• What you will learn from this episode:

    Discover ideas to put your holiday promotion together without giving discounts. Find out what will get your audience to buy your services over other deals and do it quickly now. Learn about creative ways to think out of the box and be strategic in your action plans for the holiday specials.

    As you know, the holidays are around the corner, which means we are entering the most significant consumer spending season.

    Do you want to earn extra profits this 4th Quarter and holiday after holiday?

    Are you already prepared with your holiday promotion action plan?

    Or are you still stuck thinking of what to do and how to go about it?

    In today's episode, April shares a system that you can rinse and repeat in all the holiday specials you will have year after year without discounting your services or products. At this time of the year, when people's wallets are wide open and they're predisposed to splurge a bit more, you don't want to miss it. Therefore, it is critical that your beauty business is ready to seize the opportunity and that you have a sales system you can implement time after time.

    Topics Covered:

    01:51 - How creating a holiday sales system will work for you repeatedly
    02:57 - Statistics showing how sales are increasingly impacted yearly with Black Friday and Cyber Monday specials
    04:35 - Maximizing people's peak spending time
    07:16 - A strategy that has the highest conversion rate
    09:06 - What you can do to achieve omnipresence on all platforms
    09:35 - Converting cold vs. warm audiences
    10:12 - Takeaway from April's personal story
    14:23 - Creating urgency, scarcity, and an irresistible offer
    15:05 - Segmenting your audience
    17:05 - Ways you can build up anticipation and excitement
    20:11 - Marketing and targeting strategies for different buyers
    22:09 - Announcement for Early specials you won't want to miss

    Key Takeaways:

    "You need to have your landing page, at least the homepage optimized for mobile, meaning that the speed and loading time is quick. And your pictures are optimized and things like that because that's how people check out our business. They're on their phones. They're checking out what's happening." - April Meese

    "I've had students that have actually applied what I teach them and made an extra $5k to $10,000 in just that weekend, just from extra sales, because they got people to get off the fence. They had a little bit of urgency. And they had a little scarcity. And they had a deadline, and it moved people to take action. And that's what you want." - April Meese

    "Are you appealing to them to buy something for themselves? Or are you marketing it as a give a gift? Actually, I like a little bit of a combination of both, where you say, hey, buy a gift certificate, and I give you $25 gift certificates. Instead of giving a discount, you're giving a value add, and then you can use that $25 gift certificate for a friend. And you see how that's a win-win." - April Meese

    "A cold audience usually needs more social proof. They need to see more testimonials. And usually video testimonials are going to be super powerful here." - April Meese

    "Your warm audience, they already know you. They've seen some of your content. So this is going to be more before and after pictures. This is going to be probably like a catchy GIF, like an eye-catching animation." - April Meese


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  • What you will learn from this episode:

    Discover the one marketing asset you can create that will help you get more buyers. Find out how to get more sales by building anticipation for your holiday specials. Learn how to build trust, create desire, and raise demand for your services and products.

    The biggest holiday shopping time of the year is fast approaching.

    Have you started planning any special deals or thought of how you can make the most of this customer spending season for your beauty business?

    How do you prepare a winning special offer worth the effort in financial returns for your business?

    Are you curious about a top-level marketing strategy to earn extra income for this coming Black Friday Special or any other special offers you will be having?

    April reveals some of her tips about creating a holiday promotion for your customers in today's episode. She explains how special offers don't have to be a discount, but instead the importance of designing an offer that is a higher value for the clients. She walks us through the steps of building buzz and anticipation in your customers' minds, as well as creating brand assets you can repeatedly use all year long for any holiday.

    Topics Covered:

    01:30 - Crafting a Black Friday special
    02:49 - The importance of having a Holiday special promotion
    06:27 - The must-have marketing assets for a Black Friday special or any holiday offer
    07:37 - An exclusive announcement for our upcoming workshop you won't want to miss
    08:42 - Applying smart marketing to your business to save time
    14:07 - Putting together a planned sequence
    16:06 - Three ways to warm up your audience
    18:36 - What you should do next after the three steps
    21:45 - A recap of some tips
    25:36 - What you should do on the final deadline day
    27:44 - A quick overview

    Key Takeaways:

    "A lot of people know that this is the time to buy. And so their wallets are open, they're more ready to buy, they feel like they're in a buying mood, they're in a spending mood. And it's not always on other people. Sometimes it's just buying a gift for themselves." - April Meese

    "When you hear specials, people always think of... that means discounts. It doesn't always mean a discount. There are ways of adding value. There are ways of partnering with other people to make it seem like a better deal than what you normally have." - April Meese

    "Marketing is about educating our clients, building trust, and building connections with our audience. And then it's about selling our services. But we have to do those other things first; we have to build that trust, build that connection." - April Meese

    "Building up buzz and anticipation starts early, so people are more eager to buy when you've created that buzz and that in anticipation, they want to be one of the first to be in the know, they want to be one of the first to get the special." - April Meese

    "These three emails, once you've created them, these are now brand assets. This is something that you are investing your time in, that you can use over and over again, and you could use these three emails in a warm-up sequence that has nothing to do with a holiday special." - April Meese


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  • What you will learn from this episode:

    Discover favorite PMU tools that are already proven and tested by top beauty professionals Learn about the tips they share on how to use these convenient tools for better and faster results. Find out about low-cost tools you can use that produce excellent work at a fraction of the price.

    Do you ever wonder what other beauty professionals use as their go-to favorite PMU tools to get the best results?

    Do you want to know the tricks and tips they have for saving time and money to be more efficient in their beauty business?

    Are you looking for those secret hacks to make your services better?

    Our beauty professionals April Meese, Karen Betts, Vicky Martin, Mary Ritcherson, Dawna Mainard, Charlotte Duke, and Shauna Magrath recommend their favorite PMU tools to help you deliver excellent results.

    Topics Covered:

    01:39 - The time-saving tool that April calls genius
    04:43 - A favorite tool that helps draw natural and detailed brows
    05:30 - Vicky's tool for securing her pigment pots in place
    08:38 - A cost-effective tool for checking your measurements throughout the procedure.
    11:21 - This money saving tool you should use
    12:34 - A top pick tool that is a bit of an investment but worth every penny
    14:06 - A multipurpose must-have item
    14:33 - April's second go-to asset she uses for almost every procedure
    15:30 - Mary's discovery that she puts everywhere for easy cleanup
    18:08 - One tool Charlotte can't do without
    19:09 - What you can do to set yourself up to a positive tone for the day
    21:57 - Karen passes on an important lesson she learned the hard way
    23:47 - The tool that Karen designed and uses for more creativity
    25:05 - Tiny tools you can give as thank you gifts to clients after using it on them
    25:44 - Shauna praises one of the best brow pencils that glide perfectly
    26:44 - Vicky's tool that every areola artist should get
    27:36 - The best way to stand out with surgeons

    Key Takeaways:

    "I love Karen Betts' eyebrow guides. When she first came out with these measurement guides, I was like, 'Genius; this is amazing! I had bought these other little sticks on strips that were like triple the price and nowhere near as good because they didn't form around the eyes." - April Meese

    "I really do love these tiny little tweezers. And I love that you can give them to your client after you use them. It's just like a little gift." - April Meese

    "I know some people like a heavy handpiece, I've had heavier machines, and I really liked the Bellar because there's very little vibration. And I like that and I like that it also is a very light handpiece." - April Meese

    "Just love what I call brow definers which helps draw brows really natural fine detail strokes of brow hair." - Karen Betts

    "I learned many, many years ago never to pluck your client's eyebrows before getting the 'okay' from the client. I'll always block them out first with a tool, a cream pencil." - Karen Betts

    "I just use blue tack to keep my pigment pot in a secure place." - Vicky Martin

    "I use double-sided tape. I can put them on my tray and then put all of my inkpots, and then they stick so they don't move around." - Dawna Maynard

    "What I normally do is, I put a lump of Vaseline in the middle of the chest, and I mix in a little bit of anesthetic in with it as well so that I can just keep because I use the anesthetic to take the redness away from the areola and so that I can see the color." - Vicky Martin

    "I have to say that Mary Ritcherson brow pencils are the best pencils that I've used because it's actually a reminder that I can't live without them." - Shauna Magrath

    "I also really love working with my headlamp. That's something that I can't work without. And string; I love using string when I'm working to check my measurement." - Charlotte Duke

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  • What you will learn from this episode:

    Find out what kind of community, learning, and teaching methods you can look forward to inside the Elevate Program. Discover what significant impact the Elevate Program has on Denise's personal life and career that she couldn't begin to imagine herself before Hear about the difference and the life-changing transformation it made in the way she looks at life and her business Learn about the big wins she keeps having after joining the Elevate program

    Are you a one-woman show juggling everything all by yourself but not growing your business?

