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  • 本人真實事件,我被親戚下咒的故事。

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  • Smoke Screen is an investigative documentary series on people with complex motives and morals. Follow characters on the fringes of society — con artists, cult leaders, corrupt politicians — as they seduce their marks and bend communities to their will. Join us as we unravel their stories and bring justice to the people they’ve deceived.

    In season six, Smoke Screen: Just Say You're Sorry, we examine Texas Ranger James Holland. Holland is celebrated as the "serial killer whisperer," solving dozens of murders through his legendary interrogation skills. But how far does he go to get confessions? And has he put innocent people in prison along the way? Just Say You're Sorry uses shocking police tapes to reveal the psychological drama behind one murder case, and uncovers something rotten at the heart of the justice system.

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  • 歡迎點入寅時三刻

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  • The Case is Cold and the Truth is Subjective to Individual Perception of Reality. A reality held together by ice so thin there is no choice but to shatter it's existence to unveil the Cold Absolute Truth. With each season, I will take you on a journey of a Cold Case riddled with the subjective truths of those closest to the victim. In hopes that, together, we shatter the depraved killers Lie and bring justice to victims.
    I will be hosting live podcasts with victims families of solved cases as they face the Cold Truth of the killers identity, the heinous acts inflicted on their loved ones, and the road to justice within the system. We will shine a light on the struggles they face with a justice system they don't understand where TRUTH is subjective to what can be proved...

  • ┃ 用聲音帶您回到命案現場 ┃

    Code . K 是一個講述真實案件的節目
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  • 「案件成癮Case Addict」是一個關於介紹各種犯罪案件的 podcast,以輕鬆的方式深入探討可怕的案件和謎案。在這個 podcast 中,我會分享一些引人入勝的真實案件,從謀殺到再到神秘失蹤。以一種平易近人的方式講述案件的發生、證據、嫌疑人和最後的結果。如果你是一個犯罪愛好者,或者只是對這些真實的案件感到好奇,那麼這個 podcast 是你不想錯過的節目。現在就訂閱吧!

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    免責聲明: 我們會講到血腥暴力和其他令人不適的內容。如果您對這些內容感到嚴重不適或心理上受到影響,請您自行斟酌是否繼續收聽。這個Podcast的內容並不適合18歲以下的小孩收, 因此如果你身旁有小孩,請確保在收聽時使用耳機,以避免小孩聽到不適當的內容。講解案件時,可能會有一些個人偏見存在,因為這並非新聞節目,並不需要保持中立。然而,我們絕對尊重受害者.


  • Courts and crime reporter Elizabeth Zavala breaks down the most gripping trials in the Bexar County courthouse. With her decades of experience, Zavala expertly balances crime stories with the intricacies of the law and details from the scene in the courtroom. This podcast will resume in January 2021; until then, look for her insights on EN-Depth.

  • 📢真實案件整理解說


  • 嗨大家好!我是一個新手播客CoCo❤️

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  • 🇭🇰大家好!歡迎收聽《罪愛真相》🎧🎙️一個叫查查 🎙️一個叫瀝瀝正所謂「世風日下 道德淪亡」我哋希望分享一啲案件等大家保持警惕好好保護自己!🔎本頻道有可能涉及血腥、暴力、色情、粗言穢語等內容💬非學術性討論🗓️逢星期五更新🔞小朋友需要由家長陪同收聽👣歡迎Follow & DM我哋-Instagram (@truecrimeloverpodcast) : (罪愛真相) : (罪愛真相): :[email protected]

  • Mejor Que No Se Sepa es una serie original de VanaCostumbre.
    En esta serie, nuestro entrevistador Pope Spinzi visita a varios personajes conocidos y no tanto también de una época en donde nuestro país atravesaba una dictadura impuesta por Alfredo Stroessner. El entrevistado cuenta con experiencias, anécdotas propias y recuerdos, como era vivir en ese tiempo y como era sobrevivir en ese tiempo.

    Entrevistador: Pope Spinzi
    Musica: Marcha Gamma - Punto de Quiebre
    Ilustracion: Joe Busted
    Post: Elias Diaz Peña

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  • Investigative journalist Scott Carney explores true crime, cult psychology, biohacking, fitness revolutions, climate change calamities, organ trafficking and a whole lot more. Get exclusive access and bonus material at Patreon

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  • Podcast về tâm lý học tội phạm. Thành lập bởi Sapphire và Pixie.
    Monsters Among Us sẽ đưa bạn đến với những phạm nhân sống dưới vỏ bọc người bình thường trước khi bị phơi bày, đào sâu vào hoàn cảnh và diễn biến tâm lý để cung cấp cái nhìn bao quát về khởi nguồn tội ác, từ đó phản ánh các dấu hiệu tương tự trong xã hội.

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  • Dying to have your postmortem questions answered? Hosts and real autopsy technicians Jess and Alice debunk your favorite true crime dramas and tell you the truth about what really happens in the world of forensics. Follow us on Instagram @insidethemorguepod for more content! Support this podcast:

  • Hosted by Michael Semanchik, this podcast includes real-life stories told by exonerees like Amanda Knox, Brian Banks, plus many more. We also hear from famous investigators and attorneys who were featured in acclaimed documentaries like Making a Murderer, The Staircase, and the Survivors Guide to Prison... They tell us how innocent people get falsely accused and convicted in our criminal justice system.
    Tune in to hear why the innocent falsely confess, what causes misidentifications, and how our DNA gets on objects we never touched!

  • 下嚇波波 ✌🏻

    熱愛真實犯罪故事的兩位旅澳老少女Tanya & Zoe 🇦🇺 🇹🇼 決定一起斜槓,開啟我們的播客人生~

    ➡️每個月第二/四個週二 上重大案件 🔪

    ➡️每個月第一/三個週日發布 波新聞 📰


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  • ♥️愛香港 愛台灣 愛和平 愛自由♥️ 我們都想知道的故事/案件🔥🎉🎉想在發佈前無廣告搶先聽看?加入我的Patreon會員吧! $1就可以支持我繼續創作了~ 🙏🙇🏻‍♀️我的YT頻道🌈廣告🌈VPN海外購物省錢法:VPN註冊優惠: (coming...)美國集運優惠:銀行卡優惠: (coming..)其他方法支持我🙇🏻‍♀️: 在Amazon購物時, 可以順便在這裏先點擊任何affiliate連結, 那我可以賺取微小的佣金哦! 🙏🙏 (不會影響你購買的物品和價錢的 and these links work globally) 🎧🎧超高質 Bose 粉色耳機!

  • 🇭🇰香港Podcast
    🎡Welcome to Mystery Land Podcast
    #廣東話Podcast #香港Podcast #懸疑 #奇案
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  • 這個節目同大家分享來自世界各地神秘,懸疑, 真實犯罪的案件,有興趣的朋友歡迎訂閱這個頻道,一齊來到懸疑館探祕吧!