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  • Online marketingről érthetően vállalkozók, cégvezetők, menedzserek és marketingesek számára.

    A marketingnek alapvetően két fő területe létezik. Az egyik az elméleti/stratégiai (pl.: mit csináljak, milyen platformot használjak), a másik pedig a technikai oldal (pl.: hogyan készítsek jobban konvertáló sales oldalt).

    Amíg nem tudod a választ arra, hogy “mit” érdemes használnod az elérhető marketing eszközök közül, addig felesleges a “hogyannal” foglalkoznod. A BOOMCast-ben pontosan ezekre keressük a választ!

  • This podcast gives practical tips and tricks on how to market and advertise your small business all in under 5 minutes.

  • On this is a show you will learn high ticket business strategies, marketing, sales, and spiritual success principles. Create freedom your way!

  • Be part of My Journey of Hitting Million dollar Mark .

  • Do you want to start a business or become an entrepreneur?

    Are you feeling overwhelmed, stressed, frustrated and spending money with no results?

    Hearing all the buzz about branding but find it confusing?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions, then The Second Phase Podcast is the right resource for you!

    I am on a mission to help women transition from one phase of business or career to completely unchartered territory with ease.

    Starting a new brand or launching a business for the first time can be terrifying, right?

    Wanting to grow an audience but not knowing how is frustrating.

    Connecting with people on a deeper level is overwhelming especially when you're unsure about how to be authentic or how transparent to get online.

    The guests on The Second Phase Podcast have all been right where you are!

    We've all started businesses and made mistakes that we learned from and we want to share what we've learned to save you the time, energy, stress, and money so that you can reach success sooner than later!

    The Second Phase Podcast will give you all you need to start a business or transform your brand marketing strategy into one that works for you without all of the stress, overwhelm, frustration, or spending time, energy and money with no results.

    What You'll Learn From The Second Phase Podcast

    How to connect with and grow your audience and attract more clients using the brand marketing pillars for success.

    Online marketing, personal branding, storytelling, relationship building, differentiation, branding, how to overcome fear and procrastination, how to kick imposter syndrome to the curb, tools, strategies and processes, genuine networking, inspiration and motivation, and so much more.

    Together we are going to close the gap from "I want to start this business or brand and be successful in it" to find clarity, confidence, and connection that will help you grow and scale your business, attract more clients, have a revenue stream, and make an impact.

    After all, when we follow our values, visions, passions, and calling, isn't that what it's all about? Impact?

    The Second Phase Podcast will not be all business.

    We will also dive into personal development and life lessons. Some of our guests will be authors, speakers, humorists, and people who have stories to tell that will inspire you to do something great in your second phase. It may not even be business-related, but volunteering, or serving others in unique ways.

    Welcome to the podcast! I’m so excited you're here.

    I'm Robyn Graham, Certified Brand Strategist, Personal Branding and Business Coach, and Headshot and Branding Photographer.

    Join me for a new episode every week!

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  • A Kamara 2021-ben ünnepli fennállásának 30. évfordulóját. Ez alkalomból egy Podcast sorozatot indítunk, melyben tagvállalataink cégvezetőivel beszélgetünk az elmúlt évtizedekről és az aktualitásokról.
    Minden Podcast meghallgatható magyarul és franciául is.
    En 2021 La CCI France Hongrie fête son 30e anniversaire. A cette occasion nous avons lancé une série de Podcast dans laquelle on discute avec les directeurs de nos entreprises membres de leurs actualités. Tous les Podcasts vont pouvoir être écouter en français et en hongrois aussi.

  • This Podcast covers content marketing for small businesses. Helps you to understand what content marketing is about. How to build a marketing strategy. And how to leverage content marketing to drive sales and improve profitability for your business.

  • Let’s talk about the “tech” in fintech and discover how technology is transforming today’s financial services industry. Join Annika Melchert and Nora Hocke as they chat with crypto experts, fintech founders and neobank executives from all around the world.
    The Fintech and Digital Banking Podcast by BCG Platinion-contact:

  • Untold Stories is an annual event with a mission to create a learning and networking opportunity for startups. With a special focus on the CEE region, it connects founders from all over the world with tech professionals and VCs.

    Now they are here to bring the Untold Stories experience in this new format! Listen, get inspired and share the very untold stories of the best founders year around!

