• It’s truly rare to find someone who has a perfect relationship with their own body. It seems it’s something we all have to work hard on. In today’s episode Alex and Mimi explore some ideas about how we can start connecting with and treating our bodies much better.

    Just like in our episode on Relationship With Money where we explore what money really means to us, we are looking at what our bodies mean to us… And it should be a LOT. Our bodies are EVERYTHING, they come with us everyday on our journey through life. Whether it’s over working or suffering a hangover, our bodies are sure to ask us “PLEASE don’t do that again”.

    We suffer from back pain from sitting at a computer all day, sleep terrible from when we’ve been looking at our phone screens too long, pass out when we don’t eat or get obese when we eat too much. We’ve all heard it before - our body is our temple. After this episode we hope you’re inspired to start treating it as such, because the rewards are incredible when you and your body are in sync.

    Often, it’s times when we feel we’ve lost touch with both our emotional and physical health, that we spiral into abusing our bodies. Which can seem counter intuitive. Sury we’d like to do good things to make our bodies feel better. But no that’s when we reach for a pizza or stay up way too late leaving us tired the next day. And all of this follows a few small habits that starts to stack on top of each other. Bad habits become you. This is why Alex and Mimi have their morning and night time routines available for everyone on YouTube

    Morning Routine

    Night Routine

    The good news is that things can get better and habits like these are easily changed one step at a time. Let’s start with the pillows of a healthy body.

    Food & drink Movement Exercise Rest


    It’s the biggest illusion that it’s expensive to eat healthy, most people that say that are often spending twice as much on junk food or alcohol. eating healthy can be cheap.

    Use Mimi’s method for not overeating… be much more conscious when you’re full. Don’t eat until the plate is empty, listen to what your body is telling you.

    The food we eat affects our gut bacteria - also known as our microbiome. Ever heard the saying think with your gut. Well, science shows us we have neurons in our gut too and they heavily affect how our brain works. So be careful if you’re fuelling the good bacteria or the bad bacteria.


    Sitting all day is the worst. It’s recommended that every 1 or 2 hours we should be on our feet and walking around for a few moments to get the blood flowing around our bodies.

    It’s amazing what a small walk can do to improve you thoughts and keep you trim, many of history's greats like Einstein were known for solving some of the greatest problems in the world, by walking.

    Try a standing desk or even get more fancier by using a treadmill desk.


    Mimi recommends aiming for 30 mins 3 times a week, something that will get you sweating and get your heart going.

    Alex likes the 7 minute workout for convenience, lets face it everyone has 7 minutes available, since consistency is key, this should be a habit you start today.

    Another app you might try is Sweat


    Seems counter intuitive that rest could make you look and feel better, our fast paced world has made it seem shameful to want a lay in, but sleep is essential.

    Ask anyone who trains at the gym regularly and they will say their days when they’re not working out are just as important for muscle growth and body developments.

    Try black out blinds and using blue light blocking devices or apps to help restore your circadian rhythm and introduce the sleep hormone melatonin.

    It’s incredible to notice but it can’t just be coincidence that whenever we do something good for our bodies, it just so happens it’s (for the most part) better for the environment too. From riding a bike to work instead of driving or eating less meat and packaged foods, when we adopt these powerful habits into our lifestyle we can change the world, not just ourselves.

    We advise that after listening you take stock of all of these things.. jot them down in your 5-Minute Journal Ask yourself; what is my relationship with my own body and what am I doing to make this relationship better. Trust us, your body will thank you later

    Books mentioned:

    Your Body keeps The Score - Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma by van der Kolk M.D., Bessel


  • Today we have a very special episode – the tables have turned and now it’s time for us, Alex and Mimi, to go deep and unpack our life journey. Interviewed by Aaron Alexander from Align podcast, we talk about entrepreneurial lifestyle, meaningful work, healthy relationships and life fulfilment. Tune in now and discover how we have been able to design our dream life.


  • エピソードを見逃しましたか?


  • In today’s episode we chat with our long-time friend Naila Abbasova, a beautiful human being who goes after her dream life and wanders the world looking for meaningful life-transformative adventures. In this episode, we unpack Naila’s life journey and discover the reality of moving countries and secrets of staying joyful, optimistic and excited about life.

    Naila Abbasova is a great example of being a “regular” person, working on a “regular” job, and then risking it all to move to London, find the dream job at Google, open a business and enjoy life to the maximum. Tune in now and join us in this very open, honest and vulnerable conversation.

    Similar to Mimi, Naila was born and raised in Baku, Azerbaijan. At the age of 16, Naila and her family moved to Canada leaving everything behind. This huge step into the unknown future had a fundamental impact on her. As Naila arrived to Canada being a 16-year-old young girl brimming with confidence and inner power, she knew that this was her golden ticket to life.

    “I have this obsession for standing out and being remembered. Nowadays, I want to be remembered for being happy, being the kindest person to anyone I have worked with, to be empathetic and make other people feel comfortable” – Naila

    Being proactive and applying for multiple scholarships, Naila got the best university experience. Pursuing her obsession to be remembered for something big, she participated in different student organisations and travelled a lot around Europe. By that time, she became a real experiences catcher with innate desire to explore, to go out of the comfort zone and to bring joy to everything she does.

    At the age of 25, Naila made a drastic decision to move to London. Stepping into what looked like a dream path after graduating from the university, Naila soon found everything that used to excite her becoming dull. After spending one week in Portugal surfing and doing yoga, Naila managed to find the peace of her body and mind. Looking at the calm waves of the ocean, she felt that she needed to move to Europe and escape the robotic lifestyle of Toronto. The next day she applied for her UK visa.

    “When you move to a whole new different life, give yourself time to get adjusted to your new reality and let go the preconceptions of what you thought your life would be, and then start building something new without judging” – Naila

    With survival mode kicked in to the highest, Naila moved to London, got the job at Selfridges and found a charming tiny flat few steps away from Regent’s Park. However, the reality of moving to a new country was tough, especially when it was her first experience of living alone. Dealing with loneliness, adjusting to the new realities and accepting the things she didn’t know, Naila realised that it was only her responsibility to program her life for the better.

    Naila came to London with a genuine belief that everything would work out. And it did. Now, working at Google, designing her own clothing line and having endless meaningful experiences of observing the beauty of life and nature, Naila and her husband have finally found their comfort place in the city that never stops. Answering the question of how to stay excited and joyful about life, Naila advises to ask yourself whether you want to waste your precious time by being upset.

