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  • What makes you a heretic? Journalist Andrew Gold believes that, in an age of group-think and tribes, we need heretics - those who use unconventional wisdom to speak out against their own groups, from cancelled comedians and radical feminists to cult defectors and vigilantes hunting deviants.

    Learn from my guests how to rebel, think differently and resist social contagion. From Triggernometry's Francis Foster and the world's most cancelled man Graham Linehan to ex-Hasidic Jew Julia Haart and gender critical atheist Richard Dawkins. These are the people living with the weight of their own community's disappointment on their shoulders.

  • Are you living in a hormonal hothouse, feeling a little overwhelmed and in need of some positive, uplifting and comforting guidance on how to lead a more magnificent midlife? Well, you're not alone and this podcast is for you. Hosts Lorraine and Trish chat with celebrities and experts on all things midlife, from menopause and perimenopause to parenting teens via fashion, beauty, wellness, nutrition, fitness, careers, relationships and finances. The witty duo, who have been editing glossy magazines for more than two decades, have six children, two husbands, two dogs and one cat between them. They share their personal stories alongside the advice and wisdom of spirited women with extraordinary stories to tell. And they ask experts all the questions you need answered to have a healthier, happier and more harmonious second act. 

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  • Rosie and Adam, The duo behind the Irish Mummy, the show where business and motherhood meet is all about combining the two worlds that make life, and lifestyle, possible.

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  • Parenting Smarts! We need them, and sometimes we feel them. Our host, Dr. MaryRuth Hackett, is a mom of four with a doctorate in educational psychology, specializing in child development. Parenting Smarts blends together the science of child development and the realities of family life.

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  • Welcome to Momfessions-the podcast that will normalise all of the challenges we experience as Moms and give you the tools you need to navigate them. I’m Laura Guckian, Life Coach, Founder of  MIND MOMMY COACHING® and most importantly a Mom of 3.

    This podcast is unlike any other Motherhood podcast. Because you will be my guests. Each week, I will invite you to share your Momfessions. A Momfession is a challenge or experience that you are afraid to share. The things that make you feel like you are doing this whole Motherhood thing wrong. I am going to help you recognise that you are not the only one, you are not doing anything wrong and most importantly, I will give you the tools you need to be a happier Mom.

    This is the emotional village that you need.

    For access to additional tools and resources, please visit the MIND MOMMY COACHING®  Instagram Page (

    Momfessions is sponsored by Rescue Remedy. Rescue Remedy, a combination of flower essences that provides comfort & reassurance to calm and support your emotional balance during some of the more challenging days of Motherhood-a must have for any busy Mom. Rescue Remedy is a brand that has been trusted for over 80 years.

  • Join ieParenting editor, Irene Feighan in a 12-part podcast series Growing Pains. Irene will be talking with parenting experts Dr Colman Noctor, Dr Joanna Fortune, and Richard Hogan discussing some of the most pressing issues facing parents, including toddler tantrums and teenage tempers, smartphones and social media, bullying and boundaries.

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  • Welcome to my podcast where I share my stories and advice that I learned growing up. Being a teenage girl is very difficult in this time and so I'm here to help guide you through it! Support this podcast:

  • Laugh til you cry.
    Cry til you laugh.
    That’s parenting, and that’s the PakMag Parents' Podcast!

    We at PakMag want to go on the parenting journey with you. And we're
    bringing the experts along for the ride. Get the answers to those
    questions we've all asked ourselves a million times and lets make this
    whole parenting gig a bit smoother.

    Join us every week as we speak to a parenting expert, discover the
    latest in parenting products, apps and trends and attempt to make
    sense of this weird, wacky and wonderful world of parenting.

    Our host Bree James is a proud mum to two boys and five fur babies,
    and the Founder of PakMag, a parenting magazine for families that has
    printed over 3 million copies in the past 12 years.

    Whether you're searching for some comic relief or a few helpful tips
    on bringing up your kids, we want to laugh and learn with you. Get
    your weekly dose of hints, tips and giggles and don't forget to tell everyone, you heard it on PakMag.

  • Being a dog parent is tough. Between vet visits, picking the right food and treats, and of course, training a well-behaved dog, it can be OVERWHELMING! Our goal with this podcast is to give you actionable, easy-to-understand, and well-thought-out tips and advice to make your daily dog parent life easier!

    We cover topics like how to keep your dogs cool, figuring out what the h*ck impulse control is (and why your dog might be lacking it) and how to prepare your dog for each season and holiday!

    And all of that will hopefully help you build a better relationship with your pup!

