• We wanted to bring this whole journey full circle by coming together again to chat about everything and nothing. I love sitting with these two and this time we are talking about christmas, our traditions and new year resolutions. But we also chat about refried dumplings, horseback riding and vision boarding!!! Say what??? lol. Welcome to our crazy, random world. Hope you all have a VERY MERRY Christmas and enjoy the best of the season.

  • This week, I am joined by Dr. Kimani Borland. She is a licensed naturopathic doctor who gracefully fuses the global healing arts & philosophies with science and conventional medical care. She is also a practitioner & teacher of Vinyasa Flow & Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) Yoga. We talk about her journey into Naturopathic Medicine, what it is and who it is for. We touch on many topics like women’s health (including infertility, pregnancy, post partum care), digestive health, stress management as well as busting through so many myths around Naturopathy. She is a Naturopathic Doctor and Yoga Instructor with an unshakeable desire to empower people on their journey toward health.

    Here’s a little bit more about her in her own words and taken from her website www.wellnesswithdrk.com You can also follow her on Instagram @Dr.Kimani :

    Hi, I’m Dr. Kimani and from a young age I’ve been surrounded by alternative healing modalities that have influenced my lifestyle and career interests.

    I was born and raised in Jamaica, and researched and lived in Ethiopia & Tanzania, all uniquely adding to my diverse cultural understanding of medicine & wellness.

    I decided to take my interest further and received a B.A in Human Biology and International Public Health from Stanford University in 2010. I also completed two yoga teacher trainings in Vinyasa Flow and Kemetic (ancient Egyptian) Yoga and have taught at multiple yoga studios and yoga conferences around the world.

    After graduating, I continued my work in public health conducting research in Ethiopia and Jamaica with Stanford Health Policy, to understand the ways in which health and wellness is achieved throughout the world.

    With a deep commitment to yoga and keen interest in its scientific basis, I also worked under the guidance of the director of the Division of Clinical Anatomy at Stanford Medical School to study the mechanisms through which yoga improves the symptoms and progression of musculoskeletal disorders.

    My educational path culminated in a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University in 2018 where I was able to hone in on my clinical interests: all aspects of primary care, prevention and wellbeing using herbs, nutrition and lifestyle & perspective shifts. I have a strong passion for Women’s Health, Cardiovascular Care, Digestive Wellness, Cancer Support & Stress Management.

  • エピソードを見逃しましたか?


  • I have been a multi-potentialite for as long as I can remember. It was only recently though, that I heard the terms "Multi-Passionate" and "Multi-Potentialite. As soon as I heard it, a lightbulb went off and I immediately felt soooooo seen. This week, I'm talking to a fellow "MP" (Multi-passionate/potentialite) he's a Doctor/Artiste/Podcaster/Tv Presenter and the list goes on. We have a candid conversation about what it looks like living that "hummingbird" life. I loved this conversation with Mario and I hope you do too. More about Mario: Mario Evon describes his music as Reggae-Soul, a place where R&B and Soul meets Reggae.

    A former member of the University Singers, and background vocalist for artistes such as Alaine and Benjy Myaz, Mario has performed on the main stage at the Jamaica Jazz & Blues Festival and has made it to the final round of 'Amateur Night at the Apollo', in Harlem.

    This graduate of the University of the West Indies as a Medical Doctor, and Berklee College of Music, is also an entrepreneur and songwriter. Mario released his debut album, 'Reggae-Soul Vol. 1: ME On Love' in 2015 and in more recent times you may have heard him singing that you "Don't Need Dope To Cope" on behalf of the Jamaica Anti-Doping Commission (JADCO), or bringing light to your Wednesday mornings on 'CVM At Sunrise'. His most recent project has been his 'Inspir-Edu-Tainment' podcast, 'Talk Truth with Mario Evon'. Medically he functions as Dr. Guthrie, a General Practitioner, working in his own private practice, in the Emergency room at the Bustamante Hospital for Children, or conducting medicals at the Sagicor Life Paramedic Unit.
    The acronym, M.E. could not be more fitting for him, as he continuously spreads a message encouraging others to be themselves, and pursue their passions despite the odds. LINKS: Find everything Mario Evon here --> http://linktr.ee/marioevon Website: http://www.MarioEvon.com Podcast: http://www.TalkTruthJA.com Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/MarioEvon Twitter: http://www.Twitter.com/MarioEvon Facebook: http://www.Facebook.com/MarioEvonMusic

  • On today's episode, I am speaking with Stefanie Belvnavis, LMHC, R-DMT.

