The last time Rory Vaden joined the show, he shared some strategies we could use to create influential personal brands — insight that helped me shift the focus of my business and scale it to the next level.

    We hear a lot more talk about personal brands today than we did even just a year or two ago, but I still don’t think people are acting seriously enough when it comes to establishing, scaling, or monetizing their brands.

    I am not exaggerating when I say there is no way I would be where I am today, personally or professionally, if I hadn’t started getting strategic and intentional about branding over 10 years ago.

    And, as time goes on, personal branding is only getting more important — for all of us.

    Luckily, things are a lot easier for us today than they were for me back then. There are hundreds of successful personal brands you can model, online marketing tools are only getting more accessible and easier to use, and most importantly, we are being guided by one of the world’s leading experts on influence.

    In today’s episode of The School of Greatness, we discuss why personal branding isn’t just a fad, why it’s actually only becoming more important, and the five best ways you can start monetizing your brand today.

    Whether you’re an entrepreneur, freelancer, or employee, pay close attention to this episode, because Rory brings the heat (again) and his advice will be transformative — if you take action. And if you’re really serious about monetizing your personal brand, you can book a free brand strategy call with Rory’s team.

    Let out a sigh of relief, because you’re about to find clarity on how to monetize your personal brand and scale your business in Episode 883.

    Some Questions I Ask:
    Why is personal branding still so important? (7:57)
    What are the five best ways to start monetizing your brand (AKA how to get P.A.I.D.S.)? (16:46)
    How does someone know which of these five ways to monetize a personal brand is the best for them? (40:07)
    What is ONE thing that listeners can do now if they want to monetize their personal brand? (1:00:58)

    In This Episode, You Will Learn:
    How people become “Twitter rich but dollar broke” (10:20)
    How you can monetize your audience without ever selling something to them (19:20)
    What my personal branding journey with Rory looked like & what we did to make my business more scalable (28:50)
    The advantages and disadvantages of P.A.I.D.S. (40:30)
    Why “you need to make sure your influence doesn’t grow wider than your character runs deep” (1:07:10)
    Plus much more...

    If you enjoyed this episode, check out the video, show notes and more at www.lewishowes.com/883 and follow at instagram.com/lewishowes

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