt-able noise bath of a module) and use my voice to populate three loops that don’t care about one another. Like dogs, they all run free. Once you fill up these three, free loops, you can bounce them all to a virtual cassette deck alongside any input that might also be coming in to spin to tape. Once this new bounced recording stops, the 3 main loopers you used to make the 1st layer are emptied automatically and you can fill them once more and then bounce them to a 2nd tape deck until you reach the 3rd wave of loops that go to a final reel at which point you are all full up and need to delete either all or some of the parts you made to make room for new ideas. Birth and death is one of reasons to love looping. To know you must destroy to grow something fresh. So yes, I used the excellent Loopy Pro on an M1 iPad to build this looper with an Akai APC40 connected via a Hub the USB-C port on the iPad Pro. I was able to run signals to physical channels of a mixer using a class complaint audio interface with multiple outs. The whole idea behind this setup was to be as close to the moving parts as possible and to be able to reach all the controls extremely easily to manipulate all the important aspects that need to be influenced by hand as it’s all a performance and this makes it somewhat like making food. For stir fry, you need your ingredients right there. If you have to drive to buy ginger in the middle of a cook its akin to needing to halt the flow to get a machine recorded right if not easily connected and playable. This is key. All the factors from sound tone shaping, to levels to FX they need to feel playable. Having used loopers as my way of expressing myself live since around 2000, I have a very strong connection to working in this way. I made my loopers in Max/MSP but I must say, Loopy pro is a wonderful tool to build custom live looping setups in 2022 using a tool like an iPad that has a superb touch interface is a bonus. It’s all very welcome and I think it’s really the best tool you will find to make a custom looper that allows more options than a Boss 505 or any other hardware unit. I will include the loopy pro patch I made for this nitty for all the members of the HOWA Patreon on the soul science level :)

    The music for EP98 comes from Raj Pannu. Really unique stuff I feel. He has a patient and detailed flow that bubbles along in an immersive bass aquarium with subtle motion charted throughout. It’s like minimalism in the evolution of parts with a lot of sound pressure pushing and with a bold forward motion. Here’s a link to some of Raj’s music.

    I’d like to thanks Diana Walsh for her help prepping the interview audio


    keep the music coming !

    send submissions to

    [email protected]

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    show music

    Highly recommended pod for these times:

    LIVING MYTH with Michael Meade

  • Holly Herndon is an American composer, musician, and sound artist based in Berlin Germany.After studying composition at Stanford University and completing her Ph.D. at Stanford University's Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics, she pursued a music career internationally. Herndon's music often includes human singing voices (including her own), is primarily computer-based, and regularly uses the visual programming language Max/MSP to create custom instruments and vocal processes. She has released music on the labels RVNG International. and 4AD. Her most recent full-length album Proto was released on May 10, 2019 which was the first full length record to utilize singing neural networks. She's recently released a way to interact with her digital twin called Holly plus and as of now you can upload polyphonic material to her homepage and receive a version of your recording with Holly plus as the voice for all parts. She is well informed about the most modern issues relating to digital rights that go alongside ideas such as renting your voice as a virtual performance instrument, as opposed to the old school reliance on sampling. There's a complex array of legal challenges on the horizon and most of us are hip to the potential of very convincing deep fakes and such. Will we be able to download the voice of Bob Marley as a kind of VST style instrument ? It seems clear we will and that ownership of these voices is going to be crucial going forward to make the market a free and fair place. For those interested in the cutting edge, Holly is cohost of the podcast Interdependence which covers the people, projects and technologies shaping 21st century culture with a large focus on moving to web3.

    In the Nitty I return my piano to the renaissance by having it tuned to a 1/4 comma meantone temperament. I wanted to see how the equal temperament we know so well might stack up in a triadic battle against the old ways. It’s pretty fascinating to me. I hope you’ll get something out the of trip back to 1523 when the meantone would have been dominant.

