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  • The Ghost was an agent, for the CIA, but today is an Independent Operative, working on the side of the mysterious and unbelievable. These are some of the most bizarre cases that exist in our world, where help elsewhere is nonexistent or not possible. These jobs are outrageous, mysterious, and unbelievable, from reaching out to other dimensions and worlds, to other beings, as well as the paranormal, CERN, The Vatican, humanoid robots, and inner earth. Lizard People.. Giants, Aliens and more.

  • Presenting Khooni -The Crimes of India Podcast, where every week two Indian girls, try to navigate the murky waters of true crime in their country. Join us as we narrate, bemoan and sometimes (only sometimes! we promise) joke about the sordid but riveting details of each case. Whether you are a true crime aficionado, budding sleuth, secret deviant, or just looking for something interesting to jazz up your boring commute or jog, this podcast has a little something for all of you!

  • Current True Crime news coverage and chilling compilations, this podcast has everything you need to scratch that true crime itch! And for even more in depth coverage on the craziest stories out there, check out our other podcast called Every Town.Hosted by: Andrew Fitzgerald. ContactContact: scarymysteries[email protected]

  • From the creators of the Murder Minute App comes your new favorite fix for True Crime. Welcome to the Murder Minute podcast. With a run time of about a short commute, Murder Minute is your no nonsense dose true crime. Each episode of the program includes a scripted narrative detailing a crime preceded by True Crime Headlines, “a brief true crime news update” . Through meticulously crafted storytelling and sound design, Murder Minute delivers a unique and immersive listening experience. Subscribe today on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Don’t forget to download the Murder Minute App, available on the app store and Google Play, and follow us on instagram @murderminute for even more true crime headlines. Murder Minute, your daily dose of True Crime.

  • The very first True Crime podcast in Tamil were we will tell you how a love story turns into a crime of passion every week if possible everyday . we will also analyse brain behind the murder and also the mistakes that led the killer get caught .To know more about my favourite murders stay tuned to Beyond Blood . There is a story behind every drop of a blood .

  • the podcast where it's always time for true crime - hosted by Meghan

  • Desi Killers, Desi Kidnappers, Desi Criminals - find them here. Brought to you by Aryaan Misra and Aishwarya Singh. We are your one stop shop for all things Desi, and all things Crazy.
    Tooooooooo much of true crime is centered around America - New York murder this and Chicago Killer that. What about the Delhi Dons and Karachi killers and Bangladeshi Burglars?! If you are tired of the the same-old American murderer, British killer, Australian kidnapper, Canadian stalker… NO MORE! The Desi Crime Podcast brings DESI crimes. From India, Pakistan, Nepal and other brown communities, we’ll bring you cases that can only be described as Desi. Crimes that take place in the Indian subcontinent aren’t remotely similar to Western crimes— desi crimes are gory, complicated, corrupt and hardly documented. After thorough research on the most sinister cases, we’ll take you on a bumpy, jaw dropping ride around South Asia.
    Crime is a popular genre in India. CID was watched by boomers, John Grisham was read by millennials, and now, The Desi Crime Podcast is there for Gen Z.

  • Based on a true story, American Hostage stars Jon Hamm as Fred Heckman, a beloved local radio reporter who is thrust into the middle of a life-or-death crisis when hostage-taker, Tony Kiritsis, demands to be interviewed on his popular radio news program. Kiritsis has tied a shotgun to his banker’s neck in grim fashion, but through Heckman's radio show he gradually becomes a media sensation and unexpected anti-hero during a nail biting 63-hour standoff.

    American Hostage is an 8-episode scripted psychological thriller from Amazon Music & Criminal Content starring Emmy Award-winner Jon Hamm and directed by Academy Award® winner Shawn Christensen.

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  • A deep dive into the darker side of the Golden State hosted by Roseanne with a quietly intense storytelling style and is always ad-free

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  • A true crime/paranormal podcast feat. everything creepy. Grab your coffee and have a mourning with us. Hosted by Brynne Nicole and Kelsey Marie Support this podcast:

  • The podcast host Micheal C. Bouchard is a published author of true crime and mystery novels. He discusses unexplained disappearances and unsolved murders. The host's shock-jock style and dysfunctional attitude confronts and challenges facts concerning misinformation and bad media while finding links to unsolved murders and disappearances. We think of monsters as hairy ghoulish figures with long fingernails and sharp teeth lurking in the darkness, however, the most dangerous monsters of all walk among us in the daylight. Support this podcast:

  • How does a man survive 80 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit? What's the true story about Hurricane Katrina? Why did 9-year-old Asha Degree pack a bag in the middle of a stormy night and disappear? And how did serial killer Samuel Little kill 80 people without the police finding out?

    These are the stories you won't find on other podcasts. The stories that often go unnoticed. The victims that are lost to time.

    Producer and Writer James Hayes, Sound Engineer and Co-Producer Liam O'Brien, Sound Engineer and Producer Carl Kevin Robinson Jr, and Host Carl Ellis Grant will answer these questions in Another Shade of Crime. A monthly true-crime podcast about crimes committed to and by people of color.

    Because crime does not discriminate.

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  • Marathi katha या podcast वरती आपणाला मराठी मध्ये -भयकथा, अध्यात्मिक कथा, सक्सेस स्टोरी, कथा वाचन, विविध विषयांतील माहिती ऐकण्यास मिळणार आहे.

  • Indian Murder Mystery - Praveen narrates stories of the most famous criminal cases that shook the nation. This Docu-drama podcast also features dramatic conversations that have been re-thought and re-created with other different artists to create an immersive experience for the listeners. 

  • Just found out people around me actually have their own lives and they aren’t just side characters in the movie that is my life... shocked and confused started to research people and found killers interesting that’s when I started my own podcast... Enjoy till you last...

  • A true crime podcast fueled by cold brew coffee and hosted by Katelyn Brewer.

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  • Listen to Murder in Hollywoodland exclusively by subscribing to Wondery+. Start your free trial at 

    It's February 2nd 1922, and all of Hollywood is about to wake up and learn that William Desmond Taylor, the most famous film director in town, was murdered in his home last night. The investigation will shine a light on some of Hollywood's most scandalous affairs, backroom deals, and underground drug dens. This real life Murder Mystery is one of the most iconic "whodunnit" cases of the 20th century that will leave you guessing and second guessing who killed William Desmond Taylor for weeks to come.

    Co-hosted by Tracy Pattin & James Remar

  • True crime podcast hosted by research tech Sierra and PhD in forensic psych Morgann

  • Fight or Flight Podcast is a mother/daughter team sharing true stories of people who have endured and survived the unimaginable. Sarah and Brenna share a passion, maybe more of an obsession, with all things true crime, especially those who live through it.