• Sapphire wanders into Ntia, where she has been remembered as a male river god, and speaks with some of the people who live there.

    Features Sophie Doss as Sapphire, Daniel Rojas as Shedalai, Cindy Verzwyvelt as Nyra, and Timmy Vilgiate, Nicholas Kline, Cindy Verzwyvelt, and Sophie Doss as crowd members.

    Please consider donating to the Chinook Center's Colorado Springs Protest Support Fund: https://checkout.square.site/pay/4859ae2c03624cf09e4de332216d85c5, or find your local bail fund here: https://www.communityjusticeexchange.org/nbfn-directory

    Sound effects from freesound.org: "15" by adcbicycle, "Cat, Screaming, A" by InspectorJ, "Crate Break 4" by kevinkace, "Old Metal Wheelbarrow" by andersmmg, "mud_1" by lzmraul, "wet slop plop" by eneasz, "kicking a wheelbarrow... (four sounds from series) by jorickhoofd, "wet soggy squishy footsteps" by bewagne, "squelching footsteps" by Adielees9, "Flies on shit 2" by Te TeNoise, "water falling from stainless steel dam" by klankbeeld, "Water Explosion" by Sheyvan, "Ambience, Rain, Heavy..." by InspectorJ, "footsteps on wood foley" by martian, "Footsteps running away" by Rudmer Rotteveel, "Lake at night 1" by radam04, "Waterfall off a dam at Hitchens Pond" by evanfinkle, "Hydrophone drain sink metal kitchen suck" by Javier Zumer, "Draining sink recorded with hydrophones" by kev_durr, "Night by the beach" by caquet, "group_shocked8" by thanvannispen, "Shocked gasp" by GentlemanWalrus, "anger" by JuanFG, "I'll kick you so hard" by Airborne80, "murmur on ferry 3" by ivolipa, "35-Intrigue Murmur" by Leoctiurs, "Large crowd medium distance" by eguobyte, "Indoor adult murmur, couple" by SpliceSound, "rowing" by hazure, "Splashing Water by Oars" by Lubini, and previously used hydrophone sounds from S3E5.

  • Dedjerba and John share a pot of tea, and discuss their travels while Sapphire heads out to see the city. John continues to try to figure out the nature of the alternate reality they are trapped in.

    Featuring Michael Merriam as Dedjerba, Timmy Vilgiate as John, and Sophie Doss as Sapphire. Music provided by priest and strings ("H(n)A(o)T(t)E, W(n)A(o)N(t)T") and Soapstone Tpcastt ("The Miner's Ballad.") in addition to Hollow Sky by Timmy Vilgiate.

    Sound effects provided by freesound.org, including "clothes rustling by tats14, "taking off and putting on shoes" by leonelmail, "wooden door" by vero marengere, "pouring tea into a cup in morocco" by florianreichelt, "pouring a cup of tea" by nebulous flynn", "logs being thrown into basket" by prabaker60, "matchstrike01" by kingsrow, "pan pot wok metal glass dish lift cupboard" by spanrucker, "aachen burning fireplace crackling fire sounds" by visionear, "bag 02" by detamine, "squeaky cabinet" by bormane, "filling teapot" by landub, "sipping tea" by indiana parkwars, "slurping" by nomfundo-k, "night party crowd singing in braulage", "footsteps on wood" by mydo1, and"footsteps shoes hollow wood platform" by kyles.

  • Puuttuva jakso?

    Paina tästä ja päivitä feedi.

  • John and Sapphire journey along the river Ia with their new friend Dedjerba, arriving at the city Ntia.

    Timmy Vilgiate played the part of John, Eurycleo, and several miscellaneous sailors and crowd members, Michael Merriam played the part of Dedjerba, Sophia Doss played the part of Sapphire, and Nicholas Kline played the part of Telemakso.

    Rivers of the Mind is written, produced, and scored by Timmy Vilgiate. Sound effects were provided by Freesound.org, including "a little bit drunk" by carmsie, "crowd cheering" by soundsexciting, "crowd cheer 2" by adam n, "water dam on teterev river" by gerainsan, "italy venice square day amb with live music" by yoh, "noises and music in the alleys of venice" by michel, "lakesup-park-summerafternoorfrontlr" by mitchell sounds, "gentle creek in rainforest with cicadas" by flood mix, "waterfall" by straget, "footsteps on a dock" by mmaruska, "footsteps wood 01" by anthousai, "footsteps shoes hollow wood platform" by kyles, "footsteps on wood" by mydo1, "Moored sailboat interior in strong breeze." by August Sandberg, "strumming sounds" by gobby 12, "tie the boat" by laurent, and "plastic creek 01" by dheming.

