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  • Pozdravljeni v podcastu Minimellows, kjer so tematike namenjene predvsem bodočim in aktualnim staršem. Nove epizode lahko poslušate vsak 2. teden, z različnimi gosti pa bomo zajeli čim več tematik, povezanih z otroki in starševstvom. Za kakšno idejo, komentar ali vprašanje pa mi pišite kar na [email protected] 💙

  • Prvi hrvatski podcast o majčinstvu. Bez tabua. Bez cenzure. Iskreno o majčinstvu.

  • No One Told Us the truth about parenthood. WHY?! This is the podcast everyone needed before they had kids. Because now that those little ones are here, there's a lot to unpack. Parenting is a wild ride that you can never be totally prepared for, but don't you wish someone had filled you in a LITTLE?! There are so many things no one tells us before becoming a parent, and Rachael is here to change that. Let's pull back the curtain on becoming a first-time mom (or dad!) to share the good, the bad and the ugly. A little education, a little fun, and a whole lot of heart goes into each and every episode of No One Told Us to have you feeling less alone and way more empowered.

  • Dobro došli u Tonska knjiga. Čitamo i pričamo za Vas.

  • Welcome to Happy Outdoor Families! This is a podcast that inspires and empowers families to spend more time playing and exploring outside. Whether in your own backyard or on a grand adventure, I hope this podcast motivates you to reconnect with the natural world.

    Tune in for a new episode every Monday, and on Wednesdays for a new outdoor play invitation to listen to with your kids. See you outside!

  • Are you an Audacious Mama? An ambitious single mom in business who's raising kids and building a profitable business to support her vision for success? If so, you're in the right place!

    Audacious Mamas take bold risks, step outside the box, and create a life and business that aligns with their deepest desires for freedom, flexibility, connection, and wealth. And you, my friend, are one of them!

    Steph's entrepreneurial journey began eight years ago when she escaped a controlling and abusive relationship. Since then, she's been on a mission to heal and create a peaceful, happy life while making money doing what she loves.

    Join Steph as she shares tips and strategies for single mom survivors. Tools to get more business with less effort, develop an expansive and resilient mindset, and become more efficient to free up your time while growing your income. She also interviews victorious mama entrepreneurs and ambitious women who share their secrets on balancing it all, and achieving success.

    Don't miss out on all the Audacious Mama goodness! Hit follow and check out this episode Survivor to Successful Mompreneur with Emma Ferrick to learn, grow, and thrive as an Audacious Mama!

  • Join Mr Funk, a dad of 3, as he talks about everything and anything on his mind. He’ll talk about his kids, his fiancée, his dogs, life so far, media and anything else that crosses his mind. Listen as he talks thoughts, truth and opinion and roasts some people along the way.

  • This podcast is dedicated to the honest account of being a first time mum as well as being a female generally. It will discuss all the highs and lows of motherhood and how fragile each can be. Normalising every emotion that comes with the honour of being a mummy and how every single hour can be a steep learning curve. This isn’t about scaring people, it’s about authenticity and expectation setting, something I feel lacked when I became a mum back in August 2020 in the height of a global pandemic. I’ll share my experiences candidly as well as discuss other topics that can be seen as taboo.

  • The Supreme Resort analyzes and compares two similar attractions in Disneyland Walt Disney World to settle once and for all which is the supreme!

  • Amanda and Adriana are friends and new moms who are on a mission to normalize cosleeping, real motherhood, and coffee at 5pm. The ladies get behind their mics every Sunday to interview some of the best experts in the field of parenting with your questions, and share parts of their own journeys while aiming to keep it as authentic as possible. They say "it takes a village", and these mamas are here to welcome you into theirs! Support this podcast:

  • One minute of natural sounds birds singing in the morning

  • Dobro došli u podcast "Mame kod Lane". Moje ime je Lana, po profesiji sam glumica, a definitvno najveća, najzanimljivija i najluđa uloga koju igram je uloga mame pa se tako  i rodila ideja za podcastom Mame kod Lane. Nadam se da ćete uzivati u iskrenim razgovorima bez filtera s mojim gostima, poznatima mamama i tatama, ali i stručnjacima iz raznih područja roditeljstva, koji su i sami roditelji te da ćemo zajedno dijeliti i izmjenjivati međusobna iskustva, izazove, uspone, padove, lijepe i manje lijepe trenutke i teme s kojima se kao roditelji susrećemo.