    The Untold Stories Podcast series brought to you by Startup Europe Networks and Startup Hungary, powered by TechCamp and US Embassy Hungary.

  • Volt, hogy megfordult veled a világ? Hogy úgy érezted minden elveszett, ami addig fontos volt? Hogy a változásokat képtelen voltál elfogadni? Hogy mindez azzal történt, aki fontos neked? A traumák előbb-utóbb mindenkit megtalálnak. Akár önmagunk, akár másvalaki a veszteség elszenvedője, óriási próbatétel az újjászületés, az összeomlott világ újraépítése. A veszteség – akár lelki, akár fizikai természetű –, mindenkit próbára tesz. A TraumaAmbulancia arra vállalkozik, hogy megmutassa, lehet utat találni a zűrzavarban egy végzetesnek tűnő trauma után.

  • Szeretnél többet megtudni a marketing világáról? Fejleszteni szeretnéd a marketinged hasznos és naprakész trükkökkel?

    Ha bármelyik kérdésre IGEN a válaszod, akkor jó helyen jársz! Új részek kéthetente, iratkozz fel, nehogy lemaradj róluk!

  • The design leadership podcast is devoted exclusively for exploring into the minds of some of the world’s most influential design leaders. Learn about their design journeys, their future outlook on the design industry, and how they drive transformation in organizations through the power and influence of design and design led innovation.

  • Növekedésre hangolva - Growth Hacking tartalmak, cikkek, ötletek, tippek, trükkök

  • Is data the new oil? Are robots really stealing our jobs? How is the workplace changing post-pandemic? And what the heck do South Park’s underpants gnomes have to do with it all?

    Welcome to Strategy for Breakfast: the podcast about real business challenges based on real business conversations.

    Featuring opinion, facts, stories and stats around today’s most interesting business and technology topics, Strategy for Breakfast provides the perfect start to your day: insights from inside some of the world’s leading organisations, brought to life by our award-winning team of presenters. Want to know how best-in-class firms are tackling the talent crunch? Or moving to the cloud? Or taking on the platform giants? Or transforming operations in order to survive and thrive? This podcast gives you the inside scoop on hundreds of hours of business conversation, in only slightly more time than it takes to boil an egg.

    Each episode contains powerful and practical insights to help you grow as a leader, with lessons collected from the C-level, VP and senior director level leaders attending GDS Group events – providing you with the intelligence your company needs to make better decisions.

    Strategy for breakfast: the most important meal of the day.

    GDS Group is a global events, research and technology services company dedicated to helping our clients meet the challenges posed by a fast-moving, disruptive business environment. 

  • Ügyfélszerzés modern sales és marketing technikákkal, CRM, B2B marketing

  • Green Investing is one of the fastest growing sectors of the capital markets, yet it’s still one of the most misunderstood. Investors want their money to align with their social and environmental values, but finding a path through the thicket of products, companies, industries and ratings is trickier than ever. The Green Investor, powered by Investopedia, will explore the present and future frontiers of ESG, SRI and Impact investing, and the companies and leaders who are shaping the landscape. Hosted by Investopedia Editor-in-Chief Caleb Silver, The Green Investor will feature interviews with the most influential executives, academics, investors, and policy makers in ESG. Listeners will learn how to invest with environmental and sustainable frameworks, trends to watch as the industry grows, and resources to help them on their green investing journey.

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  • Todd Welch from Entrepreneur Adventure reveals all of his tips and tricks that he has learned along the way of building his Amazon wholesale ecommerce business. This podcast will help you build your ecommerce empire, side hustle or anything in-between. Learn how to sell on Amazon and discover how you can build your business by selling wholesale on Amazon much faster then other types of businesses out there. Learn the secrets that Amazon sellers making millions per year in profit use to be successful and minimize risk. This podcast will have something for everyone from beginners to experts. Selling on Amazon is not easy and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying BUT there are lots of tools, tips and tricks that we can use to minimize risk and maximize profit making this one of the best online business opportunities the world has ever seen. Todd has built his Amazon FBA wholesale business to be selling just under $1 million in sales in 2019 with a goal to hit $10 million in sales for 2020. Join him as he shares his journey and learn from his mistakes to build you online business.