• I often get asked, "Rosetta, how can I stop procrastinating on my goals?" Although it's a valid question, the truth is that when it comes to creating the life you REALLY want, taking consistent action is only one part of the equation. It's also important to look within so you can understand the beliefs that are preventing you from moving forward.

    In this episode, I cover:

    The #1 belief that holds you back from getting what you want How to identify what YOUR specific limiting beliefs are A simple way to install new beliefs so that you can begin to literally reprogram your brain and start seeing results

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  • This episode is a recording of a powerful livestream training I taught recently in our private Happy Black Woman Facebook Tribe. We went deep into 4 of the biggest mistakes Black women entrepreneurs make as we strive to build our businesses. The bottom line: it's time to stop sitting at the "struggle table" and eliminate the unproductive behaviors and limiting beliefs that sabotage your success. Because once you know better, you can certainly do better.

    If you're ready to get help with launching or growing your business, then go ahead and book your free Breakthrough Session for this week: https://happyblackwoman.com/breakthrough

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  • I'm back from an amazing weekend in Atlanta where I hosted my 5th and final Launch Your Business LIVE Boot Camp! After years of working with hundreds of Black women entrepreneurs, I've noticed how important it is for us to have open and honest conversations about self-care, boundaries and putting ourselves first. At the event, I was able to coach several women on how to let go of situations that no longer served them, which inspired this episode. I explore 3 areas where you may need to "spring clean" your life, including action steps you can take in your relationships, business/career and environment.

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  • Lately, I've been having some eye-opening conversations with my entrepreneur clients about the blocks that are keeping them from making the money and the impact they desire. What I've found is that what looks like "lack of clarity" or "procrastination" is actually a clue that there's something deeper going on. In this episode, I discuss the #1 question I ask my coaching clients to get to the root of the issue.

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  • I just got back from Dubai where I was so inspired to play a bigger game in my life and business! Many women go for years pretending to be okay with not getting what they want instead of doing what it takes to achieve the AMAZING vision they've been dreaming of since they were little girls. In this episode, I share insight on how to know if you've been settling for a "Plan B" life, plus 4 ways to get unstuck, break out of your rut and ultimately begin creating the life you really want.

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  • Between all the different platforms, technology and tactics, so much has changed over the years when it comes to building a successful business online. The good news is that as a Black woman entrepreneur, you have the power to leverage your gifts and transform your financial future in 2018 and beyond. In this episode, I break down the 3 key concepts that are important for you to master if you want to get paid to do what you love and create your dream lifestyle of travel and freedom.

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  • I'm back with a very special show, pulled right out of our annual Manifest Your Vision Mindset Retreat that was held a few weeks ago. This year's event was so transformational that I wanted to give you a little peek inside the magic! So this episode is an actual teaching segment from the event and it's all about understanding the mental barriers that hold us back from achieving our big goals. I explain a powerful concept called the "lizard brain" and why it's a source of fear, procrastination and perfectionism for so many women. Plus - insight and coaching for how you can finally overcome self-sabotage and manifest your dream life in 2018.

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  • Today's show is for my entrepreneurs! In this episode, I share 4 spiritual strategies for earning more money in your business this year that have nothing to do with your marketing plan and everything to do with your FAITH in what's truly possible for you. If you've been struggling to create consistent cash flow in your business, these tips can help you reconnect to how abundant the universe really is.

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  • Happy new year! One of my favorite ways to set intentions for a new year is to choose a “theme word.” In this episode, I walk you through a process that you can use to decide on your theme for the year and allow it to guide your journey. I also share my own theme word for 2018 and the specific intention behind it.

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  • Happy holidays! With the new year right around the corner, most of us are setting aside time to write down our goals for 2018. However, few of us are thinking about what it will actually take - emotionally and mindset-wise to achieve them. In this episode, I'm asking an important question: "Who do you need to BE in achieve your big goals in 2018?" I share 3 empowering mindset shifts you can use to make 2018 your best year ever!

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  • It's December, which means we have just a few weeks left in 2017. And yes, there are definitely some changes being made here at Happy Black Woman Headquarters as I reflect and plan for the next evolution of my business and brand.

    In this episode, I'm sharing a brief update on where the Happy Black Woman Podcast is headed and a teaser about our upcoming lineup of exciting events and retreats.

    I also outline 3 powerful strategies you can use to end the year strong. I firmly believe that the way you END 2017 is the way you will BEGIN 2018. So instead of dwelling on everything that went wrong, I give you practical steps you can take to reflect on all the lessons you learned this year, set intentions for the coming year and purge everything that no longer aligns with your vision for 2018.

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  • On this episode of Happy Black Woman, Rosetta interviews award-winning actress April Parker-Jones. Currently starring on Tyler Perry’s television drama If Loving You is Wrong on OWN, April discusses her rise to success and the importance of having big dreams in order to personally evolve into a better version of yourself. Be sure to catch the full audio to hear this great conversation!

    April’s fascinating journey into theatre

    From a young age, April has always been drawn to the stage. After participating in theatre throughout elementary and secondary school, she eventually changed her major to theatre in college after the prompting of a caring professor. A move to New York was quickly followed with a cross-country journey to Los Angeles and she never lost sight of the ultimate end goal. Her willingness to evolve and grow resulted in many positions of her dreams. You don’t want to miss the rest of her compelling story on this episode of Happy Black Woman.