    Stefanie wears many hats as a Jamaican-born Dancer, Independent Artist, Disabilities Advocate, Dance Movement Therapist/Consultant, Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Clinician and Creative Arts Therapist. We take a deep dive into the parent/child relationship, how we can break generational parenting cycles and develop healthy relationships with our children that will help them to be all they can be and thrive in this world. Here's some more information about Stefanie. Founder of The Diahann Project and A Bucket For the Well, Stefanie specializes in multicultural mental health advocacy for children, families, community educators, and community partners within the Caribbean Diaspora, with a focus on the parent-infant mental health and intergenerational immigrant trauma/lived experiences. An immigrant herself, Stefanie’s work is charged by seeking to create intersectional dialogue around diverse, inclusive and equitable trauma-informed mental health approaches, namely dance movement psychotherapy, within underserved/marginalized communities that marry culturally empathetic mental health practices, creative arts therapy interventions, and intergenerational studies within immigrant communities. Stefanie is also the founder of A Bucket For The Well, which is is a multiplatform trauma-informed and culturally affirming community-arts centered mental health collaborative and wellness blog and resources network that facilitates and celebrates the intersectionality of the arts, cross-cultural nuances, minority mental health advocacy, minority health and wellness, minority self-care practices, creative arts therapy approaches, early childhood mental health advocacy, intergenerational trauma and research within underserved/minority communities, and disability advocacy within communities throughout the Caribbean Diaspora. Stefanie has also embraced her creative roots and mental health background through also founding The Diahann Project (TDP). TDP is a trauma-informed + culturally affirming visual storytelling collaborative that centers the intersectional stories of people of color, primarily black + brown people/creatives through self-reflective portrait photography. TDP was birthed out of my own intersectional duality as a differently abled (blind + visually impaired), immigrant (Jamaican-American), mental health clinician (licensed), dance movement therapist (registered) + black + mixed race creative amongst other identifiers. “Diahann” being my middle name, is somewhat of my own creative health center point from which I am often reminded that we can continue to evolve creatively in our varying passions + that we never have to subscribe to being defined as simply one thing or one part of ourselves. As a self-taught photographer, who literally has always loved photography but only began to invest in + share my passion a few years ago, I am drawn to the layers within a person’s story/lived experience + how facets of their experience + vulnerability can be thoughtfully + collaboratively conveyed through photography. The Diahann Project Founder/Photographer IG: @thediahannproject Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheDiahannProject/ A Bucket for the Well Founder/Mental Wellness Consultant + Blogger IG: @abucketforthewell Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/abucketforthewell/
  • This week's episode is really light and easy. It's kind of a mash up of the week, how I'm managing Christmas preparations, is thanksgiving a thing in Jamaica? my top 5 purchases, what are my favourite songs right now? etc... as well as a rapid fire Q&A at the end. I have so many great episodes lined up for you so stay tuned. Don't forget to rate, review, subscribe and share this podcast. For a daily peek into my world, follow me on Instagram @tamichinmitchell

  • I am excited to have Alina Apostol, a psychologist and professional astrologer, on the podcast this week.

    We take a deeper look into astrology; what it is, how it was born and how we can use it to help navigate our lives. We also talk about what is isn't. It is NOT a cult or a religion or witch craft or fortune telling and we hope to lift some of the stigmas around this beautiful ancient "language."

    I've been seeing Alina for almost a year now and she has given me soo much insight into who I am. So, let me explain a little about what she does.

    She blends psychotherapy and astrology in her work with clients. She offers guidance to any personal, relationship or business challenge. Her sessions are customized to the client's needs and the tools she uses span from astrological guidance based on the natal chart to therapeutic interventions for anxiety, depression, relationship problems. She uses the astrological chart as foundation in her counseling work with the mission of facilitating practical, holistic and relevant shifts regarding clients' problems. In the second half of this episode, she read the natal charts of Jax, Atlas and Oz and gave me some amazing insight into who they are, what they need and how best to nurture and guide them. I really LOVED this episode and I hope you will too. For more information, visit Alina's website below and follow her on instagram @AlinaApostol



  • Jonno and I are back for an episode of random ramblings!!! I'm not sure how else to explain it except that we cover everything from me grieving my music career to wether or not we would survive a zombie apocalypse. Yeah, pretty much how most of our conversations go. Hope you enjoy this easy vibe and please share, subscribe, rate and review this podcast!!! Thanks for listening.