    HOLLY links


    Other peoples clothes book recommendation


    Lauren newton






    This EP was performed by Rob Burger and sonically crafted by me

    all proceeds to the Ukrainian Redcross. Please consider a small donation :)

  • Puuttuva jakso?

    Paina tästä ja päivitä feedi.

  • It's a first here at HOWA. YES

    I've a returning guest ...... Si Bonobo !

    He was here before on EP29 and now he's back to walk us deep into the making of his latest live show. It's an amazing spectacle, with a full band, ample electronics, guest vocalists, wonderful immersive visuals and a very ambitious, scalable delivery. Huge stuff! Was a treat to have him swing by my studio here in Nashville to share a coffee and have a good look into what REALLY makes such a superb show.

    Hope y'all enjoy :)

  • First of all please send music, comments and jokes to [email protected] and I’ll check em :)

    Feel free to join the pod patreon for the best sounds and max patches in the known universe and all that! link HERE

    Let's get on with the show!

    Ive been lucky enough to work with Daniel on my album Compass (2010) where he overdubbed a stack of these double speed, beautiful burnt crystaline, shimmering pentatonic runs that wind their way through the song “completely exposed”

    I was working with Chris Taylor from the Band Grizzly bear which is how many of you will have doubtless discovered the magic of Mr Rossen’s voice and song craft and what a craft it is!

    His style is so singular and he’s got that passion in his writing and playing that sets him apart with an intricate, elegant touch on guitar that has both urgency and solidity. There’s real fire in him and at the same time a soft vulnerability and it all races around in these huge landscapes he paints in sound.

    Amazingly this is his first LP and what a beauty it is. A Timeless beauty at that.

    It’s called YOU BELONG THERE and was released a few days ago on APRIL 8 2022 on warp records.

    He’s currently out there, SOLO on the road on a short US and Euro Tour. I saw him in Nashville and was mesmerized. What a talent he is. A humble soul also, with immense talent and a welcome dash of dry humour.

    HERE is a link to his webpage so you can see he’s coming to your town :)

    so with all that said, please welcome to the show, the rather wonderful.

    Daniel Rossen


    This episode features music from 5 excellent contributors!

    Oort CLoud services:


    No CIty West


    Rok Zalokar


    Thank you to Fabfilter for sponsoring this nitty episode!

    I get super deep into the world of Timeless 3, their absolute BEAST of a delay plugin.

    It can pitch shift, distort, lofi, reverberate and custom tap its way into your world.

    It’s available for desktop AND ios and I’ve made a bunch rather sweet presets for it on my adventures with it that work on both platforms. SO killer.

    In the nitty I explore the idea of making evolving delay sequences using the excellent tap designer part of the plugin.

    Patreons get the presets of course ! some juicy ones based on my marshall time modulator!



    I was super excited to listen to the pod that mylarmelodies put out with James Blake HERE is the link. Some super insightful nuggets in there. I highly recommend you give it a listen if you’ve not already.