    The importance of taking a leap of faith into the unknown

    Without a willingness to adapt, April never would have attained the level of success that she now has. Her fears weren’t enough to stop her from pursuing her dreams and she exclaims that “I’m so glad I was that crazy 19-year-old.” Rosetta and April talk about the critical need to evolve out of your past self and more engaging topics on this fantastic episode of Happy Black Woman. If you need encouragement on how to pursue your own aspirations, be sure to listen to the full episode.

    April’s thoughts on her life now as an actor, wife, and mother

    When Rosetta asks April about her thoughts on her life today, April is adamant about the importance of taking even bigger steps towards personal evolution. She explains that acting can be a fickle career and how she is learning about financing, real estate, and more to ensure she is cultivating other ways to bring in revenue for her family. To hear more about opening up your field of exploration and to discover the importance of enjoying the present moments, be sure to give this episode your full attention.

    Advice on staying true to yourself in the midst of distraction

    There are countless ways industries and careers will try to hijack your path to personal growth. April simply made a decision to embrace the person that she truly is and never deviate from that path. She is dedicated to surrounding herself with people who actually matter and using those positive influences to combat any negative feedback she may receive. You can hear more about April’s key words of wisdom, what continually inspires her, and her latest projects by listening to this stellar episode of Happy Black Woman with Rosetta Thurman.

    Outline of this great episode [0:29] Introduction of this episode’s guest, April Parker-Jones [3:15] April’s journey into theatre [7:55] Importance of taking a leap of faith into the unknown [9:45] Rosetta asks about April’s life now as an actor, wife, and mother [15:00] April offers her insights, tips, and advice for staying true to yourself [20:27] Growing and evolving into new life paths [24:06] April’s exciting new projects Resources & Links mentioned in this episode Connect with April on Twitter Connect with April on Facebook If Loving You is Wrong - OWN network Tuesdays at 9/8c. The Last Ship on TNT - April’s new role coming soon in 2018 About APRIL PARKER-JONES

    April Parker-Jones currently stars as ‘Natalie,’ a single mother and fast-food restaurant manager on Tyler Perry’s television drama If Loving You is Wrong on OWN.

    A native of Durham, North Carolina, April Parker-Jones began acting at the young age of five. She knew instantly with her first performance of The Tortoise and The Hare that the stage is where she belonged.

    The thrill she received from being able to lose herself in a character was a freedom that she longed to live as often as she could. Parker-Jones studied theatre at N.C. Central University before moving to New York City in pursuit of a professional acting career.

    While in New York, she was cast in many productions at The Billie Holiday Theatre such as Spirit North, Fool’s Gold starring award-winning actress Yaa Asantewa and Mercedes starring Karen Pittman.

    Additionally, April Parker-Jones originated the role of Christina in the Off-Broadway World Premiere of Plenty of Time at Primary Stages in New York. For her portrayal, she earned two Audelco Award Theatre nominations for Best Actress starring alongside Jay Jones, her now husband of nine years.

    Plenty of Time was directed by Jackie Alexander and told the story of a teenage love affair that spanned for 35 years. Upon her arrival to Los Angeles, she was cast in stage productions of A New Beginning at Chosen Ministries written and directed by A.J. Golden and A Yankee Trader written by Kato McNickle, directed by Ian Vogt and produced by the Virtual Theatre Project and tells of a family divided during the Great Hurricane of 1938.

    In 2016, April was nominated for a NAACP Theatre Award for her portrayal of Genie Ann Parker in the stage production of Love Soul Deep written and directed by Patricia Cuffie-Jones.

    Her theatre work has paved her way to numerous and exciting recurring roles on ABC’s How to Get Away with Murder, Lifetime’s Devious Maids, Freeform’s The Fosters and the CBS series Jericho. Other television credits include guest star roles on CSI: Miami, ER, LOST, NCIS, Lie to Me, NCIS: Los Angeles, Prime Suspect, The Chicago Code, Scandal, and several others. Film credits include Spider-Man 3, Have a Little Faith, and Heaven.

  • On this episode of Happy Black Woman, Rosetta addresses the topic of creating your ideal life by stopping self-sabotage. It’s often hard to achieve one’s goals because it’s easier to default to destructive thought patterns. By following Rosetta’s three methods of stopping self-sabotage, you can move towards the life of your dreams and overcome the barriers that have been in your way. Be sure to listen to discover her insights!

    Self-sabotage manifests in many ways

    One of the biggest barriers to your ideal life arrives in the form of procrastination. Rosetta explains that after a while, procrastination can begin to feel normal and acceptable. It can even take on the form of perfectionism - focusing on “perfect timing” in lieu of taking action is a form of procrastination. It can also arise because of a fear of the unknown. Be sure to listen to the full episode to discover how Rosetta overcomes procrastination in pursuit of her ideal life goals.

    Method #1 - Make a decision!

    Even people who are passionate about pursuing their ideal life can fall victim to not making decisions - which leads to never taking action. Rosetta explains that “maybe” turns into “never” but that making decisions allows you to move forward in your life. If you make a decision in your life there’s no reason why it will not happen unless you prevent it from happening. This form of self-sabotage prevents you from committing and stands in the way of living ideally. Catch the full episode for more information about making proactive decisions in your life.

