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  • Di sini, semua tersimpan abadi via suara. Tentang kisah kita dan waktu yang berperan mendewasakan, kita tumbuh meski tak utuh. | Sebuah karya tulisan oleh @helobagas — selamat mendengarkan :)

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  • Almost thirty years after The Day the Villains Won (aka V-Day), Helen Black arrives at her new apartment in The Onar, a 161-story apartment complex in what used to be Midtown Manhattan. Owned and operated by S.H.I.E.L.D., The Onar has become the very embodiment of the dystopic wealth and inequality that's engulfed New York City ever since V-Day. A collection of uber-rich families – including the media magnate Burge family – occupy the opulent penthouses in the DecaDomes, The Onar's highest ten stories. Helen Black's apartment is located in the much more humble "100 Block'. When her nosy neighbor Dr. Brian Mizuno asks Helen (through the paper thin walls) what brought her here, she cryptically alludes to "problems with an ex…".

    On the same day that Helen moves into her apartment, Lisa Cartwright reports for her first day as a Junior Residential Security Analyst for Panopticog Solutions, a private security company hired by S.H.I.E.L.D. to monitor the residents of The Onar (without their knowledge or consent). Lisa is assigned to surveille Helen's corner of The 100 Block, and quickly discovers that Helen Black is not at all who she says she is.

    Marvel's Wastelanders: Black Widow is the third installment in the "Marvel's Wastelanders" audio epic. Starring Susan Sarandon as Helen Black. Written by Alex Delyle (Fear the Walking Dead), directed by Timothy Busfield (Thirtysomething, The West Wing), with sound design and original music by Daniel Brunelle (The Two Princes, Sandra). Learn more at

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  • MalamMalamStories adalah sebuah channel yang berisi cerita-cerita horor yang beredar di internet. Cerita-cerita tersebut dibacakan dalam bentuk mini drama. Selain cerita-cerita horor, MalamMalamStories juga membahas tentang mitos-mitos yang ada di dunia, kisah tragis, dan misteri yang sampai saat ini tidak terpecahkan (unsolved).

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  • EPIC is your new HQ for Realm’s exhilarating action and adventure stories, with new episodes dropping every Monday introduced by host Faith McQuinn.

    Embark on your greatest adventures yet, whether it’s crash landing on a desolate planet with only a cerebrally-embedded AI to guide you, or realizing that your latest game design is the only thing staving off total global annihilation. So unsheath those earbuds, clench that steering wheel, and buckle up because EPIC is about to take off.

    This month, we are featuring On the Dying Winds of the Old year and the Birthing Winds of the New: in this fantastical world, the territories of The Hundred bow to a tyrant King Anjihosh - all except one. Bronze Hall refuses to be ruled with an iron fist and, until now, has upheld its stance against the King. But there is a rumor that the King has placed a spy in Bronze Hall. And one person means to find them: Mai, the King’s ex-wife, will do anything to stop him from achieving ultimate control.

    On the Dying Winds of the Old Year and the Birthing Winds of the New is a Realm production, written by Kate Elliot and performed by Rachel Fulginiti. Listen Away.

  • "Suspense" was a highly influential and acclaimed old-time radio show that aired from 1942 to 1962. It is often regarded as one of the greatest and most enduring radio drama series in the history of American radio. Created by its original director, William Spier, "Suspense" was known for its thrilling and suspenseful tales that kept listeners on the edge of their seats.Format and Content: "Suspense" primarily featured standalone episodes, each presenting a self-contained story with a focus on mystery, thriller, crime, horror, or the supernatural. The show's tagline, "Radio's Outstanding Theater of Thrills," aptly described its genre. The stories covered a wide range of themes and settings, from murder mysteries and psychological thrillers to tales of espionage and the occult.The series was known for its skilled use of tension-building techniques, dramatic music, and sound effects to create an immersive and suspenseful atmosphere. Each episode often began with a chilling introduction by the "Man in Black," played by various actors over the years, who set the stage for the upcoming story with a foreboding tone.Notable Episodes and Performers: "Suspense" featured a rotating cast of talented actors who delivered memorable performances. Many Hollywood stars appeared on the show, both in leading and supporting roles. Some notable episodes and performers include:
    "Sorry, Wrong Number" (1943) - Starring Agnes Moorehead, this episode is one of the most famous in the series, featuring a woman who overhears a murder plot while trying to make a phone call."The Hitch-Hiker" (1942) - Starring Orson Welles, this episode follows a man on a cross-country trip who becomes increasingly unnerved by the presence of a mysterious hitchhiker."The House in Cypress Canyon" (1946) - This episode is a chilling tale of a new homeowner who discovers a strange and horrifying secret in the walls of his house."Sorry, Wrong Number" (1943) - Starring Agnes Moorehead, this episode is one of the most famous in the series, featuring a woman who overhears a murder plot while trying to make a phone call."The House in Cypress Canyon" (1946) - This episode is a chilling tale of a new homeowner who discovers a strange and horrifying secret in the walls of his house.Legacy: "Suspense" was a groundbreaking series that set the standard for radio suspense and thriller dramas. It played a significant role in shaping the conventions of the genre and influenced subsequent generations of writers, filmmakers, and storytellers. Even today, its episodes are celebrated for their high-quality writing, acting, and production values.The show's success and enduring popularity are a testament to the enduring appeal of suspenseful storytelling in the medium of radio. It remains a classic and beloved example of the art of old-time radio drama.

  • A place for people to have their stories animated and shared with the world.

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  • Hai guys di podcast kali ini gua bakal cerita soal hal-hal yang bikin gua galau hehe. Thanks ya yang udah dengerin podcast gua

  • Embark on an intellectual expedition with the GSMC Audiobook Series as we delve into "Anticipations" by H.G. Wells, a captivating exploration of the intersection of mechanical and scientific progress on human life and thought. This thought-provoking piece stands as Wells's first nonfiction bestseller, wherein he extrapolates and imagines the world as it could be in the year 2000. The GSMC Audiobook Series is your gateway to a treasure trove of classic novels, audiobooks, and theatrical presentations, delivered by some of the most accomplished audiobook performers. Our wide-ranging collection offers listeners an engaging journey through time, with each audiobook preserved in its original, unedited form. As such, they serve as authentic historical content that may not always conform to present-day societal norms. Please note, the themes and viewpoints presented in our audiobooks do not necessarily reflect those of Golden State Media Concepts or the GSMC Podcast Network.

  • CuMa UNPAR atau Curhatan Mahasiswa UNPAR merupakan sebuah sarana untuk berdiskusi serta media promosi program kerja lembaga PM UNPAR. Selain itu Podcast CuMa UNPAR juga menjadi sarana penyampaian aspirasi dari PM UNPAR terkait isu isu yang sedang hangat terjadi.

  • Berupa carut marut diksi yang tak karuan mewakili pikiran dan perasaan yang ingin dinyatakan dalam pola suatu kalimat dan disampaikan lewat suara

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