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  • If you’re married — or soon to be — you’ve got questions. What makes this relationship work? How do I fix it when it breaks? Where do I go when I need help? Host John Fuller and marriage experts Dr. Greg and Erin Smalley help answer those questions with practical, down-to-earth insights based on God’s design for marriage. Find answers and inspiration in every short episode of this Christian marriage podcast.

  • Christian mom or dad, could you use some encouragement and support? Put your ear buds in for this Christian parenting podcast and get practical, faith-based inspiration through all stages of parenting — raising toddlers, navigating the school-age years, preparing for puberty, and seeing your teen soar with confidence. Hosted by Danny Huerta, in every 8 to 15 minute episode, you’ll hear parenting experts share Biblical truths, effective parenting techniques, and useful resources that will help you feel equipped as a mom or dad in today’s culture.

  • Wie kann man Kinder motivieren? Welche Erziehungsansätze sind gut erforscht und funktionieren wirklich? Wie führt man eine Klasse?
    In diesem Podcast erfahren Eltern, Lehrer und Erziehende - auf leicht verständliche Weise - die neuesten Forschungsergebnisse aus den Bereichen Pädagogische Psychologie, Erziehungspsychologie, Klassenführung und Motivationspsychologie.
    Für jeden, der das viele Schreien und Schimpfen leid ist. :)
    Mehr Informationen finden Sie im Buch "Was tun, wenn Kinder nicht hören? - Wie die psychologische Forschung Eltern und Lehrern dabei hilft, die beste Erziehung zu finden"

  • Since November 7, 2004 - The first, and longest running, professionally produced audio drama podcast! This family friendly new twist on "old time radio" features the adventures and exploits of the World's Most Brilliant Scientist, Dr. Floyd! Join Dr. Floyd as he tries to thwart the plans of his evil arch nemesis, Dr. Steve, all the while learning about the people and events that shaped the history of the Earth. If satirist Stan Freberg and Jay Ward, creator of Rocky & Bullwinkle, had created Mystery Science Theater 3000 mixed in a little Time Bandits and gave it an educational spin, the result would have been...The Radio Adventures Of Dr. Floyd! The Podcast for Gifted Children and Adults!

  • SciFi Friday takes you back to the early days of science fiction. Each week we explore the programs that layed the foundation for science fiction of today.

  • On Birthful, working doula and former journalist Adriana Lozada talks pregnancy, birth and postpartum with top experts and new parents. Every episode distills the overload of pregnancy information down to the most relevant and useful stuff. Adriana Lozada is a mom, author, speaker, birth doula, postpartum educator, and healthy-sleep consultant. Visit Birthful.com. Please note: Adriana has years of experience but she's not a doctor, and does not expect anyone to treat the show like medical advice. Please always consult with your care provider. This show does not dispense medical advice.

  • Continuing America's love affair with comedy and those lovable characters that make us laugh with great entertainment from early radio.http://oldtimeradiodvd.com

  • Get dog training advice and tips from the experts at Canine Behavior Center, Inc. Talking Dogs can be heard Tuesdays at 7:55am and Saturdays at 6:55am on KCIS 630 in Seattle.

  • Drawing on years of experience working with families, Parenting Coaches Siope Kinikini and Kimber Petersen share how families can improve, heal, and find success using the proven methods of the Teaching-Family Model. Visit smarterparenting.com to learn more.

  • We LOVE Bluey! You probably do too. Brian and Gwen are a daddy-daughter duo who love talking all things Bluey. Tune in to hear us talk about our favorite episodes, the lessons we learn from the Heeler family, and other fun chats about one of the most crowd-pleasing children's shows of all time!

    Interact with us on Facebook at facebook.com/BackyardBluey

  • Our early childhood mission is to promote reading while enhancing skills needed to be successful in life.

    StoryCub™ - Video Picture Books™ take on issues such as problem-solving, decision-making, responsibility, and getting along with others.


    StoryCub is bridging the gap between the traditional and digital storytime experience.

    Storytime that is both fun and educational, your child will enjoy and learn from our online Video Picture Books™. It’s Storytime, Anytime! - 
Viewed in more than 150 countries,
    StoryCub has been recognized by the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) for the way it connects parents and educators with authors and publishers o in today’s digital world. Parent Recommended - Educator Approved.
    Perfect for Bedtime or Anytime! BE NICE. SHARE.

  • Hey People, Mom of two here, author, artist, podcast manager, content creator… My greatest achievements in the world go to my daughters, being a black, American woman and having a successful pregnancy/ labor is a miracle living in the US. The kids are alive and well…yet still… Parenting is rewarding, exhausting, loving, all while feeling like another day has to get down and it feels impossible. I get it done. I am not alone; I have a village. Truth is what I share on my mic & never the fluff of parenting.

    As a creative thinker, who is always working on multiple projects which makes me the happiest just being in my creative zone. Cozy Womb podcast was the first podcast I created in 2018 and it’s been nonstop ever since. Season 19 will be amazing.

    Thank you for listening to Cozy Womb podcast !!!

    Here is where I share with pre parents, now parents, family, teachers and people who want the truth about life with kids. All the people who listen get what they need mentally, verbally and from my experiences... and having a loving community to raise prosperous humans.

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    Podcast Books:Lulu.com has all 4 books!!!

  • NPO法人アニマルライツセンターのpodcastです!




  • Kênh Kể Chuyện Cho Bé Yêu gồm nhiều nội dung, câu chuyện cổ tích đặc sắc và những bài học nhân văn dành cho trẻ em. Các bé có thể vừa được nghe những bài học hay vừa đi vào giấc ngủ ngon mà không làm phiền bố mẹ.

    Waves là nền tảng âm thanh trực tuyến cung cấp audiobooks, podcasts và giáo dục trực tuyến bằng Tiếng Anh và ngôn ngữ địa phương tại Đông Nam Á.
    iOS: https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/waves-podcast-player/id1492378044
    Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.waves8.app

  • www.DogCastRadio.com
    We seek to cover anything and everything dog related.
    We profile dog breeds, have interviews with dog owners, breeders and others connected with dogs.
    We have training tips from professional dog trainers, from the basic to the impressive party piece trick.
    For younger listeners we have Puppy Play Time, with items of interest for them, competitions and training tips too.
    We have news, Buddy's diary, website reviews and more.

  • Old Time Radio Network Thrillers, thrilling mystery, espionage, and political intrigue. Step into the world of action and Psychological twist that will keep you on the edge of your chair.

  • 発達障害と知的障害がある息子と発達障害グレーの娘の2人の子育てをする中で感じた色んな思いをシェアするラジオです

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