    Method #2 - Stop asking the wrong people for advice

    Your friends, family members, and coworkers are all known constants. Sadly, many of them have never taken a major risk in their lives. Rosetta explains why you should not turn to these people for advice on your personal or professional life because they “validate the fear you have, which is a form of self-sabotage.” They will give you the permission to quit, doubt, and procrastinate, all of which are going against your plans for an optimal life. Rosetta explains the concept of protecting your goals from the people who care about you most in this stellar episode of Happy Black Woman.

    Method #3 - Don’t settle for less than what you deserve and desire

    Perhaps the greatest concept to take away from this episode is to never settle for what you don’t desire, want, and deserve. Life decisions are not always easy but you cannot allow subpar “opportunities” to get in the way of something that you actually want. Rosetta encourages her listeners to never allow things they don’t want to take up space in their life. She wants her listeners to understand that settling allows for complacency, which never leads to ultimate goal achievement. Be sure to listen to the complete audio to fully understand the three methods to stop self-sabotage, as well as hear from some great listener questions. And don’t forget to listen for your opportunity for $200 off your registration to the Manifest Your Vision 2018 retreat in January 2018!

    Outline of this great episode [1:00] Rosetta introduces the episode, regarding reasons on why it’s so hard to achieve life goals [3:00] Three ways to stop sabotaging your own success [5:17] Method #1 - Make a decision - stop being indecisive about what you want [8:40] Method #2 - Stop asking the wrong people for advice [13:25] Method #3 - Stop settling for less than what you deserve and desire [17:44] Rosetta explains how jobs can be a means to an end, not THE end [26:00] Work with Rosetta in person in January at the Manifest Your Vision retreat Resources & Links mentioned in this episode Manifest Your Vision 2018 Retreat
  • On this episode of Happy Black Woman, Rosetta interviews Loria Smith, life coach and founder of ReDefining H.E.R. Loria explains her rocky background caused by unhealthy relationships, and how she ultimately overcame the challenges of living with constant self-doubt and fear in order to help other women move forward with their lives and make peace with their pasts. Be sure to check out this great episode and share its valuable insights with the women in your life!

    Loria shares how she helps women move through difficult life situation

    The founding of ReDefining H.E.R. arose from Loria’s greatest passion - encouraging and helping women move through the difficult scenarios different stages of life brings. Through the various elements of her coaching, Loria assists women in going back to their core being and helping unravel months or even years of unhealthy thought patterns and destructive relationships. She offers 30, 60, and 90-minute intensive sessions as well as 90-day mentoring programs for women who are committed to bettering themselves and their lives. Check out how to receive these resources by listening!

    Starting the process of healing and moving forward in life

    The first steps in moving past an unhealthy relationship are always the most challenging. After the initial catalyst that initiates the change, Loria encourages women to start by redefining who they are - their likes, dislikes, passions, etc. This self-inventory assists women in understanding their place and path in life, as well as raises self-awareness. These steps and much more are found in this wonderful interview.

    Loria’s 5 Steps to Healing from Past Hurts

    Not only does increased self-awareness improve one’s ability to gain confidence and security, it also opens the door for continued healing and empowerment. On this episode, Loria talks with Rosetta about her “5 Steps to Healing from Past Hurts,” which can be found as a free download on Loria’s website (see Resources below). Loria also discusses the importance of being passionate about a cause or project. Devoting time and mental energy to an outside entity can further the healing process. Engaging with one’s spirituality, talking with trusted loved ones, getting reacquainted with oneself, and many more hints and tips are found in the audio.

    How to continue down the path of successful and empowered living

    Very few women are able to achieve this process of healing on their own. Having a support system of trusted friends and family members is crucial. They are able to offer guidance and encouragement when faced with new obstacles. Simple things like having a positive morning routine, practicing self-care habits, and setting boundaries all contribute to mental and emotional healing after difficult situations. Loria discusses her top three tips to invest in oneself as well as many more helpful hints all on this episode of Happy Black Woman with Rosetta Thurman.

    Outline of this great episode [0:40] Introduction of guest, Loria Smith [2:05] Loria explains her story, and why she founded ReDefining H.E.R. [6:20] Loria’s passion for helping women in unhealthy relationships [8:20] Methods of helping women through abusive situations [9:50] How to start the process of healing and moving forward [11:15] Loria asks how women can start being more self-aware [14:30] How focusing on helping others helped Loria break free from her past [19:00] Top 3 Tips and determining what’s holding you back from success [23:11] Insights on challenging situations in the business realm Resources & Links mentioned in this episode Loria Smith’s website National Coalition Against Domestic Violence How to Succeed at Being Yourself by Joyce Meyer Quieting the Lizard Brain by Seth Godin About LORIA SMITH