  • A good story can take you anywhere. Every week Little Stories Everywhere will bring you magical, adventurous, fantastical tales to excite your imagination and carry you and your family members to new places around the world. Hosted by Oscar-nominated actor Virginia Madsen and celebrated voice actor Robbie Daymond, stories will include timeless classics as well as brand-new tales.

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  • Pep talks packed with grounding words for motherhood feelings. Enjoy a twice weekly dose of The Therapy Edit.

    On Monday's you'll find ten minute episodes of Anna's Psychotherapy knowledge woven with with her candid chat about motherhood. Fridays bring 15 minute episodes featuring a guest sharing the one thing they'd love to share with fellow mothers.

    Anna Mathur is Times Bestselling author of 'Mind over Mother', and 'Know Your Worth'. Her most recent book 'The Little Book of Calm for New Mum's' is out now.

    Anna is passionate about taking therapy outside of the therapy room, she shares insights that have changed the lives of her clients, and transformed hers too.

    More from Anna:
    Times Bestselling books: โ€˜Mind Over Mother - Every mums guide to worry and anxiety in the first yearsโ€™ and โ€˜Know Your Worth - How to build your self-esteem, grow in confidence and worry less about what people think;
    Instagram: @annamathur
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    Courses, sessions and guides: Benefit from resources to help you have a happier motherhood. All ยฃ12 at

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  • Welcome to Fully in it, a show for moms who are called to grow themselves while growing their families. Join me, Kate Saffle, a life and business coach for moms, a homeschooling mama of 3, and a woman on a quest to show that our lives become even more meaningful when we remember why we are here and what truly matters most. This show is about going fully in it for you and the people you love, by showing up powerfully in motherhood, entrepreneurship, in your home life, and for your family vision. Join me for weekly episodes that will inspire you to live intentionally and by your values, to slow down and truly be present to your family life, to make decisions that grow a profitable business without sacrificing anything in the process, and to become the kind of mom and woman you know you’re called to be.

  • Calling all book worms, RTÉJr has the podcast for you! On We Love Books, we love talking about all things book-related! Jam-packed with author interviews, writing tips, reviews and stories written by our very own listeners, We Love Books is a journey down the rabbit hole into the wonderful world of kids books.

  • This is a safe place for parents to get away from it all. Itโ€™s a cliche that having kids is both the most rewarding and the hardest thing youโ€™ll ever do. And it never ends: just when youโ€™ve figured out how a newborn works, the kid becomes a toddler, then a tween, a teenager and beyond. And kids donโ€™t come with an instruction manual or an off switch. Sure, you love your kids, best thing that ever happened to you blah blah blah, BUTโ€ฆ

    Welcome to I Love My Kid, Butโ€ฆ a weekly escape where comedians Megan Gailey, Kurt Braunohler, Chris Garcia and guests unload about the joys and challenges of being a parent, all the hell their kids put them through, and how they might reclaim some of the glory of their pre-parenting life. You might learn a few things about how to be a better parent along the way, but itโ€™s more important that you get to laugh and enjoy three very funny people vent about parenthood with other moms and dads who โ€œget it.โ€ No child psychologists here, no educators, or noted expertsโ€ฆ just three comedians embracing all the Lโ€™s they take on a daily basis and celebrating all the small victories that make it all worth it. And if one of them lets slip that they mightโ€™ve sent their kid to school without lunch because they stayed out the night before with their college friends WAY too late, thatโ€™s ok too. No judgment here.

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  • The Joyful Courage for Parenting Teens Podcast is a place for inspiration, education and entertainment. You are not alone, the terrain of adolescence is messy... I am your host, Casey O'Roarty, and I am honored to get to share conversations with leading parenting experts about challenges that show up while we raise our kids. We don't hold back here - all topics are on the table. You will hear interviews and solo shows centering risky behavior such as substance use and sexual development, as well as convos that deep dive into development and nurturing relationship. If you love what you hear, leave a review! This helps others find the show. If you are looking for more, head over to my website for more information about online and live classes. Thank you for listening!

  • Are you an Animal Lover? Then The Story of My Pet Podcast is for you!

    Come along as Pet Parents from around the world tell the stories of their believed pets, from rescue dogs to foster kittens, street cats to wild horses, and everywhere in between. This show shares heart-to-heart conversations about animals collected from amazing pet parents, animal supporters and rescue advocates. Learn about animal adoption, fostering, rescue, and volunteerism. Along with powerful discussions about animal welfare topics, you will learn how to get involved in your local community and help animals in need.