    “On bad days I just have an “adult” conversation with myself and answer 2 very simple questions: Is it worth my attention? What is the worst that could happen at that point? And by going through the worst case scenarios I just move on from that. You need to understand that you have a choice whether to be happy or not, and eventually everything that happens is your choice and your responsibility only” – Naila

    Here is what else we have talked about:

    Programming your mind for the better How to squeeze most of every experience Why childhood is a huge part of one’s personality and how it reflects on one’s adulthood How to get a scholarship How being honest, transparent and vulnerable during the job interview will help you get your dream job How to change the mindset of “I’m not going to get it” to “I will do my best and go for it” How to negotiate to get your dream apartment Why it is so important to be very precise with your desires How commuting to work can push you to change your life Reaching out for help during the most difficult times Being proactive in building meaningful and deep relationships Overcoming fear of being judged by people you love The power of networking


  • In today’s episode, Alex and Mimi talk about a very controversial, yet so essential and important topic – Can money buy you happiness? Coming from experience of having nothing and now being able to live in abundance, Mimi and Alex reflect on their life journey, questioning how money has played a part in their happiness.

    As one study has showed, money can buy you happiness up to a certain degree of an income – let’s say, 75.000 USD/year –, but what happens after that? Does money really affect your happiness? Does it make a difference to your wellbeing, life, mindset, personality? Tune in now and you’ll find out that and so much more life wisdom in this very deep episode.

    Both Mimi and Alex have come from very humble beginnings, growing up with a concept that money will solve all the problems and buy them happiness. Years later, after starting Luxy Hair business that brought them 1 million US dollar revenue in the first year and made them financially free, Mimi and Alex understood – paradoxically, money couldn’t buy them happiness.

    “Being more comfortable with spending and realising how to properly spend money and not just blow it, mindlessly spending it on material goods, I realize that money can in a way amplify your happiness. I don’t know if it can buy you happiness, but it can definitely add to your experiences and bring you joy”. – Mimi

    After years of reflection about themselves and observation of what really brings them joy, Alex and Mimi discovered that happiness comes from buying experiences – not material things, and not only for yourself, but most importantly, for people you love and care about. And here’s the lesson the Ikonns family want you to take away: ultimately, the whole meaning of life is about creating, giving and sharing unique and beautiful experiences with your community.

    Have you ever wondered why people pay premium to go and watch live events, music festivals, sports games? Why? Because of the desire to share the experience, “Because there is something very tribal in our DNA about doing that and having that tribe experience” Alex explains.

    So, going back to the question does money buy you happiness – it doesn’t, but if you spend it on establishing new relationships, building your community, creating, giving and amplifying experiences, then it makes you feel happier.

    The mindset Mimi and Alex have is always asking themselves what really makes them happy, so that they spend money accordingly. They spend a lot of money on experiences for themselves, their family, friends, people they love, travelling, good food, rent. For them, the material possessions are the last on the list.

    Obviously, there is nothing wrong with possessing lovely material things. It’s important to understand that the whole concept of how money can bring you happiness is highly specialised for each person. The decisions Alex and Mimi make come from a personal understanding of what makes them happy and how they want to live their life day to day.

    “The most important thing to ask yourself is: What brings me the most happiness? And I’m really grateful for being able to design my life in a way where I choose to live, work and commute” – Alex

    Here is some practical advice that can help you feel happier:

    Know yourself and discover what activities and things really bring you joy and happiness. Figure out if the place/city you are living in really makes you happy. Use your money to build social relationships. Create experiences for people you love, create wonderful moments together. And remember, by planning an experience you actually live an anticipation of happiness. Audit your spendings of the last year and see what brought you more happiness: material things or experiences.

    And just a kind reminder: Mimi and Alex are not here to judge, they are here to help you create awareness of what can help you bring closer to happiness and your dream life. Going through these conversations, thoughts, exercises and being honest with yourself, you are able to know yourself better and understand what is really important to you.

    Here is what else we talk about in this episode:

    Difference between how money can bring you happiness if you are an extrovert or an introvert How sharing experiences with other people can intensify your happiness Why so many people gravitate towards the idea to be in a community How your lifestyle impacts your level of happiness Does material things bring you joy Sustainable aspect of consumerism Difference between high quality timeless products vs. fast fashion trends How the concept Pay Per Use will help you justify your purchases How to audit yourself, your spendings and your level of happiness.

    Show Notes https://www.ikonns.com/podcast/episode47
  • Today’s episode is a deep dive into inspiring journey of a British entrepreneur and manager leader, Richard Turnbull. Driven by the passion of solving problems and making a real difference in other people’s lives, Richard founded The Restored, the most effective solution that builds a solid foundation of good health, based on sleep, nutrition, movement and mindset.

    Inspired by Tim Ferris, Richard Branson and Tony Robbins, Richard’s story is like a manual for young entrepreneurs and artists brimming with business ideas, those striving for purpose, and wanting to deliver unique value. So, make sure to listen attentively and take notes.

    Since childhood, Richard was inspired to create something incredible, something that is bigger than himself. After graduating from the University of Reading with a business degree, he got a “safe” corporate job in a prestigious firm, and soon found himself taking the path that was getting him further and further from what originally inspired him. In his mid-twenties, Richard and his wife Naomi took a career break and did a-round-the-world trip to have enough space and time to think what they actually wanted to do in their lives. And he found the answer – to be an entrepreneur.

    “There is no idea that’s going to work effectively and long term that isn’t something that you’re personally struggling with. People who want to create business just need constantly listen to themselves and detect what they aren’t happy with, what they wish to see different. That is your chance, that is your opportunity.” - Mimi

    He went back to London, found a job in a start-up team and gained exciting practical experience. But his two children changed everything. Around this time, Richard began struggling with sleep and realised that he wasn’t delivering enough value in his work. He got a “stable” (in theory) job, but found himself feeling so tired and broken. So, he took action.

    Richard started doing some entrepreneurial things in the evenings, which was a real sanity blessing. Being a big fan of modelling what other people had already done, he realised that his purpose is to solve problems. While struggling with back pain, Richard came up with the idea of creating a seat cushion. Thinking of how to turn this idea into an actual business, he found his mentor while surfing on Tim Ferriss blog. After coaching and starting to sell his products on Amazon for the European market, in just over a year, Richard’s business took off.

    “A secure job is an illusion. You can fail doing something you are not passionate about and loose all the securities. So, why not go after the things that you are passionate about and make it succeed?” - Richard

    Despite the huge success in his business, Richard didn’t quit his job. He had a deep and unconscious fear that he couldn’t sustain his family if he would leave the “safe” job, because there is always a risk that all this success can stop tomorrow. After doing Tony Robbins exercises and facing his real limiting beliefs, Richard realized that safe job is an illusion and it’s impossible to avoid risks completely. Instead, there is always a way how to mitigate risks. So, he created a 6-months-living-expenses rainy day fund and decided to go after the thing that he was – and still is – passionate about: creating incredible things that can really bring the difference in people’s lives, working with an amazing dream team and delivering a unique value.