    Do you keep spinning your wheels, and nothing seems to work?

    Are you a beauty professional or artist who's stuck and doesn't know what to do next?

    Do you want to belong to a community of like-minded individuals who share the best industry practices, encourage and inspire everyone to do what's best for their beauty business?

    Do you want a proven and repeatable system to attract clients and continually grow your beauty business?

    Our guest for today's episode, Denise Baldwin, a PMU microblading artist, shares an insider's first-hand experience of how she took a leap of faith in joining the Elevate Program despite many hesitations about the course. She tells of how she found the Elevate Program having its weight in gold. Added to that is the nurturing and supportive Elevate community that she found herself in, how she found friendships that turned into good business deals. Best of all, she found a way to network and partner with people, not work as hard as she used to but earn and grow her business so much more. Talk about building confidence, thinking, and believing you can do it -- those are some of her big wins.

    Topics Covered:

    01:33 - What got her into the beauty industry, particularly in the permanent beauty industry?
    03:15 - How was it like as a one-woman show before the Elevate Program
    05:06 - Doubts she had to face about joining the Elevate Program
    09:38 - The amazing things she found inside the Elevate Community
    11:32 - Talking about the kind of support she gets from the program
    12:48 - Teaching and learning methods you can expect from Elevate
    13:41 - The lasting impact Elevate Program has on Denise's personal life and business
    17:55 - What touched her the most about April's way of putting out her message
    21:23 - Why not me?
    22:16 - One big win for Denise
    24:06 - What she tells those who still have doubts about joining the Elevate Program
    26:19 - The things she excitedly looks forward to doing next year
    27:44 - Her source of joy
    28:20 - Tips you can consider in growing your business

    Key Takeaways:

    "I loved the Facebook group being able to do FB live online. That's a big fear; you're thinking you're going to be judged, what do I look like? Am I going to stutter? And you know, we have the opportunity to do that in that group and get feedback that hones in feeling better about ourselves, which will build us up." - Denise Baldwin

    "With the Elevate Program, I liked the psychological part of it. A big aha moment for me was pricing. It's pretty legit; that's how our minds think. So it's a good implementation into your business and pricing structure if you're stuck or you don't know what to do." - Denise Baldwin

    "Straight out of the box, I didn't want to sound too woo woo but I mean, how the whole getting out of your way and really trying to do it. April's support and clubhouse and those words that she says and then all the support that she has with her being so you don't feel you're up here, and we're down here." - Denise Baldwin

    "I used to hang on every word during COVID. I would listen to your[April] podcast, and I was like, just getting really motivated in an unmotivated time. That's what I liked, because I'm like, okay, Denise, keep going, keep going. And that's what touches us. It's not like you're out there to just sell a course. I never felt that way about you. You genuinely want to help. And that's a biggie." - Denise Baldwin

    "If it wasn't for Elevate, not just that you learn. It's the other side, which is the confidence and the building of knowing you can do it. And it's not just those words, because everybody says that you can do it, keep going. That's great. You need something else, especially right now, so hard. There are so many artists, there's so much comparison, it's incredibly ridiculous. So with just having that nice little feeling of what you have to offer, and now the friendships that I've made with these other women is amazing." - Denise Baldwin


    Grow your business with a proven and repeatable system. Check out the Elevate Program now: www.aprilmeese.com/elevate. Program closes 10/13/2021 at 10 pm PST

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  • Why you have to check out today's podcast:

    Find out essential lessons in successfully running your beauty business from a lion's story of being the king of the jungle. Learn what backup client attraction strategies you need to have in place, just in case your social media breaks down. Hear about the one necessary tool that you must keep running to have a sustainable beauty business

    Do you feel like you're defeated or sometimes losing confidence?

    Are you comparing your work and your business with others?

    Do you wish your business was bigger, you were moving faster, or that your skills were better?

    Are self-doubt and fear holding you back from your full potential in your beauty business?

    This episode highlights the qualities of a lion & lioness that you should adopt to improve your beauty business. The lion may not be the smartest, fastest, or biggest, but he is still considered the king of them all. You may be feeling the same way in your beauty business; however, you can look to the lion for inspiration on the qualities to possess so that you can rise to the top. So let's work on our weaknesses, be bold, and take action. Most importantly, look deep into your 'why,' and that will see you through.

    Topics Covered:

    01:01 - Being at the top
    02:30 - Overview of how we can learn from nature
    10:23 - The primary qualities you need to succeed in your beauty business
    11:17 - Tapping into your deepest why
    12:02 - What it means to have that certainty
    13:46 - Surviving and thriving in your beauty business
    15:03 - Why you should stop second guessing yourself
    15:54 - The ripple effect when you step up and take that leap of faith
    18:31 - Putting out positivity and letting that law of attraction work for you

    Key Takeaways:

    "If you look at it, the lion is not the biggest; that's the elephant. It's not the fastest; that's a cheetah, it's not the smartest. But it is the king of the jungle. And I think this comes down to mentality, like the way the lion thinks." - April Meese

    "Social media is great, but not as your only way of getting clients. You have to have a backup strategy. If social media completely went down, my business would be fine. And I want the same for you, too. That's why we teach referral partners and those power partners because like the lion, there's power in numbers." - April Meese

    "Lions work in groups. They work in packs because there is power in numbers. When you can team up with other like-minded businesses, all for similar goals that benefit everyone, that is where you're really going to leverage your time." - April Meese

    "The lion likes to hunt in a storm because their prey actually won't hear them coming on. And that's so interesting. Instead of thinking of it as your prey, think of it as your competition. What are they doing where they might be distracted and wasting time, and there's a time that you can really make the most of it. And really give it your all, instead of halfway going through it." - April Meese

    "If you're feeling like, I'm not who I am; I'm not the biggest, I'm not the smartest, again, tap into that courage to be brave to reach out to your tribe. I know that you're also going to need some tools. It's going to take your faith and your mentality. It's going to take your action and your courage, and it's going to take some tools, some systems to help get you there and go after it." - April Meese


    Grow your business with a proven and repeatable system. Check out the Elevate Program now: https://www.aprilmeese.com/elevate

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  • What you will learn from this episode:

    Find out the key things you need to consider before enrolling in an online course so you don't waste precious time and money. Learn the action steps you need to take so you truly implement what you've learned, and you get maximum return from it. Hear about the different learning styles and what to look for in a course that makes it easier for your preferred type of learning.

    There are more ways to learn online than ever before, especially for our beauty industry.

    But with so many options, how do you choose?

    What's the best investment of time and money?

    You wouldn't want to buy an online course that just sits and gathers cyber dust.

    For sure, you want the right course or program that you can make the most of, lets you learn faster, and helps you grow your beauty business.

    In this concise episode, listen as April shares insights and tips on finding a suitable class and investing in an online course or mentor. You'll hear how to find the best value for money, accountability, and support that can significantly help your beauty business' success.

    Topics Covered:

    02:01 - What the future of online education may look like
    02:25 - Things you should know when you plan on purchasing an online course/program
    03:13 - Action steps you should take before investing in online classes or with a mentor
    04:37 - Ways an online program can be interactive and more enjoyable while learning
    05:44 - Do you know your best learning style? Different ways you can consider
    06:17 - My biggest tip of what you should absolutely look for when investing in yourself.
    07:26 - Final thoughts

    Key Takeaways:

    "You would be purchasing a course on a specific subject so that you could learn that subject and not get confused by all of the information that's out there. And instead, follow the step by step plan to learn that desired skill or the information to grow your beauty business." - April Meese

    "Have a plan for how you will utilize a course and get the biggest return on your investment" - April Meese

    "The other thing that we've recently done with our program, we've added a little bit of gamification, so we like to have prizes and contests and reward systems to unlock bonuses or other things to keep the content interactive and keep you engaged." - April Meese

    "My next tip would be to look for a course or program that addresses different types of learning styles, just making it easy for them to consume." - April Meese

    "My tip, that is probably the biggest one, is to look for a course or program that has support, that has an opportunity for you to interact with the instructor and get feedback." - April Meese

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  • What you will learn from this episode:

    Listen to find out how to gain clients while working with a local salon, and both of you will make profits together. Learn how to make connections that foster referrals one after another to grow your beauty business Hear about the time-tested way to create relationships that are key for a sustainable career. Discover one of the best resources to help you create content, so you never run out of topics to share with your audience.

