• I don't know about you, but when I hear, "you just need to focus" it sends chills up my spine! It's NOT that easy, is it!? One thing I know about our uniquely wired brains is that it's not that we have the inability to focus, it's that our focus drifts from one thing to another when the task is boring or something else entices our interest driven, dopamine seeking brain!

    In this episode, you will meet Dr. Norrine Russell, who is the founder of "Russell Coaching." Her and her coaches share the same passion as I do as a coach. We want to come alongside kids/students with a strength-based approach to help them understand and respond to thier brain best in the school and home environments! Dr. Russel and I share with you the 4 R's to practice when working on exercising the skill of refocusing on the task at hand...

    Recognize-This can be the hardest part! Dr. Russell shares how it's helpful to practice listening for that faint voice inside your head sayind, "this isn't what I am suppose to be doing" and turn up the volume! Reflect- Ask yourself, "what does my brain need to succeed? Do you need a fidget, alternate seating, movement break, etc. Relax- Practice taking intentional breaths to calm your mind and body down and give yourself love and compassion in that moment. Redirect- This is were you get your engine started doing the task at hand... (give youself a micro-manageable step to take)"start writing for one minute or just do one problem."

    You can find Dr. Russell on her website at www.russellcoaching.com to learn more about their coaching program and to tap into her resources!

    You can always find me at www.katelynmabry.com to connect with me in any way as well! I always love hearing from you!!! Have a great day! Love you all!

  • In light of end of year testing (which I am not a fan of by the way!) I wanted to provide you with some encouragement and support so that you do not feel alone and you have some thought reframing, tools and strategies you can use moving into your upcoming tests.

    In this episode I empathize with the fact that testing can feel EXTRA tricky and/or sticky for our busy brains. It is super important to seperate the results of a test from your intelligence. In full transparency, I was a terrible test taker, but it was due to my challenge with the executive function skills needed to execute the format of the test vs. where my intelligence or abilities were at! However, because I struggled with tests, it left me feeling stupid and inadequite much of the time. This spiral took years to climb up from into what I now call my unconditional confidence in my thoughts around test taking, the value I put into the effort given, the attitude towards taking test in resting in doing the best I could with what I knew, and how I treated each test as an opportunity to learn and grow from. I want this same unconditional confidence for you too!

    Three keys to move into test taking season...

    Stay CURIOUS about what your brain needs to succeed before, during, and after test taking. Get creative with study strategies, gamify, add color, etc. Whick areas of the test are feeling "sticky?" and what tools could you use to get "unstuck?" Fidgets, movement breaks, practice deciding between answers that look similar, use audible feature during test for added support. Advocate/ Ask for help! Connect with a trusted adult and talk about what accommations or tools would be helpful for you to test with! Practice self-compassion! Testing can just simply be HARD for those of us with ADHD. You are brilliant in your own unique way. Love on yourself, reminding yourself of all the strengths you do have and where your passion is!

    I love and believe in each of you!! Practice makes progress! Visit my website www.katelynmabry.com to order my children's book, "Hi, It's Me! I have ADHD" or to reach out for a FREE coaching consultation. I would also love to hear from you if you have episode ideas or if you'd like to be featured on a future podcast episode!! Hope to hear from you soon!

  • エピソードを見逃しましたか?


  • You won't want to miss this episode as I interview a brilliant children's yoga instructor, Lauren Chaitoff, who has created a curriculum "Yogi Beans" to use as a tool for children to find calm, create a habit of taking intentional breaths, practice balance, and becoming mindful of their emotions, while also increasing the skill of concentration!

    Join me and Lauren and we discuss all of the wonderful ways that the practice of Yoga can be helpful in your day to day lives. Lauren shares mindfulness strategies, we do belly breaths together, and we explore how yoga can strengthed that struggle with focus! She also shares how the book she wrote, "108 Awesome Yoga Poses for Kids" can be a great resource to get started with!!

    You can find Lauren at www.yogibeans.com to check out all of her fabulous resources to try and to learn more about her Yoga movement!