    Here is what else we talk about:

    3 types of entrepreneurship Importance of standing out and doing something interesting How having role models can help you design your own business model How parenting transforms your life The role of perfect timing and luck in the entrepreneurial game Vital importance of identifying your niche market How to reach out to people and give them unique value The power of mentoring and coaching Finding your limiting beliefs

    Why 20% of effort will govern 80% of your results

    Show Notes: https://www.ikonns.com/podcast/episode46

  • In today’s episode we chat with Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram – AKA, Fully Raw Kristina – as she takes us on her emotional and spiritually transformational life journey of being a fully raw vegan for the past 14 years. Kristina is an extremely vibrant, service-oriented and passionate human being, whose glowing energy and health speak for themselves.

    Named as one of the most influential people in Health and Fitness, Kristina’s story is compelling, powerful and so inspirational – from weight loss to preventing diabetes, founding the largest co-op for fresh produce in the USA and starting a massive movement of raw vegan lifestyle. It is not just about commitment to eat raw fruits and vegetables, it is about conscious choice to rebuild yourself completely, live the best of your life and go deep with yourself. In this episode, Kristina is not afraid to share her vulnerabilities and past traumas. For her, there is a lot of bravery in being vulnerable and sharing her own story. In fact, this completely raw conversation is a true healing and therapy for every soul.

    Born and raised in a multicultural household with a Lebanese mother and an Ecuadorian father, Kristina’s childhood protagonist was Birdie (Berta), an angelic, passionate and most caring woman who took care of Kristina since the day she was born until she left for college. By serendipity and choice, Birdie raised her as if she were her own daughter, that provoked a deep misunderstanding and disconnection from Kristina’s mother. It took years (and a special course of Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg) to reveal her pain and overcome struggles with relationships with her mother, which now are prospering.

    At the age of 18, Kristina was struggling of Type 2 Diabetes (Hyperglycemic) because of having an unhealthy diet based on Lebanese traditional cuisine (basically, olive oil everywhere and zero fresh fruits or vegetables). Now imagine that you are 18, you are always (and most probably forever) sick, your weight loses extremely and you are just out of the hospital. When a stranger approaches you in Whole Foods and offers you to go completely raw vegan and eat peaches for 2 weeks in a row, what would you do? Well, Kristina opened to this dramatic change in her diet and completely healed her body from Diabetes in one year and a half by eating a fully raw diet. Since then, July 15th of 2005, she never looked back.

    "After 6 months of doing this, I felt better every single day, and I NEVER, never came back. Eventually I felt liberated. "

    However, Texas and Kristina’s family were not prepared for something completely different like raw veganism. Struggling with society’s criticism and misconceptions, Kristina felt so inspired by the healing power of raw food that in 2007 she ended up opening her own grocery cooperative, Rawfully Organic, at different locations in the Houston area. For stable 11 years, Rawfully Organic served 50,000 people and became the largest co-op for fresh produce in the USA. By the time she had to close Rawfully Organic doors in 2017, Kristina has already started her YouTube Channel – that now is a massive platform for inspiration and learning – where she shared her knowledge and basic raw recipes.

    After being completely lost and traumatised by Rawfully Organic closure, Kristina started her own journey, the journey of finding herself, trying new things, sharing and being of service. Now she is coaching people on how to start, heal and maintain a raw vegan diet and hosts retreats in beautiful destinations like Bali or Costa Rica to help people learn about raw food lifestyle, how to do yoga, meditation and go on adventures. What FullyRawKristina does is basically emerges people into this new world and provides Tony Robbins-style raw food coaching for re-educating yourself and taking responsibility of your health.

    "I have never had an overnight success in my life. It’s always been a slow, steady growth and work. The most important thing you can do is to be consistent with your message and continue creating. I am still preaching the same thing I was preaching 11 years ago."

    An artist, expert in health science and one of the largest raw vegan digital influencers, Kristina points out that the majority of people who decide to go for raw vegan lifestyle seek physical benefits: loose weight or get younger. But, what she has learned through the years is that if you come to this important life transformation with wrong reason, you are not going to last. “You have to be truly dedicated and consistent”, she insists. For Kristina, vegan lifestyle is more than an ethical choice to make a conscious commitment not to consume animals, this is a lifestyle that brings a lot of beauty to your life.

    Here are 5 sustainable tips on how to adopt this lifestyle:

    Start with one fully raw vegan meal a day. Make sure you eat enough – there is a significant volume difference. Raw food is higher in water content, but lower in calories, which means you do have to eat more to sustain yourself. Learn how to feel good, be happy doing this and connect back to yourself. What you do should come from love, passion and willingness to learn more. Remember that even if you do this lifestyle, you have to be compassionate and not judge others.

    Here is what we talk about:

    – How having an honest conversation can help you change your relationships with parents

    – How to set a healthy example for your kids

    – Why pills will not heal your disease

    – Struggling with society’s misunderstanding and criticism

    – Why so many people stay away from eating fruits and vegetables

    – How fears and mindset of money prevent people from creating abundance in their lives

    – Why it is essential to find balance in life and create a space for yourself in business

    – Why it is so important to support local organic farmers

    – Organic produce difference between farmer’s market and grocery shops

    – Big corporations VS. small businesses

    – Top mistakes in becoming raw vegan

    – How re-educating yourself brings unique life experience


  • In today’s episode we chat with one of the UK’s most inspiring people, former gang leader and u-turned public speaker, poet, musician and rehabilitation leader - Karl Lokko. Whether it’s visiting Necker Island with Richard Branson or attending the Royal wedding, Karl’s remarkable journey is a far cry from his Brixton Badlands past.

    Karl is one of the UK’s most connected under 30 year olds, he now holds a platform for true change, helping thousands of youth to escape the gang culture on the very dangerous streets of South London. As a former gang leader himself, life hasn’t always been so easy. Infact his u-turn is nothing less than truly breathtaking. And his journey to get to where he is now, even more jaw dropping!

    From the age 12, Karl found himself on the wrong side of the tracks when his bicycle was stolen a few too many times. In his defense he formed his own gang of misfits, something Brixton wasn’t short of. A product of the Windrush generation decades before him, he was used to seeing displacement all around him. Which gave everyone and anyone a reason to fight.