  • Sapphire and John rest beside the river Ia, still unsure of the real nature of the world in which they are stranded.

    NOTE: The show contains material that may be disturbing or triggering to some people.

    Timmy Vilgiate played the parts of John and Eurycleo, Sophie Doss played the part of Sapphire, Nicholas Kline played the part of Telemakso, and Michael Merriam played the part of Dedjerba. The show was written, produced, and scored by Timmy Vilgiate.

    Sound effects were provided by freesound.org, including "highflow river" by Cagan Celik, "think funny" by shawshank 73, bris-015 by Andre Desartistes, "r21-33 man sobs" by Craig Smith, "woman screaming yelling..." by bulbastre, "footsteps squeeky wood" by tmkappelt, "kocking door and open door" by rivernile7,
    "1-getting-dressed" by 16gjuroval, and "foley footsteps desert boots sand" by pan14."

  • A mysterious entity welcomes Meagan to the outer darkness, and introduces her to power beyond her comprehension.

    Warning: Contains material and content that is inappropriate for children and that may disturbing for some people. Features two large cannon shots.


    Kyla Valenti: Meagan

    The Voice of Many Prisms: The Voice of Many Prisms

    Timothy Vilgiate: John, Crowd, Timothy Vilgiate

    speech2text(.)org: Salvia

  • John and Sapphire respond to their new situation in Oi, unsure whether or not it is safe or right to intervene in the city's affairs.

    Rivers of the Mind was written and produced by Timmy Vilgiate, who also played the part of John. Sophia Doss played the part of Sapphire, and C.j. Hackett played the part of the prophet. Crowd voices were provided by Hugo Delgado and Michael Merriam. Bird reference sounds were collected by Josep del Hoyo, Santiago Imberti, Laurent Demongin, Carlos Gussoni, and Scott Olmstead, all contributors to the Internet Bird Collection.

    As always, Freesound.org provided most of our sound effects. Sound effects in this episode included "smashing toilet" by KeyKrusher, "Glass bottle Smashing" by awholenewlife1, "Glass Breaking" by Samgd14, "Hitting in a Face" by florianreichelt, "Crowd in Panic" by ienba, "20181018.scream03.wav" by dobroide, "human male scream terrified" by natemarler, "Scream, female, x2" by peridactyloprtix, "Footsteps Running away Fading" by Rudmer Roteveel, "yell kid male help help" by benjaminharveydesign, "boulderfall1" by AGC66, "Single Rock hit Dirt" by worthahep88, "Female horror cries: Help" by AmeAngelofSin, "Arrow Impact 3" by Ali6868, "Caball galop passa i frene" by Crater RF, "Boiling Towel" by unfa, "Heavy Rain" by lebaston100, "Whoosh" and "Big water splash" by qubodup, "Big wave splash" by soundmary, "niagara falls_02052017_002" by miastodzwiekow, "20130101_221450_rattsjoen_creaking ice" by hoersturz, "Rain heard 900 meters below the sea surface" by MBARI_MARS, "18_Underwater_Waves1" by tomtenney, "01 Morning Listening" by listening to whales, "Lobster Breathing" by baryy, "Clay Pottery Drop 'n' Break" by Kinoton, "Protest01" by karymronda, "Any_Word2_ses2"" Any_Word_ses2" and "War_ses2" by freesound, "Crowd/Mob/Riot Noise" by FillMat, "Crowd.Yay.Applause.25ppl.Long" and "Crowd.Yay.Applause.25ppl.Short" by Jesse Pash, "Water Splashes" by Phil25, "Jump into water splash sound" by Nikhill Kumar, "OneWaveInTelukNipah" by LoopUdu, "Hydrophone-Dissolving Vitamin C Tablet" by Sonic-ranger, "Hydrophone underwater stream quiet pipe" and "Hydrophone underwater stream close pipe gurgle" by Javier Zumer, "HighflowRiver" by Cagan Celik and "cicade at nighttime animals 02" by Eelke.