    Loria is a native Floridian and currently resides near Orlando, Florida. She is a Speaker, Coach, and Mentor as well as a trusted confidant to many personally and professionally. Loria is best known for her supportive nature, compassionate listening, and providing candid advice to those seeking clarity in relationships and other life issues. Her passion lies in helping professional women redefine themselves after life-altering experiences, ending unhealthy relationships, or those who just want to do, have, and be more. Through her adversities as a pregnant and runaway teen, the loss of a newborn son and murdered brother, surviving domestic violence and sexual assault, and battling an Autoimmune Thyroid Disorder and other health-related issues, Loria has discovered “there is light at the end of the tunnel.” After years of living privately with guilt and shame, Loria sought professional counseling and did some reflective soul searching which raised her self-awareness and ultimately led to an improved self-image. With a renewed perspective Loria began to see the value in herself in how she could help others and decided to start living life on her terms, openly and unapologetically. Loria has embraced a healthier lifestyle by making better food choices and modifying other habits to improve her quality of life on the journey to healing, enrichment, and resiliency. Loria earned a degree in Business Administration from Barry University with an emphasis in Human Resource Management. After several years of employment with the local government, she was left unfulfilled of her purpose, and decided to venture out on her own as an entrepreneur. She is now a Licensed Florida Realtor, the owner and operator of a Tax Preparation and Bookkeeping Business, and an associate with a major insurance company. Loria is also a trained victim advocate and the founder of a nonprofit organization that advocates against domestic violence. She is using her expertise and life lessons to pursue a passion for helping women reinvent themselves. Loria founded ReDefining H.E.R., where clients are guided through a self-discovery process to promote awareness and to address fear, anger and limiting beliefs. She also speaks on the topics of Self-Love, Building Healthy Relationships, and Health & Well-Being. Loria and her husband Ronnie have a beautifully-blended family of five adult children and one grandson. Additionally, Loria has developed a love for traveling, and enjoys spending quality time creating memories with family, singing, and humoring those around her.

  • In over 100 episodes of Happy Black Woman Rosetta has never spoken with a guest about the topic she's covering today: The power of a beautiful and peaceful home. Her guest today is Glenda Vance, a woman who has walked a very difficult journey of her own to come out on the other side with a dream and vision of helping women create their own beautiful peaceful place where they and their families can thrive. Join Rosetta for this great conversation to learn how you can create your own peaceful haven in your own home.

    Your home can be a place of beauty and peace and solace for your family

    Even if you don't feel you are woman who is good at decorating or matching colors, Glenda Vance says you can learn how to make your home a peaceful place that invigorates and refreshes you and your family. In this conversation, Rosetta takes a deep dive into Glenda's personal experience and asks her for very relevant and practical ways that black women today can transform their homes into the place of peace that they want and need them to be.

    Decluttering is powerful. You can’t get organized without removing the things you don’t need

    One of the very first steps Glenda Vance recommends for creating a beautiful and peaceful home is to declutter. She says that you can't get organized and beautify your home until you remove the things that you don't need, the things that no longer serve you. It's a difficult process but one that is essential for the beautification of your living space. Find out how Glenda recommends you get started decluttering your own home, on this episode of Happy Black Woman.

    Order is heaven’s first law. An orderly home allows us to live a more heavenly life

    Somewhere in her past, Glenda Vance was told that order is Heaven's first law. To her, that means living an orderly life is a reflection of how things are in heaven. The resulting beauty and harmony that comes from that kind of living it directly reflected in the decor and organization of the home. That idea was very curious for Rosetta so she asked many questions about how it is true and what it means for the way we decorate our homes. You'll enjoy hearing Glenda's answers on this episode.

    Nothing will happen in your life if you don’t pursue something

    Each episode, Rosetta asks her guests what they would recommend to a black woman who is just starting out on her entrepreneurial journey. When she asked her guest this week, Glenda Vance, Glenda said nothing will happen in your life if you don't pursue something. For Glenda, it was the dream of having a business that is oriented around something she loves. And she wanted that business to truly be a help to other women. She has it now and is demonstrating that anyone can come back from even the hardest setbacks to handle if they're willing to move forward. You'll enjoy Glenda's story, so be sure you listen.

    Outline of this great episode [0:29] Rosetta’s introduction of Glenda Vance, interior design consultant. [2:01] Glenda’s path from childhood to fashion and decorating, to entrepreneur. [6:45] The decisions Glenda had to make to beautify and develop her own home. [10:44] Steps you can take to get clear and transform your home. [18:29] Understanding what you need in the place you call “home.” [25:07] Glenda’s advice to women just starting out on the entrepreneurial path. Resources & Links mentioned in this episode Glenda’s site - Cheery Ideas BOOK: The Spiritual Man BOOK: God’s Leading Lady About GLENDA PRATT

    Glenda is enthusiastic about decorating lives and has worked as a decorating consultant for 24 years. She has been a Sales Leader, Team Leader and Coach, Director- in- Training within the #1home accessories company in the world. She is also an organizer expert. Over this timespan she has served thousands of customers and clients in beautifying their homes and organizing their living spaces through products and services that has created true transformation. She is CEO and Founder of Cheery Ideas, a full service site for various answers to decorating and caring for the home. Her own home in Missouri has been admired, talked about, and complimented by hundreds of visitors and decorating experts. In 2008, a regional commercial aired that showcased her love for home, family, church and God.

  • As black women, we need to understand that our lives and the outcomes of them are within our control more than we know. The decisions and intention we carry into each day, leading into the rest of our lives, make an impact we can’t fathom. Jill Flowers is Rosetta’s guest on this episode and she serves black women as a spiritual mentor and life coach, one who helps you get in touch with the deeper reasons for your existence and the ways you can enrich your own life independent of the circumstances you face. Listen and be inspired by Jill’s frank but down to earth advice - and be sure to share the episode with others you know could benefit.