  • I feel like I’ve been very close to meeting Marta for sometime now. When I went to the Sonic Ranch and met Brad Cooke he was mentioning this amazing woman who was a tape whisperer and I was determined to meet her. She sounded like the coolest! I had also heard her name through the master of mastering, Heba Kadry and then she sounded even more like the coolest! I managed to get in touch with Marta and we started talking about this interview a long time ago. I almost thought it might not happen but here we are! Marta is a force. She’s worked on some very special music and I think that’s no coincidence. She brings a deep understanding and passion to everything she does and the extra care and analog workflow really makes a huge difference when she does it, expecially with the tape effects and treatments in full view. Love that! She’s worked with Bjork, Animal Collective, M.I.A., Frank Ocean, FKA Twigs, Black Midi, Holly Hearndon and the list goes on and on! just much great work. At the MPG Awards, she won Breakthrough Engineer of the Year in 2018. !!!! We had such a lovely chat. So happy this one finally happened :) As a nod to Marta’s tape passion, the nitty sees me hearing double as I delve into the delightful world of ADT. It was a technique invented by Ken Townsend in the Beatles era and it still sounds so juicy as an effect when performed with a real tape machine. Essentially you’re layering 2 copies of a track with something that sounds very similar but different to the source. During my experiments, I came across maybe my fave treatment on a nitty. Just sublime! Music for this episode comes from 5 contributors! https://oyobi.bandcamp.com/album/transcendence - Oyobi https://soundcloud.com/dj-james-naughty - DJ James Naughty https://greatghost.bandcamp.com/album/fall-vs - great ghost https://joelhenryblaeser.co - Henry Blaeser https://trawlmhz.bandcamp.com - trellicksound keep the music coming ! send submissions to [email protected] Thanks to Distrokid for the kind sponsorship :) Get your music steaming in minutes! Take advantage of the savings HOWA offers ya! Use this 30% off code http://distrokid.com/vip/lidell

  • my guest is Joe Gallagher !

    I wanted to speak to him after I saw he was heavily involved in the making of the album Heaux Tales by Jazmine Sullivan which is just such a great record. I was curious to hear how he works in this capacity and in general seeing as he’s quite a private person and not super vocal on the socials etc. He’s worked as an engineer on music by Kehlani, Ariana Grande, Kindness, Usher and much more. A humble badass. I hope you enjoy this chat.

    thanks once again to Diana Walsh for her help on the edit.

    I’ve been working with Rob Burger to make new music to share in order to raise money for the terrifying, escalating Ukraine situation. I’ll be sure to alert you all when it’s ready.

    I’ve been VERY busy with a hefty piece of max for live meets Touch OSC to control a rather excellent and dreamy pedal over MIDI. It’s coming super soon for you all to check. Im very proud of it. I hope it’ll be a new way to make sound for those of you that own the mystery pedal.. all shall be revealed VERY soon.

    My masterclass with Aulart is coming very soon. I hope you’ll check it out!

    I really put my heart into it and it’s like a bunch of really focused nitties on camera and some deep diving into my new song writing process that I think you’ll find freeing!

    Here’s the link to it.

    more LINKS:

    here’s a link to a track from Jazmine Sullivan off the excellent Heaux Tales LP

    in our chat we get into DJ Shadow and the movie “Scratch” and in particular this scene (4 mins 20 in )

    Shout out to ADDAC system ! they sent me the amazing 112 looper and grains module and I’ve been have so much fun with it. It’s DEEP! Also I got some bridge units that allow CV to pass from one end of a big case to another. so so handy!

    Thanks to Distrokid for the kind sponsorship :)

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  • Dustin O’Halloran is an American pianist and composer with five acclaimed solo albums under his own name.

    He released his first EP Sundoor with renowned classical musical label Deutsche Grammophon in 2019, and followed that up with his solo album Silfur in 2021.

    He’s also a member of the band A Winged Victory for the Sullen with Adam Wiltzie, and they released their album The Undivided Five with Ninja Tune in 2019 and self-released their latest album Invisible Cities in 2021.

    He’s the winner of a 2015 Emmy Award for his main title theme to Amazon’s comedy drama Transparent (2014–2017), and was nominated for an Oscar, a Golden Globe, a BAFTA and a Critics Choice Award for his score to Lion (2016), written in collaboration with Volker Bertelmann (aka Hauschka).

    We get into many topics such as the old analog vs digital debat, habits at the piano, inner timing, the music of Hans Otte, the power of the ocean, icelandic breakfast, how to record the piano, working to picture and much more :)


    In the nitty I recreate the magical oscillator offset that’s found in the wonderful and soon to be legendary Yamaha CS70.

    It was inspired by this video of floating points in his studio, demonstrating this very thing.

    It’s been a treat to remake in software and I run down how it was done.