    Reach out to me at www.katelynmabry.com if you want to share a question or some of your ADHD journey on this show or if you have a topic you'd like me to cover in a future episode! I would love to hear from you! Love and appreciate you all!

  • What are those doctor's called who play fun thinking games and help you understand your unique brain better!? They are called, " Neuropsychologists"!!! In this episode, you will meet two pediatric neuropsychologists from Maryland who have a passion for coming alongside kids and families who find themselves wondering if they have a "different thinking brain!?"

    Dr. Yael Rothman and Dr. Katia Fredricksen share what the experience is like visiting a neuropsychologist and they also share more about their brand new book titled, "Different Thinkers- ADHD." This is their first book in the "Different Thinker Series" they are creating. They read a snippet from the book and share the importance of celebrating all of your strengths as you get to know your brain and navigate through things that feel tricky!

    You find them on instagram @neuropsychmomdocs to follow their journey in sharing evidence based information to support your kiddo and share with other trusted adults in their lives! You can order the book on amazon to have at home or send to school for educators to use too! https://www.amazon.com/Different-Thinkers-PhD-Katia-Fredriksen/dp/B0CCSP1BX4

    Visit my website, www.katelynmabry.com to connect with on a topic idea or to share part of your journey with our friends on this podcast! I look forward to hearing from you soon! Love all of you!

  • My favorite thing to on this podcast is to connect and respond to kiddos with ADHD who reach out with great questions! In this episode, you will hear from our friend and listener, Lucas, who asks, "why is my ADHD brain more hyper than other brains!?"

    We will focus on the fact that our brains are simply wired in a unique way that causes it to be more "hyper" and create a need to lean into the strengths that a hyper brain brings as we navigate through the struggles that we find comes with a busy brain! It's all about learning and growing through the trials in life and see them as an opportuniry to build skills needed to thrive each and every day!

    PLEASE reach out with your questions or experiences to share as we explore and keep staying curious on this ADHD journey together! Email me directly at [email protected] to share questions or you can always visit my website where you can find the book I wrote, get on my email list, and/or get on my schedule for a free consultation to see if coaching might be the best next step for you! Wohoo! Love you all and look forward to connecting with you!

  • Do you ever wonder about the next step you could take on your ADHD journey? I wanted to take the opportunity on this episode to share how coaching could be a great next step! Yes, I am an ADHD life coach and would love the opportunity to work with you. However, there are many incredible coaches out there to choose from too! You want to be sure it's the best fit for you and your family!

    In this episode we talk about the value in understanding your own ADHD brain while finding the best tools, strategies, systems, routines, and habits that work best for YOUR unique beautiful brain! I use the analogy of a flower as we talk about the importance of being rooted in reframing and renewing your thought life to grow a strong stem of tools, strategies, systems, routines, and habits that will result in a beautiful flower when watered by a coach. The sunlight is you and your trusted adult who shed light on the practices that need to be put into place to make transformation happen and to thrive each day with ADHD!

    You can go to https://calendly.com/kmabry-1/consultation to schedule your free coaching consultation and learn more! I look forward to connecting with you! If I am not your girl, I can guide you to another coach or another best next step for you!!!

    Visit my website at www.katelynmabry.com to check out my book or just to follow me on social media! I would also love to hear from you if you and/or your child have episode ideas or want to share your journey on my podcast! Love you all!!

  • Do you ever feel like you have a bully living inside your head!? I know I do and sometimes we just allow it to live there and become used to it! Join me in saying goodbye to that inner bully and hello to self-compassion!

    In this episode I talk about my own experience with my inner bully who says, "what is wrong with you!" I then discuss how we can kick that bully out and invite in a thought that will serve us better..." I am worthy of love and acceptance!" Then ask the question: "What can I offer myself in this MOMENT? What do I need?" This question allows you to practice a pause and to process what you can do in that moment to help regulate and find calm! This is HARD to do sometimes and parents this takes our modeling too! The first step is awareness and planting seeds.