    When black women are living a happy and fulfilled life, everyone benefits.

    It’s tempting for black women of all ages to believe that taking care of themselves is selfish. People depend on you. People need you to be there for them. But if you are not healthy, strong, and vibrant, how can you expect to be there for them when needed? It’s not possible, which is why it’s the most unselfish thing you can do to take care of yourself. In this episode, Jill Flowers explains why you need to place a higher priority on providing for your own health and happiness and the positive impact it will have on the people you love if you do. Don’t miss it.

    You have to be active in your own healing and happiness.

    Life is not only something that happens all around you, it’s something you have an influence on yourself. You get to contribute, you get to impact the world in significant ways. That principle holds true for the healing and happiness you need and want as well. In this episode, Jill Flowers describes what happens when black women determine to take part in their own healing and pursue their purpose with all that they are - and she gives some tips for how you can get started on your own healing journey right away. You won’t want to miss what she has to teach.

    If you set your intention for the day, nothing outside of you can change that unless you let it.

    One of the most impacting things Jill Flowers spoke about in this conversation with Rosetta was the power of setting your personal intention for a given day. She says that when you take the time each morning to pray, meditate, and center yourself for the day - and then proactively decide how you will show up in that 24 hour period, nothing can stop you. It’s a choice, a determination that only you have the power to initiate, and Jill explains how it can happen. If you can adopt this practice it can set you free from circumstances and put you in the place of control over your own life.

    Black women naturally put others first - but sometimes it is what kills them.

    We are women, black women - and we naturally have a place of concern and compassion for those in our lives. But our tendency to put others first can be overdone, to the exclusion of our own health, well-being, and emotional strength. Jill Flowers says that we’ve got to stop, we’ve got to develop a plan for keeping ourselves healthy and on track before it’s too late. You can hear Jill’s advice and discover some steps you can take right now to reorient your path so you don’t crash and burn like so many women do. It’s all on this episode of Happy Black Woman.

    Outline of this great episode [0:29] Rosetta’s intro to this episode and her guest Jill Flowers. [2:55] How Jill decided she was going to dedicate herself to being a soul activist. [8:35] The role anger played in pushing Jill to take her calling more seriously. [12:17] The path Jill follows to coach and help black women. [14:30] Jill’s advice for black women who want to begin their own healing journey. [20:00] How Jill stays focused and productive to serve her clients and family. [26:24] What Jill says to women who say they don’t have time to connect with their spirituality. Resources & Links mentioned in this episode www.JillFlowers.com Dr. Wayne Dyer Joel Goldsmith Catherine Ponder BOOK: The Dynamic Laws of Healing BOOK: The Dynamic Laws of Wealth BOOK: Healing Secrets of the Ages BOOK: The Shack About JILL FLOWERS

    A “Soul Activist” one who advocates for your healing, your awakening and the unfoldment of your purpose. The Soul Activist takes one from “Pain to Power to Purpose”. This is what Jill does in her work with Black Women. She helps Black Women heal from the false narratives and beliefs that keep them from realizing their high potential. The ideas that you are not enough or The “I”m a strong black women” syndrome, I can do it on my own is a belief that needs to be healed. Jill believes that Black Women are the link to healing the Black Community. She believes that when Black Women have a full understanding of their Alkhemy she then becomes the medicine for her family. She is capable of harmonizing her family and thus the community because she herself is harmonized. “Consider, you are powerful beyond measure and you have limitless potential.” Jill Flowers defines a modern day Renaissance Woman as Transformational Speaker, Wedding Officiant, Activist, Author and not the least of these Mother and Wife. Co-Founder of The Abolish the N Word Project, Inc. Jill and her husband received over 100,000 hits on their web site’s powerful message the first month in existence. This was before the term “Viral was apart of the english lexicon. The Brooklyn raised couple received media attention around NY and across the United States including CNN, NY Daily News, Miami Herald and The Washington Post. They were awarded numerous accolades including a Proclamation from the New York City Council, and a Trail Blazer award from The then Manhattan Borough President, Scott Stringer. Jill’s activism inspired her to continue to be of service and she went on to become an Ordained Interfaith Minister. She has now evolved to Spiritual Life Coach and Soul Activist. She uses metaphysics and spiritual principals to provide healing and strength for the women who attend her monthly healing circles and group coaching. Jill's Ministry includes, Officiating Weddings, Couples & Marriage Ministry, Spiritual Counseling, Soul Activation programs, Soul Shops and Healing Retreats. Jill is passionate about being of service and taking a stand for the transformation of consciousness. Her Vow into ministry says it all “I Jill Flowers, vow to use my speech, my listening and my light to awaken to empower and to heal”. Jill lives in Brooklyn, NY with her Husband and two children.

  • One of the reasons Rosetta started the Happy Black Woman movement and community is because she did for herself what she advises you to do in this episode. She took 4 specific steps that enabled her to become the kind of woman she wanted to be… and that resulted in a very clear vision to help other black women step into their own areas of gifting and genius. Happy Black Woman was the result. If you are tired of the struggle and ready to become the kind of woman who gets everything she wants, you’ve got to hear this episode. It could change your life.

    Your freedom as a black woman starts by killing fear and committing to getting what you want.