    Are you looking for evergreen marketing tips and strategies to help you grow your beauty business? If so, you'll want to hear these tips from our panel of experts that are classic client-getting tactics with a modern twist for today's times. We've added a little creativity and tweaking to make these tips work even better for the present day.

    In today's episode, beauty professionals April Meese, Karen Betts, Vicky Martin, Heidi Henderson, and Angela Torresiani share what has been working in their beauty business before that still keeps on bringing in more client flow and income now.

    Topics Covered:

    00:57 - Three ways to grow your clients and sales
    02:16 - What it means to have authentic relationships
    03:46 - Making buzz for the salon you partner with while you gain clients
    07:43 - Tips on joining forces and collaborating with salons
    08:10 - It's not about the following; it's about engagement and the value you are giving
    11:01 - Tips you can do to get referrals
    13:07 - What getting out of your comfort zone can do for your beauty business
    14:34 - How that personal touch goes a long way
    16:55 - The best way to make connections and create relationships
    21:55 - Creating affiliations, telling stories, and giving value
    26:01 - How to create connections even if you're an introvert
    28:49 - Setting up this special promotion
    30:55 - Best resources to help you create content

    Key Takeaways:

    "I like to tell my students that there are three ways you can build your audience or get new clients. And that is: build, buy, or borrow." - April Meese

    "Sure, it is uncomfortable at first to build these relationships and put yourself out there and partner. There might be some rejection, but you are going to have some short-term sacrifices for long-term gain." - April Meese

    "Sometimes, you have to get out of your comfort zone. And that's where the real magic happens. If you keep doing what you've always done, you're going to keep getting what you've always got." - April Meese

    "One thing that I would do is I would send cards to my clients because that personal touch really means a lot. Just think about how we rarely get cards in the mail and how exciting it is actually to get a little personal note."- April Meese

    "If I had somebody that I knew was willing to book, I would tell them about my demo evening because I knew they would be the first one to raise their hand to want to book the appointment. And the way the mind works is once one person books another one starts." - Vicky Martin

    "How to bring an old school to the future? The best thing to do now would still be to connect with a local salon or somebody with a big mailing list, they send emails out to them, and you want to collaborate on Facebook. You would still hold your demo event, but instead, you would do a live broadcast, create an event, and get your model in. And you would have somebody that would manage your phone." - Vicky Martin

    "Some of us are very obsessed with having a big following. But it's not a matter about following; it's a matter about the engagement and the value that you're actually giving to those clients." - Karen Betts

    "I was actually sending out letters to people, letters to salons, which today even if you're sending out letters, the letter is better than an email now. People are actually getting a lot of emails, and if they get a handwritten letter, they will actually acknowledge that letter better than emails." - Karen Betts

    "In today's world, when I've actually done a client, I will have business cards. And I'll just give my clients and say just pop these in your purse. And if anybody wants to know about your eyebrows, just pass them one of my cards. And that's just a quick, simple way of them referring you to one of their friends." - Karen Betts

    "Another thing that I will do is I will actually send them their 'before and after’ picture in like a pic collage. I will send them a before and after' picture and ask them to share. And then they're just referring me again to their friends. And that's the best form of advertising that worked years ago, and it still works today." - Karen Betts"

    I actually had a friend that I used as an icebreaker because I was still trying to break out of my introverted ways. Because of that little introduction, through a friend, I did make contact with this woman who owns a wig shop here in town. And over the past year and a half or so we've developed a fantastic partnership where we refer clients now to each other all the time." - Heidi Henderson

    "One of the things we do for marketing is the birthday discount. I have a system that we use for client management, and it automates it for me where it sends out a birthday email. It says and tells something of what we want to be done for them." - Angela Torresiani

    "And the thing that I think has been the biggest seller for us is letting other people sell for you." - Angela Torresiani



    Connect with April Meese:

    aprilmeese.com Email: support@aprilmeese.com LinkedIn Instagram Facebook
  • What you will learn from this episode:

    Find out how you can achieve a better work-life balance by only having a few clients and still earning more profits in your beauty business. Discover the 3 essentials for establishing higher prices so that you can strengthen your profits and help your prospective clients say yes to buying your products/services. Learn how to develop an excellent money mindset so that you are not afraid of increasing your prices. Understand how to lower your prospective client's perceived purchasing risk so that you get more yeses and sales of your service. Hear about the pricing psychology of how you can anchor your prices to convey the service's value for more sales overall.

    You may think having more clients means earning more; therefore, you may be afraid to raise your prices with the thought of potentially losing clients and income. But, on the contrary, you can make more money with less work because there's a more innovative way to manage your business without sacrificing so much of your precious time and energy.

    What are the best ways to increase your profits with fewer clients? How can you overcome your negative subconscious thoughts and beliefs about money? How do you showcase your services so that the value outweighs the price in the prospect's mind?

    Beauty professionals April Meese, Karen Betts, and Vicky Martin share essential and valuable practices, insights, and real-life experiences of setting or increasing your prices---without the fear of losing clients.

    Topics Covered:

    00:56 - Why you shouldn't look at your competitors for determining your prices

    02:57 - How your beliefs will influence your prosperity

    05:28 - Ways of reprogramming your thoughts for a wealthy mindset

    07:01 - How you can earn even more with few clients

    12:25 - Looking at areas where you might be leaking profits

    13:30 - The 3 Essentials to prepare for and help you establish higher prices

    15:02 - How to lower the perceived risk for your prospect so that you get more yeses for your beauty services

    15:53 - Creating mental exercises with a few 'mind gym' tasks

    20:48 - How to turn your goals into reality

    24:19 - Lessons learned from lowering prices

    26:14 - What it means to use pricing psychology to anchor your prices

    27: 23 - Real beauty business examples for more sales

    Key Takeaways:

    “Testimonials are a great way to lower the (perceived) risk (for the prospect), and to actually bring in clients not just for marketing, but for them also telling other people.” - April Meese

    “One of the things to do is to anchor your prices, and this is sometimes called chunking up or chunking down.” - April Meese

    “Reprogramming your mind and changing a belief that you got when you were a child is through repetition. You can create new programming by doing something over and over again.” - Vicky Martin

    “The first thing you need to do to create your money dream is you need clarity, you need to know what you want.” - Vicky Martin

    “One that you could do, you could quite easily put a picture on your screensaver of your dream holiday, the business you want just something powerful. Your mind is so incredible. It's got like a mirror neuron in it, your mind will draw you to what you look at. So put good things in front of it. And that is my mind gym.”- Vicky Martin

    “Do not be afraid to put your prices up. You need to know that you're worth that value.” - Karen Betts

    “Now you will see our prices, permanent makeup started getting higher, because I know we could prove our value and what we do for our students. I'm now not afraid because I've proven myself, I feel that I've undervalued our training, and I will now be putting those prices higher. But I've had to prove it to myself, you need to make sure that you charge what you know your value is and make sure your prices are higher.” - Karen Betts

    Connect with April Meese:

    aprilmeese.com Email: support@aprilmeese.com LinkedIn Instagram Facebook
  • What you will learn from this episode:

    How to create a significant movement even when you feel like all the odds are against you. Find out how you can empower others to join you with collaborative action that champions a cause beyond yourself. Learn to stand your ground even when others try to dissuade you from making things happen.

    It's easy to go along with the flow and ultimately give up when faced with seemingly insurmountable circumstances. Taking a stand on an issue or standing up against "a giant" is never easy. There will be moments of doubt and maybe fear. Even with the best intentions, others may dampen your spirits and try to dissuade you from pushing through.

    But when you fight for something beyond yourself and honestly believe you can create a significant difference in the lives of others, then you must find a way to champion the cause.

    Even amidst the threat of imprisonment, Vicky Martin remains steadfast in her desire for change. She has started a bit of a revolution against social media in a campaign that would change the lives of cancer survivors and fellow beauty artists.

    In this episode, she shares all of the behind-the-scenes of how it got started, as well as the organization of the community, and right down to the planning the media coverage.

