• In this first episode of the exclusive coach's week, host Celeste Rains-Turk has a very informative, deep, and wide range discussion PACKED with value from Adam Bonilla, the creator of Team Elite Physique who has been working in the fitness industry for 21 years and as a trainer for 19 of those years he has honed his skills to the level of Master Trainer and specializes in the area of the field in which he loves, competition prep.

    Adam opens up about his journey to his success and opening up the Contest Prep Center and the hardships many people don't see that coach's face. He talks about why he doesn't believe in fasted cardio, doing more than (or anywhere near) 45 min cardio in a day, what his philosophy is and how he wants to see the industry change, along with his feelings about insta coaches.

    Adam announces that Celeste is his 'go-to' coach when it comes to the Psychology involved in competing, especially post-show and how he uses various experts in different fields to serve his client's at the highest level and so he can focus on being the best at his job as a physique coach.

    He shares the science behind why reverse dieting is not the best way to go and breaks down his own approach with his athletes, factors that play a role in metabolism, what kind of testing he does at his Contest Prep Center to make sure all of his athletes or people who come in are functioning or have a plan to improve their function, and why he made his own waist trainers.

    Adam also discusses why he believes in HIIT cardio over SS, Clean Eating over IIFYM,
    He gets into the heart of the industry discussing the problem many bikini competitors face when it comes to being put to extremes to achieve a result and shares some key insights into what he believes sets apart a 'good athlete' from a true champion.

    He also tells us what he thinks it takes to be a good coach, why thinking politics plays a role is a bunch of disrespectful BS, and why he doesn't train every elite athlete all year round.

    And of course, Tune in to hear Adam answer all the Coach's Week Questions (Laid out in this blog post).

    Connect with Adam:
    Email: [email protected]

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    Adam's Certifications and Recognition:
    Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist
    BS Wellness and Fitness/ Sports Management
    NASM Certified Personal Trainer since 2001
    NASM Perfomance Enhnancement Speicalist
    ISSA Certified Personal Trainer since 2000
    NCSF Certified Personal Trainer since 2002
    Apex Certified Personal Trainer
    Master Trainer Qualified
    2012 NPC Natural Colorado Class Champion
    2015 Colorado State Muscle Model Overall Champion
    2015 Muscle Mania Mr. Colorado
    Trainer with most Team Championships in NPC Colorado in 2012,2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2018
    Trainer with most Team Championships in Muscle Mania Colorado in 2015
    Team Champion Trainer in 5 States

    See you on the next episode! Thank you for listening :)