    “There’s a reason for rage, they so won’t that scare you straight? Well, If what you’re doing is because you are already scared, that is going to fuel your rage” - Karl [17:35]

    Unfortunately the violence didn’t stay on a scrappy playground level for long. By the age of 14 he had already witnessed his friends being shot, been shot at himself and carried his own knife wounds as battle scars. Scars that he held as a trophy to go with the ‘strike them before they strike you’ mindset that permeated both his gang and the culture that followed - with or against him.

    “There’s a lack of remorse, everyone can feel our pain ‘cause I’m feeling it, everyone else becomes fair game” - Karl [16:00]

    But his story isn’t only one of a bleak distraught childhood, in today’s episode you’ll hear the remarkable story of how Karl turned his back on the violence and literally earned himself a seat at the table with some of the world’s most powerful and influential people. Karl now heads up a charitable organisation that transforms gang members into respectable citizens, helping them see life outside of gangs. Or as Alex calls it, his “love gang” - “goosebumps” as Mimi puts it.

    “I was inspired by bible stories of sheppard boys throwing rocks at political, economical and cultural giants called Goliath. Those emails were my stones and i had to throw them out there” - Karl [47.30]

    We are truly honoured to talk with Karl. His giant heart, kind nature and switched on intelligence shines light on what you can do if you really put your mind to making a positive change, both in your life and others.

    We talk about:

    The disaffected difference between class and race that still exists in society today How gangs and street violence are a product of circumstance Anxieties can lead to displacement Your enemy is also a person, how to look into their eyes and see from another perspective The only real enemy is yourself and your choice in how you react to situations Why the only answer to the problem we face is love How you can form your own love gang Why we should be turning societies liabilities into assets and help displaced people find a purpose Going behind enemy lines with an open heart, walking the path to a ceasefire Finding a support system in the most influential people in the world How speaking with confidence puts you at the same table as powerful people

    Hope you enjoyed this week’s episode with Karl, you can find out more about him here:




    Butterfly Effect - Youtube video by Karl Lokko

  • Today we are connecting with you again through another exciting ‘Ask Me Anything’ episode. We take your recorded questions that you’ve submitted on our website and we go deep and get totally honest with our answers.

    We felt truly energized by your questions, not to mention that we recorded them through our new, super professional microphones for even better sound quality. This week we are answering 4 extremely important, interesting and diverse questions.

    Here’s what you guys asked:

    How to win the battle with passion, is passion important to grow your business? Where would you recommend to live and why – Portugal, France or Italy? How to deal with environmental anxiety? How can women obtain self value, other than in superficial things?

    How to win the battle with passion?

    It might sound surprising, but if you want to grow your business – you need to forget about your passion. You need to understand the main differences between passion and purpose. The first step is to always find the purpose, why are you doing this? Knowing the purpose of your business is what makes the difference and gets you results.

    Next to purpose there is a need for consistency. In this episode you’ll hear more about the formula we use called QVCA – Quality. Value. Consistency. Authenticity.

    “When you are creating content, you have to break it down, it needs to mirror, not your passion but what people care about, and that is the value you’re giving.” – Alex

    Where would you recommend to live and why – Portugal, France or Italy?

    Moving abroad is always a big step in life. To make sure you are choosing the right country, you need to make sure about your requirements and the possibilities of being there are aligned. Mimi shares her experience with all three countries – the affordable and great vibe of Lisbon, the romantic but more expensive beauty of Paris and the always refreshing adventure of Italy.

    Living abroad is a great thing, however, get ready for the challenges you might face.

    “Putting yourself out there, being challenged will make you grow.” - Alex

    How to deal with environmental anxiety?

    The environment is something we care a lot about. We do understand the limit of our planet and want to secure that our daughter Alexa will grow up with less environmental challenges than us. Even though the topic can be very upsetting, we do see that things are improving.

    What we all need to understand is; that every single person can make a difference. Start to shop at farmers markets, reduce the use of single use plastic as much as you can, buy only when you really need something, or maybe eat less meat – every small step counts.

    What it is important to remember, is that it is OK to be imperfect. Getting more sustainable will be hard in the beginning, but it is totally fine to make little mistakes from time to time. The most significant thing is that you are trying and doing the best within your circumstances.

    There are so many ways to become mindful about changes we can create. Most importantly becoming aware and taking responsibility. Getting people into your community and create change. Nobody else can do this.” - Mimi

    How can women obtain self value, other than in superficial things?

    The way we look is the outside shell of a beautiful and diverse person inside. Sexy does not mean the look – being sexy means to be confident by yourself. When you find your confidence, you are becoming more attractive for people around you.

    Mimi’s book: The Bingo theory can help you to find the right balance between your feminine and masculine side. If we balance it well, we will grow and become the best version of ourselves.

    What is your vision of powerful person? By answering this question to ourselves we remove ourselves of the stereotype of women or men – we are all equal, with the same purpose, to love and be loved, and live better lives while helping others do the same.

    “Being comfortable in your skin that is to me a vision of every woman. A strong woman, who can carry herself in confidence.” Mimi

    Books and resources from this episode:

    Abundance - The Future Is Better Than You Think (Exponential Technology Series) By Steven Kotler

    Bingo Theory - A revolutionary guide to love, life, and relationships. By Mimi Ikonn


  • Today on The Ikonns, we have one the most fun couples we know, Dana and John Shultz from the infamous blog - The Minimalist Baker. Dana and John have been running this hugely successful blog since 2012, putting out quick simple recipes 3 times a week, non stop for 7 years.

    Just like looking in the mirror of Alex and Mimi’s life, Dana and John have followed a very similar but also as unique of a journey, to get to where they are now. Which is running a hugely successful and highly creative platform that allows freedom and flexibility in their lives whilst helping others.

    They both come from very humble beginnings, a few miles apart from each other, in tiny villages of around 3000 inhabitants or less, in Texas U.S. Eventually meeting each other while studying in the only slightly bigger city of Wichita. Alex and Mimi dive into the Shultz’s romance story, one that nearly didn’t exist as John was, at first, stuck in the dreaded friend-zone.

    As their studies drew close to an end and they realised they wanted more to life, ripping off the bandaid and piercing their comfort bubble they decided to get married and the very next day they moved to Portland.

    When they arrived they stumbled upon Portland’s creative scene, finding a community that would show them just how different life could be. This is where the couple would catch the buzz of the exciting and rewarding world that is entrepreneurship and would pave the way for their new careers.

    “I used to think it would be cool to meet all these cool and interesting people, until I realised it’s much better to GO DO cool and interesting things, as you get good at what you’re interested in you start to become surrounded by cool and interesting people” - John [14:40]

    Unfortunately their move was badly timed and coincided with the recession, making it very difficult for either of them to find work. This came as a blessing in disguise as it forced Dana to get creative, allowing her to find the world of blogging. She set up a lifestyle blog and John found yet another job that he hated. After not too long they returned back to Texas and John went back to studying Law even though he didn’t want to become a lawyer; as he says

    “Law school is the most expensive way to find out you don’t want to become a lawyer”.