    The most important piece of the puzzle was scaling the pitch wheel (actually 2 pitch wheels) to not be smooth but quantized to the intervals used in the CS70. To do this I used a Max for live device called “Bend Sequence” from Heaps of Bleeps. I really think this series is tremendous. I wasn’t aware of his work but it’s some great max programming and works so well. Here’s the link to all his stuff :)


    Music in this episode comes from

    BAPHONYM - from the LP STILLFACE which you can find here:


    Please send your musical submissions to [email protected]

    I love to hear them!


    Other links :

    Mylar Melodies deep dive into the Orchestron link here

    The music of Hans Otte link here ( this is not the album but rather a live performance)

  • Welcome to Crimble escape pod EP 91.

    Happy to share this chat with Jonathan Rado !

    You may know him from his band Foxygen or perhaps his productions with

    The Killers, The Lemon Twigs, Tim Heidecker, Whitney, Alex Cameron, Father John Misty or perhaps Weyes Blood?

    I had a blast meeting him in the covid lull a while back where we had a rare face to face chinwag.

    We talk about his work with the killers, his come up and his early sonic adventures. How Richard Swift was a hugely pivotal force, both as a musical inspiration and then as a teacher. We get into his working alongside the magical Shawn Everett on many projects and the secret of his success in terms of the mystical “Rado effect”!


    In the nitty I get into the rare world of the double head. Yes, not one but 2 Neumann ku100s were used to produce this one. Working a little with the idea of creating a far far away mic fade. We shall answer the age old question, are 2 heads are better than 1? Check it


    I chat about my new big modular case. A thing of astounding beauty. Crafted by one of the best. A tremchap named Brock from Emc

    More on that and my secret next purchase soon


    Music for the show comes from 2 super talented artists:




    Gerald Fjord form his record Fracture


    You’ll have to guess who’s who's music is playing (it's pretty easy)


    Thanks to Diana Walsh for interview editing :)

    find her on the gram here @dmwalshmusic


    Thanks to Distrokid for the kind sponsorship :)

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  • Hi

    Hope you're all well. Eat a lot and be thankful.

    I'm down with that ! Here's a little pod to fill you guys in on the recording of my new LP. 2 days of pretty epic recording are done! How was it? well you'd best take a listen.

  • hi

    Not a pod but a hallo.

    A Rrrrreally quick mind dump from me to you about my new LP and it's progress. It's the reason I've been absent from pod life for a while and I will be back soon but in the meantime I hope this goes someway to clarifying the butter of my world to you all.

    Hope you're funky


  • Alex Bilo made the BTS mega smash hit Butter as part of a crack writing team.

    A song that spent weeks and weeks at the Billboard number 1 spot.

    Just huge. HUGE!

    Hear how it went down from a man I'm happy to say is my friend.

    Yep it’s rare I’m friendly with such big writers but we go way back now..

    Ah how the time flies!

    Alex came up working with many badasses before he hit it big

    Here’s some links to his old school crew:

    Scott Jacoby


    Kevin Rudolf





    Welcome hit maker Alex Bilo!


    No nitty this time! First time in 90 shows.

    Yep, it's a short pod this one. Hope you enjoy the brief look behind curtain. I'm making a new LP so I need my hours guys. Back to full speed in Dec.


    Thanks to Distrokid for the kind sponsorship :)

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  • Stimming joins the pod for a hearty, autumnal, philosophical ramble which I found most fulfilling (actually we spoke in the summer but the falling leaves around here are turning my sense of time)

    He's been producing quality textural groovers for a long time and his new Album LUDWIG has just taken flight and he's certainly stretching himself to new astral spaces. Highly recommended! He says of this new album process:

    “I was making a living from dance music for such a long time, and during the last years I came to the point where I said to myself, ‘man you are hiding so much of your own horizon”

    He's a funny and honest chap that has found his voice in the noisy world of house and "outer" house. The mastery of sound is spot on. Dynamic, patient, immerse, harmonically rich. Many adjectives apply :) Welcome to the pod Stimming!