    There are so many reasons we don’t start moving in the direction of our dreams, but all of them are tied to some kind of fear. That’s why the first thing you need to do is kill fear. It’s never going to serve you and only tells you lies. Killing fear means you silence the voices of doubt and insecurity that have held you back for so long. It means you get yourself away from the naysayers and doubters who are prone to discourage you and amplify your fears. Listen to this episode to find out more about how you can kill fear and commit to what you want.

    When you have a purpose you don’t have time for foolishness.

    It’s vital to get clear on your purpose, the reason you were put on the planet. The reason it’s so vital is that your life purpose will help you get clarity for your life, it will help you eliminate the things that are nothing more than distractions and unworthy goals. Rosetta says when your purpose is clear you begin to realize that you don’t have time for foolishness. Find out how you can begin to get clarity on your purpose and move in the direction you need to move, on this episode.

    Most black women do not want to face the things that may hold them back.

    You may not like to hear it but it’s true: most black women don’t want to face the things that hold them back. Why? Because the things that hold us back are deep-seated issues that we’ve been avoiding all our lives. Things like poor self-worth, powerful self-doubt, abuses or condemning voices from the past, and much more. It’s easier to stay where you are, to avoid dealing with those issues - but you’ll never move toward your dreams if you don’t do the work needed to overcome them. That's because they are your limitations. Rosetta’s got great advice for how to deal with these issues on this episode.

    Being successful takes work: YOU have to make your dream a reality.

    There is no magic bullet or formula that bring success to you. Not affirmations. Not prayers. Not meditations. Those things alone don’t get you anywhere because they are not accompanied by action on your part. You have to put your faith into action. If you have a dream, it’s up to you to fuel it and make it happen. On this episode of Happy Black Woman, Rosetta shares 4 steps every black woman needs to take in order to become the kind of woman who gets everything she wants. You don’t want to miss this one.

    Outline of this great episode [0:29] Rosetta’s welcome to episode 100! [2:00] What does it really take to manifest your vision? [4:08] Rosetta’s year of liberation and the realization she came to. [6:19] Kill the fear and commit to getting what you want. [11:01] Step #1: Discover your purpose. [14:19] Step #2: Develop your vision about your purpose and protect it. [18:09] Step #3: Break through your barriers. [22:45] Step #4: Take inspired action on what you want. [25:07] LIVE Questions and Answers. Resources & Links mentioned in this episode Kill Newsfeed Uber Conference Instant Teleseminar www.ManifestYourVision.com - Get your 30% off ticket to the 5th annual retreat in January 2018
  • Deep inside we all have the dream to be everything we were put on the planet to be. It’s from that place that the desire for increased performance comes. We honestly want it because we want our life to count. Dr. Bertha McCants is an internationally recognized leadership speaker and mentor who is dedicated to teaching women, step-by-step, how to create a blueprint for peak performance. She helps women around the nation who are ready to start taking action on their big goals. This conversation with Rosetta is inspiring: it takes you through Dr. B.’s personal story of the health crisis that proved to be a turning point to set her on a new path. Learn how she can help you amplify the impact of your life by listening to this episode.

    Carve out the time to keep yourself well. If you don’t, nothing else you do will matter.

    Dr. B.’s life was filled with responsibility and experience prior to her health crisis - but it was that event that made her aware of the need to make changes, for the sake of those she loved and the sake of making her life count. That’s when she determined that she’d make a habit of self-care, taking care of her body, mind, and soul so that she could be all she was meant to be. You’ll be inspired by her story and see how the small, daily action of self-care changed the course of her life. Don’t miss this conversation. It’s worth sharing!

    Without acting on what you know you need to do, nothing will ever change.

    After Dr. Bertha McCants faced the health issues that brought her to a point of crisis, she realized that she needed to make changes. But where do you start? She’s discovered that everything begins with an honest assessment of where you are and is followed by the commitment to take action to change the things that aren’t serving your life and goals. Dr. B. shares her powerful story on this podcast episode and gives a clear challenge to those of us who want increased performance from our lives, so don’t miss it.

    The highest performance you can achieve will depend on the right kind of accountability.

    With Dr. B.’s help, many women are able to accurately assess the current state of their lives and begin to make changes. But the sustained momentum needed to break old habits and establish new ones doesn’t come easily. Dr. B. says the right kind of accountability is always needed in order to break through and achieve the increased performance you’re looking for. In this conversation, she describes why accountability is important and how it should look in order to get the results you want. You won’t want to miss this conversation. Dr. B’s experience and counsel is a gift.

    When your time is not your own, what do you do to get started on a new path?

    Many of us are trying to build something new and fresh in our lives while continuing to work a full-time job. That means a significant portion of our time is under the control of our employer. When your time is not your own, what can you do to get started on a new path? That’s one of the questions Rosetta asked Dr. B. in this conversation because it’s those practical approaches that all of us need to be equipped with. You’ll love Dr. B.'s response and the practical tips that flow from it, so be sure you make the time to listen.

