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  • Gaceta Oficial de Venezuela
    Audio y Vídeo Productor y director @Raymond Orta
    Servicio Gratuito de difusión de la Gaceta Oficial de Venezuela

    El podcast Gaceta Oficial de Venezuela es una serie de episodios que se enfoca en informar sobre las leyes, decretos y resoluciones publicados en la Gaceta Oficial de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela.En cada episodio, se aborda un tema específico de interés público que ha sido publicado en la Gaceta Oficial, como por ejemplo, nuevas regulaciones en el ámbito económico, cambios en el sistema de salud o leyes en materia de educación.Los episodios son presentados por expertos en derecho, quienes analizan el contenido de la publicación y lo explican de manera clara y concisa, para que la audiencia pueda entender los cambios y cómo afectan sus vidas.Además de informar sobre los cambios legales, el podcast también busca educar a la audiencia sobre los procesos legales y las instituciones involucradas en la creación y aplicación de las leyes en Venezuela.El objetivo del podcast Gaceta Oficial de Venezuela es mantener a la audiencia informada sobre los cambios legales y su impacto en la sociedad venezolana. También busca proporcionar información valiosa y educativa para aquellos interesados en el derecho y la política en Venezuela.

  • A podcast from the Apex Bank of Nigeria communicating the Bank's key policies and activities.

  • Become a Paid Subscriber: to LIVE Conservative radio inspired to create reforms Conversations; discussions platform news latest reporting world of thirsty hungry games sore core sector in Foreign International Affairs, U.S. Foreign Commonwealth and Development in the U.S. Embassies Consulate diplomacy Intelligence Law Enforcement Defense Training Education Protect and Serve Global Diplomats travel hired called in stand-in Support this podcast:

  • Sharing My Experiences on My Christian Faith Journey, African Politics, Being a Nigerian Woman in Nigeria and General Lifestyle! Please send me Feedbacks!

  • Welcome to the Government Technology Insider Podcast. Join us as we explore the intersection where innovation meets the mission. Our guests will explain the strategies, challenges, and successes government agencies experience as they adopt cutting-edge technologies.

    In each episode, we'll bring you engaging interviews with industry leaders, and technology experts who are at the forefront of helping government IT leaders solve the challenges they face today. We’ll talk about a wide range of topics including digital government initiatives, cybersecurity threats, the impact of cloud computing, and how AI is changing how agencies will work.! You will gain valuable knowledge on how to put technology to work to drive the mission forward. This is your comprehensive one stop shop to grow your understanding of the ever-evolving government technology landscape.

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  • In-depth analysis and critical discussion on important issues, how they affect people, their potential to change lives, and what needs to be done to influence outcomes.

  • Toplumu disipline etme amacı ile gözlerden uzak sessizce yapılan cezalandırma ile genel anlamda kapatılmayı, özel olarak ise hapishaneleri ele alacağımız 17 bölümlük bu podcast serisine; kapatılma kavramını ve kapatılan insanı konuşarak başlayıp devamında cezaların kökenini ve amacını, hapsetme kavramını, hapishanenin doğuşunu, dünyadan ve Türkiye’den hapishane örneklerini, mekan-ideoloji ilişkisi çerçevesinde hapishanelerin mekansal analizini, F tipi ve özel tip hapishanelere geçiş sürecini, dünyada ve Türkiye’de özel tecrit tiplerini, tecridin insanlar üzerindeki etkilerini, tecridin hukuki boyutunu, ölünceye dek hapis cezası ve umut hakkını, hapishanede şiddeti, ötekinin ötekisi olan kadın, hasta, engelli, çocuk, yabancı, lgbti+ mahpusların durumlarını, yazar mahpusların yaşadıklarını ve son olarak hapsetmenin alternatiflerini ve hapishanesiz bir toplumun mümkün olup olmadığını tartışarak devam edeceğiz.
    Toplum ve Hukuk Araştırmaları Vakfı, kurulduğu 1994 yılından bu yana, mağdurlara savunuculuk ve rehabilitasyon desteği sunma başta olmak üzere insan hakları alanında ulusal ve uluslararası alanda faaliyetler yürüten bir sivil toplum örgütüdür. Vakıf, İşkence yasağına karşı hukuki çalışmalara odaklanması ve Türkiye'de hapishanede sistematikleşen hak ihlalleri nedeni ile hapishaneler özelinde birçok çalışma yürütmüştür. Bu podcast dizisi de bu çalışmaların bir parçası olarak ortaya çıkmıştır.

    Podcast Cover Credit: Roberto Acosta Oyarzo

  • Conversations centered on safety with interesting guests from a wide variety of industries. Taking safety topics and applying them to real workplaces with real people. Includes safety in all areas including community safety.

    Thanks for listening. We have some great guests coming up in future pods so get ready to learn. Until next time, enjoy the rest of your week, and stay safe.

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  • This series of Beyond The Capital from SuperTech is all about overcoming challenges. Hilary speaks to business leaders and entrepreneurs about the ups and downs of their career journeys, and how they've built thriving businesses in the regions.