  • This week I'm joined by Nadia Stanley, a Global TV Producer, who left her 9 to 5 to tell women "I Know Why You're Single,Sis!" I met Nadia years ago when she lived in Jamaica and we always crossed paths. Recently, I saw that she was living in LA and wrote a book!!! I immediately reached out to her and asked if I could read her book and then asked her to be a part of my podcast. This episode was so much fun to record because as always, we got to speak about so much more than just her book. But back to the book... "I Know Why You're Single,Sis! A conversational quick read that can change your life, this book challenges women to literally check off the common sayings they believe, that might just be keeping them single. Sayings like "All Men are Dogs," Nadia Stanley asks back "Does that then mean all women are B*^$es?" Please tune into this conversation and then start your own conversations amongst your friends and family. Hope you enjoy this episode to the max and looking forward to hearing back from you all. Follow Nadia on Instagram @YourGirlStanley and @IKnowWhyBooks or visit her website www.iknowwhybooks.com for more information.

  • Hey everyone. I’m so excited to be bringing this very highly requested episode to you. Regina and I have been Co-parenting Gio (Regina and Wayne’s son who is now 14yrs) for many many years. In this episode, we talk a little bit about what we’ve done, why we think it’s works and how much it has benefited us both. We mostly gush about our relationship with each other and how we’ve become friends throughout this crazy journey of Co parenting. "No Mix Up, Just Blended" was born out of our many conversations and it’s how we truly strive to live our lives. I’m blessed to have had her on this episode and I hope you all will enjoy this very candid conversation between us. Most of all, I hope it helps to open up the narrative around co-parenting. I have a feeling this will need a part two so look out for that!!! Follow Regina on instagram @Regina_McCallum and be sure to tag us both when you're listening to this episode.

  • I'm so happy to be back with this very highly requested episode. I took a break right before I had my 3rd son Oz, an I thought it may be the perfect place to pick back up. As always, hope you enjoy this episode. Don't forget to subscribe, rate and review. Also, feel free to screenshot this episode and post it to your Instagram stories so I can repost and spread the love. Thanks for tuning in.

  • Today's guest is Dr. Chrisann Simpson Harley. She is a Gynecologist, Entrepreneur who created an entire line of sanitary products (Woman's Touch and Mother's Embrace) and a woman on a mission. Not to mention, she is also an incredible wife and mother. In this episode, we talk about Dr. Simpson Harley's journey to her profession, her passion to create a product that worked for Caribbean women and how she is using that passion to fuel her ultimate goal, to improve the lives of Teen Moms and Pregnant Teens . Her initiative seeks to empower all women, young and old, to help them be fearless, know their worth, understand their influence and use it as a vehicle to develop Jamaica and impact the world. This was a powerful conversation for me especially as I find myself at the end of my 3rd pregnancy. It was heartbreaking and eye opening all at once but it fired me up to help to do my part in bringing awareness to these young women who are often left without a voice and discarded from society. I am making it a part of my personal mission to become a part of the solution. I hope you have many take aways from this episode and that you too make it your mission to be your sisters keeper. Please follow Dr. Simpson Harley on Instagram @DrChrisannSimpsonHarley and @GetWomansTouch on all social media platforms for even more information and please use the hashtag #SheMattersToMe when you share this episode.

    "The implications of Teen Pregnancy is clear. Oftentimes, the teenage mother is excluded from school. Reintegration into the school system can be difficult. Some institutions refuse to accept these young mothers into their institutions.

    With little to no education, their professional opportunities are limited, leaving these mothers in a position where they can't care for themselves and their children, the burden of care then rests with civil society and the government.

    The girls are often frightened and demoralized with little to no support at a time when they are most emotionally and financially vulnerable. Often, these girls are left to fend for themselves while struggling to deal with the societal stereotypes which are attached to teenage pregnancy.