  • Sapphire and John enter Oi, and the prophet takes Sapphire to a temple built for foreign gods and foreign prophets.


    Timmy Vilgiate: John
    Sophia Doss: Sapphire
    C.j. Hackett: Oi'te'lotep


    Natalie Ruths, Elannia Lake, Joshua Leano, Daniel Rojas, Cindy Verzwyvelt, Christina Vilgiate, Marissa Burdette, Anthony Carlson, Priscilla Yip, Collin Estes, Erin Caitlinn, and Anthony Vilgiate.


    Performed by Timmy Vilgiate on prepared mandolin, mandola, guitar, and analog synthesizer.


    From freesound.org: "Italian village no traffic" by squidge316, "Highflow River" by Cagan Celik, "G52-05 Ox Cart" by craigsmith, "Crowd Drums" by dobroide, "Dolen village July morning..." by mihal40, "street-market-2" by stevious, "chinese flute hulusi" by iluppai, "crowd yay applause 25 people" by Jesse Pash, and "crowd cheer" by Adam n.

  • John and Sapphire have an unexpected encounter while traveling along the vein of silver they discovered in the previous episode.


    Timmy Vilgiate: John;
    Sophie Doss: Sapphire;
    C.j. Hackett: Prophet Oi'te'lotep


    Joshua Leano (Featured as an old man at a threshold), Daniel Rojas (Featured as a sculptor), Cindy Verzwyvelt (Featured as Gebbadali), Christina Vilgiate (Featured as the person Sapphire bumps into), Marissa Burdette, Anthony Carlson, Priscilla Yip, Collin Estes, Erin Caitlinn, and Anthony Vilgiate.


    Theme and music by Timmy Vilgiate
    Production by Timmy Vilgiate
    Shoutout to speakers Silbo Gomero language of the Canary Islands, which was sampled in this episode to represent the language of the shepherds on the outside of the city.
    Sound effects (mostly) from Freesound.org, including "weak clapping" by FreqMan, "Running" by Juandamb, "Woman in Pain by Coral_Island_Studios, "10 Slap_real" by stereostereo, "Filing coarse Hand Aluminum Panel" by markpSFX, "trowel, mixing mortar" by be_a_hero_not_a_patriot, "big crowd chatter" by Kyster, "Wood Carving Off Mic" benboncan, "Avoncroft Blacksmith" by phonoflora, "herd of cows, mooing", by Martin Sadoux, "Cow Scream" by gibarroule, "Cow2" by genghisattenborough, "Sheep bleating" by zachrau, "Chickens" by Dann93, "Marche ext. Soissons..." by loillieux, "market trader NL 02 1603..." by klankbeeld, "VillageLaughter1" by acclivity", "Dolen village July morning..." by mihal40, "Italian village no traffic" by squidge316, "Market Cerdanyola" by bitlab_coop, "Street Market 2" by Stevious42, "fishermen shouts India" by kyles, "Fishing boats in harbour" by Satoration, "Cows Birds Spring' by 4barrelcarb, "Highflow River" by Cagan Celik, "River Teign and birds..." by Philip Goddard, "Walking on stone" by tigersound, "Footsteps" by TheSoundcatcher, "G52-05 Ox Cart" by craigsmith, "Canarian whistled language" by FonotecadeCanarias, and "cicade at nighttime" by Eelke.

  • After killing Ryan, John and Sapphire find themselves stranded in a decomposing psychic hexateron.


    C.j. Hackett: Ryan

    Christina Vilgiate: Ryan's Mom

    Timmy Vilgiate: John

    Sophia Doss: Sapphire


    Written, produced, and recorded by Timmy Vilgiate

    Featured sounds from freesound.org, including "lava loop" 1 and 2 by fission9, "kilauea lava" by e, dry ice and piano effects by batchku, "peace and anarchy2" by noise collector, "squeaky cabinet" by bormane, "aluminum cans" by kev durr, footsteps down stairs 2 by sinatra313, "fast reverse vortex" by earlcash05, footsteps on wood by mydo1, building collapse sounds by onteca, "windy creaky old house ambience" by pfranzen, "door-creaking" by ken788, "whistling antarctic blizzard" by stormpetrel, "magpie wings flapping" by digifishmusic, "birdflap3, deeper" by agentdd, and "an afternoon with the Buller's albatross" by stormpetrel.