    "I had to shut off, to be honest, because I think you have to be careful when you have something that's a little bit outside of the box because the people that you talk to about it will try to talk you out of it. And then you have not fulfilled your calling." - Vicky Martin

    Topics Covered:

    02:19 - The backstory of championing a cause
    05:24 - How Vicky resisted the negative input from others
    07:05 - The extra steps to create a visual impact
    10:01 - The core mission of 'The World Medical Artists'
    14:38 - What this campaign is all about
    15:45 - Who this movement will help
    16:39 - Details on how you can participate
    18:13 - Other ways you can support a great cause
    23:19 - Final thoughts

    Key Takeaways:

    "I say this all the time; the nipples are the areas of medals from the war. And those medals need to be beautiful; they deserve them to be perfect. And that's what I want to create is a safe place for people to go to that not only will it help artists be found, but also help women trust the world medical artists, that it's a good standard." - Vicky Martin

    "We have such a beautiful group of strong people that we're all in it together. Honestly, we're all moving along. And every little detail has been thought of. We've created a press release. We've created what you write on the email so that you can send it to your local radio, to everything else. Just make the world know that we have a voice and we will be heard." - Vicky Martin

    "It's just so nice when you just stand up for yourself and in a very classy sophisticated way." - Vicky Martin

    Connect with April Meese:

    aprilmeese.com Email: support@aprilmeese.com LinkedIn Instagram Facebook
  • What you'll learn from this episode:

    Know what to look out for with the recent Instagram changes, so you create and post content that reaches your target audience. Find out about the Google updates and how it affects prospective clients finding your website to have more possible conversions. Learn how to navigate the new Apple iOS 15 changes with email delivery.

    Changes are inevitable. Many changes are happening around social media and these other platforms, as well as Google and Apple. Whether we like it or not, we must adapt to these changes so you can continually evolve, innovate, and grow your beauty business. These updates will affect the way our brand gets clients from a visibility perspective. Plus, the changes will affect how we connect, nurture our clients, and stay top of mind for our client's buyer journey.

    Make sure you listen to this episode to prepare for how these changes will affect your business, catch up with what's new, see what works, and implement for continued relevance with your audience.

    Topics Covered:

    01:03 - The big news about Instagram everyone's crazy about
    01:50 - What the changes are all about
    02:35 - How Instagram adapts to what's working now
    03:36 - What does this update mean for us as beauty business owners
    04:56 - Will the IG feed and stories disappear?
    06:13 - What to look for in the next six months with these changes happening
    08:49 - Is your content optimizing to be mobile-ready?
    09:56 - Google updates you should watch out for
    11:44 - Apple IOS updates
    12:32 - IOS 15 updates you need to know

    Key Takeaways:

    "As a business owner, we should be looking at that [Instagram update] and looking at these other businesses that aren't getting complacent with status quo and seeing what they're doing, how they're constantly innovating and how we can also be looking at our business and consistently updating our systems and our policies and our marketing." - April Meese

    "The CEO of Instagram named both Tik Tok and YouTube as those platforms that are stronger and growing faster than Instagram. And so from that, they are turning towards more video and that they are going to be less of a photo sharing site. And they're looking for more entertaining videos because they realize that that's what their audience is tuning into." - April Meese

    "Instagram has said that they are going to be changing the platform and they will be changing the algorithm and moving away from photos moving more towards video." - April Meese

    "No longer just hashtag strategy when before, the way to get found in Instagram was through the explorer tab, through a really strong hashtag strategy. And so now that is changing. They are saying that they're going to ask you what topics you'd like to see, and they're going to suggest different people to follow and things that you might like." - April Meese

    "They said they're going to use this next six months to try to figure things out. They're going to just test and see what's working. They're looking at the main two platforms, TikTok, and they're also looking at YouTube. And they're going to do those strategies and see what works." - April Meese

    "So they also said that this platform is or they're going to be focusing their energy on Instagram, as it goes through the changes in the next six months, for creators, for video, for shopping, and for messaging." - April Meese

    "The CEO of Instagram, he had said in his address that they will actually be going more towards shopping because they noticed that trend during the quarantine times." - April Meese

    "Google has said that they are going to change the way your website is actually being viewed. So all of your photos on your website and videos need to be optimized for mobile." - April Meese

    "iOS 15 is going to be how it affects your email delivery." - April Meese

    Connect with April Meese:

    aprilmeese.com Email: support@aprilmeese.com LinkedIn Instagram Facebook
  • What you'll learn from this episode:

    Find out how Facebook ads differ from Google ads. Hear the advantages of using each advertising platform to know which is best to achieve your beauty business goals. Learn how to create and then optimize your ad to target ideal clients who will purchase or book an appointment.

    Hayley Johnston runs an agency called Piper & Co Digital, a full-service digital agency based in Sydney, Australia – serving people and brands worldwide.

    The agency was born out of a passion for marketing and lifestyle. They work hard. And play harder. They believe great work comes from diversity of every kind and that diversity breeds creativity. With team members from various locations worldwide, they have diversified experts with proven and stellar results time after time.

    They do everything from Facebook advertising to Google advertising, social media content creation, web design, funnels, basically anything digital you can think about.

    In this interview, Hayley talks about choosing between Facebook ads and Google ads and the best one for your beauty business. These are the two dominant advertising platforms, so learning how to make the most of them will surely be an excellent investment for your business.

    Hayley shares with us how Google advertising differs from Facebook advertising and the advantages of each platform. You'll be better informed on which one to choose after taking into account the goals for your beauty business.

    Plus, if you are new in your beauty business, have a tight budget, or are just confused, Hayley gives sound advice on where to start and she helps you decide where to spend your advertising budget.

    "I like both Facebook ads and Google ads. They both are amazing powerhouse platforms. And they work in a complimentary way. I don't think they work as competitors at all, utilizing paid search and utilizing paid social together. I feel like that's a highly effective, highly holistic marketing strategy that can have a major return on investment impact for your business."

    - Hayley Johnston

    Topics Covered:

    04:08 - Defining a Google ad and a Facebook ad
    05:24 - The marketing purpose of Facebook and Google ads
    06:02 - Understanding a marketing funnel for your client acquisition
    07:49 - The core function of Google ads
    09:30 - Discussing formats and add-on options with Google Ads
    11:07 - The best ad format to start with and the combination to use for an advantage
    12:55 - Can you use a client's photo for Google ads?
    13:17 - Why the Google ads work well in selling your beauty services
    13:46 - The three-step system that Google is operating on
    16:56 - Facebook ads and the best way to advertise with these ads?
    18:06 - Advantages of Google ad versus Facebook ad
    21:50 - What should you pick, Google ad or Facebook ad
    23:57 - Implications of the IOS changes
    24:45 -The elements of a juicy offer that compels the client to book
    29:13 - Focusing on client retention instead of just new customers
    30:33 - Which platform to do the ads on if one is starting?
    33:36 - Action steps to take with your landing page and how to track conversion, so you gain traction on Facebook?
    35:03 - The other essential components you need to know about Facebook and Google advertising

    Key Takeaways:

    "When I think about Facebook advertising, I think more about brand building, building awareness about who I am to an audience that doesn't know me yet growing my audience and also making sales." - Hayley Johnston

    "Facebook ad advantage -- they've got powerful audience targeting. I've never seen targeting like Facebook before. It is highly, highly granular. You can do interest-based targeting. You can do geo-targeting based on location, very detailed targeting. You can target different interests, gender, and different demographics?" - Hayley Johnston

    "There are nearly 2.5 billion active users on Facebook worldwide daily. That's a huge amount of reach. Obviously, you need a massive, massive budget on Facebook if you're trying to reach a huge audience, but geo-targeted audiences don't need that large amount of reach because you're trying to target a small portion close to where your business resides on Facebook." - Hayley Johnston

    "What I love about the display ads and images that you can use is that, with Facebook, you can't use before and after, but with Google, you actually can. That's a bit of a positive difference between both platforms because 'before and after' works well in selling your service or product." - Hayley Johnston

    "Google ads is intent purchasing, someone is searching for you, or your service actively on Google. It's keyword targeted. There's that huge potential reach. Seventy-five thousand search keywords per second are insane. The reach is unbelievable." - Hayley Johnston

    "What I really like about Google ads is, you can go make competitor search bids. So if you have a competitor taking a lot of your target audience, for example, you can use your competitor's name in your Google ads campaign. And when somebody types in your competitor name, you can come up." - Hayley Johnston

    "If you're building your brand awareness and compiling a strong audience, that's your main KPI. Then Facebook will get you there. And probably at a bit of a lower cost than Google because it's not really that conversion; it's brand awareness." - Hayley Johnston

    Connect with Hayley Johnston:

    piperandcodigital Facebook

    Connect with April Meese:

    aprilmeese.com Email: support@aprilmeese.com LinkedIn Instagram Facebook
  • What you will learn from this episode:

    Discover about the "five P's" you need to do at the start of the procedure to set the tone, so clients know what to expect. Learn techniques in drawing and designing permanent eyebrows to achieve the proper symmetry for both eyebrows quicker and faster. Know more about the position, speed, and pressure for more pigment retention with your clients. Find ways to properly deal with particular/challenging clients who insist on having their design. Hear about how to set a standard with your clients so that they value your time.