    “Starting a business together was one of our best decisions for our relationship, it forces you to have difficult conversations. This gave us a better way to communicate with each other outside of work hours and strengthened our relationship” - John [41.22]

    So after years of not channeling what they really wanted and falling short of their pipe dreams, they decided to visualise what they wanted and picture themselves 20 years on. They made solid plans on how to achieve their goals and set about making them happen. This started with taking stock of what was working and what wasn’t. This would mean a rebrand for Dana’s blog, now focusing on quick simple recipes - 10 ingredients or less and all prepared in one bowl.

    John set about using all his geekiness to develop the perfect site, with consistency and true effort, The Minimalist Baker would prove to be a recipe for success.

    Here’s what we chatted about in this episode:

    What’s it like to founder a company with your partner and work together as a couple every day How to get out of the difficult friend zone, for John and Alex Why women should take the lead sometimes Ripping off the bandaid and bursting your comfort bubble The correct way to make connections in a new city How to earn money through creativity, even during a recession Another dropout lawyer story Use your skills to get hired and use the money to fund your own thing Stop thinking about the money and think about the happiness Turning a problem into a niche marketing strategy How to budget a bootstrapped business Cutting your expenses to lengthen the runway for success How to be just as happy with nothing by doing exactly what you want to do
  • In today’s episode Alex and Mimi chat about a concept that has proven itself time and time again, throughout both their business and personal lives. May you might want to sing along like in the Disney movie Frozen, as we are going to be discussing - Letting Go.

    Whether it’s waiting for a friend to reply to your important message, asking someone out on a date, to sending a business proposal to client or applying to go to University / College. We’ve all felt the fear of losing out on the one thing we’ve been dreaming about. Often a thought that we’ve put so much energy behind can have us attached greatly to the outcome and even more often this leads to disappointment.

    We see it in depressed people or people who hold low value of themselves, disappointment seems to be everywhere these days. Too much of this is wrapped up in misread expectations and clinging on too hard to your desires. Maybe you lost your partner or your job and you just can’t seem to;


    “You might fail at this at first and that is Ok, you have to keep getting up and doing it because eventually it will work out” - Alex [9:00]

    Alex and Mimi share how they’ve had to overcome this time and time again, from negotiating the sale of Luxy hair to walking away from relationships that were not good for them. Mimi shares her Vipassana story and how she learnt the importance of equanimity:

    Equanimity - noun

    calmness and composure, especially in a difficult situation.

    "she accepted both the good and the bad with equanimity"

    composure, calmness, calm, level-headedness, self-possession, self-control, even-temperedness, coolness, cool-headedness, presence of mind.

    “I understand you really want this and it’s your desire, but because you want this so badly, it’s probably not going to work” - Alex [8:00]

    Whether it’s someone bullying you or you’re simply not happy with your job or relationship, or looking to find the perfect place to live, there’s so much you can take away from this episode.

    Here’s what we get into:

    Attachment is most obvious during challenging times The truth can hurt sometimes but it’s that pain is your bodies way of showing you to change The importance of meditation and a still mind during times of conflict Conflict can be with yourself not just with others How desperation seeps into your interactions, how to communicate your intentions Sometimes you have to face losing it all to get your dream life Outcome dependency reduces your negotiating powers Letting go isn’t an instant strategy, it’s a mindset that takes time to become effective Only you can set your real value

    Letting Go - The Pathway of Surrender by Dr. Hawkins

    Linchpin - Are You Indispensable?

    Full show notes: https://www.ikonns.com/podcast/episode41

  • Today’s episode is a classic tale of rags to riches, with Denys Zhadanov, VP of Marketing at Readdle. Readle is a successful app company with over 100 million downloads and a legacy that extends beyond the launch in the App Store, all the way back to the beginning of iPhone.

    Having only just turned 30, he is so young given his accomplishments and his early adoption as one of the first creators of Apps, some that have gone on to inspire the technology we take for granted today.

    We dive into Denys humble beginnings, raised in a small village in the Ukraine, his father worked as a communications engineer for the KGB and moved around from country to country until it’s collapse in 1991. He gathered huge inspiration from his mother's determination to accomplish something great, as she went from consulting farmers to becoming governor of the region where they lived. This would set him and his brother up with the right mindset for creating their business later in life.

    In 1998, him and his brother got their first pc and got to work almost immediately, geeking out on the potential of this new technology and learning to code, by the time the first iPhone dropped in 2007, they’d be one of the first people in the Ukraine to own one and set about making it easier for others to use it, by offering a cloud based solution for things that the iPhone couldn’t do as standard. All the things our phones now do off the shelf but back then didn’t, including apps similar to what we see in DropBox and Google Docs now.

    Their creativity earned them a prize place on the front page of the App Store on the day of its launch, and as a personal invite directly from Apple, they have been a huge help in the Readdle’s success. In the first few months they had 60,000 downloads and made their first $20,000, which they invested straight back into the company. Bootstrapping their way to the staggering success they’ve achieved today.

    Here’s what you’ll learn:

    From a shared room in Odessa to becoming a Silicon Valley tech giant Hard work, intelligence and a whole lot of good luck and good timing How positivity and high energy keeps connected with the right people Redesigning how we email with Spark Email app Innovating fast is the only way to stay ahead, the real David and Goliath story. How to become an early innovator that inspires industry leaders like google and apple. The correct way to think about the future - with 100 life goals. People will share when you offer something with real value Why it’s much harder to find peoples problems than most think. How you can accomplish half of your life goals in 1 single year! The correct way to cold approach a business connection

    Hope you enjoyed this week’s episode with Denys, you can find out more about him here:




    Denys’s Instagram

    Readdle Instagram

    Full show notes: https://www.ikonns.com/podcast/episode40

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  • This episode should come with a WARNING, you’ll probably learn more here about how to run successful businesses than ever before... and this was a delight to record too. That’s because today we are talking Marcia Kilgore, the super successful serial entrepreneur of brands like Bliss Spa, Bliss Labs, Soap & Glory, Fit Flop and the revolutionary new Beauty Pie. We can clearly see she is doing everything right. We find out what?

    Originally from the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, she grew up with very humble beginnings. She and her sisters suffered a sad loss of her father around the age of 11, causing the family to further struggle. But her mum instilled the rule of never complaining - about anything! She’d boldly explain “There are people out in the world that have no legs and have it way harder than you”.