    Teen moms need our love, guidance and support now more than ever. Let us join hands and hearts to make a difference in the lives of these girls and the future of this nation. Let's not judge, lets HELP!"
  • This might be my most personal episode yet. I am talking about my shadows or as my guest likes to call them, my "gremlins" and telling my story about a very limiting mindset I have as it pertains to money and lack. My guest this week is Stacey Hines and talking to her was transformative for me and I know it will be for you too. Stacey is the Head of Group Strategic Planning for an Investment Company in Jamaica and the self dubbed "Balanced Boss" as well as as the founder of her own company, "Epic Transformations."

    I've decided to take her "Transformation Boss 21 Day Challenge, Shift Your Life From Mess To Mastery" in a an effort to change this mindset and I'm inviting you to do the same. Your gremlins may be around many different things including love, money, relationships, career etc...it's any area in which you have a limiting mindset. If this sounds like you, this challenge is for you.

    I wanna invite you to take this challenge with me so, Stacey is offering my listeners and wonderful community (USD) $10 off when you sign up by using the coupon code "tamitackles" This course is normally (USD) $297 but she's slashed the price to only (USD) $47 and if you use the coupon code "tamitackles", you're getting it at only (USD) $37 Thats incredible!!!

    I'm so excited about this one guys and I really hope that you will take up this offer and make a change in your life. I am sooooo ready to shift this mindset and ready to take up all my space in this world. If you're ready too, lets do this together. Please follow Stacey on instagram at @iamstaceyhines for more information and check out her website www.transformationboss.com to sign up.

  • This week I am very happy to have Stephanie Brennan as my guest. Apart from being a wife and a mama of two, she is a Full Spectrum Doula, Childbirth Educatior and Yoga Teacher. Stephanie is originally from Florida and recently moved to Jamaica where she is raising her family, making a name for herself in this space and serving our women in a most beautiful, unique way. With my second child, I had a Doula present and she offered me incredible support so I wanted to shine some light on what these amazing women do, their role in the birthing process and how they're helping women to take back their power in their pregnancy, birth/delivery and beyond. We speak about some of the top misconceptions (or myths) about doulas...so in essence we are Debunking Doula Myths. Here are some of the Myths we tackle: 1. A doula does the same thing as a midwife 2. A doula would take the place of my partner 3. Doulas are only for women who want a natural birth 4. Doulas are too expensive 5. Doulas will advocate on my behalf We also talk a bit about the importance of postpatum care- what that really looks like, why this is vital and how women can prepare for this stage. I hope that this episode gives you some more information, helps you to feel empowered about your birth and gives you the courage to create the support system you need. If you want even more information, please reach out to Stephanie via Instagram @doulawithallmyheart or email her at stephnbrennan@gmail.com also tag us both (@tamichinmitchell) when you're listening to the episode so we can show some love right back.

  • t’s JUNE! Which means we are halfway through the year. I know that this time of year can trigger some real feelings of inadequacy and disappointment and a general sense of WTF AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE??? Lol it’s all perfectly normal so, I decided to do a solo episode today to talk about how I cope with this Mid-Year Meltdown and just some general encouragement to hopefully guide you along. You are not alone friends and I promise you, this journey you are on will all make sense, somehow, suddenly. I hope you tune in today, I hope you share with a friend who may need to hear it and most of all, I hope you find it helpful. Plenty love and light always and have a great day!

  • Hey Everyone,

    I wanted to give you all a special treat for my BIRTHDAY EPISODE!!! Yes, its my birthday and my gift to you is this hilarious, honest, candid chat with my husband Wayne. We did a "Couple's Quiz" to see how well we know each other and sprinkled in between the questions and answers is the essence of who Wayne and I are. We've been together for so many years yet we still share a lot of the same interests, as well all as plenty love and laughter. I hope you enjoy listening in on our chat and learnt a little more about us.