    Nitty 89 is dedicated to

    maffez synthmods who is a wonderfully talented modder and builder in Austria who turned my RD8 into a WAY more interesting machine. This nitty is an attempt to SING drum patterns using audio loopers and envelope followers to create control tracks and it works rather well!

    Music for the show comes from

    kaudog ! here are the pertinent links

    ► Instagram:


    ► Twitter:


    ► SoundCloud:



    Also, not forgetting those





    Stimming Reviews (a must)

    Telekom electronic beats TV

    now the creators of that content make stuff under a new banner

    Sense music and Media

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  • I was very happy to catch up with Erick Elliott aka Erick Arc Elliott or Erick the Architect, a Renaissance man par excellence. He's a prolific and talented musician and producer and is arguably best known for his work in his band Flatbush Zombies but as you will find out he’s so much more than a musician at this point. He's not afraid to move into new and uncharted territory and I must admit it was his twitch channel (link here ) that made me an instant fan. It's so well done, his presence on the station is so infectious and the show runs like a wildly creative leap into a kaleidoscopic universe complete with tearaway videos, performances, downright silliness and you get the sense that this guy has an endless tap open on his creative stream. We get into all that.

    The music, the come-up, harnessing the strength of being different, how to deal with self doubt and to have the courage of your conviction. We get into his collabs with James Blake and much more. It gives me great pleasure to welcome on the show Erick the Architect.

    Link to his site here

    Nitty sees me hitting sustain on the voice and piano artificially using Melodyne. Good fun

    Music for the show comes from

    Fish Go Deep - This Bit of Earth


    Bonus links!

    I mention the excellent mylarmelodies interview with Gareth Jones and Daniel miller. Find it here

    Tchad Blake mix with the masters is here

  • Who is that Ned? Well for one thing He is one of the very best players of the game of Ableton! A sharp witted and rooted fellow. He makes a lot of rather good, anarchic and playful music that can be found on his bandcamp under the name Rude_NHS look at titles like "flocks of pigeons making noises that sound like old women agreeing with each other" cheeky rascal! that's Ned but he's also got his seriousness and an absolute level of badassssssery that you hear in his youtube drops, the man knows how to play the ! out of a gtr and a key and a bass and a drum. He is well versed in "traditional" music as well as immersed in the new school digital possibilities. welcom!e yep NED RUSH for more info about this very talented man click here He was kind enough to share a very tasty ableton set of his for you all to check. Open this if you've a copy of live and take look around. Just bonkers right? download for ff f f FREE>> _______ Nitty 87 is part 2 of the Neumann KU100 Head sessions. This time it's all in an empty garage with paint pots, clap impulses, major doofs and the joy of processed binaural sound! ______ Thanks to STILLALIVE for the excellent show music!! so intense. I love it. Here's a link to all of his work. click it !!! ____ This episode is sponsored by Distrokid "Your music steaming in minutes!" Take advantage of the savings HOWA offers ya! Use this 30% off code http://distrokid.com/vip/lidell

  • So great to catch up with my friend and old band mate Cristian Vogel on the show!

    The way I met Cristian was pretty unlikely and pretty fantastic I have to say. Basically back in around 1995 I was making music with Subhead alongside Jason Leach and Phil Wells and thanks to those guys I became aware of so much incredible music mostly from Detroit and Chicago but not exclusively as there were some wildcard artists that always caught my attention more than any others, none more so than the wonky magic conjured by Cristian Vogel.

    I had heard that he lived in Brighton.

    So I had this great idea to just go to there and meet him! I hopped on the train and went to an outdoor festival that was happening that day in the city and as I walked around the place I stumbled on a lone Tresor bag lying in the grass. I knew Cristian was signed to Tresor and so I asked the lady that was sat next to it if she was Christian's sister. She was his girlfriend ! I mean WHAT are the chances?