    In the beauty business (and in life), time is your greatest asset other than your health. The more time you can save with each procedure, the more clients you can serve, and that means more revenue flowing to your business.

    How do you make all these happen and make the time-saving process a part of your daily system?

    In this episode, beauty artists and professionals Karen Betts, April Meese, Vicky Martin, Jill Hoyer, Mary Ritcherson, Sarah Gibbs, Liarna Jessica, and Ana Perrone joined forces to share their favorite tips, tricks, techniques, and resources. You'll learn how to shorten the time in the treatment room but still provide your clients the best service, so you both are happy and satisfied.

    Topics Covered:

    00:57 - How to save time to serve more clients
    04:30 - The five P's you need to do before starting the procedure
    07:34 - One trick that will speed you up when measuring eyebrows
    09:13 - The no-stress policy for drawing on client's eyebrows
    16:56 - Setting standards to keep on schedule
    18:52 - What you should look for when it comes to pigments
    20:32 - How to get more pigment color in the skin
    25:50 - Saving time with this prep hack
    26:24 - Another time-saving process for priming the skin
    27:23 - What to do if your client starts sneezing during your service
    27:57 - Making clients 100% happy and comfortable with your design
    30:46 - A video consultation pre-treatment tip
    32:49 - How to deal with clients who insist on their design even if it doesn't flatter their face
    34:37 - Final piece of advice for allowing your hair strokes to get in the skin quicker

    Key Takeaways:

    "I like to tell my clients that I'm going to do the five Ps. And those stand for prep, pictures, paperwork, payment, and then procedure. And I do that so one, I let them know what to expect, and so they realize I'm in control, and we don't start going off on lots of questions and down rabbit holes." - April Meese

    "If you press between the eyes like the third eye, that is an acupressure point that pushes actually on the nerve that runs to the sinuses, through the eyes and sinuses that makes you feel like you want to sneeze and so if you push right between the eyes, then that acupressure point will keep them (the client) from sneezing as well." - April Meese

    "As long as I can still see my design, I try not to over wipe the skin because the more we wipe, the more we can irritate the skin." - April Meese

    "My big thing is saving time. Time is our biggest asset; we can never get time back. For me in the treatment room, saving time means that I can get more clients so that I can get more revenue, as well." - Karen Betts

    "So my big tip for you guys is to make sure that you keep practicing drawing eyebrows and set your alarm for 10 minutes and see what you can do and see how we can actually see what you can achieve in that 10 minute time." - Karen Betts

    "I minimize my numbing creams. And the reason why I minimize my numbing creams is because I want a minimum amount of swelling. The less numbing creams you have, I always feel that your treatments can heal quicker." - Karen Betts

    "One of my rules to boom in the treatment room is just to set a standard and train your clients that actually their time isn't more important than yours and your time isn't more important than theirs. At least then you have this understanding, and you have a level ground where they know what you expect of them." - Vicky Martin

    "I do try to get as much in one pass, and I do work slow. I do I work because the slower that you work, the more pigment you get in."- Vicky Martin

    "I find using threads when you've lost your way and gauging what part of the ear the thread touches really helps to match it to the other side without having to sit the client up; it looks like you've lost everything. So you can just have a little mini flap behind their head, put that in. And that really, really helps me, and that makes my treatment a little bit quicker. " - Vicky Martin

    "Your speed, guys, slow means fast. So, if you slow down, you will get that pigment in quicker, and your pressure, while you don't need to have a strong pressure, I always say don't go too deeply. I'm very light in my pressure because my pigment will stay in there and minimum amount of bleeding." - Vicky Martin

    "One of the booms that have helped me in the treatment room to save time is doing permanent makeup rolls. I get everything laid out on a white plastic bag. I have all these rolls made for every week. And I just take a roll and unroll it onto my tray; saves me lots of time from going in and out of drawers and cabinets." - Jill Hoyer

    "I have them come 15 minutes early just to fill out paperwork. And then I spend the rest of the 45 minutes basically (on procedure). If I'm spending more than 10 or 15 minutes drawing, I'll reschedule them because it throws a wrench in the rest of my day, and I can draw an eyebrow, so if they don't like my drawing, I'll draw it on, (& tell them) just wear it around for a couple of weeks. I'll see when you come back. I don't want to rush you. I want to make sure that you're 100% happy and comfortable with my design. I want you to feel happy, and I don't want you to be nervous about doing it." - Mary Ritcherson

    "I draw on my brows beforehand; I'll draw on the hair strokes. And that's not only just to save time, but it's also to kind of allow the client to see what they're going to get before we even start. So by the time we finish, there's nothing else to add, so they know what they're going to get." - Liarna Jessica


    The best microblading training and e-forms app by Ana Perrone. We recommend it to any microblading professional to download. It's FREE! Click here: https://microbladingapp.com/microblading/

    Connect with April Meese:

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  • What you will learn from this episode:

    Learn how to create your own YouTube channel to gain more beauty business clients in no time. Find out the tips and tricks for setting up your studio, tools, and equipment to get you started with your YouTube channel with low cost and minimal effort. Discover content ideas so that you know what YouTube videos to create and keep your subscribers engaged with your channel by posting regularly.

    Terry Lively has been in the cosmetic and traditional tattoo industry for over 20 years. She is a certified trainer member with the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals. Additionally, she is a SPCP approved member supplier.

    Terry specializes in 3D areola tattooing for breast cancer survivors and has referred clients from over 15 surgeons in Texas.

    Have you ever thought about creating a YouTube channel? Let Terry give you a few tips and pointers on her lessons over the years with her Youtube experience.

    You can start with just the basic setup of low-cost tools and possibly some equipment you already have, such as a decent microphone, lighting, and background.

    If you're concerned about what video content to create and post, she shares with you some ideas to start it with and free software you can use to edit them.

    If editing is not your thing, April recommends hiring a virtual assistant to do it for you at a minimal cost. You can ask about hiring a VA here.

    Learn about keywords and thumbnails as they are crucial to boosting your YouTube search engine ratings.

    Find out what clickbait is and how to avoid it so that you don't destroy your Youtube reputation. And instead, you'll get some ideas on how you can make your thumbnails exciting and eye-catching, so people are curious enough to check out your video content.

    What about having a YouTube playlist? Terry talks about what is so special about it.

    How about creating headlines and titles? She helps you outline them.

    You'll hear about what mistakes she had the first time she started, so you know which ones to avoid and alternatively what to do.

    Terry also talks about her favorite tattoo machines and the customer support her online store offers.

    Plus, she shares her final piece of advice for permanent makeup artists.

    "By putting my videos up on YouTube, and people watch me through the years, they feel like they know me personally. And I can't tell you how many times I've had people come up at conventions and say, I feel like I know you because I've watched your videos for so long. People are going to become more comfortable with you and your work even before they've ever met you or had a consultation with you. It's a cool marketing tool."
    - Terry Lively

    Topics Covered:

    02:42 - When and how she started her YouTube channel
    04:15 - Important tips and tricks to know when starting your YouTube channel
    07:09 - One example of content you can make a video on
    08:34 - No reason to overthink over your videos
    09:30 - Why hire VAs to do video edits for you
    10:43 - Free software you can use for video editing
    12:10 - Great ideas for your YouTube content
    17:32 - Important things to note about keywords and thumbnails
    21:13 - How to make your thumbnail eye-catching
    21:50 - What you need to know about your headline
    22:49 - Why you shouldn't use clickbait
    23:18 - How to boost your ratings and get you up in the search engine ratings
    24:47 - Why have playlists in your YouTube channel
    25:45 - What she'd done wrong and what she wished she would have known when she started
    28:59 - Getting past your nervousness the first time
    30:21 - Low-cost tools to use for basic YouTube setup
    31:11 - Her favorite machines that she's collected through the years
    33:52 - Brilliant example of how you can use your YouTube channel
    34:58 - What product reviews can do for your YouTube engagement
    35:37 - Lessons learned with permanent makeup through the years
    36:51 - What brings her joy?

