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  • Superhero Captain America battles the evil forces of the archvillain called The Scarab, who poisons his enemies and steals a secret device capable of destroying buildings by sound vibrations.

  • Four-year-olds are actively working to make sense of their surroundings and engage with those around them. The relationship you have with your child forms a solid foundation from which your child can feel safe to explore the world. Now is the right time for parents and those in a parenting role to continue to grow a trusting relationship with their child. Parenting is an exciting adventure that does not come without its challenges. The parenting process and tools shared in this podcast from ParentingMontana.org will give you ideas to try right now to support your four-year-old as they build the skills needed to be successful. Implementing the parenting process and tools from this podcast will allow you and your child to work toward strengthening communication, building a healthy relationship, and developing social and emotional skills.

    ParentingMontana.org gives parents and those in a parenting role a process and tools to grow their child’s confidence, respectfulness, and ability to make healthy choices. The Montana Department of Health and Human Services partnered with the Center for Health and Safety Culture at Montana State University to create the resources on ParentingMontana.org. Through this work they wanted to promote healthy mental, emotional, and behavioral development. Although these tools were originally developed for parents in Montana, parents everywhere can benefit from investing in their parenting skills.

    The five-step process you will learn to use through this podcast is a framework for parenting with empathy and love throughout your child’s life. As you grow your confidence with the process, you will be able to manage everyday struggles now as well as future parenting topics as your child grows. The five steps include: Gain Input, Teach, Practice, Support, and Recognize. Parenting is a big responsibility and does not come easily. Using the process and tools in this podcast from ParentingMontana.org allows parents and those in a parenting role to turn times your child is struggling into positive, teachable moments that enhance your parent-child relationship. The tools available for parenting your four-year-old include: Confidence, Guidance and Discipline for Skill Building, Friends, Listening, Tantrums, Reading, Routines, Sharing, Talking About Differences, Eating, Defiance and Power Struggles, Happiness, Resilience, Empathy, Kindness, and Responsibility. Listen now to grow your parenting skills today!

  • En este podcast podrán ver un poco más acerca de las dos teorías de este personaje sobre el desarrollo de los niños.

  • MIA - Medien Im Alltag

    Hast du dich schon mal gefragt, wie der Film eigentlich ins Kino kommt? Wie ein Buch entsteht? Oder warum manche Menschen im Internet so gemein sind?

    Unsere ganze Welt ist voll von Medien - das ist echt cool!
    Deshalb ist es auch wichtig, dass du weißt, wie du mit Medien umgehen solltest, wie du sie für deinen Zweck nutzen kannst und wo Gefahren lauern.

    Entdecke gemeinsam mit mir die Welt der Medien! :)

    Ich freue mich!
    Deine Julia

    Ein Podcast für Kinder und ihre Eltern.
    Auch zu finden auf Instagram: @mia.podcast

  • Are you a musician mama struggling with working mom guilt? Does leaving your kids for a performance make you feel out of sync? Do you just love music and want your kids to reap the benefits of learning to play or using it to learn?

    In this podcast you’ll learn how to share your love of music with your kids to create a deeper connection with them (even if you don’t know how to sing or play.) You’ll even get tips for your own musical endeavors and find ways to manage your time effectively as a musician.

    My mission is to help musical mamas manage their time and mindsets so that your skills and children are growing at the same time. This will ultimately create a melodious life filled with excitement that will inspire your kids. Even if you don’t know how to sing or play music, there is still a way for you to share the gift of music with your kids!
    I am convinced that Musically Minded Mamas should raise their voices and instruments because your God-given potential should not be wasted!

    Hello! I’m Jo-Anne. A wife, mom, teacher, and daughter of the King! For years I struggled to pursue my passion.

    When I became a mother, “no time” became my biggest excuse and I hid my gift of music behind my gift of motherhood. I was afraid of what people would say and believed the big mom lie that I didn’t deserve to take time to develop my music or share my love for it with my kids.

    I finally have realized that by sharing my passion for music with my kids and letting them be an inspiration to me, I am finding fulfillment!

    If you’re ready to finally pursue your family passion by using your musical passion, you’ve found a friend. It’s time to say yes to using your love of music and connect with your kids, so warm up your voice and start practicing those scales FRIEND!

    It’s time to waltz with me through all things family management, mindset, mentoring, and music.

    Let’s make memories and music together!

  • محتوى صوتي ممتع ومواضيع شيّقة للأطفال والبالغين


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  • Kediler, oyunlar ve diş hekimliği üzerine bir hayat.

  • My name is Susie.  I have three children, the youngest of whom struggles with depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation. I never thought this could happen to me, and I missed the signs.  Being a parent is really hard, and I'm here to help! I'm talking to parents and experts to help you with the issues your kids may face.  I want you to know that you are not alone and there is hope. 

  • Listen in as my son breaks down his world for this old man. We will dive into Minecraft and Video Games and what makes them so appealing. Also, tackle the internet and its glory and why youtube is such a big part of his entertainment choice. Learn with me; perhaps the more we learn, the more we can appreciate and help with balance.

  • Неформальный разговор на серьёзные темы про школу, образование и воспитание от команды Новой школы.
    Ведущие — Саша, Света и Даша — не работают с детьми, но очень любят об этом поговорить. Чтобы их беседы не были совсем уж похожи на кухонные разговоры, они в каждом выпуске приглашают одного эксперта, который хорошо разбирается в этой теме.
    На стыке двух взглядов — обывательского и профессионального — мы пытаемся найти ответы на сложные вопросы.

  • A family in Florida lives life out loud, learning and loving along the way.

  • How do I know if my child is ready for kindergarten? How can children learn through play? Does nutrition, sleep, and activity really matter when kids are so young? I think my child might be neurodivergent. What should I do about it? What are magnet, charter, and private schools? And how do I choose what’s best?

    In this series, we include interviews with experts in early childhood education, psychology, and pediatrics to discuss topics including the importance of play, managing toddler behavior, language and motor development, Kindergarten readiness, how to set up routines, and parent mental wellness.

    Hosted by Dr. Emily King.

  • Bizim evde minikler ile yaşamak her an her dakika hikaye anlatmayı gerektiriyormuş. Onların sevdiği hikayeleri herkesle paylaşmaya karar vererek kahramanlarımızın hikayelerini sizlerle de paylaşmak istedim.

  • A community of mothers coming together to support eachother in the grieving process of losing our children. This podcast is for mother who have experienced loss through still birth or miscarriage. This podcast will also help guide family and friends on how to support a family who is going through this.

  • We're talking about all aspects of miscarriage and stillbirth including preparation, burial, healing, grieving, triggers, and recovery.

  • Toyzz Shop’un ebeveynlere rehber olacak podcast serisi Toyzz Pod’un ilk sezonunda Cem Pekdoğru ve spor dünyasından konukları, çocuk gelişiminde sporun önemine odaklanıyorlar. Başarılı bir sporcu kariyerinin nasıl başladığını, çocukları spora yönlendirmekte ailenin rolünü konuklarımızdan dinlediğimiz sohbetler içerisinde, ilham verici spor hikâyelerine de yer veriliyor. Türkiye’nin ilk sporcu kuluçka merkezi Max Potential’ın destekleriyle… / Prodüksiyon Partneri: HOOD Base, Artwork Tasarım: Emre Sönmez