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  • Empowered Patient Podcast with Karen Jagoda is a window into the latest innovations in digital health, the changing dynamic between doctors and patients, and the emergence of precision medicine. The show covers such topics as aging in place, innovative uses for wearables and sensors, advances in clinical research, applied genetics, drug development, and challenges for connected health entrepreneurs.

  • The Lancet Neurology is a monthly journal, renowned for the publication of high-quality peer-reviewed research, reviews, and analysis from around the world. In the monthly podcasts, editors of the journal discuss highlights of the current issue, with occasional interviews with an author of a key article.

  • The research community like you have never heard it before.

    Join us, The Scientistt Podcast, along with a host of special guests, as we explore the realities of research life in the most honest and informative way possible. Delving deeper into the industry’s latest research and most pressing questions, and sharing the unique perspectives of some of the community’s leading figures.

    This is a podcast by researchers, for researchers. New episodes weekly.

    Scientistt, a free networking platform for students and researchers from around the world. To find out more visit,

  • The IWA is a global knowledge hub and international network for water professionals and anyone concerned about the future of water. We bring together know-how and expertise to instigate ground-breaking solutions.

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  • Dall’osservazione degli astri all’esplorazione dello Spazio, un viaggio astronomico guidati da Luca Reduzzi, curatore del Museo Nazionale Scienza e Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci di Milano.🔈
    Alcune delle più belle storie di Astronomia e Spazio partendo dalle esposizioni del Museo per arrivare nelle profondità dell’Universo, passando da globi e telescopi, lanciatori e satelliti, le missioni Apollo sulla Luna… e anche i marziani.

  • Created in response to industry requests, the NPC Podcast is hosted by Peter Brenders, CEO of the New Brunswick Health Research Foundation, who interviews an esteemed series of guests with pertinent questions about the pharma industry.

  • Орчин цагийн бидний дунд өрнөж буй хамгийн сонирхолтой шинжлэх ухаан, текник текнологи болон танин мэдэхүйн мэдээ мэдээлэл, ололт амжилтуудыг баталгаат эх сурвалж болох дэлхийд нэртэй сонин сэтгүүлүүдээс бэлтгэн та бүхэндээ хүргэж байна.

  • “Science is fun!” is a podcast about the trials and tribulations of famous scientists and rising stars. We dig deep into the backstories behind the science, explain how the big discoveries were made, and discuss how you too can participate in the next big step forward.

  • This podcast covers topics from the NIH Collaboratory Grand Rounds series related to advances in clinical research, particularly pragmatic clinical trials and clinical research that engages healthcare delivery systems as partners. Visit to learn more.

  • Sounds of the ocean. Atlantic Beach June 26, 2020.

  • Biology is breaking out of the lab and clinic—and into our daily lives. Our new ability to engineer biology is transforming not just science, research, and healthcare, but how we produce our food, the materials we use, how we manufacture, and much, much more. From the latest scientific advances to the biggest trends, this show explores all the ways biology is today where the computing revolution was 50 years ago: on the precipice of revolutionizing our world in ways we are only just beginning to appreciate. Through conversations with scientists, builders, entrepreneurs, and leaders, host Lauren Richardson (along with the team at Andreessen Horowitz), examines how bio is going to fundamentally transform our future.

    In short, bio is eating the world.

  • Life Splash is an inspiration podcast that teaches on overcoming life's issues and increasing all-round productivity in careers and gain financial freedom.

  • 📍 Tâm Lý Học Tuổi Trẻ được sáng lập với mục tiêu chia sẻ và góp phần nâng cao kiến thức tâm lý cho những người trẻ. Chúng mình mong muốn được tìm hiểu về tâm tư, tình cảm và cảm xúc của các bạn, để cùng lắng nghe, thấu hiểu và sẻ chia. Tâm Lý Học Tuổi Trẻ luôn hi vọng sẽ mang lại những năng lượng tích cực giúp các bạn phần nào có thể chữa lành vết thương tâm hồn trong mình.

    📍 Follow Fanpage Tâm Lý Học Tuổi Trẻ tại và Website YBOX.VN để đọc và cập nhật các bài viết mới mỗi ngày.

    📍 Podcast được hỗ trợ phát hành bởi Waves.

  • Энэхүү Подкастаар бид шинжлэх ухаанд суурилсан, бодит мэдээллийг өөрийн судалгаа, мэдээллийн төвшинд сонирхсон хүмүүст хүргэх, их мэдээллийн урсгалаас өөрт хэрэгтэй мэдээллийг олж авахад туслах зорилготой болно.

  • Getting Bombed is an unscripted digital series featuring casual conversations with renown experts about the existential threats that keep them up at night while they enjoy their favorite drink and chat about history, policy, and science with a comedic host. Fun, quirky, and informative, the series leverages the personalities and insider knowledge of experts on everything from nuclear weapons and cyberwarfare to artificial intelligence and national security. The mission: to demystify the extraordinary—and largely untold—stories of our past, present, and future. And, you know, try to take the edge off a little.

  • Genome Insider presents brief forays into the work of researchers inspired by the natural world and the organisms within it. Join host Alison Takemura to delve into our colleagues' motivations, the insights that amaze them, and how their work contributes to solving energy and environmental challenges. This series is brought to you by the U.S. Department of Energy Joint Genome Institute.

  • How drugs go from a lab, to testing in humans, to your local pharmacy. Here's what’s happening in the world of clinical research today, the technology and ideas that are transforming it, and why this matters for patients—which is all of us. Presented by Medidata.

  • The field of entomology is incredibly vast, with professionals focusing on viruses vectored by the deadliest animal (mosquitoes), academics studying the mechanisms of freeze tolerance, government researchers tackling insects that could pose biosecurity threats, and forensic entomologists arriving at the crime scene. In this series, learn a bit more about who these entomologists are, what inspired them to get into the field, and discuss some of their most recent research.