    The other bird sounds were compiled from the Handbook of the Birds of the World's "Internet Bird Collection." I used sounds of albatrosses from the Diomedea and Phoebastria genuses.

  • As he slowly comes to peace with the voice inside of his head that narrates his every thought and action, Dusty checks his emails to find people reporting that they have developed superhuman powers.

    Collin Estes: Dusty
    Timothy Vilgiate: The Narrator

    Written and produced by Timothy Vilgiate

  • Phillip has his coffee date with Marcia, and it goes differently than he expected. Grace meets up with Dusty to tell him about what she saw the night before.


    Timmy Vilgiate: Phillip

    Michelle Pearl: Grace, Marcia

    Collin Estes: Dusty, Coffee Shop Cashier


    Written, recorded, and produced by Timmy Vilgiate

    SOUND EFFECTS (All from Freesound)

    Coffee shop ambience by Jared Gibb;
    milk frother latte cappuchino by Spanrucker
    door bell a by kwahmah 02
    countryside by Bruno Boselli
    button by smart8951
    residential ambience birds air loop mono by fun
    back door open and close by todd bradley
    footsteps on dirt by lzmraul
    door open close by amholma
    padlock chain lock unlock by leonelmail
    trolley over floor by janevdmerwe
    footsteps on concrete by florianreichelt
    aggressive clatter 02 by leonel mail
    clattering metal objects 2 by ohr pilot
    clatter by soundsexciting

  • Phillip gets awakened in the middle of the night to help the police track down Meagan after she broke out of the military base. Grace struggles with her mysterious sensitivity to Ryan's disruptions to the timeline.

    Michelle Pearl as Grace, Marcia

    Timmy Vilgiate as Phillip, Cameron

    text2speech dot org as Salvia divinorum

    C.j. Hackett as Ryan, Ryan, Ryan

    Aaron Mayfield as the Chief

    Collin Estes as Agent Carter

    Dominick Vilgiate as Jacob

    Jareth Spirio as Colonel Imes


    Written and produced by Timmy Vilgiate


    Ambience Coffee Shop 2 and door creak 02 by Jarred Gibb;
    nokia ringtone with vibration by izalew;
    evil laugh by zyrytsounds;
    evil laugh 9 by nanakisan;
    phone dialing by Harry Peeks;
    footsteps down stairs 3 by sinatra 314;
    indoor footsteps by dkiller2204;
    radio click 2, radio click 3, radio click noise 3 by erh;
    snare police radio over beep by flyin eye;
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    car window down and car window up by sandermotions;
    machines at work by James Gilsenan
    ambience night crickets 1car pass by mshahen
    city at night ambience by Broken Head Productions

  • On the verge of shooting at a car parked in front of his house because he believes it to be beaming a voice into his mind, Dusty starts to recall what happened to his father.

    Trigger warning: Includes several gunshots


    Collin Estes: Dusty, Dr. Adam Haverford

    Michelle Pearl: Young Dusty

    Timothy Vilgiate: The Narrator, Social Worker

    Sophia Doss: Aunt Amelia


    Writing, recording and music by Timmy Vilgiate
    Sound effects from Freesound.org


    machine gun shooting by deleted-user-7146007

    cardboardboxes-01 by soundslike joe

    stir fry 02 by lg

    door wood pool shed shack open by kyles

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    vietnamese group of women speaking all at the same time by tim sippala

    embroidery machine by n8daly

    loupe 0023 by adralba

    helicopter ride interior omni mics roland r26 by gladkiy

    dry leaves isolated crackling by liancu

    puppy hassling by cass bass

    chain drag floor by hitrison

    paper crumple rip unwrap gift by johson brand editing

    ar-15 rifle shot by michorvath

    sizzling by jasonelrod

    campfire 2 01 by bobv2

    birds1-1644-fs-mst1 by naturenutt

    countryside in texas insects and birds by felix blume

  • At the site of the explosion, Phillip meets Dr. Whitebalm for the first time, and Agent Carter attempts to see if he and Grace are working with "Dean Heyerdahl."