    With this her mum instilled the practice of gratitude and a friend of the family also brought her attention to the importance of discipline, when he introduced her to his gym. So from an early age, these life lessons kept her feet planted safely on the ground.

    “By the time you turn 18 you are your own thoughts, grab a book and take responsibility for them” - Marcia [57:28]

    She applied to Study in New York when she was 16, and on arriving in the US her plans fell through, so she found herself on the streets of NYC needing to earn money fast. Already being a regular at the gym, she used her previous bodybuilding competition experience to land herself a personal training role at a fairly prolific gym, which put her in front of many minor celebrities. Including her clients Douglas Keeve and his then partner Isaac Mizrahi of fashion fame. This opened the door to access super models who she’d eventually practice her new hobby on, having recently trained in facial therapy.

    Word spread fast and at the heart of it was Marcia’s politeness, kindness, warm and friendly service. She sums it up by saying it’s all about delivering the goods and being positive. Oh and the details, people come because of the smallest details. She write personal thank you notes for every client she had.

    “It’s up to you to deliver the goods, don’t be half assed about anything, be full assed. Did you ever had a hair colourist call you the next day and ask how your hair is doing? Well if you did, do you think you’d every go elsewhere ever again?” - Marcia [32:55]

    She quickly went from a small one room studio with film stars like Uma Thurman sitting and waiting in the halls, to a 3 room studio, then a 10 room and finally a 24 room studio with a booked up schedule 18 months in advance. They’d always be cultural icons like Oprah Winfry, Madonna, Calvin klein and Courtney Love, amongst many more, as regular clients. Then after a decade of building this business from the ground up she sold a stake in the company to french company LVMH, which allowed her to expand into skincare products, creating Bliss labs. Countless skincare products later, under a few different umbrellas like Soap & Glory, Soaper Dooper, Marcia shares her secrets to getting your products stocked on premium shelves, from Harvey Nichols to Douglas and around the world.

    Her’s what else we chat about:

    Taking responsibility for your own mindset and actions

    The power of reframing - “you say she’s not interested, I say she was on vacation and missed it”

    How business is not just about the details, business is THE details

    Hobbies can grow into big businesses very fast

    The markup of most beauty brands and not putting the customer first

    The value revolution in her new company Beauty Pie

    Avoid defensiveness at all costs

    The early bad experiences that shaped Marcia’s entire business strategy.

    You can find out more about Marcia here:




    Books here:

    The Work… of Byron Katie, An Introduction.

    Full show notes: https://www.ikonns.com/podcast/episode39

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  • It’s important to note that this lifestyle won’t be for everyone. For most people, at 8am they go their different ways, off to a different job, eat lunch with different friends and rejoin their partner come 6pm when it’s time for dinner. The idea of talking shop with their partner in bed can be a huge turn off. Keep work in its place and keep the loved ones as far away from it. It’s just never been the case with Alex and Mimi.

    “If you don’t have a common vision, I’m not sure how you can do anything in life, never mind be in a relationship together” - Mimi [7:20]

    The ikonns met while working in a bank, so their working relationship far extends their loving relationship. Luckily they’ve found that working together is not only easier but actually proves more productive.

    Since starting their first business together, they’ve coincidentally both pulled in the same direction towards a shared goal, each taking on their own challenges with their own unique skills and both have thriving with different strengths. For Mimi she wouldn’t do so well, if she had fulfil an operations manager role, but for Alex, he can be passionate about making sure the business wheels are well greased. Yet Mimi loves to be creative and in front of the camera, often creating the vision and lens through which direction the business is seen. This is harmony for them.

    I don’t need to do anything, I GET to do things, It’s a complete mindset shift. When you GET to do things you appreciate them more and your work comes from a different place” - Mimi [11:40]

    Even though they both work so smoothly together, it’s also important to note, they both take responsibility for their own self growth and managing what they bring to the table. It’s important that they aren’t relying on their partners to get their own job done. Alex recalls how in the beginning he was working 2 jobs in the business, both his own role and being Mimi’s video editor. This caused friction after a while because he couldn’t focus on the tasks he was meant to be doing. This is a huge lesson to learn. Find your strengths and what you bring to the table, do that and get someone else to do the rest.

    Another big takeaway we just shined the light on is transparency in relationships and in business. It was so important for Alex to communicate that the video work wasn’t his job, same when the couple chose to stop working from home and get an office elsewhere. Sometimes there’s distractions in business especially if you have a baby in the same room… So communication is key towards growth and navigating the inevitable business challenges.

    Full show notes: https://www.ikonns.com/podcast/episode38

  • Today’s episode is a true adventure, because we are interviewing a true adventurer. We’ve had Louis Coles from the infamous YouTube Vlog ‘Fun For Louis’, around for Dinner. Having visited 85+ countries, Louis is a true free spirit and he holds saint like wisdom, gained from his inspiring round the world adventures. And today he’s going so share his incredible journey with us.

    Growing up in Surrey, UK, his teacher parents allowed him to imagine. They gave him the gift of creativity and fostered the idea of being and thinking different. You only have to see this picture of his teenage bedroom to notice the extent of his parents believing in the power of imagination and play.

    I think imagination is on the decline for kids today, all the technology we have available to us steals it away. Feeding my imagination when I was growing up allowed me to think differently and outside the box as an adult - Louis [7:29]

    Never a fan of prepackaged holiday resorts, the Coles family would drive to the South of France for vacation allowing Louis to soak up culture from an early age. He was inspired by a month long trip they spent in Indonesia and Malaysia, knowing from that moment, travel would become a big part of his life.

    Briefly working an office job between his college gap year, he got insight into the adult life he knew he didn’t want. Seeing his aged 50+ colleagues trapped in their 9-5 for years on end and also recalling his childhood lessons to always think different, Louis knew the office life wasn’t for him. He had a calling for something much bigger.

    The more travelled I became, the broader my perspective of the world, religion, purpose and culture became. Travel is literally the antidote to ignorance - Louis [20:50]

    So he bought a mini bus and set about travelling and documenting his life. Along the way helping helping the youths of london to get off the streets with community project work. During YouTubes infancy Louis experimented with different ways to use the platform. After a few bizarre ideas like eating live spiders and frogs on camera, he settled on documenting his adventures and now as veteran of the Vlogging world, he has 2 million subscribers.

    Today we chat about:

    The true meaning of purpose and finding it through spirituality Religion without the dogma and the rules Why you should always be trying to be a good human being The campaign for love and social justice Adopting homeless people and giving a struggling person their life back Travel kills ignorance - the best travel motto for life Driving 9000 miles around the USA and driving from London to Beijing The anxious trap of having to blog everyday and the importance of slowing down a little. Your end path will inevitably go through a few route changes

    Hope you enjoyed this week’s episode with Louis, you can find out more about him here:




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  • Today we have another exciting ‘Ask Me Anything’ episode in which we take your recorded questions that you’ve submitted to our website and we go deep and get totally honest with our answers.