    The bond between humans and animals is immeasurable. That bond makes pet parents like you the best animal advocates. Whether you rescued your precious pet or found them a local animal shelter, the journey to your fur babies is often unexpected, but you always find the pets you are meant to have. Who rescued who, right? Whether you have human kids or not, pets are your chosen kids. You love them as members of your family and will do anything for them.

    This show advocates and educates to ensure more people know about the importance of animal rescue, fostering, and adoption. Each episode features an animal rescue group, shelter, and/or nonprofit organization focused on saving animals in need. Get ready to be inspired by incredible animal rescuers, shelter workers, trappers, trainers, and volunteers. You may be surprised to learn about the reality of animal welfare and rescue in the world today. Turn that shock and disappointment in action! Whether it be volunteering at an animal shelter, becoming a pet foster parent, or adopting your next pet, the animal advocates on this show all share the same passion; To save as many animals as they can!

    Sometimes the most difficult part of the story of our pets is the end. This podcast also shares difficult discussions about pet loss. While your bond lasts well beyond the physical lifespan of your pets, sharing stories about your petโ€™s passing can help with processing your grief and loss. Heartfelt discussions about assisting fur babies through illness and injury is never easy; but sharing stories can help other pet parents make informed decisions and improve the lives of other pets. Connecting with other each other through this show builds community and collaboration and will help you to be the best pet parent possible.

    Your host, Julie Marty-Pearson, PsyD is a dedicated Fur Mom, lifelong animal lover, pet enthusiast, and all around animal advocate. She volunteers at her local county animal shelter, has been a kitten foster mom, and occasional pet sitter. Julie started this podcast to share the stories of her own pets, past and present, and advocate for animal rescue, fostering and adoption. Contact Julie via email if you are interested in being a guest on the podcast.

    Julie is a Podcast Coach who is passionate about helping others share their stories through podcasting. She has her doctorate in Organizational Psychology and she supports others with starting their own podcasts just like she did with The Story of My Pet Podcast. Julie started her second podcast, Podcast Your Story Now, to share her experience as a podcaster, give tips and tricks for new and aspiring podcasters, and interview other female podcasters about their journeys.

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    Contact your host via Email- [email protected]

  • In less than an hour, catch up on the “best-of” Christian parenting and marriage insights from Focus on the Family. The Weekend bundles the highlights from five shows into a weekly segment you can listen to at home or on the go. Join hosts Jim Daly and John Fuller for the encouragement and resources your family needs to thrive together in Christ.

  • The first ever zero judgement parenting podcast from the team behind An Irishman Abroad. Join funny man Jarlath and child behaviouralist Tina Regan as they tackle the questions, the worries and the day-to-day hilarity that comes with modern parenting.

    Jarlath collects anonymous questions from frazzled and exhausted parents, while Tina shares more than 20 years of experience working in early childhood intellectual, behavioural and social development. With genuine problems from real parents it’s anyone’s guess what the questions will be but the pair will gamely tackle anything that’s thrown their way. Expect all manner of queries including:

    - "My young lad eats like a caveman and is mortifying me everywhere we go"
    - "If I ask my kid to come off her iPad she acts like her world is caving in"
    - "My toddler refuses to wear clothes”
    - “My kid won’t poo at school”
    - “My kid refuses to let me leave the house, what should I do?

    No problem is too big or small. Tina promises to help parents help themselves, with zero judgement. Raising kids is so fecking hard we all need help to do it.

  • Mamia&Me, hosted by Jen Hogan, is a place for parents to talk about the big crazy adventure that is parenthood. Jen chats to mums and dads and special guests about everything from lockdown parenting to baby brain and surrogacy to home births. The whole parenting kit and kaboodle.

  • Meet everymumโ€ฆ discover Ireland's largest parenting community with over half a million followers across social and email channels. 

    Hosted by Aisling Keenan, everymum the podcast promises to talk about the parts of motherhood we just don't hear enough about.

    Reassuring words, support on your motherhood journey, and authentic honest chat. everymum is here to let you know that youโ€™ve got this, even when you feel like you donโ€™t!

    Insane highs to anxious lows, we're here to remind you that every pregnancy, birth, baby and mum is unique, and every feeling along the way is completely valid.

    #everymumthepodcast is sponsored by WaterWipes - the no. 1 baby wipe in Ireland. Their wipes are made with simply two ingredients, 99.9% water and a drop of fruit extract. Together, we are committed to reassuring and supporting parents.

    Register with everymum today, and pick up your free gift bag, worth over โ‚ฌ45 and packed with products, information and samples!


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