    We also explore the idea of a "moment" in this episode. Our all or nothing brains too often make moments feel like eternity! Join me to retraining and reframing our brains to invite thoughts that drive us in a growth, forward thinking direction. Again, this takes time and practice in developing this skill! I am right here with you on this journey!!

    Visit my website www.katelynmabry.com to contact me for a free ADHD coaching consult, to check out my book, or to follow my journey on social media! Have a great day! Can't wait to be with you next week!

  • Who else is guilty of coming up to something and reacting with "I'll do that later." Some say that is just being a "procrastinator" but I do believe that we have some control over this tendency starting with the thought that is driving that behavior. Thought control is one of the most powerful tool we can have as ADHD brains!!

    In this episode, I talk about the why behind "I'll do that later." Some explanation is that our brain sees the task as boring and our attention turns elsewhere or it's simply overwhelming to get started and so we simply put it off! Don't fret! Let's practice together!

    What can we do!?

    Practice inviting in the thought "Do this now, so I can ________(insert your interest) later." Sometimes we have to talk back to our sassy brain to reframe thoughts and create better habits Create urgency to "do it now!" and put momentum makers into place as needed (5 minutes before dinner, play music, example, "first put dishes away, then play video games."

    On a smaller scale, practice "do it now" when it comes to putting garbage in the garbage can, or putting the underware in your laundry basket! Sounds silly, but you totally know what I'm talking about and you can make the change! I did and you can too! Wohoo!

    Come visit me on my website www.katelynmabry.com for more resources, check out my book, my coaching services, and reach out if you have an episode idea! Thank you for being here! Love you all!

  • Note: This episode is a little longer and can be listened to in parts. The end especially is for trusted adults to hear about a fantastic resource for their own ADHD journey, but the entire episode is a GREAT conversation guide to use with your child!!

    Does it ever feel like ADHD is holding you back from your full potential or do you ever feel like, "they just don't get me and do I even understand me"!? If any of these questions have crossed your mind, this episode is for you!

    In this episode you will meet my fabulous fellow ADHD Coach and Author, Brooke Schnittman, who shares with us what she would tell her 10 year old self if she could! She was diagnosed later in life and experienced bullying and self-doubt early on in life. Through Brooke's journey she has discovered what it means to not only perservere with ADHD, but to thrive and live life to her full potential!

    Brooke is a best selling author and shares with us more about her new book titled, "Activate Your ADHD Potential." This book is not only a great read, super educational, but also takes you on a journey of action steps that will leave you feeling like you are truly on your way to reaching your full potential! You can find this resource and more at www.coachingwithbrooke.com.

    You can also visit my website, www.katelymabry.com for resources, snag my book for a Christmas gift, or jump on a free consultation call to see if coaching might be the best next step for you. If I am not the right fit, that's ok! I will send you to Brooke or another trusted coach who will be! We are on this journey together! Love you all!

  • Does it ever feel like your brain is like a rock and you get stuck on thinking about things or obsessed with things going a certain way!? Well I know this skill can be hard for me too, so let's explore it together!!

    Flexible thinking is an executive function skill that needs to be exercised and developed for some of us with ADHD. In this episode, we will discuss why flexible thinking is hard and some strategies we can use to stretch that muscle to become stronger! When we strengthen that flexible thinking muscle, that also helps in the area of emotional regulation as well!! Win win!!

    So come join me as we discover ways to stretch that flexible thinking muscle...visit my website www.katelynmabry.com for more resources, check out my book, and/or contact me with questions or future episode topic ideas! I would love to hear from you!! Have a great day! Love and appreciate you all for being here!! You are never alone on this journey!

  • Are you looking for an inovative way of engaging your kids in completing the tasks within their daily routine!? Look no further...JOON is a super cool game app that couples virtual quests with the quests of daily tasks!! This momentum maker has potential to spark that motivation you are looking for!

    In this episode, you will hear from Dr. Joe Raiker, a psychologist who specializes in the ADHD brain. He is also a part of the development of Joon as a tool for kiddos who struggle to carry out those non-preferred tasks! He shares how this game will help with behavior managment as it ignites excitement and motivation, while also bridging communication and connection!