    Collin Estes: Agent Carter
    Timmy Vilgiate: Phillip
    Michelle Pearl: Grace
    Isioma West: Dr. Whitebalm
    C.j. Hackett: Ryan

    Written and produced by Timmy Vilgiate

    SOUND EFFECTS (From Freesound)

    Distant_gunfire_01 by CGEffex
    Distant_gunfire_02 by CGEffex
    Distant_gunfire_03 by CGEffex
    distant explosion by reznik_Krkovick
    panic by Erdie
    zombies by Erdie
    human male scream small crowd panic fear by JohnsonBrandE
    ghost_sounds by fishwithfeathers
    muffled distant explosion by nenadsimic
    moans and screams of agony of military soldiers by qubodup
    collision by quobodup
    plane crash by quobodup
    quake with crash by theminkman
    girl giggling by madamvicious
    explosion simulation by allanz10d
    haunted shrils by squashy555
    x explosion by cubicanocalypse
    distant explosion by reznik krkovicka
    my tinnitus sound by hear no elvis
    distant ambulance siren by brunoboselli

  • Picking up where the Untitled Finale Episode left off, this shows the other side of the military response to the accident.

    Timmy Vilgiate: Phillip
    Collin Estes: Dusty, Agent Carter
    Michelle Pearl: Grace, Marcia
    Aaron Mayfield: The Chief

    Music, production, recording, and script by Timmy Vilgiate.

    Sound Effects from Freesound(.org)

    Phone Ringing by Ferrettomatto
    AmbienceConversation by BlancaBartual
    Distant Ambulance Siren by BrunoBoselli
    Ambience in a Parking Lot by botha9johann
    Carpet Footsteps by 180156
    crowd sm conf rm jumbled conversations by cognituperceptu
    crowd sm conf rm jumbled conversations 2 by cognituperceptu
    medium crowd murmering [sic] by jentlemen
    G16-11-Police Teletype and Ambience by craigsmith
    shop-door-bell by 3bagbrew

    Tweets from Marianne Williamson read by Timmy Vilgiate and embedded in the background.

  • The other side of Untitled Finale Episode, from Phillip and Grace's perspectives.

    To follow this arc by itself, listen to S1.5E1, S1.5E3, S1.5E5, and S1.5E6.

    Timmy Vilgiate: Phillip
    Michelle Pearl: Grace, German Man, Marcia
    Aaron Mayfield: The Chief
    Collin Estes: Dusty

    Written, produced, and engineered by Timmy Vilgiate.
    Music by Timmy Vilgiate: Rivers of the Mind Season 2.5 Theme
    Sound effects either produced in house or downloaded from FreeSound (see webpage)

    SFX from Freesound(.org)

    the-bizness: sim police siren
    shall555: sh-shop-door-bell-openclose

  • A little overdue in my book, this is a new version of the first episode. You may or may not like it, and that's fine. It's not replacing the other one. It's much longer, for sure, but this is the take I actually recorded with all the others for Season 1, and I feel better about the acting and now that I've cleaned up the noise, the sound quality. Hope you all enjoy, and stay tuned for Season 2.5 this summer!

    Written by Timmy Vilgiate, featuring Kyla Valenti, Michelle Pearl, Cameron Mayfield, and Jareth Spirio.

  • Caught off guard by Meagan's decision to seek the help of tobacco, Ryan scrambles to stop his younger self before its too late, no matter the cost.

    Features content that may be disturbing for some listeners. Trigger warning for anyone who has recently lost a family member or been affected, directly or indirectly, by drug abuse/overdose.

    Timmy Vilgiate: John, "John"
    Sophie Doss: Sapphire
    C.j. Hackett: Ryan, the Fisherman
    Daniel Rojas: Carlos
    Christina Vilgiate: Ryan's Mom
    Kyla Valenti: Meagan
    Jareth Spirio: Colonel Imes
    Dominick Vilgiate: Jacob

    Produced and Written by Timmy Vilgiate. Recorded in Colorado Springs, CO by Timmy, and Houghton, MI by Kyla Valenti.
    Music by Timmy Vilgiate.
    End Credits song: Crimson by C.j. Hackett/The Yeti (iamtheyeti.bandcamp.com) recorded in collaboration with Timmy Vilgiate (timmyvilgiate.bandcamp.com).