    Hosted by regional Professional Services champion Hilary Smyth-Allen. Want to be part of the regional conversation? Get in touch: [email protected]

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  • It’s a creative speech podcast for the purpose of inspiring someone or a group of people to start that revolutionary change that we all desire. I believe that this podcast will spark the fire of change across our nation and around the world.

  • Eye of the Storm is Dataphyte's latest production that allows you to walk with journalists on their truth-finding missions.

    We’ll take you behind the scenes of the exposès that have dominated news headlines, and you'll hear the many stories that interlink to the big piece served to you by heroes with pens and microphones.

  • Welcome to the Winter Will Come Again podcast, where we will be exploring the story behind the energy crisis Europe faced the winter of 2022, its connection with plastic production and why, to ease Europe’s energy needs, plastic has to go. 

    In 2022, once it became clear that Russian gas supplies were to be cut by at least 80%, energy costs in Europe surged. The debate around the energy crisis dominated policy and media spaces, and this in combination with the cost of living crisis that concerned countries throughout the continent, forced industry, businesses and individuals to adapt their behaviour as governments scrambled to secure gas reserves that would meet energy demands. 

    What this scrambling looked like has an unlikely connection to plastic production: while in EU Member States like Germany, the general public was told that they should take cold showers and use less heat to reduce the overall fossil fuel consumption, the EU explored new trade deals to secure energy supplies for the colder months of the year, in particular with the United States and African countries like Senegal.

    Not only did EU governments demand far more action from individual citizens than from industrial sectors that consume the lion’s share of fossil feedstock and energy, they also completely overlooked the huge potential to actually reduce fossil fuel consumption by tackling unnecessary use. 

    What does unnecessary use look like? Well, if the global petrochemical producers were a country, they would be the third-largest oil consumer in the world and the fourth-largest gas consumer. These were the findings from Break Free From Plastic’s Winter is Coming report published late in 2022 in the midst of the energy crisis. 

    This extremely high fossil fuel-consuming industry remained and still remains a complete oversight in the EU public energy and climate debates. This is despite clear and feasible pathways to reduce consumption of one of its main products: plastic. The EU cannot buy its way out of the multiple current crises by simply replacing Russian fossil fuels with imports from other regions. Every barrel of oil or cubic metre of fossil gas that goes towards plastics is a major roadblock towards the goals of tackling the climate and plastics crises and breaking free from the fossil dependency that foments instability and fuels wars.

    Join us in this three episode podcast series as we explore the stories behind the data of the Winter is Coming report. We will be joined by activists, researchers and campaigners from Europe, Africa and the US. Each bringing new insight and perspective to help us understand why this high fossil fuel-consuming industry remains a complete oversight in the EU public energy and climate debates and what can be done to ease the energy dependency of Europe on the US and countries in Africa.

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  • Welcome to Entrepreneurship Policy Pulse, a podcast by the FATE Institute, where we explore the latest trends, insights, and policy developments shaping the Nigerian entrepreneurship ecosystem.

  • Performance and Project Implementation Monitoring Unit is the Delivery Unit of the Ondo State Government focused on driving a performance based culture for the State government. We will be diving deep into Ondo State government related matters with experts from both the government and private sectors. The goal is to showcase a more accountable and transparent government.

  • From local elected officials to community organizers—find out how public officials and community leaders are responding to COVID-19 (Series 1), doing work to impact their local community (Series 2), filling the gap when government fails (Series 3), serving the public interest (Series 4), demystifying policy-relevant research (Series 5), and race & democracy (Series 6) on the Growing Democracy Podcast. Podcasts transcriptions available at: GDP is hosted by Casey Boyd-Swan and Ashley Nickels; co-hosted by Shemariah Arki and Anuj Gurung (Series 6); and edited by Gheramy Demery at Golden Ox Studios.Supported by funding from the American Political Science Association (APSA), Scholars Strategy Network of Northeast Ohio (Series 5), the Mark Lewine and John Gray Paynther Program (Series 6), and our Patreon supporters (

  • An examination of the stories impacting the world of small business, management consulting, and federal contracting.

    Want to learn more? Visit or contact us at [email protected] 

    The Country Intelligence Report is affiliated with the Country Intelligence Group, LTD. CountryIntel was established in 2012 by a small group of research and analysis professionals who had a unique blend of data analytics, workforce development, and Department of Defense expertise.

  • Vermont Viewpoint covers a lot of ground, both geographically and topically. You'll hear from lawmakers, newsmakers, business people and your own friends and neighbors. This is the show you want to tune into to hear what compelling and/or fun topic you'll be introduced to each day.

  • The Policy Sphere, a podcast series by think tank Agora Policy, focuses on addressing pressing national challenges and strengthening the discourse in the Nigerian policy landscape.

    Backed by evidence-driven research, the conversational podcast delves right into the issues affecting national development alongside a host of sound policy/issue experts. Each episode will identify these urgent challenges while providing strong recommendations (policy solutions?) which are inclusive just as they are evidence-based.