    Key Takeaways:

    "We don't have to overthink it. The important thing is just to get started. And your videos aren't going to be great in the beginning. It's not like we're live today, people are seeing a slide with your YouTube videos, you can go in and edit them." - Terry Lively

    "I just think you want it to be accurate to what the video is about. You don't want to say something in your title, and then have the video be about something else or not quite with that title." - Terry Lively

    "Every single video that you do, you're going to make small improvements, and it's just going to get better and better. And don't knock yourself in the beginning because that's the learning curve. You've got to have a learning curve with all this." - Terry Lively

    "You don't really learn until you're working on the skin every day. You can't do one or two procedures a month and expect to really get good; you have to be working on the skin every single day and have your feet in the trenches." - Terry Lively


    Want to hire a VA? Click here: m.me/aprilmeeseInc

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  • What you will learn from this episode:

    Find out why you should take advantage of using QR codes and make the most of them for your beauty business. Learn about the importance of automation and how Messenger bots can help you. Discover unique timing tips for hashtagging and get clients in specific locations with your social media posts. Hear about current resources for creating captions/subtitles so that your videos get more engagement.

    In today's episode, beauty artists and professionals April Meese, Vicky Martin, Karen Betts, and Kate Shaughnessy share valuable marketing tips to help you increase efficiency and effectiveness in your beauty business.

    Topics Covered:

    01:00 - QR codes and how to use them for more testimonial reviews
    05:06 - Automating your beauty business with Messenger bots
    10:31 - Timely hashtagging to get more clients
    14:01 - How to enhance your videos with subtitles

    Key Takeaways:

    "You can create a QR code which when someone scans over it with their phone, you can direct it straight to your reviews. It's so easy for them just to scan over that QR code and then give you a review. And all of you know that people buy on social proof on people leaving reviews. So they're really important." - Vicky Martin

    "What you can do with a QR code, you create one; you keep it on your phone as a picture, then if you're out networking, you can show them a picture of your QR code, they put their phone over the top of it. And you can point that QR code to your website; straightaway, they've got all of your details." - Vicky Martin

    "Automation is the future, guys. People want to speak to a bot now. It does bring more efficiency into your business. Once you start actually looking into it, in the questions that your clients are asking, you'll find that 33% at least of your questions will start being answered straight away by your messenger bot." - Karen Betts

    "I have different groupings and those are different times of the day when I'm going to be posting. Maybe I might be posting to my Instagram at 9 am for a hashtag. I might throw in there, Cycle bar. Because I know that my client could be working at 9 am at that Cycle bar. Part of this is also learning where those clients are going to be at different parts of the day." - Kate Shaughnessy

    "Anytime that there is something that you really want somebody to know, let's say it is a quote, you're going to make the words that you want to stand out and put them in bold, but let's say you have a testimonial, and the testimonial is talking about how great you are. Pull out that one sentence that is really going to stand out, like, April meese doubled my business. I want that one sentence, it's going to make the most impact, and I'm going to make that the headline." - April Meese

    "The great thing about a bot is you can customize it; you can have people set this up for you. If you find it too technical. It doesn't have to be expensive, but it can be very efficient." - April Meese

    Resources mentioned:

    intercom.com mixcaptions aprilmeese.com/blog

    Connect with April Meese:

    aprilmeese.com support@aprilmeese.com LinkedIn Instagram Facebook
  • What you will learn from this episode:

    Find out why it is alright to acknowledge the negative emotions you feel at this challenging time and hear ways to transform them into happiness Discover Brene' Brown's teachings on rumblings, curiosity, and more so you show up better when life might trigger you. Learn about the idea of grounded confidence, so you can design your mission statement with an empowering "I am" statement.


    Lindsaya VanDeusen is a licensed cosmetologist for over 16 years. While on her wellness journey, she found a company (Kemon) whose philosophy and vision aligned with her. Throughout the time, she has been able to use her success to help teach others how to make a true living-wage in an industry riddled with small paychecks, little security, and no benefits.

    What began as a career of wanting to make people feel FABULOUS transformed into feeling fulfilled by teaching others. As she advanced professionally, from an educator to the Kemon US Director, she experienced a rebirth of extraordinary excitement and passion in both her professional and personal life. She enjoys empowering professionals and assisting them further hone their skills and reach professional excellence.

    In this episode, Lindsaya talks about how everyone should have a coach or mentor to help us reevaluate ourselves at this challenging time. A mentor can guide us through these uncertain times, help us find room for improvement, and how far we have gotten in reaching our goals.

    In a world that feels shame around feeling a lower vibe of emotions, she's an encouraging force to let everyone feel the full range of emotions that we human beings feel. At the same time, she teaches us to inspire each one to find ways to move out from that space and shift it to joy, peace, and happiness.

    She teaches about grounded confidence and how we can shake off any self-doubt and insecurity around ourselves through this. Remember that we don't have the power to control the external forces around us, but we can react to them proactively.

    Touching on Brene Brown's teachings on rumbling, curiosity, and practice helps empower us to show up better. Instead of feeding our egos, we dig deeper and understand where those deep wounds come from. In doing so, we see things objectively and become the best version of ourselves every day.

    Lindsaya shares the best exercise of understanding those false judgment triggers getting in the way and allows for deeper understanding.

    Nothing is more powerful than saying empowering words to ourselves. You'll hear Lindsaya's impactful 'I am Statement' and be moved with positivity to overcome any limiting beliefs.

    Everything is about, as Lindsaya says, learning to love yourself amongst the mess. You never have to be perfect because even your faults have purpose.

    "I am grounded confidence masterfully created for service, success, joy and insurmountable love." - Lindsaya VanDeusen

    Topics Covered:

    03:49 - Why everyone should have a coach, especially at this time of the pandemic
    05:14 - How to shift that lower vibe of emotions into joy and happiness
    10:03 - Acknowledging the feeling that something is not going well, dealing with it, and moving away from it
    12:55 - The power of grounded confidence
    16:44 - Rumbling, curiosity, and practice
    19:31 - The need to understand what, where, and why those triggers in your behaviors came to be for you to show up better everyday
    24:35 - What to do when we realize we are triggered
    27:00 - Designing yourself and your mission statement - your 'I am statement.'
    29:46 - A powerful exercise is saying, 'The story I'm telling myself.'
    32:44 - Lindsaya sharing her empowering 'I am statement'
    36:08 - Having the deepest relationship with yourself
    37:16 - A truly inspiring message from Lindsaya

    Key Takeaways:

    "When you teach, two learn." - Lindsaya VanDeusen

    "And I don't think that the work is ever done. I think we continue to reevaluate who we are, where we are, and where we have room for improvement." - Lindsaya VanDeusen

    "When we look at the external problems, the reality is, the only thing we often are in control with is how we react to them." - Lindsaya VanDeusen

    "When we're talking about getting in the community, that is so important, because you need mirrors, you need to be in the arena with other people doing the same thing, getting their butt kicked, so that they're able to help you along, extend their hand back when they're one step ahead. And then same thing, allow you to do the same and push you ahead when they're behind." - Lindsaya VanDeusen

    "Stay curious. Ask people questions like become the interviewer. Whether you're in my industry, or not, you have something to teach me, you are gold, you have your own zone of genius." - Lindsaya VanDeusen

    "Things are applicable in every arena, you have to just bring it in and like rumble around with it again. That staying curious and then the practice is doing that, committing to doing that over and over and over." - Lindsaya VanDeusen

    "When we realize we have that trigger, a journal is the most explorative way. I like to use Brene Brown's work with the story I'm telling myself and write down." - Lindsaya VanDeusen

    Connect with Lindsaya:

    lindsaya.com Instagram

    Connect with April Meese:

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  • What you will learn from this episode:

    Find out important things to know about the new IOS data privacy changes Check out what platforms are affected by the privacy changes to understand how to make the most of your advertising strategy. Learn some of the best ways to navigate these changes on your social media platforms

    With the new IOS privacy already rolling out, how might it affect your advertising and overall marketing strategy? From a personal standpoint, it is a good idea to have more privacy. On the other hand, looking at it from the perspective of a business that advertises, that's where the challenge lies.