    You can go to https://www.joonapp.io/ to learn more about how Joon could be a helpful tool for you!! Check it out and let me know how you like this tool so I can share with Dr. Joe and his team. Their goal is to continually make improvements to make it the most useful tool possible.

    Reach out to me at www.katelynmabry.com to share your thoughts on Joon, share another topic idea, or to be a future ADHD warrior guest on this podcast. I look forward to hearing from you!

  • Hey Hey Hey!!! NOTE: This is an episode not only has a special guest, but she reads you her brand new book at is on the market now called "Listen, Learn, Grow: A whole body listening Larry story to help kids regulate, listen, and engage!" (This is why this episode runs a little longer!) Have you ever been told to sit still, cross your legs, and fold your hands in your lap...but that feels like torcher and you have a hard time listening because your body wants to move!!? Well if so, you are not alone and I have good news for you, your brilliantly unique mind is made to move and can often listen better when you allow your body to move.

    In this episode, you will hear from Speech Pathologist and fellow author, Elizabeth Sautter, who shares her own journey in discovering the power of listening in different ways. Open your big imaginations as you listen and visualize the story that she reads. Also, use this as a communication tool for advocating for home and school accommodations to help you become the best listener possible through listening to what your body needs to succeed!

    You can find Elizabeth, her books and all of her fantastic resources at www.elizabethsautter.com. Make sure if you do purchase her book, you leave a review and share it will teachers, family and friends! This is something that is so important to understand and embrace as we continue to get to know our neurodivergent brains better and respond with love and kindness to what each individual brain needs!

    Reach out to me at www.katelynmabry.com to check out my book at connect with me if you have episode ideas or if you would like to be a guest on a future episode! Kids love to hear from kids! Have a great day! Love you all!

  • Hey there!! Do you ever get fixated on something going a certain way!? When plans alter do your feelings go bonkers!? If so, you are not alone and there is a WHY behind WHAT you are experiencing. We hear about how physical transitions are hard for our ADHD brains sometimes, but have you ever considered "mental transitions?" This is something that our all or nothing brains find super tricky sometimes!

    In this episode, you will hear from my friend and fellow ADHD coach, Tyler Dorsey (owner of Focus Forward ADHD Coaching). She will give you insight into her own experience when it comes to the battle of mental transitions, help you see where it may be showing up in your life, and give you steps to take to become more aware of this struggle so that you can intentionally work through it. Awareness is always the first step to any type of struggle area that you'd like to grow it! The more we know, the more we grow! You need to get curious before getting furious!

    This is a great episode to really break apart and use as a guide for valuable conversation and collaborative problem solving as you apply it to your own life! Trusted adults, there is even a segment at the end where Tyler speaks straight to you too!

    Absolutely check out www.focusforwardresources.com to gain access to some awesome resources and look into investing in some great content that will cover many struggle areas while providing you will more knowledge and support!

    As always, you can reach out to me through my website at www.katelynmabry.com, hop on my email list, check out my book for kids, or book a free consultation to explore 1:1 coaching opportunities. I would LOVE for your kiddos to join me on my future podast too, so reach out with audio clips, or even to share topic ideas!!! Your insight is the best!!! Love you all!

  • Wowee can we all relate to this one to some degree!!? Many times are busy brains are working faster than we can keep up with and those words race out alone with some behaviors that we think, oops, afterwards! Impulse control is one of those executive function challenges that is talked about, but we don't intentially work on strengthening that skill. Your brain is a giant muscle, and you can practice exercises that can strengthen and improve this area of weakness.

    In this episode, you will learn more about WHY it is a challenge to keep those words and actions under control, and I will share a helpful practice to work on managing and strengthing that impulse control skill.

