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  • Children's stories perfect for classroom, bedtime, or anytime.
    Based on my 26 year hobby of reading in public elementary schools, the stories offered here are some of my favorite, kid-tested read-alouds. All stories appear with the permission of the author.

  • Quand on a été expat, le retour au pays est parfois compliqué. Dans "Moi, Impat", Eric Gendry interview toutes les deux semaines un ou une "impatrié(e)".

  • Daughter Knows Best is a comedy podcast starring comedian Carolyn Castiglia and her much smarter, wiser, more sophisticated daughter, Adriana. Together they interview other parents and kids about the tragedies and triumphs of growing up.

  • Adoptive Family Success is a podcast created for those that are considering adoption, in the process of adopting or parenting by adoption. The host of AFS Podcast, Yolanda Comparan, provides support, information, resources and honesty in two episodes each week; Monday episodes are for those that have not yet adopted, Thursday episodes are for adoptive parents.

  • Essentials for Adoption-attuned* Parenting explores how parents can best relate and connect to their adopted child. Join GIFT coaches, Joann DiStefano and Susan David, each week to discover constructive tips and tools for building a strong foundation for your adoptive family.

  • Lian Dolan gives her take on modern motherhood and all that includes, from news headlines to parenting observation to advice- giving.

  • Wife. Young. In The Mood To Talk.

    This is a podcast where you will hear a lot of different topics! I want to share and want to listen!

    Just a girl who talks to much! 🙃

  • Ray FitzGerald takes his years of experience in teaching gifted elementary students and examines what sets these high-achieving children apart from their peers so that, together, we can help your child become legendary in everything he or she does.

    Topics discussed include building confidence, creating positive routines and learning the best leadership skills for students.

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  • 今個夏天,Harry哥哥帶着芝蔴踏上尋找快樂之旅,走遍印度、台灣、緬甸、日本。到各名勝景點遊玩固然令人歡樂,認識當地文化、擴濶視野也是一種快樂;Harry哥哥更會走訪鄉村、社區,探訪當地學校、家庭,看看各地的小朋友、大朋友的快樂生活是怎樣的。

  • 锦明老师(微信jinminglaoshi)创建的亲子晨读群的学员经验分享




  • If you are currently going through a divorce or soon will be, Divorce and Your Money is the perfect podcast for you. The author, Shawn C. H. Leamon (MBA), is a professional and well-respected financial advisor and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst. His podcast provides real-world practical advice, including tips and checklists to help women and men protect their financial interests and future.

  • 叮当妈妈精心挑选的绘本故事,绝不盲从于各大排行榜,而是根据宝宝最真实的反应来推荐,肉测的真实结果哦!

  • Meet the Mentor with Dr. Bill Dorfman is a weekly podcast that showcases mentors in many fields and industries that share their experiences with New York Times Best-Selling author and celebrity dentist, the founder of The LEAP Foundation, Dr. Bill Dorfman.

  • "Transition Aging Parents" is a free radio show created and hosted by Dale Carter, founder of This show will focus on issues of caregiving, family communication, financial and estate issues, respite options, and first-person stories by older adults.

  • 亞太廣播聯盟每年均舉辦兒童劇的製作與交換計劃,作品豐富多姿。今年主題為精神健康。在亞太廣播聯盟的平台,以兒童劇互相交流。利用較少的語言和文字,製作具童真而且動人的兒童戲劇,目的是讓世界各地的兒童,都能看得明白,得到鼓舞,受到感染。我們選了其中七個交換作品,加上了在香港編導製作,具童真而且動人的兒童戲劇,組成了【童真無國界】。

  • 《Harry哥哥好鄰居III》將變幻園變身成為一個閃爍舞台,全面爆發不同驚喜! 

    變幻園有一架神秘電車穿越時空到達夢幻園,回到過去看看當時Harry哥哥、BB芝蔴及BB近近視究竟發生甚麼趣事?當然還少不得Harry 哥哥變魔術及唱兒歌! 


    愛美麗姐姐、Harry 哥哥會聯同一班小鄰居合力炮製美味健康的食物;而動物專家Garay哥哥會介紹一班可愛的動物鄰居,你想認識牠們更多嗎? é»˜åŠ‡è€å¸«Eric äº¦æœƒæ•™å¤§å®¶ç”¨è‚¢é«”去表演,發揮小鄰居的無限想像! 



  • 少數族裔與香港社會的融合、以及少數族裔被歧視的情況,一直是社會其中一項備受關注的議題。其實香港有不少少數族裔人士,他們的祖父輩早年已來港定居,在香港的發展歷史中擔當重要的角色。這些少數族裔社羣在這裏落地生根,融入香港這個大家庭,成為社會的一分子。