    Today we felt truly alive as the questions were some of the best we’ve been asked, and an added bonus of it being the first time we’ve recorded an AMA from our office - so we hope you love this as much as we did recording it. This week there is only 3 questions but they are super important questions we should be investigating for ourselves.

    Here’s what you guys asked:

    Is there a higher purpose behind what you do, that gives you meaning?

    How do you stay so positive when you think about the future?

    How do you deal with the frustration of not feeling good enough?

    Is there a higher purpose behind what you do that gives you meaning?

    This really should be the single most important question to ask ourselves when we’ve done writing in our journal each morning. Focus on your WHY!?! For those of you who know us, you’ll already know we absolutely love Simon Sinek’s work, his book ‘Start With Why’ is so important to us and is a must read for everyone. Getting to the bottom of your ‘why’ will have you thriving in business and in life. Wash away the things that don’t matter and focus on fulfilling your purpose.

    For Alex it’s getting in touch with his inner being, realising the importance of LESS DOING and more EXPERIENCING everything. He reflects on selling the business and how that wasn’t fulfilling their sense of purpose anymore. Sometimes it can be as much about getting rid of things that are not your ‘why’.

    “Life happens with or without us to a certain degree, our whole lifetime is just a speck, just a moment of time. That is why I have gratitude for myself and for life. With that I have a sense of purpose” - Alex [5.40]

    For Mimi she is more proactive in looking for purpose. She has to be giving value every minute of her day, she feels empty without doing this. Her inner purpose is knowing that she’s helping others find happiness and living a healthier life.

    “If you want to change the world, first you have to change yourself”

    How do you stay so positive when you think about the future?

    Mimi reminds us that we are not always positive, everyone has their moments of feeling down. It’s more important that you realise in the moment that you have a choice of which mood you choose. How do you want to start your day? Will you carry that negativity through out your morning or will you choose to reframe and find positivity in the moment. For Alex this is practice. It’s like a muscle, it has to be trained. The more you look for it, the more it starts to show up everywhere you go. Before you know it - everyday has its positive moments. This is why we built the 5 minute journal, so we could reinforce those moments constantly and be reminded of the precious moments we’d otherwise choose to ignore.

    “How can I contribute to the productiveness and positivity in the world, well, I can see the potential and the positivity around me and make it a conscious choice to do so, then others will follow that energy and also feel positive” - Mimi [12:40]

    How do you deal with the frustration of not feeling good enough?

    When people derive their self value from accomplishments, accumulating and owning stuff; this only leads to disappointment. Often in life we fail or things break or we lose what is most precious to us. These should not be our defining moments. Here only lies frustration. Instead we need to find value in ourselves for who we are and the love we can share. It doesn’t matter if we are skinny one minute and overweight the next. Rich and then lose it all like a game of Monopoly or find love and then it’s gone....

    Finding happiness in ourselves for no other reason than ‘we are who we are’ is the only way to stop being disappointed in yourself. There’s no need to be frustrated. Just try your best and everyday try that little bit more. There’s no need to sprint a mile when you can casually walk all day.

    “The only person you’re competing against is yourself” - Alex [ 20:30]

    Full show notes: https://www.ikonns.com/podcast/episode36

  • Today we have one of our favorite episodes so far, we’re totally excited to be speaking with our good friend and podcast veteran Brian Rose of London Real. We dive into the lessons learned from Brian’s 8 years of podcasting. From the drugs and a near death experience to being mentored in a castle and finding a sense of purpose.

    His show is the archetype of podcasting. Before Youtube was big and before people knew what a podcast was, Brian took inspiration from other early podcast adopters like Joe Rogan and set about crafting his own original style of interviewing. He knew he wanted to provide value in people’s lives, in the same way his life had changed from being engaged in inspiring long format conversations. Brian’s vision would be realized in 2011 when he launched London Real and he went on to pioneer this media through its early days up to what it has become today.

    Things haven’t always fallen into place though. Today we chat with Brian about his dark past, drug abuse and overdoses, leaving California, dropping out of his engineering studies in Boston and becoming a Wall Street banker. Then once he got there, the money never satisfied him and how the aggressive lifestyle forced him to disconnect from society.

    ‘All the dark holes inside Brian, Brian the kid, all the dark things just weren't going away even though I was earning 100,000’s of dollars’ - Brian Rose [12:30]

    One day, the intense lifestyle took its toll and it was time for him to clean up his act. Moving to London would give a chance at a new life away from what he describes as a “shameful past”.

    Within the first few weeks of arriving on British turf, he quickly realized he had nothing to do with his time and had to throw himself into something to avoid his addictive tendencies. He found a great mentor while studying martial arts, also allowing him to adopt new traits like accountability, confidence and discipline that shaped Brian and gave him the grounding he needed to start making the podcast.

    “I nearly had to die to get here, everyday I walk through the graveyard thinking what would these bodies have done different if they had the chance to live life over, then I think about what my obituary is going to say, that really pushes me forward” - Brian Rose [40:00]

    Brian has interviewed some amazing people in his time hosting one of the longest running podcasts, but in this episode the table is flipped and we get to explore his remarkable life, all the ups and downs and everything in between.

    Here’s what else we get into:

    How to create your own huge life transformation Finding your own sense of purpose Everyone ones shares a baseline, we all want the same things in life Comfort leads to transparency Transcendental meditation is like holding a mirror up to your real self Coming back from the brink of destruction makes you stronger then ever before Money, cocaine, heroin, prostitutes - leaving Wall Street for a new life Relax, all good things will come in good time Why taking more risks is the only way to the top False expectations appearing as fear - Dan Pena’s mantra that puts fear in its place

    Full show notes: https://www.ikonns.com/podcast/episode35

  • Today we’ve got a bit of a spontaneous and fun episode as Alex and Mimi answer a wide variety of ‘questions that nobody ever really asks’.

    Have you ever wondered how the Ikonn name originated, who Alex’s perfect dinner party guests would be or how Mimi deals with the choice between an aisle or window seat? Get to know them more and see if they get to know each other better in the process as they answer a whole bunch of questions such as:

    Did you have a nickname growing up? What is your favourite childhood TV show? How do you relieve stress? What did you want to be when you grew up? What’s the best prank you’ve ever pulled off? If you could get back any article of clothing you once wore, what would it be? If you could play any instrument which would you play? If you could live in one city for the rest of your life where would you live? Do you sleep with your door open or closed? Do you still watch cartoons? When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone? What was your favourite concert of all time? Do you believe in ghosts? Who would you like to see in concert? Have you ever won a contest?