    STOP (imagine that stop sign with your big imagination) when the words are about to be released (this takes practice of being self-aware of those busy thoughts). BREATH- Taking intentional breaths pauses your thoughts while you redirect your focus to the breathing. (You may need to zip your lips and move your feet if those emotions are in charge) THINK- This is where you think about if your words and/or actions are going to be helpful or hurtful. RESPOND in a kind and respectful way- Whether the response is positive or negative, we can practice and have control over how we treat others. "I don't like how you are treating me, so I am going to play with someone else." or " That is so exciting for you! I hope sometime I can do that too!" or "I don't get it! Can you please explain it in a different way!?"

    I hope these takeaways are helpful in your journey towards strengthening that impluse control skill! Thank you for being you! You have a beautifully brilliant brain that is capable of wonderful things! Let's keep exercising your skills that feel tricky and lean into your strengths each and every day!

    Come visit me on my website www.katelynmabry.com to learn more about 1:1 ADHD Life Coaching, to order my book, or to email me about a future podcast episode idea! Remember, I am always looking for guests to come on and share your ADHD journey with all of our listeners! I hope to hear from you soon! Love you all!

  • Some days we can feel bogged down with the struggles that come with having an ADHD brain, but that's when I want you to remind yourself of the ways your brain learns differently and how you can respond to that difference to potentially enjoy something you once found boring. You are very cabable of doing anything you set your mind to, but you just may need to find an alternate route to get there!

    In this episode, you will hear from fellow author Sivan Hong, who has written a series of children's books called "The Super Fun Day Series" geared towards kiddos up through about 3rd grade. This series covers a variety of topics around navigating how neurodivergent kids overcome challenges they are faced with, like going to school on Monday morning!! Such a relatable series that you should check out and share with your child's school too.

    Sivan shares her story and how she personally faced the challenge of reading and spelling as a child, but through investigating different ways her brain learned best (reading audio books) she discovered a newfound love for reading, later becoming a college professor!! Her message is simple...you CAN do ANYTHING when you put the right tools and strategies in place that work best for YOUR brilliant brain!!

    You can find Sivan on IG @sivan_hong_author or on her website at www.sivanhong.com.

    You can also visit my website www.katelynmabry.com for more resources, to get my children's book, chech out coaching opportunities with me, or to stay connected via social media platforms. Have a wonderful week! Love you all!

  • PLEASE NOTE: This episode does run a little longer than most and may need to be listened to in parts!!! But it's good stuff all the way through!!!

    Do you even eat something and think, "this is wayyy too sweet" or "I need to add more salt to these potatoes!? Does this thought match the "too much" and "too little" (all or nothing) range of emotions that sometimes arise throughout your day or at school!? If this analogy resonates with you and your kiddo, you will want to listen in on this episode as I interview child psychologist, Dr. Chassia Boczko (Dr. B).

    As we continue our back to school theme, Dr. B and I discuss the challenge of transitioning into the new school year and what it means to be intentional about finding your "just right" emotional regulation zone in mind and body!

    Dr B is a well known clinical psychologist based in Woodmere, New York. She is also the founder of "GoBe Society," which is dedicated to assisting children, families, and professionals with practical tools for emotional regulation and parenting. Check out her program at www.gobesociety.com

    You can also visit my website at www.katelynmabry.com for more resources, to order my book, or to schedule a free coaching consultation to see if that would be a potenial next step for your family. I would love to come alongside you on your ADHD journey! Love you all!

  • Being under pressure is one of those contradictions for those of us with ADHD brains. Thinking under pressure leaves us overwhelmed and often paralyzed, yet when faced with acting under pressure we tend to thrive and it becomes a superpower!

    In this episode, you will hear some lyrics from the song, "surface pressure" that is featured in the movie "Encanto!" The words to this song speak right into what many of us face when it comes to that thinking that drives feeling pressure...the struggle is real and the song is relatable! Next I share three steps to practice taking when faced with that emotional internal pressure...

    Express to a trusted adult the internal pressure, overwhelm, stress, anxiety felt... Release it! Explain to your trusted adult how you freeze, feel frantic or freak out inside when faced with that mental and emptional pressure! Explore different tools and/or strategies to take action on to help eleviate that mental and emotional feeling of pressure. Also explore how you can use your superpower of taking action when faced with urgency! This is where you can start practicing healthy urgency habits...I am not saying stay up till late hours or always wait until the last minute! Use your creative brain to create it in the moments you choose to make momentum to get stuff done!