    I soon met big C and we formed a fast friendship based on mutual respect (he had played Subhead 002 at the love parade and it was a big moment ! Small world ) and I joined him sharing a space to make music in Brighton where it became immediately obvious to me his approach was something completely new to me. First of all I’d never seen anyone make music with a tracker and I understood quickly that with his experience and skill he wouldn’t second-guess himself and instead would conjure his unique sound in minutes, tapping away wildly on his amiga keyboard.

    I realize I was in the presence of a truly unique musician and I owe him so much for all he showed me. He schooled me in the world of subtractive synthesis and taught me that it’s possible to interact with machines on the same level people interact with traditional instruments. His approach was always Orthodox and his choice of equipment unfamiliar to most myself included.

    We formed a band called super_collider that really stretched our skills and the technology of the time. Listening back to our first album Head-on it really was quite an achievement considering what we had . By that time we moved into a more robust studio with Orbital as our neighbors but the DAW was still primitive and we would use programs like macromedia deck 2 to complete our songs. I think it was limited to 8 tracks. We pushed that shit to the brink dealing with so many crashes it’s amazing we managed to finish anything.

    By 1999 I had moved To Berlin and shortly afterwards Cristian relocated to Barcelona. When we made our second album raw digits it was a tale of two cities and took considerable energy to complete. I had started to devote a lot of time to my solo career and super_collider sadly came to an end. Not just because of that but you know… things change.

    Cristian kept making amazing music of course and he’s released a stack of incredible records and collaborations. At one point he created a band called “night of the brain” and kept making banging records for Tresor, Nova mute and his own Station 55 imprints to name a few. He also remixed Radiohead and Thom Yorke which still blows my mind.

    I got pretty heavily into Max MSP for my live shows and Cristian chose to master the Kyma system. He’s now one of the worlds experts in that paradigm and has created a whole host of extensions and applications for it which can be found on his never engine in labs website

    His recent album rebirth of wonky sees him Effortlessly weaving his textural skills with that unique funk of his to great effect. He’s never going to stop making music. He’s a true lifer and a searcher. One of the true pioneers of the underground that deserves much more credit than he’s received.

    I was very relieved that even after all this time apart, once the zoom call started and we got to talking it was like no time had passed and I hope you will enjoy as much as I did this catchup with my old friend and teacher.


    I get into the 1st installment of the Binaural adventure with the Neumann head aka KU100. What an amazing mic it is! Thank you so much to my friend Vicente for letting me have a play with it ! Just incredible !

    Alert ! Patreon sample pack gold level when you are part of the soul science crew.


    Music for the show is from a trio by the name of Sunjacket. Excellent stuff. Made the show such fun to put together as the songs are so well mixed and the skills are strong!

    Check them out here !!


    I'm singing on a new Mark Hawkins track called "Let it slide"


    Kind sponsorship come from

    Bitwig - version 4.0 of the software is really really powerful and well worth checking !! Link here

    Analog cases - they just made my trip to California an absolute pleasure! I’ve been waiting for these cases for years! Check them HERE and use HOWA15 on check out for 15% off!

  • I'm so happy to have had a chance to chat with Bill Schnee about everything from the art of recording drums, to his opinions on truthful recording vs recording as a way to make a cartoon (all shall be revealed!) We get to talking about some of the legendary recordings he's made with Marvin Gaye and Whitney Houston . I mean CHILLS guys.. absolute CHILLS. Just hard to fathom the industry in those days and also hard to fathom the incredible level Bill was operating at.

    He has over 125 Gold and Platinum records and 50 top twenty singles, and is known as an engineer’s engineer. I'm very happy to say that he's written a new book. It's called Chairman at the Board and it's is an intimate, funny, and absorbing look at the music business by an insider who has recorded a host of the greatest musical artists of the last fifty years.

    find it here :


    Here's a quote from another legend about this legend!