    Outline of this great episode [0:29] Rosetta’s thanks and introduction to her guest Dr. Bertha McCants. [2:27] What motivated Dr. B to start her leadership consulting business. [6:01] Steps you can take to begin moving your life forward. [10:53] How you can develop a plan to take your life from here to there. [13:47] ACT on what you’ve discovered or nothing will ever change. [15:30] The things Dr. B. does to keep herself on focus. [18:20] When your time is not your own, how do you get started? [22:13] The book that has impacted Dr. B. the most on her journey. Resources & Links mentioned in this episode www.DrBStrategyConsulting.com BOOK: Commanding Your Morning BOOK: Lead the Life You Imagine By Having the Courage to Listen to Your Heart - Dr. B’s book, publishing October 2017. About Dr. Bertha McCants

    Dr. Bertha McCants is internationally recognized as leadership speaker and mentor. She is also a life insurance agency owner and a retired public school superintendent, dedicated to teaching women, step-by-step, how to create a blueprint for peak performance. She helps women around the nation who are ready to start taking actions on their big goals. Dr B and the Women Leadership Mentor brand is a supportive community that empowers women through leadership mentoring, personal development, and entrepreneurship.

  • Brigitte Barrow is committed to helping youth prepare for their future because she has walked a very difficult road herself. Her journey has taken her from runaway to speaker and coach to youth-focused organizations - Brigitte’s story is itself inspirational, a demonstration of what is possible when a young person is properly taught and equipped. On this episode of Happy Black Woman, Rosetta and Brigitte talk about her story, unpack the most important areas of focus Brigitte emphasizes to organizations that are helping youth prepare for real life, and then turn a corner to dive into Brigitte’s business and the strategies she uses to be productive and on-track with her mission. You’ll enjoy this episode so be sure you listen.

    4 steps to help youth prepare for the future.

    It’s important for youth to become self-reliant - that’s the only way they can become truly beneficial, productive members of society and live a life of meaning. Brigitte Barrow is dedicated to helping youth learn the things necessary to be who they need to be in the world and she emphasizes 4 main things: mindset, education, income, and housing. You can hear how she defines those and why she believes them to be so important as she explains her approach to Rosetta - it’s all on this episode.

    The things young people need to understand about their income.

    One of the most liberating or debilitating things in life is the issue of income. You can have too little and become demoralized and depressed, not to mention poor - or you can have what you need and be set up for great opportunities and a more positive outlook on life. Brigitte Barrows is in the business of helping youth-focused organizations unpack the mysteries and intricacies of finances and income for youth, so they can not only understand it but also learn how to take control of it for their own benefit. This is a fascinating part of the conversation so be sure you don’t miss it.

    Stay productive by creating a list of most important tasks and keeping it near you.

    When Rosetta asked her guest, Brigitte Barrow, how she stays productive, Brigitte said she starts her workday by making a quick list of the most important tasks she must accomplish for the day. But that’s not all. She keeps the list next to her all the time, just in case she gets distracted or finds herself off track. Having the list nearby enables her to refocus and get back on track right away, which increases her productivity. We’re all going to get distracted from time to time - Brigitte’s tip helps us manage that reality to our advantage. You can hear more great tips like this from Brigitte on this episode.

    Pray like it all depends on God, take action like it all depends on you.

    There’s a strange combination of things that go into any success. Hard work, on the one hand, enables us to make the most of our opportunities. But the opportunities themselves are often far outside our personal control. We can’t make them happen. Brigitte Barrow says that’s why she has adopted the practice of doing something a minister once told her, “Pray like it all depends on God and take action like it all depends on you.” Faith in action - it’s vital that we not go too far in either direction at the expense of the other. Hear Brigitte’s tips by listening to this conversation. You’ll be so glad you did.

    Outline of this great episode [0:29] Rosetta’s introduction of Brigitte Barrow. [2:28] Brigitte’s journey: from runaway to helping youth meet the real world. [6:05] The focus on Brigitte’s youth training and how she works with organizations. [8:44] 4 steps to help youth become self-reliant: Mindset, Education, Income, Housing. [16:20] How Brigitte’s work is applicable to adults who have had setbacks in life. [18:15] Strategies that keep Brigitte productive. [21:56] The #1 piece of advice Brigitte gives to women who want to move forward but are afraid. [25:11] Pray like it all depends on God, take action like it all depends on you. Resources & Links mentioned in this episode www.BrigitteBarrow.com (get her free gift) 1-800-258-5268 (call Brigitte) www.Calendly.com/BrigitteBarrow - set a time to chat with Brigitte BOOK: Action Has No Season About BRIGITTE BARROW

    Brigitte Barrow is the “young-at-heart” workshop leader and creator of BJB Youth Training Services, providing life-skills training workshops in both personal and professional development and leadership, serving organizations who need help reaching their goals of educating, empowering and enhancing the lives of girls, young women and foster youth so that the organization’s youth members have the necessary information, tools and strategies to succeed in key areas of their lives. Brigitte has over 15 years of experience as a career Executive Administrative Assistant supporting C-Suite and other senior-level executives for high-profile corporations and businesses in the film and television entertainment, sports, rights-licensing-branded integration-advertising, broadcasting, music, banking, and real estate industries. During tenures with her employers she attended company-paid personal and professional development courses including “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” (Stephen Covey), “Focus: Achieving Your Highest Priorities” (Frank Covey), “Situational Self-Leadership” (Ken Blanchard), “Owning Your Development”, “Priority & Time Management” and “DISC” (short and team versions). In addition, she received annual acknowledgments in certificates and financial awards for her Professionalism, Leadership, Teamwork, Initiative and overall performance for consistently exceeding expectations. She earned her Associate’s Degree with Honors in Liberal Arts and Sciences with a focus in Journalism from West Los Angeles College. Brigitte started this business after fully discovering that her passion, life’s purpose and first love is youth guidance and mentoring through teaching and training workshops helping girls, young women and foster youth to become self-reliant, establish a safe and secure lifestyle for themselves, follow a focused pathway to a successful life and realize their dreams. Brigitte was born and partially raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She resides in Inglewood, California (within the greater Los Angeles area).