    We hope you enjoyed this episode as much as us and we appreciate you for listening! As always we would love to hear from you! Head on over to our website at www.ikonns.com and submit a question. Ask anything from a wide variety of topics, business to relationships... so feel free to ask away!

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  • Today we’re honoured to welcome Susie Ma, Tropic Skincare founder, to the Ikonns Podcast. Appearing on the iconic Forbes 30 under 30’s 2018 list, Susie often left us in awe as she spoke to us about her compelling career story and how her entrepreneurial spirit was carved out by her experiences in childhood.

    Born in Shanghai under the one child policy, Susie describes the stark contrasts she faced in early childhood moving from China to Australia and then finally settling in the U.K. After seeing her mother struggle as a market seller in London’s Greenwich Market, Susie’s desire to gain a better life for herself and her mother led to her starting her own business.

    “We were in this horrible trap, and I just thought my mum can’t physically do any more work, she’s working the maximum hours that her body can physically handle, it’s up to me now” – Susie Ma

    Susie founded Tropic Skincare when she was 15 years old, pursuing the only goal to help her mother out. After creating first home-made skin care products packed in jam jars and originated from her Chinese origins and experiencing some initial success, Susie tells us how her company – the fastest-growing skincare company in the U.K. – was born from her appearance on BBC’s television series The Apprentice in 2011 and how Alan Sugar firing her was also a blessing in disguise.

    “Have that vision, believe that you can do it, but you have to be prepared to work damn hard at it” – Susie Ma

    We’re sure you’ll experience the same goose bumps we did as Susie’s motivational spirit shines through in every word she speaks!

    Here’s what else we talk about:

    The building blocks needed for creating your vision Building an honest business with a hands on approach Being risk averse and building organically Learning lessons from your peers The infinite purpose of your business

    Hope you enjoyed this week’s episode with Susie Ma, you can find out more about her here:




    Full show notes: https://www.ikonns.com/podcast/episode33

  • In todays episode, Alex and Mimi discuss what it means to go deep both with yourself and others and how doing so can enrich your relationships.

    When facing challenges and conflicts throughout our lives, we have a choice, do we stay in the comfort and familiarity of the shallows or do we go out and explore the depths and face the challenges that can help us evolve?

    “The true wealth and gifts lie in the depths of our soul and the souls of other people that we come across” – Mimi Ikonn

    Admittedly an extrovert, Mimi discusses the challenges she faced at a silent meditation retreat and how facing her fear of listening to the heart led to an important lesson. Alex discusses the significance of maintaining the ability to self reflect in an age of social media and instant gratification.

    “The moments of nothing are where you actually have that space to reflect and get to know yourself a little deeper” – Alex Ikonn

    Placing honesty over the guarantee of happiness can lead to a healthier relationship, and whilst this honesty may be upsetting or challenging at first, transparency can be an important communicative tool that helps us avoid a build up of negative feelings towards each other over time.

    We all have our different paths in life but one thing that we all have in common is having to face challenges along the way. Building healthy and fulfilling relationships can be difficult at times, but those that are built on core principles of honesty and vulnerability can help them stand the test of time!

    Here’s what else we discuss today:

    Two steps to a meaningful relationship The fear of loss and how it can stop people from evolving How social media provides shots of dopamine comparative to gambling Not being afraid to ruffle some feathers Conflict can be a wake up call and gift in building your relationships You never stop learning Social media can be a helpful tool for discourse

    We would love to hear from you! Head on over to our website at www.ikonns.com and submit a question. Ask anything from a wide variety of topics, business to relationships... so feel free to ask away!

    Resources from today's episode here:

    Lazo Freeman – Body, Mind, Soul Transformation podcast.

    Insight timer – meditation app.

    Tara Brach – Meditation Podcaster

    The Case of Doing for Doing Nothing - New York Times article.

    Full show notes: https://www.ikonns.com/podcast/episode32

  • In this episode Alex and Mimi chat with the good friend and regular visitor to the Ikonn household, but a first time guest on the show, Lazo Freeman. Lazo is so inspirational to us and a fantastic transformational healer that you need to listen to. He has infinite wisdom that we love.

    Born in Iraq to a mix of both Kurdish and Arab parents, Lazo tells of his difficult and challenging first few years in life, having crossed mountain borders on the back of a donkey - to fleeing Saddam's soldiers on their uncles murder charges - to spending weeks in a romanian prison. Laza’s start to life was anything normal by our western standards.

    Finally he ended up in the UK, where he was excelling in chemistry classes and studied Biomedical engineering at UCL in London. After a short time he realised there was more to life than lectures and decided to train in body transformation. Making a connection to his desire of helping others. Although quitting an engineering degree was a big deal for his family, small things like this no longer bothered him. After all, life could be a lot worse than living in London.

    “Inherently i can be very lazy, but all of a sudden i just shift and I end up performing on higher level” - Lazo [9:30]

    After witnessing only 50% of clients transforming he quickly realised that exercise wasn’t the key. That he needed to look deep into the psychology and mindset that makes for a deeper, more solid transformation. He hit upon a working formula, that the decisions we take are not intellectual and that most decisions, especially successful ones are rooted in emotion.

    Unfortunately, a lot of the negative things in life, especially things that hold us back are also rooted in emotion. So Lazo set about finding ways to clear out the soul, including shifting both current and past life traumas and toxins.

    “Our highest quality vibrational thought is one that is conducive of our greater good” - Lazo [36:48]

    Lazo shares his 3 crying styles:

    Positive tears - Crying because you’re happy. Negative tears - Crying because you’re upset. Neutral tears from the soul - These are the type he urges you to regularly find.

    He combines this with meditation and the correct way of breathing using the Wim Hof technique from your diaphragm instead of shallow throat parasympathetic breathing. He even guides us through his own inspirational, truly amazing meditation. Practice this and we are sure you’ll be impressed.

    “We all have different perceptions, what else are we not seeing because humans don’t have the senses or aren’t tuned into it? The process is like cleaning a mirror and seeing a deeper picture” - Lazo [26:00]

    Here’s what else we get into:

    Healing is all about unlearning Alpha and Beta consciousness - which is critical and which is trance like Intuition is your real tutor Journalling opens your heart Consciousness is like playing music that is in tune with the universe Opening your heart is a treasure chest Early experiences and cleaning out trauma. Finding the signs that your body is telling you, you’re off path

    Hope you enjoyed this week’s episode with Lazo, you can find out more about him here:




    Full show notes: https://www.ikonns.com/podcast/episode31