    SOUND EFFECTS (all from Freesound[.]org)

    Flame ignition by hykenfreak
    Bottle, Breaking by cmusounddesign
    Fire Crackle and Flames 002 by FractalStudios
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    room-tone hallway small by klankbeeld
    Distant_gunfire_01 by CGEffex
    Distant_gunfire_02 by CGEffex
    Distant_gunfire_03 by CGEffex
    distant explosion by reznik_Krkovick
    Domstraat gil by borQue
    Water_Flood_enhanced by KevinT1001
    rescue sounds by cognito perceptu
    distant fire truck by whoagoody
    tumble_downstairs_a by malexmedia
    Smashing head on wall by pfranzen
    Hitting in a Face florianreichelt
    Long_scream by plagasul
    Electric Zap - Electricity by Wakerone
    Electric Zap - Electricity 2 by Wakerone
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    Sounds recorded in Decatur Georgia by microdac
    Ambiance_Suburbian Forest by lzmraul
    Forest01 by Erdie
    Flames by juskiddink
    Flames 1 by shastrocks

  • Meagan comes face to face with the tobacco spirits and struggles to learn their language.

    Kyla Valenti: Meagan
    Dominick Vilgiate: Jacob
    Christopher Fox: Tobacco
    Timothy Vilgiate: Eggplant, Pepper, The Great High Waters
    Jareth Spirio: Colonel Imes

    Written and edited by Timothy Vilgiate
    Mandola, bowed glockenspiel, (some) bowed cymbals, bowed sheet metal by Timothy Vilgiate
    First half recorded at UCCS Radio by Timothy Vilgiate, and by Christopher Fox from Kansas City. Second half recorded by Kyla Valenti in Michigan.
    Ending Song: Titles and Cue Cards by A Bad Night For a Hero/C.j. Hackett
    Season 2 artwork by Jesse Robertson

    SOUND EFFECTS (From Freesound)
    Car Window Down by digifishmusic
    Metal Farm Gate in Wales by earwicker23
    Creature Breath by Jacobalcook
    Tobacco cough by FreqMan
    01543 flying dragon by Robinhood 76
    METAL Screech by metrostock99
    Muffled Distant Explosion by Nenad Simic
    Collision Reverb by Qubodup
    Bowed_hihat4 and Bowed_hihat1 by carthach
    Sweep-Cymbal by hannagreen
    Ambiance Idling Car by 1san
    car door slam by theshaggyfreak

  • Meagan attempts to escape from the base in order to find tobacco, but real tobacco, to stop the white flowers, as she believes her ancestor instructed her to do in a vision. She soon finds herself in unexpected danger.

    Kyla Valenti: Meagan
    Donna Yu: Maureen
    Dylan Tilton: Bobby
    C.j. Hackett: Gas Station Clerk
    Dominick Vilgiate: Jacob
    Timmy Vilgiate: The Moon, Cameron

    Script, sound design, recording, directing, score by Timmy Vilgiate
    Series art by Jesse Robertson
    Sound alike music by Collin Estes

    "Norepinephrine" by Timmy Vilgiate
    "Section 107 of the Copyright Act: Limitations on Exclusive Rights: Fair Use as performed by David Bowie", by Collin Estes
    "Take the Kill" by A Bad Night For A Hero/The Yeti

    SOUND EFFECTS (only ones from freesound are listed)
    Stairwell with Echo Front by ibirdfilm
    Flames 1 by Shastrocks
    Bowed 01 by soundjoao
    metal gate by OldSchool_
    city night hum 04 160927_0989 by klankbeeld
    City Night Ambience w: Airplane_1-2 by SteveMannella
    Small rocks in a creek by Hitrison
    Ambiance_Night_Crickets_1Car_Pass by mshahen
    Irritating flourescent light hum by pfranzen
    Utility room front by blaukreuz
    Frog croaking by Benboncan
    City at Night_Ambience by Broken_Head_Productions
    Road ambiance - Passing cars by Breviceps
    Heavy Breathing by Shinplaster
    ohm_singing_cool2_cut2 by thanvannispen
    sh_shop_door_bell_openclose by shall555
    Cicada, Close, A by InspectorJ
    car door opening5 by supersnd
    car door slam by theshaggyfreak
    Ambiance Idling Car by 1san
    p22 by stixthule
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    Cymbal_Swell_106 by FiatLuxx