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  • ကျွန်တော်တွေ့ကြုံခဲ့သော အတိတ်များ အတွေးများ

  • With the fall of the Sith and the Exile's departure from the known regions of space, a small group of unlikely heroes find themselves wrapped up in a scheme to destroy the Republic and the Restoration of the Jedi Order. Will they be able to resist the pull of the Dark Side or will the Light triumph another day?

  • The Stories of Sherlock Holmes was a South African radio show series of 50 episodes, produced by Michael Silver and aired on Springbok Radio (Johannesburg, South Africa), starring Graham Armitage as Sherlock Holmes and Kerry Jordan as Dr. Watson. The episodes were around 20-30 minutes each and broadcasted on Sunday evenings at 6 pm. This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis:

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  • Every week, get ready for another bone chilling tale from the depths of despair as your host, The Teller, brings your inner fears to reality.If you enjoy our time together, make sure to become a supporter on our patreon. Support this podcast:

  • 我只是隻講故事的狗

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  • Do you know how Japanese are signing a song??? I know many Japanese people are shy, but I’ll show you how Japanese sing a song here without music sound🎤👏🏻

  • The book follows the career of Hugh Paret from youth to manhood, and how his profession as a corporation lawyer gradually changes his values. The book received positive reviews, and was the second best-selling novel in the United States in 1915.

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  • lectura radiodramatizada del libro "Arde la llama" del cosmonauta Yuri Gagarin

  • The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - Sherlock Holmes: Tom Conway - Dr. Watson: Nigel Bruce In the fall of 1946, Basil Rathbone left the radio program and was replaced by Tom Conway, a fine British actor known for playing RKO Picture's The Falcon, with Nigel Bruce continuing his portrayal of Dr. Watson. The series maintained a high level of quality, but for reasons of expense and support, the production was moved to New York less than a year later and new actors were brought in. When Basil Rathbone left the role of Holmes for the New York stage, actor Tom Conway stepped in as replacement. Apparently some people didn?t even realize that Rathbone was gone as many felt that Conway?s voice was so similar. It also helps that Nigel Bruce continued as Dr. Watson so there was a sense of continuity that might not have been there with two totally different actors. One major improvement occurred with this new series: orchestra accompaniment - which replaced the (cheaper option) organ used in the latter series of Rathbone / Bruce episodes. Original music was composed and conducted by Alex Steiner making these Conway / Bruce episodes far more atmospheric than previous productions. The set up was essentially the same: narrator / introducer Joseph Bell calls around to Watson's study for a fireside "chat" with the good doctor? whence the listener is plunged into another intriguing and baffling case which only the master detective can solve. Heard today, "The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes", with Tom Conway and Nigel Bruce, not only retain their entertainment value but compare quite favorably with the earlier series with Rathbone. Conway as Holmes does capture Rathbone?s style and Nigel Bruce is always charming as the sometimes baffled but always loyal Dr. Watson. A total of 38 episodes have survived, Tom Conway was ill for one episode - The Ancient Egyptian Curse - and was replaced by Ben Wright

  • We are two dads from Virginia Beach here to enjoy a toke and talk and debunk known conspiracy theories. We also have included creepypasta narrations to the postcast and also 420 news. I hope yall enjoy our stuff.

  • 人生一开始就是一张白纸,到最后都会写满故事。

    透过Love 972 DJ 碧玉的生动与深刻声演,让你身历其境,进入故事中的喜怒哀乐。



  • The Good Morning Korriban Podcast is dedicated primarily to SWGOH, but the conversation often skews into all things Star Wars, including movies, books, collecting and other SW games.
    Long time gamers, MikeyBlueEyez & Sturmbock are dedicated to bringing you a SWGOH podcast for the PEOPLE.
    We are not experts, theory-crafters or mega-krakens. We are dedicated players giving you the average player perspective for an hour every week. We solicit listener feedback and read comments on our podcast, so we are always talking about what's important to you... the Players!! Subscribe today!

  • Enjoy all original scary stories written and narrated by Doctor Heinous and Friends.

    Be advised: May contain comedy.

  • Hello and welcome. The Floor Is Lava Podcast is me, Liv, telling fictional stories as I make them up on the spot, or reading something I wrote.📖 Each episode is equivalent to a chapter, 30 minutes long. New updates every week 🤞

  • আজকের এই ব্যস্ত জীবনে আপনারা বই পড়ার থেকে গল্পের আকারে শুনতে বেশি পছন্দ করেন।
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  • Rival officers Sumner and Hewitt have found themselves trapped inside the mysterious ship which destroyed their own. Finding the truth about its origin may be just as important as staying alive. They'll have to set aside their personal conflict to withstand alien attacks, killer drones, the vacuum of space, and creatures which defy nature. Is the priority to escape or thwart a new danger to all human worlds? What secrets still burn like embers?

    Each episode of this science fiction adventure switches between the perspectives of Hewitt and Sumner as they fight for survival and answers.

  • The Archion Demonic Hunting League serves as humanity's defense against the threat of the Archion, a species from another dimension, who want the human world for themselves. Join the adventures of Indigo Squad, a group of young hunters. Among them is Simeon Harigold, a young man with a talent most others don't. He has the ability to sense Archion who would otherwise be undetectable.

  • Iris blends cosmic horror and teen drama, telling the bone chilling journey of seventeen-year-old ballerina Isabella, who finds herself in a remote dance academy in the woods, unveiling a dark secret that could change her life forever.  Finding her place with an elite group of friends, Isabella agrees to partake in a ritual rumored to bestow upon them a chance at fame and notoriety. When the halfheartedly-believed ritual becomes wholly realized, Isabella must reckon with her ambition and its consequences.

  • the villagers point of view, describes what happens, and tells how they feel.