    Thank you for being here! I love each of you and please know I am here if you'd ever like to reach out and share a episode topic idea, be a guest on an episode, or just ask me questions about your own ADHD journey! You can visit my website, www.katelynmabry.com to hop on my mailing list, check out my book, or schedule a FREE ADHD coaching consultation to discover if that would be the next best step for you and your family! Have a great day!

  • Transitioning back to school can come with a rollercoaster of thoughts, feelings, and big emotions! The first step we need to take in transitioning is to lean into those big feelings and figure out where your mindset is at, so you can own it and move it if needed into this new school year!

    In this episode, you will meet my friend and fellow ADHD Coach Will. He lives in Fort Collins Colorado with his dog, Dash, who is his best friend. He was a D1 athlete in track and cross country, where is was able to release just a portion of his superpowers! Will is a rockstar as he specializes and is #1 in coaching teens around the world to build confidence, grow their mindset, and overall thrive on their ADHD journey! His passion is to coach tweens and teens how to be "unstoppable!"

    Will just scratches the surface with us today as he talks about owning and accepting emotions that come and focusing emotions and efforts on what we CAN control (attidude, effort, how we treat others, etc.) He also explains the difference between having "conditional confidence" vs. "unconditional confidence" as we move through the day. Are you banking your confidence on the "if's" of the day or are you standing firm in your confidence of moving what you can control in your day!? Such brilliant insight and helpful takeaways to try!! Practice asking yourself continually, "what can I control" about this situation, interaction, negative thought, feeling of rejection!? This question practiced daily will be a game changer for your unconditional confidence to grow!

    You can find fabulous Coach Will at https://www.coachingwithwill.com/. Follow him on social media if possible as he puts out some awesome, valuable content on a daily basis!

    Check out my website, www.katelynmabry.com to check out my book, send me episode ideas, get your child on this show, or to look into the resources I have available too! I look forward to hearing from you! Love you all!

  • Do you find yourself at the boiling point and having a hard time controlling those burst of anger!! If so, you are not alone! Those big intense emotions are no joke when you live with ADHD and I wanted to speak directly to the topic of anger so you can capture those thoughts behind the anger and take steps to pull yourself into finding calm and growing in your response to that intense emotion!

    In this episode, you will do some visualizing!!

    Stop sign Smoke Detector Money Prayer/Mindful practices

    Each symbol has a purpose to help you practice recognizing that smoke inside, pausing, and become aware that angry words and actions can cost you to lose relationships, etc., and finally you need to customize the last step...I choose to pray and turn to God's word/truth...you may choose to practice mindset shifts and exercise zipping your lip and moving your feet, etc...where can you go to use soothers and find your calm!?

    So happy you are here! Visit my website www.katelynmabry.com for more resources, check out my book, get on my email list, or book a free consultation to see if ADHD life coaching would be a helpful next step for you and your family! Can't wait to be with you next week when we jumpstart a series of back to school episodes!! Love you all!!!

  • "There's so much about me that you don't know!" This is a quote from the song that my daughter shares with you in this episode and it was a very fitting line to what I want to talk about! There is so much under the surface when it comes to living with an ADHD brain! Too often we are stuck feeling like, "they just don't get me!" This also leaves others reacting to the surface behaviors or tendancies seen with misunderstanding and often hurtful words, just because they aren't seeing under the surface!

    In this episode, I will ask you to visualize an iceburg and customize it to see what's on and under your own surface! I then ask you to practice three things in response to this visualization and helping others understand you better...

    Shed the shame Share feeling statements (this takes some digging to identify what these truly are) Show up just as you are and educate others along the way!

    Visit my website at www.katelynmabry.com to book a free coaching consultation (or clickhttps://calendly.com/kmabry-1/consultation ) You can also check out my book and get the latest episode with other valuable resources when you join my email list! I look forward to hearing from you! Love you all! Have a great week!