    Exercising the purely physical genius of a surgeon or dancer, Bill does recording, mixing, and producing extraordinarily well … maybe better than just about anyone else, living or dead.


    link to chat with Andrew Scheps here

    What's new at Lidell HQ?

    Going on a trip to LA to see my friend Vicente and finally use the Neumann head!

    also... I was on podular modcast EP 158

    other news...

    Notion took over Trello in the productivity efforts. Thanks to listener Simon Lane I'm deep in a Notion ocean. So far barely afloat but hey.. Deep dives seem to be my thing these days.

    I've had my U47s in for repair. Hard to imagine how they got so badly were soldered and wired inside at one time. Someone got them pretty mucky, luckily I've found Dave Wheeler at Nashville vintage audio

    Music for the show comes from NED RUSH!

    If you dont know him, he's a rather tremendous musician and unrivaled ableton teacher.

    This is a deep album and he's even made a more recent one. Check him on the bandcamp.

    His YouTube channel is ESSENTIAL viewing here

    NITTY see me dicing it up with a prob knob

    I get to Using the cirklon to make rendered audio cut in and out thing with prob on a knob. All shall become clear :)

    For anyone with a cirklon or wishing to learn about the box check this video ! EPIC and brief....well as brief as it can be at around 33 hours. The best cirklon videos out there without a doubt.

    splitradix demos aux events

    There's 2 kind sponsors on this show

    ANALOG CASES which make just brilliant and uber handy custom sized cases for your gear. FInd cases for over 70 different synths, drum machines, audio interfaces, and controllers. You can get super compact and lightweight zip-up cases, lightweight hard cases, all the way up to cases for full size synthesizers and controller keyboards.

    Offer code HOWA15 gets you 15% off using at check out!!


    Your music steaming in minutes!

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  • I’ve known this multi platinum renaissance man for some time now and I could tell, when we worked on the Lianne La Havas song “Green and Gold” that his skills went WAY beyond the technical. I can safely say that were it not for his expert manner in the room, that song never would have made it. Those are the kind of experiences that stay with you. It came as no surprise to later learn he’s worked on records by Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, Mary J. Blige, Common, The Strokes, Robert Glasper, and Erykah Badu. Yep he’s rather nasty at mixing and producing. He’s also taken a large role in producing work by badass bands like Battles and Die Antwoord. We nerd dive into a wide pool of topics from coffee to the holiest of Mics.. He has one in his possession that has THE most incredible back story. Chris is a master of the studio both in terms of the precise and fast execution of the all important technical stuff to the refined and nuanced energy required to draw out the best in musicians. Needless to say I’m mightily chuffed to have him grace the show :) ______________ In the nitty I dive into the instant joys of the Expert Sleepers app called CROSSFADE LOOP SYNTH Absolutely wicked! Beardyman uses it heavily in his live shows and I can see why. It’s a very tasty thing indeed that lets you sample and move with no messing about. INSTANT!! It’s like a Casio SK1 on roids. Highly recommended ______________ Music from the show comes from YAW EVANS and this EP is right here! https://yawevans.bandcamp.com/releases ______________ Kind show sponsorship comes from Avid who make a little known app called PROTOOLS! woo. As I mention in the slot, I have made ALL 84 episodes in Protools and I’ll tell you why it’s still my fave :) Check this link to check out the software. You can now get Protools First to have a try and it’s absolutely FREE :) cant beat that. Other Links_____ Chris Tabron homepage - has a cool Spotify playlist of his work. Well worth a look. Plus you get to see his setup which is prime! https://christabron.com Listen to Chris on the excellent DW Fearn podcast also! Did I mention that I LOVE this pod ? ++++ I caught up with mylarmelodies recently on his ace pod which you can find here: Why we bleep with me ++++ In case you missed it here’s that Otari CV mod that’s now on order from Shawn Everett, Jonathan Rado and more! Hip. Otari 5050 cv video ++++ Other CV tape joy to be found here!! Hainbach got the nagra to varispeed under CV Nagratron