    This new IOS privacy change affects every platform that uses pixels. This means that it will not be able to track the conversion of our potential clients the same as before if the prospective client decides to opt-out of the shared data.

    This could potentially affect the cost of ads, and acquiring a client will most likely get even more expensive. That's why you must look at your marketing strategy, your messaging, and your targeting.

    In this episode, I will share updates on the IOS Privacy changes, also known as the Apple Tracking Transparency Framework, what it is about, how to go about tracking your ad conversion, making the most of your advertising, and email systems.

    "With data privacy changes, the ad costs are going up. It means it's going to cost us more actually to acquire a customer. And that also means that we have to be more effective with our marketing strategy."

    - April Meese

    Topics Covered:

    01:26 - How the IOS(Apple) privacy changes affect every one of the platforms
    03:45 - Getting ads that are not relevant to your preference
    04:50 - Talking about updates on the Apple Tracking Transparency Framework and how it affects ad cost
    06:44 - How these data privacy changes affect your marketing strategy
    07:18 - What you need to know in terms of advertising
    09:16 - How will you still be able to track your ads
    10:35 - The problem with running an ad with the new data privacy settings
    13:08 - Workaround you can do to this privacy changes
    15:10 - Essential things you need to know about what these data privacy changes mean when it comes to your ads
    18:26 - April's important announcement

    Key Takeaways:

    “With these changes, you're still going to get ads in your Facebook or Instagram, in your feed, they just won't have your data and so they won't be able to track it.” - April Meese

    “From a personal standpoint, that feels good, less people know about our personal stuff and you mind your business. But from a business standpoint, like a small business, if you're doing any type of advertising, this can be a little bit tricky. Knowing what is being tracked and what's not being tracked is what's going to be key with this.” - April Meese

    “Instead of just sending them to just your overall general website, you would send them to a specific page, which is sometimes called a landing page or even a sales page. And the sales page is then designed not only to make sure it's answering all of their questions about your business and your services, that one service.” - April Meese


    Are You Ready To Be Seen, Enhance Your Credibility, And Attract New Clients with Media Publicity? Click here: https://www.aprilmeese.com/media

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  • What you will learn from this episode:

    Find out what you need to do when hiring and managing your team members so that you set the expectation for each of them right from the start. Discover a 4-point managing system that eliminates competition and instead encourages collaboration. Learn the common mistakes that most beauty business owners make when hiring employees. Hear about how to get your staff to sell your products and services even without commission. Get the inside scoop on what leadership skills you need to master for you to manage your team members so that your beauty business continues to boom.

    For 13 years, Paul and Tussanee Luebbers ran Integrity Lash, a premier 7-digit lash salon in Southern California. Over the years, Integrity Lash was recognized by Vanity Fair, Los Angeles Magazine, Pasadena Magazine, Pasadena Weekly, Brides.com, and others as one of the best of SoCal.

    Salon Today chose Integrity Lash as one of the Top 200 salons in North America for four years. Now Paul and Tussanee host the top-rated podcast LashCast, as well as host training and webinars tailored for lash artists. The twosome aims to educate and uplift lash professionals on how to be better lash artists and competent business owners.

    Paul and Tussnanee founded The LashConference in 2019, and over the last two years, almost 700 lash artists have attended the event to learn how to market better and run their businesses. Aside from their training and events, they will be launching their coaching program soon to teach lash artists how they can achieve their business goals and build a business that serves them…instead of the other way around. When they aren't running their events or training, they also speak at trade shows like ISSE and IBS and lash conferences all over the states.

    In this episode, Paul and Tussanee share their real-life experiences in starting their beauty business, managing, and growing it, including the pains and joys that go with it.

    You'll hear an open and honest account of the lessons learned from their 'mistakes' and setbacks that made them stronger and better leaders. In addition, they share insights from what might at first seem like counterintuitive practices, but that is precisely why these strategies work.

    If you think you'll have it easy when you hire staff, this eye-opening conversation will make you think again. Find out the leadership qualities you need to successfully manage your team for a harmonious and prosperous beauty business.

    How do you deal with problems or negative energy in the workplace? Paul and Tussanee forge a sense of collaboration among their staff with their management style. You'll want to hear their approach to resolving conflict and making the most of difficult conversations. It's a great reminder that a lot is expected from you when you are a leader.

    Listen as they share with you essential tips before hiring your staff because knowing these key components will help keep your beauty business thriving and growing.

    "We really have a philosophy when we have staff that my number one job as manager was to take care of the team, not the clients, not anything else, take care of the team. I take care of the team, the team will take care of the clients, and the clients are taken care of. They take care of the business; it's a circle of life in business."
    - Paul Luebbers

    Topics Covered:

    03:51 - How Paul and Tussanee's beauty lash business organically grew
    08:35 - Do they compartmentalize their life into personal and business?
    10:49 - What to consider when hiring team members
    12:53 - What you need to know when hiring and managing your staff members
    16:13 - Figure out who is the problem in your company
    17:35 - Leadership skills required when you lead a beauty business team
    19:45 - Why those difficult conversations are so important
    23:53 - How to approach uncomfortable conversations
    25:33 - Assuming the best of your employees
    28:12 - Training your staff on how to deal with difficult situations
    31:13 - Systems that address the issue of competition
    38:57 - The anti-commision way to motivate your team to sell your products and services.
    49:05 - How to see things from the lens of humility
    53:31 - What's at the top of their list that helps them in getting their behavior checked
    55:53 - Important tips before hiring your staff
    01:01:12 - You're still the leader even if you hire a manager
    01:02:17 - What's coming up for beauty professionals

    Key Takeaways:

    "I have to say that one of the things that work about our relationships is because we are so united in our mission. I mean, here we have different jobs, but it's for the same cause, and it's really cool to be on the same team." - Tussanee Luebbers

    "I think the biggest thing is that most people think, Oh, I'm gonna hire people so I can make money in my sleep, passive income somehow. And the truth is when you at least first hire, and you're just starting out, you have to be ready to work more and make less, especially in the beauty world." - Paul Luebbers

    "You got to, sometimes just take the joy, the little things to celebrate because life's gonna beat the crap out of you at times. That's how you focus on, you're gonna be really discouraged, but take the small victories and pump them up." - Paul Luebbers

    "When you become a leader, you need to learn or know how to pull your team accountable. You need to be the one that holds the team and pushes them. Because when people aren't pushed we just kind of pull back, and we do the bare minimum." - Paul Luebbers

    "When we first hired, I was really learning to realize that we have to be servants first. That was the quality that we had to change." - Paul Luebbers

    "We say this: People, they don't leave companies, they leave you." - Paul Luebbers

    "You may think that you have a team, but if you compensate through commission, you don't have a team; you have individual players building their own businesses." - Tussanee Luebbers

    "You can't communicate when you're in anger because you're not thinking about what's best for the other person. You're only thinking about how you've been wronged or it's hard to serve people in the way that they deserve." - Tussanee Luebbers


    Are You Ready To Be Seen, Enhance Your Credibility, And Attract New Clients with Media Publicity? Click here: https://www.aprilmeese.com/media

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  • What you will learn from this episode:

    Find out marketing tips and strategies for creating content that hooks the audience's attention and inspires them to take action with your services. Learn about how to make the best headline hooks for social media posts. Discover Instagram tips and hacks that will help boost your engagement and marketing effectiveness Understand how you can leverage video in your business so that you can establish a connection, trust, and eventually, conversion with your community.

    Have you wondered what marketing content is the most effective for your beauty business and the most efficient for meeting your marketing goal? Are you feeling spread too thin with your time working in & on the business? Is it necessary to be on all the social media platforms?

    In this episode, April Meese is joined by beauty business experts Karen Betts and Vicky Martin, who share their best marketing tips, timely strategies, and proven practices. Hear them talk about how to make the most of your content on Facebook and Instagram, so you can get more brand visibility and attract more clients. You'll dig into the different resources generously shared to maximize your social media captions, boost posts, and convert more followers to buyers.

    "When you're thinking about your marketing content, start with the end in mind."