    Thanks so much for listening. Please rate, review and subscribe and feel free to tag us on Instagram @TamiChinMitchell and @WayneMarsheezy

  • Hey Everyone, I'm so excited that this week, I'm joined by my dear friend Sarah (Serzi). She's recently had her first child and only a few weeks into her motherhood journey, she mentioned to me that we should do an episode about the first 6 weeks of being of a mommy. I feel like I'd forgotten a lot about that time so it was nice to discuss the feelings that may come up. This Caribbean beauty was born in Jamaica but grew up in Trinidad and I am 100% responsible for teaching her Patois which you will hear on display many times in this interview :-) We talk about her journey to motherhood, her experience with loss, her birth story and so much more. There are so many things going on in the first 6 weeks of being a mom that we really could have done this in two parts. I am so grateful to Sarah for being so open and honest with her story and allowing us a chance to take part. Some topics we cover: Journey to motherhood Miscarriage Post Partum Depression/Baby Blues What To Say to Pregnant Women (Do's and Don'ts) Birth Story Helping Dads to be/feel a part of the whole journey Healing After A Belly Birth (C-Section) 10 Things To NOT Say To A New Mom Visiting Mom and Baby (Do's & Don'ts) Self Care As always, I hope you find this helpful, insightful and inspiring. Hope you belly laugh along with us and maybe even learn something new. Follow Sarah on instagram @yesisezi and be sure to tag us both ( @tamichinmitchell ) when you listen to this episode.

  • After an overwhelming response to the podcast about my 1st pregnancy and birth story, I decided to also share with you about my 2nd. This story is different in almost every way and if you met my children, you would also know that they are completely different in every way too despite being born in the same month just 3 days apart!!! Crazy right?

    I attempted a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After C-Section) and was open to the possibility of having a home birth. Take a listen to this very personal recount of my journey. My hope is that you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed walking down memory lane.

    Pregnancies and Births are all so unique and we really need to do a better job at celebrating however our babies come through us. I hope that if you identify with my birth story that you will feel free in sharing your own story with someone else. If we can all share our stories without judgment we can truly create a space of safety and support that we all need as mommies (and daddies).

    Thanks so much tuning in and I will see you again next week.


  • This is a very candid conversation between my mom and I. IT IS NOT A PERFECT RECORDING but I feel like we still covered so many great topics. We speak a lot about parenting, marriage, losing yourself and regrets amongst other things. My mom has been one of my greatest teachers ever but she is also one of my best friends and my ultimate confidant. I really hope you take away some of the golden nuggets we unveiled and that you feel a part of this conversation between and mother and daughter, a conversation between 2 wives but ultimately, a conversation between 2 mamas. Thanks for tuning in and hope you enjoy.

  • Hey Everyone, I struggled a lot this week with what episode I should put out next. I have been asked so many times even before I started this podcast if I would be open to sharing about my pregnancies but even more so, my birth stories. This is a HUGE topic for me because to be honest, I feel like it’s still so fresh in my brain and not only is it fresh, I know I’m about to do it all over again. I know I have a LOT of Mommies out there listening and today, I was reminded that I have lots of Daddies who tune in too so I hope this will be insightful for anyone listening regardless if you’re a parent or not.

    So, here we go, this is a little bit about my experience with my first pregnancy and birth story (what I can remember :-)) and I hope you find it interesting, insightful, entertaining and at the very least, I hope it encourages you to be a little kinder and supportive to the women around you who have gone through this life changing experience of becoming a mommy. Now, if you can't manage words like nipples and vaginas...this might not be the episode for you :-)

  • You’re listening to Tami Tackles Everything. I’m your host Tami Chin Mitchell and this is episode number 9. Todays Guest is non other than Health Coach, Celebrity Trainer and Author, Kamila McDonald. I met Kamila years ago and she’s always been someone I really liked and clicked with. A few years ago after I had my first baby, Kamila was the person who helped me to kick start my journey back to me. What I remember most fondly was her gentle approach to getting me back to health and wellness all the time helping me to understand the new me I was now faced with. Don’t let that fool you though, she’s a fire cracker who will give you the necessary kick in the butt when needed too.

    She’s helped countless men and women to change their lifestyle through food and exercise all while encouraging us all to "Wake up and Live" which by the way is the name of her new book. I am soooo proud of this woman I’m so proud of her journey and I’m excited about what’s next for this young, beautiful , Jamaican woman. Did I mention she’s also a mommy??? Oh yeah, she is no joke. We speak about everything from the importance of cleaning up our diets to detoxing aspects of our lives, what it's like to wear all the hats and the beauty of choosing to do less. Follow her on Instagram @iamkamilamcdonald and visit her website www.kamilamcdonald.com so you can learn even more about her book, her programs, her webinars and events. Her story is inspiring and beautiful and for anyone who is ready to take their lives to the next level, this is a must listen.