  • Hello! Ah yes, twas superb to catch up with the excellent Alessandro Cortini. He's someone that really connects with the soul of machines in a very rare way. He has a clear direction and opinion on so many crucial aspects of machine music, from the pure aesthetic tonal side of things to the way that individuality can be such a crucial asset in a world that's thirsty for original voices. We get into a lot of juicy topics and Alessandro is very open and clear with his advice and opinions which I hope you'll all get a lot from. I certainly did :)

    On with the links!



    Ah yes!! so so good and yes, I KNOW who the hidden horseman is... I can't say though.. sorry.


    At the start of the show I get to talking about my song "A Rose" that's featured on the Andrew Huang 4 Producers series. Super fun watch that! check it out if you haven't such talent on there!a

    A rose BandCamp link:


    UAD chambers promo video with “A Rose”


    4 PRODUCERS FLIP THE SAME SAMPLE: Jamie Lidell, Flux Pavilion, Laura Escudé, Recue


    and now...

    Alessandro’s LINK pool






    New album upcoming on MUTE records




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    BOYS NOIZE speaks! I’ve been wanting to chat with Alex for AGES, all we needed was a nice long lock down to make it possible !

    He’s a wonderful prolific musician who’s made a bunch great records alone AND remixed some monsters like Depeche Mode, Daft Punk, David Lynch and tons more. He’s collaborated with my pal Chilly Gonzales, an unknown artist called Skrillex, Hudson Hohawke, Spank Rock and recently even lady Gaga. Wild!!

    In this chat we get deep into the truth behind all this making. Come and get the real info here. This episode is arguably a very long nitty and it's dedicated to the makers of the heavy jams who want to know how it's actually done. This is a deep and heady chat with one of the masters of the banger.


    I get into a phase in the nitty but not THAT kind.

    Music comes from Andy Rivas

    check it out here:


    Thank you to the wonderful hologram electronics for their kind show sponsorship. The microcosm pedal is wild!! Check it !


  • HEY! did you join the patreon yet?

    I’d be most grateful if you’d consider it! I’m adding loads of sounds and goodies so hop on if you’re a fan of the show!




    Please welcome six time Grammy nominated record producer, music mixer and programmer, song writer, song doctor, sonic architect and explorer Damian Taylor! He’s worked with a hugely talented array of artists like Bjork (in the studio and on stage), The Prodigy, The Killers, Arcade Fire, UNKLE, TR/ST, Odette, The Temper Trap, City of the Sun, and much more

    Recently Damian has become a compelling teacher and spreader of interdisciplinary ideas and facilitates this with live streams from his studio on his Twitch channel, through conversations, events, and courses on the community network and education platform The Complete Producer Network, and via my newly launched YouTube channel.

    Check it!!

    BTWI was introduced to Damian by my good friend Dana Wachs which explains how our conversation begins :)


    Nitty is a two part affair. I worked super hard on a video nitty which explains some of the work I'm doing with new modified Otari 4 track reel to reel. The deck has been CV modded by - love magnet electronics and added pitch control and erase head on/off per track. So powerful. If you didnt check the viddy nitty! Here it is.

    The sonic nitty in the episode explores the missing link of flange under Cv control. flllllaaaannnngggggeeeeee.


    Music for this episode comes once more from the rather excellent platzwave ! Check this link for his new release on bandcamp. Super good!


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    Happy to say that this episode is ALSO sponsored by one of the very best US retail stores for eurorack and extended sonic adventures. Who might that be ?

    It’s Perfect Circuit !! So much of my modular is from them and I love working with them. Good folks!


    other links :

    best digital audio repair in the world- piscine tokyo


    If you dont know this man. you need to!

    ned rush- beer drinker and live master. Excellent teacher. Love his stuff!