  • Sherkica Miller-McIntyre is on a mission to make real estate investing for women not only a possibility but a reality in real life. She has come to realize that when a person rents a property they are helping other people purchase their house when they could be building an opportunity and a legacy for themselves and their own family. In this conversation, you’re going to hear how Sherkica is working to help women think down their generational line to see how their path toward home ownership and real estate investing can change things long-term. It’s a great conversation that could change your family’s future, so be sure you take the time to listen.

    She didn’t qualify to buy a home, but she purchased a home anyway.

    Every one of us has a story and how it turns out is up to us. Sherkica Miller-McIntyre was in a place where home ownership didn’t seem possible. In fact, she’d been told by an "expert" that she didn’t qualify for a home loan. But she didn’t give up. When she heard about a real estate seminar that was teaching about the possibility of home ownership she decided to attend and learned additional information that made it possible for her to purchase her own home in spite of what she’d been told. She went on to become a real estate agent and now helps women purchase their own home and even invest in real estate for long term gains. You’ll enjoy this conversation, so make some time to listen and learn.

    No matter the hurdles, there is a path to getting past them and start investing in real estate.

    There’s no doubt that whatever you want to do, there will be obstacles you will have to overcome. But be careful. Too many women allow the obstacles to dictate their outcome. They lose sight of their dreams and stop working toward them, simply because they believe the obstacles are too big. Sherkica Miller-McIntyre says that no matter the obstacles in your path, there is a way around them - but you have to want to get past them. In this conversation, she shares the steps you can take to identify the obstacles you face and make a plan to overcome them. It’s an inspiring conversation so don’t miss it!

    Sherkica’s mission is to make real estate investing possible for women. It's time for you to get started!

    Many of us shrink back when we think about buying a home. To go beyond that and think about the possibility of owning investment properties as well… that’s more than many of us can even conceive. But Sherkica Miller-McIntyre specializes in helping women invest in real estate, beginning with the purchase of their own home. She believes that home ownership is possible for anyone and serves as a coach and guide to walk with you every step of that journey. What are you waiting for? What is holding you back? Sherkica offers a free strategy session in this conversation so don’t miss the opportunity to get moving toward a better future.

    Your investing goals could be closer than you think. But you won’t know until you take a look.

    When Rosetta asked her guest, Sherkica Miller-McIntyre for the first steps any woman can take to begin moving toward home ownership and/or real estate investing, she said that the very first step is to understand where you are, where you’re going, and the facts about what stands in your way. It requires hard work and an honest look at your situation, but it’s the only way to know for sure what you need to do to move your life in a different direction. Sherkica’s practical help and insight flow from her experience in helping many women move from being renters to homeowners, and beyond. You can’t miss this conversation. Sherkica shares how you can set the stage for a legacy of home ownership for your family for years to come.

    Outline of this great episode [0:29] Rosetta’s juicy introduction to Sherkica Miler-McIntyre, real estate diva. [3:03] How Sherkica was introduced to property ownership and real estate investments. [8:39] Tips for first-timers in the real estate realm: what does it really take to get started? [14:10] Getting past credit problems to make the path to real estate investing possible. [20:33] Sherkica’s world: how she stays focused and productive. [25:21] Why are your goals important to you? It’s important to know the answer. [31:19] Sherkica’s advice for women who are just starting on the entrepreneurial journey. Resources & Links mentioned in this episode www.divasdoingrealestate.com Get Sherkica’s free gift: Schedule your complimentary Dream Session with Sherkica to discover how Divas Doing Real Estate Consulting shall assist you in achieving your Real Estate goals. https://calendly.com/divasdoingrealestate/dream-session-with-hbw BOOK: When a Women Lets Go of the Lies About Sherkica Miller-McIntyre

    Sherkica Miller-McIntyre, a licensed Realtor in North and South Carolina and has successfully owned and operated a real estate and property management firm for 12 years. However, Sherkica not only assists clients with brokerage services, she passionately focuses on educating clients on credit, budget and savings, how to build, maintain and grow wealth through real estate; and, vigorously promotes the benefits of a career within real estate. The goal for Sherkica is to source the root of clients’ doubt in pursuing their real estate goals, then solidly reinforce the idea that freedom from debt, understanding of how credit works and can be used to build wealth, learning to operate on a balanced budget, and income generation provides avenues of life less traveled by most, in particular, women. Sherkica’s ideology is to create a shift in mindsets and self perception, and by doing so women will begin to break generational financial bondage, build their personal legacies and strengthen the communities in which they reside. Through one-on-one coaching, motivational techniques and continued accountability, clients receive personalized “pathways” to their real estate goal, focused on financial, credit, savings, investing and budgeting needs. Sherkica is married to an awesome husband, has four amazing children and a “grandma” to a beautiful Alaskan Husky. She loves to travel, spend time with family and has recently found a new passion in adult coloring books.