  • Beth Parillon is a life coach with Ocean Organics Wellness & Coaching will discuss all things as they relate to down syndrome. I will share my personal stories, insights, my successes and my epic failures of raising my daughter with down syndrome. I will help guide you through this new journey of raising your child with down syndrome . Are you ready to get down?

  • Ovo je mjesto za vas ako ste roditelj kojem nedostaje vremena, energije i ideja za rješavanje svakodnevnih izazova u odgoju, a želite izgraditi bolji odnos s djetetom. Odgoj zahtijeva iznimno puno strpljenja i vremena, a u društvu u kojem je natrpana „To do“ lista stvar prestiža, upravo je to ono što svakom roditelju nedostaje. Kroz konkretne i primjenjive savjete pokazat ću vam kako ćete biti bliži svakodnevici i odgojnim rezultatima koje želite ostvariti.

    Glorija Peranić je prva Međunarodno certificirana edukatorica roditelja po principima pozitivne discipline u Hrvatskoj, Magistra eduka

  • Parents of young children and parents-to-be: you're in the right place! This podcast takes a kind and respectful view of your child's development during pregnancy and first 3 years. Host Ann McKitrick brings a unique perspective through 30+ years as a child development professor, parenting coach, teacher educator and mentor and most importantly, as a parent. Subscribe now for expert interviews, insightful advice, and real stories about raising a little one in the world today. Go to for show notes, downloads and resources for each episode. Support this podcast:

  • Little Ones is passionate about helping families sleep.

    Established in 2016, Little Ones are the OG online baby sleep programs and have now helped over 300,000 tired parents worldwide teach their babies and toddlers excellent, lasting sleep habits in a kind, evidence-backed way.

    We would love to solve your little one's sleep challenges, so listen to our podcasts, visit us at or download the Little Ones App from your app store.

  • “Sto per diventare mamma, e ora che si fa?”.
    È questa la prima domanda che risuona nella testa di Diletta Leotta dopo aver scoperto di essere incinta. E subito dopo mille dubbi, mille insicurezze, mille paure.
    Da che parte si comincia? C’è un manuale da seguire?
    Nasce così “Mamma Dilettante”, un podcast dedicato alla maternità e alla paternità, un talk in compagnia di amici del mondo dello spettacolo e dello sport per provare a capire insieme come si diventa genitori e smontare, con un pizzico di ironia, qualche ansia da mamma alle prime armi: dal tanto temuto momento del parto, alla gioia incontenibile del primo sguardo, dal ritorno al lavoro ai delicati equilibri di coppia, dalle marachelle dell’infanzia ai piccoli e grandi drammi dell’adolescenza. Questi alcuni dei temi affrontati insieme agli ospiti delle puntate. A Diletta non rimane che prendere appunti!

    Produzione Dopcast.

  • Emisija namijenjena djeci u dobi od pet do petnaest godina koja radiofonijskim sredstvima u izvedbi profesionalnih glumaca predstavlja djela suvremenih hrvatskih književnika za djecu i mlade, dramatizacije poznatih klasika dječje književnosti te važne lektirne naslove.

  • Welcome to Perelel Lives, a podcast where we learn about the tireless yet vibrantly challenging role the women we admire most live in parallel to their careers and personal pursuits: becoming and being a mom.

    We live in a society that glamorizes and celebrates women‘s careers, the companies they’ve built, and the movements they’ve created. But, what we’ve failed to highlight is a facet of their lives that is far more personal—a side that presents perhaps the hardest, but most rewarding job of all—a job with no PTO, no holiday breaks, no sick days, and no salary. Oh, and it also lasts a lifetime: motherhood. Here, we have real conversations about motherhood. (Not another parenting podcast.)

    This podcast is presented by Perelel, the first & only OB/GYN-founded vitamin brand for women offering targeted nutrition for each stage of womanhood. Learn more at and use code PODCAST20 for 20% off your first month.

  • Unexpecting brings you real stories from families who have suffered pregnancy loss. Honest and raw, these conversations navigate the shock, trauma, and suffering that come with unexpected loss, while bringing comfort to those who feel alone in their circumstance and offering hope for the future. Support this podcast: