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  • The Bumblebutt Podcast is a weekly True crime/ Comedy podcast. We cover everything from serial killers, murder, organized crime, cults, UFO's or even paranormal, brought to you by Cody, Adam, and Jordan.

  • La historia completa de las 28 horas más trágicas en la historia de Colombia.

    Una reconstrucción de la toma del palacio de justicia, basada en 12,000 horas de investigación, arquitectura forense, big data y la sincronización de decenas de horas de audio y video. El asalto y la retoma contadas en alta resolución, para entender en su totalidad los oscuros sucesos de hace 35 años.

  • aproximadamente cada 28 minutos una niña o una adolescente fue víctima de violencia sexual entre 2018 y 2019 ... Se imaginan las estadísticas ahora en cuarentena .. en dónde los acosadores están encerrados con sus propias hijas y/o esposa.

  • Comedians Lace Larrabee and Katherine Blanford, share eerily similar stories of getting cheated on by their exes so they decided to start a podcast because therapy was too expensive.
    CHEATIES is a juicy series about cheating and life as comics. Every Monday, these hilarious (and totally not bitter) co-hosts interview a new caller who's either been cheated on or cheated themselves! On Thursdays, Lace and Katherine catch up on their week, bust each other's ovaries and reveal next week's caller.
    CHEATIES is a salacious, silly, sexy part of a well imbalanced diet! Follow us on Instagram at @cheatiespodcast or text the word CHEATIES to 555-888 for regular podcast and live show updates. If you'd like to share your cheating story, whether you're the cheater or the cheatie, call 888-STABBY-8 (888-782-2298) and leave a voicemail today. Your story might just get chosen for a episode of CHEATIES!