    - April Meese

    Topics Covered:

    01:37 - What to consider when thinking about your marketing content
    03:05 - The key when you're first starting on any social platform
    05:35 - How do you hook in your audience with your social media posts?
    06:58 - What makes people lean in to listen to you?
    09:37 - Shareable content
    10:21 - What is better, shorter or longer Instagram posts?
    12:10 - How to turn your ordinary photos into video and why you want to animate them
    13:00 - What makes Instagram Reels worthwhile?
    15:02 - More Instagram hacks for your beauty business
    18:38 - Why it is so important to be creating video content
    21:51 - Tips on repurposing content to save time
    25:44 - More about captions

    Key Takeaways:

    "When you're first starting out on any social platform, I think the key is to FOCUS. FOCUS is a great acronym for Follow One Course Until Success." - April Meese

    If you're doing too many things, you're not able to do them well. It's true that if you can show up on different platforms, you do create a little bit of what they call Omnipresence, where you're being seen in multiple locations where your ideal clients hang out. But it also might be hard to make real connections that way." - April Meese

    "Instead of going one mile wide, but only an inch deep in terms of your connections. It's better to go one inch wide and a mile deep with your connections, so you're working on that one platform, really maximizing the connections that you're growing." - April Meese

    "And the thing about video is, it helps build your authority. When you are on camera, you are seen or perceived as an expert. And when you're building that authority, you will build trust, so that builds your credibility." - April Meese

    "You want to create content that somebody will save because it's not proven, but tests have been done, that if you did a piece of content and someone saved that, you know, the little flag of the algorithm notices it more and makes the post higher." - Vicky Martin

    "Now it's all about having good quality, and only posting one piece of really good quality per day." - Karen Betts


    Transcription: https://www.rev.com/transcription-services/market-research-transcription

    Audiogram creation: https://www.headliner.app/

    Canva: https://www.canva.com/

    Pixel It: https://giventofly.github.io/pixelit/

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  • What you will learn from this episode:

    Understand why showing your human vulnerabilities and genuinely engaging on your social media helps your audience resonate with you, as well as your business. Discover what impact your story can have on the lives of those who needed to hear it and how it is a liberating experience for you too. Find out what to do when you are in a seemingly hopeless situation and how to turn it around to be successful in life.

    Elizabeth Molina is a Beauty Mentor / Influencer, Founder of theMolinaGlow.com. She is a model on a mission and a Speaker. Elizabeth's personal story of survival has led her to become a catalyst to help people redefine the WHY surrounding beauty practices. Elizabeth will help you find and uncover the reasons behind your beauty choices. Elizabeth's exercises will help you discover your true self and reignite your zest for life.

    In this episode, Elizabeth shares the ordeal she went through as a very young woman, and it is one inspiring story. She tells how she found the strength to move ahead past these impossible situations in life. Despite it all, she picked up pieces of her life and became independent -- started her own beauty business that is doing well today.

    Her Instagram account has a good following, and she shares tips of what she does to resonate with her audience. She gives her advice for someone just starting in the beauty industry to establish yourself as the go-to person and build your business.

    With the pandemic changing the business landscape, she also transitioned her business online. Listen to her as she opens up about what made her finally share her experience and how it impacted others and herself in the process. Telling your story is priceless, indeed!

    "With the TED talk, telling my story, I was so nervous. I was scared even afterwards. But I'm super happy that I did it, the feedback from the people who need to hear the message, the men, the father saying, I thank you so much I need to send this to my daughter."

    - Elizabeth Molina

    Topics Covered:

    02:05 - Taking a backstory of her life as shared on Ted talk
    03:18 - The strength you find when you hit rock bottom in life
    04:41 - Picking up the pieces, getting back to work and into the beauty industry
    07:41 - Her tips and tricks for building a following on Instagram
    09:07 - Her signature service in her beauty business and other services she offers
    15:11 - Transitioning her business online
    17:24 - Overcoming self-doubt and confusion
    21:06 - How the TED talk came about and finally told her story
    25:50 - Telling a story she never wanted to share
    32:41 - What she's excited about these days
    34:56 - What is a 'Beauty Circle' tool all about

    Key Takeaways:

    "I would say, showing up for your community being vulnerable with them, engaging with them and asking them questions. I feel like that is how my following on Instagram got there." - Elizabeth Molina

    "If I could provide that safety because they did see me as this almost perfect person. And I could show them my flaws and they will say I also have them and thank you for unburdening me because I now feel safe." - Elizabeth Molina

    "With the TEDx, telling my story, I was so nervous. I was scared even afterward. But I'm super happy that I did it, the feedback from the people who need to hear the message, the men, the father saying, I thank you so much I need to send this to my daughter." - Elizabeth Molina


    Assess where you're at and figure out what you want to change. It's a cool tool for everyone, and it's totally FREE. Click here to download: https://www.elizabethmolinainc.com/beauty-circle/ TEDx Talk - Elizabeth Molina

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  • What you will learn from this episode:

    Learn how to make use of your voice to draw in prospective clients for a deeper connection. Find out how to sound confident without coming off as arrogant. Discover how to start any presentation well, and end strong. Learn how your voice can convey the value of beauty business services or turn potential clients away.

    Tracy Goodwin helps executives, professionals, and entrepreneurs at the top of their game get to another level of success they didn't even realize possible. Tracy transforms your life by changing how you use your voice to communicate and by shifting the tones in your voice that isn't working for you so you: save time in meetings and getting what you want faster,
    communicate with clarity and build strong relationships with ease, influence and persuade through emotional connection, and significantly increase financial success quickly.

    Have you thought about how your voice is the most powerful tool you can use? How do you show up and speak about your beauty business brand and services?

    In this episode, Tracy shows you how to own your words, command attention with vocal variety.

    Often we rush to say things we are uncomfortable with, such as the price of our services, just so it's done and over with, without thinking much about how our voice makes people feel about what we want to express. Tracy teaches you how to use your voice to communicate that you are the expert.

    She gives you examples of how our voice tone, pitch, and cadence can make your words come to life. She demonstrates how to hook the audience's attention, as well as, how to end strong with your message.

    If you're worried about your video not turning out as perfect as you would like things to be, you'll want to hear Tracy's advice for tackling this concern. Learn why showing the different nuances in your voice and powerfully speaking from the heart are critical.

    Most importantly, remember that your voice is just an instrument of the message you have to share with the world, so it is essential to use it properly.

    "Boldly own it like it's a fact." - Tracy Goodwin

    Topics Covered:

    03:48 - What you should know about the power of your voice
    04:55 - Methodology of the Psychology of the Voice
    06:42 - The habit muscle memory of how we speak
    08:45 - What is that one big part of confidence?
    10:49 - Slowing down and owning it
    14:46 - Work from the place where you think “I do know what I'm talking about."
    17:19 - How to come out of the gate with a fantastic start
    19:48 - Some powerful ways you can end your talk strongly
    22:31 - One of the biggest game-changers in the money arena for your people
    24:52 - How talking from an organic perspective makes it easier
    26:46 - Play all the shades
    29:37 - Get comfortable in the pause
    36:36 - Final points to know

    Key Takeaways:

    "What my methodology is called the psychology of the voice, and I have no doubt based on the data and the research that I've done, that we have to go inside before we can use our voice in a big way outside." - Tracy Goodwin

    "We have to get connected to the message. The message is, what do I really want these people to know? Here's the thing, the message is in your heart. The voice is the orchestra of your heart." - Tracy Goodwin

    "First and foremost, you're not going to have any power until you start speaking from your heart." - Tracy Goodwin

    "The goal is you've got to hook us, get us in the plane, get us buckled in, and take us to the destination. And the way you do that is you bring your words to life. And you bring your words to life by letting me know who you are, and how you feel." - Tracy Goodwin

    "We need that strong opening, but we also need a strong ending." - Tracy Goodwin

    "Some people can't listen to loud, some people can't handle slow, some people can't handle fast, or whatever it is, if you're not using all these elements, you are losing a part of your audience, simply because if you go fast, and they can't handle fast, they're going to check out and they very well maybe your person." - Tracy Goodwin

    "Start getting comfortable in the pause. It is the most powerful tool you have because in the pause, in your listener's subconscious, they process you care about them." - Tracy Goodwin

    "We think we're direct, and we're not. We're buffering because a lot of people are people pleasers. A lot of people feel like they have to, 'I gotta convince you to buy this from me.' No, all of that is your problem." - Tracy Goodwin

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