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  • This country was founded on Christian principles and the roles of Patriot and Pastor sometimes mixed. The pulpit was a place where religious tradition mixed with political philosophy. If it were not for strong men of God, who were unafraid to speak outwardly about their faith and take strong political stands, this country would not be what it is today.

    Sadly, most Pastor’s do not see the importance of keeping their church body informed politically. Tom does not subscribe to this philosophy. He believes it is extremely important to share the Gospel, Win the Lost, Disciple Believers, and to keep the church informed of what is going on politically so that we can “resist” the devil’s schemes and plans.

  • On Interpreting India, every two weeks, we bring in voices from India and around the globe to unpack how technology, the economy, and foreign policy impact India’s relationship with the world. Interpreting India is a Carnegie India production and is hosted by Carnegie scholars. In season 2, Srinath Raghavan passes the mic to a new generation of hosts, his colleagues at Carnegie, who will explore the questions that hold the potential to alter India’s trajectory through the coming decade.

  • Welcome to The Government Huddle with Brian Chidester, a new podcast from Government Marketing University. My entire career has been dedicated to marketing in the government space. And in the beginning, I never cared about the WHY. I was completely focused on the HOW. It was all about the tactics, the analytics, the ROI… rinse and repeat. Then I decided, I wanted to understand these programs and technologies the same way our customers do. It opened up a whole new world for me.
    And that is what this show is about – “Aligning the WHY with the HOW” …taking a deep dive on current trends, making bold, educated predictions about the market, learning from expert guests and discovering innovative concepts on how to respond to all of this. So join us as we talk about all the things government marketers need to know about today, tomorrow and beyond.

  • Would you like to know what’s going on without having to rely on people with agendas? Me too! That’s why we will discuss the world, explain events and help you be a better person at home and work with advice that I guarantee you needed.

  • The FDA Office of Minority Health and Health Equity Forum podcast series is a platform for experts to come together and have meaningful conversations around health topics that impact the lives and well-being of diverse communities. The series will also help to raise awareness about health issues and disparities impacting the health of diverse populations including minority consumers/patients and spark conversations of your own.

  • An interactive session on the recent updates about what’s happening during the pandemic while relating the happenings somehow, to stupidity.

  • On this poadcast I wil be discussing the definition and real meaning of a protesting and the question Are the protests being perform adequately in these days?

  • True tales of the United States in the time of the New Deal by me, Eric Rauchway. This is my job: I research, write, and talk about the history of the United States, mainly during the presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt.

  • Police and podcasting? Say what?

    It's true! Welcome to the Silicon Valley Beat, the Mountain View Police Department's foray into the world of audio. Each episode, we will go behind the scenes of what a police department looks like in the heart of Silicon Valley (can anyone say, Google?). We'll look at the history of policing, both near and far, and we'll even invite on some special guests as we take a look at law enforcement in the 21st century.

    So plug in, podcasters. And enjoy any edition of the Silicon Valley Beat.

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  • Welcome to the weekly audio podcast of Northplace Church led by Pastor Bryan Jarrett. We invite you to listen whether you're new on your spiritual journey or a committed Christian who wants to get connected more deeply to Jesus. Visit for the video equivalent of these messages.

  • Slam the Gavel is a podcast to discuss Family Court, Child Support and Child Services issues. Advice on how parents can cope with these issues along with Parental Alienation. Based off the book, "Dismantling Family Court Corruption, Why Taking The Kids Was Not Enough." This book can be found on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kindle, Apple and Smashwords and dismantlingfamilycourtcorruption.commusic provided by mictechmusic@yahoo.com

  • Better Together is a podcast designed in hopes of connecting Zion residents with resources within the community.

  • ¿Qué temas debo abordar en mi podcast?

    โ— Causas que propiciaron la llegada Europea a América.
    -Reino Español
    โ— Viajes de exploración a América y su impacto en ambos continentes.
    -España y su llegada a América.

    -Los viajes de exploración.
    -Consecuencias de los viajes de exploración de España.
    โ— Elementos de estos sucesos que siguen vigentes en tu realidad social, económica y ambiental.
    Impacto de los viajes de exploración en los ámbitos: económico, político, social y cultural.

  • A podcast about policies that deepen democracy. TIWDLL is the flagship podcast of the Democracy Policy Network, an interstate network that organizes policy support for the growing movement of trailblazing leaders working to deepen democracy in statehouses across America. Learn more at

  • This podcast will be an opinion oriented summary of events that are going on in this world. Join us as we talk about anything and everything, from how governments are doing to the newest video games and movies coming out to reviews on new issues of manga, books and comic books and I answer life's greatest questions on life liberty and pursuit of happiness. My name is Jamil Gabriel and this is my show.

    I started this show because I love learning about new things and I love talking and I would like to discuss with you my thoughts and have a discussion to anyone that would like to ask. Thank you and enjoy the show.

  • We are at the beginning of a Southeast Asian awakening, with its massive emerging middle-class populations with consumption power, the surge in infrastructural and private equity investments into the region and the shift of production bases from China down to Southeast Asia.

    Hosted by Yap Jia Qing and Calvin Wee, ASEAN Hands seeks out the movers and shakers in Southeast Asia, bringing you deep insights and unparalleled access senior executives of international organisations, policymakers and business leaders in the region.

  • The Centre for Corporate Public Affairs is a membership-based organisation acknowledged internationally as a thought leader by business leaders, academics and professionals working in the field of corporate public affairs in the Asia-Pacific region. Each episode examines an aspect of best practice in corporate public affairs internationally, providing insight and guidance to public affairs practitioners working in corporations, connecting public affairs practitioners with ideas and practical insights to assist, support and inspire them, and the organisations. This is the podcast show for professionals responsible for corporate reputation, stakeholder engagement, corporate communications, issues management and corporate responsibility.

  • Inland Journal is a half-hour public affairs program that includes news features and interviews produced by SPR staff, reporters from the Northwest News Network (N3) and others. The program has a regional focus that reflects the broad listening area of Spokane Public Radio.

  • The Pennsylvania Environmental Council (PEC) protects and restores the natural and built environments through innovation, collaboration, education, and advocacy. PEC believes in the value of partnerships with the private sector, government, communities, and individuals to improve the quality of life for all Pennsylvanians.