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  • La littérature au creux de l’oreille 👂 Dans chaque épisode, écoutez l'histoire d’une œuvre classique, adaptée en mini-livre audio immersif, 100% fidèle sur le fond au texte original. Quand vous lisez un livre, vous vous rappelez tout juste de l'essentiel au bout de quelques années, voire quelques mois... Avec ce podcast, on vous donne directement l'essentiel pour vous permettre de développer agréablement et rapidement votre culture littéraire. Un équivalent de Blinkist ou de Koober pour la littérature (et gratuit). Abonnez-vous !

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  • Dark humor abounds as a tax agent tries to tame a post-apocalyptic hellscape in this audiobook podcast by author M.P. Fitzgerald. Music by Dust Mice.

  • Welcome to R D Stories, where we delve into the depths of darkness to bring you spine-chilling horror stories that will send shivers down your spine. Join our host Ethan Kim as he narrates eerie tales of the supernatural, the unknown, and the macabre.
    Each episode of R D Stories features gripping stories that will keep you on the edge of your seat, from haunted houses to cursed objects, from ghostly encounters to psychological thrillers. Our carefully curated collection of horror stories will transport you to realms of fear and suspense, and leave you with a sense of unease long after the episode ends.
    With atmospheric soundscapes, immersive storytelling, and expert narration, R D Stories provides a truly haunting listening experience. Whether you’re a horror enthusiast or just love a good scare, this podcast is for you. So, turn off the lights, put on your headphones, and prepare to be captivated by the real and dark horror stories that await you in every episode of R D Stories.
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    Listener discretion is advised. This podcast contains explicit content and is not suitable for children

  • Join The Thriller Zone host and thriller author David Temple as he gives you a front-row seat to the best thriller writers in the world. If you like thriller fiction in Books, Movies, and TV Shows, you’ll enjoy The Thriller Zone Podcast.

  • Dräi Gaming Nerds setzen sech zesummen a philosophéieren doriwwer wat grad alles an der Gamingwelt geschitt. Zousätzlech dozou erzielen si iech wat all Mount am PS Plus ze kréien ass a wéi eng Pärelen sech all Mount am XBOX GamePass befannen.

    Wann dir dann och nach déi eng oder di aner Review héiere wëllt, da sidd dir beim Petz, Marc a Winmi genau richteg.

  • Chase & Josh break down, review and evaluate the world’s top Fantasy shows/books/movies while debating the hottest topics.

  • Life's too short to a be a Pat, Shula or Adam.
    Let’s not take anything, least of all The Archers, too seriously.

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  • Retrouvez les plus belles histoires pour faire voyager vos enfants de tous âges en voiture.

    Des histoires pour chaque âges qui vont passionner vos enfants.

    Podcast et histoire pour enfants

  • Des gens bourrés, des chats à sauver, une statuette à trouver et une tour des rêves à explorer,... Ne fais pas 100 ! est une petite campagne de jeu de rôles qui se déroule dans le monde d'Aria de Fibre Tigre.

    Avec Shadow dans le rôle de Bass, DjCactus dans le rôle de Stanislas et Rckep dans le rôle d'Alekseï.

    Une aventure écrite et masteurisée par Anna-June Barker.


    Aria, un jeu de rôle écrit par FibreTigre et publié chez Elder-Craft : http://elder-craft.com/collections/aria


    AnnaJuneBarker @theannajunebarker @AnnaJuneBarker

    Shadow @melora.painting

    DjCactus @flaviens

    Rckep @la_virtuelle @Rckep

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  • Cry Havoc! Ask Questions Later takes place two years after Julius Caesar failed to beware the Ides of March and got stabbed to death by a band of well-wishers. Now the assassins have been rounded up and slaughtered in battle, so we can all breathe a sigh of relief. But who’s in charge now? 

    With things on the verge of absolute collapse, the cool and calculating Cleopatra, the Queen of the Nile, has swung by for an extended visit. She’s eager to renew an alliance with Rome by any means necessary – including marriage and/or murder. 

    A dramatic comedy of power politics, whirlwind romances, and running fast to get nowhere 

    Created by David K. Barnes 

    Directed by Amani Zardoe 

    Executive Producers Alexander J Newall & April Sumner 

    Written by David K. Barnes, Grace Knight, Maud Dromgoole, Robert Valentine, Octavia Bray, Rhys Tirado, Tom Crowley, Sarah Shachat, and Rafaella Marcus 

    Featuring: Kazeem Tosin Amore, Harry Roebuck, Lara Sawalha, Sarah Agha, Sarah Lambie, Andy Secombe, Beth Eyre, Benjamin Garrison, Aaron-Louis Cadogan, Ellie Dickens, & Ryan Hopevere-Anderson 

    Edited by Lowri Ann Davies, Nico Vettese, Katharine Seaton, Catherine Rinella, James Austin, Meg McKeller, Tessa Vroom

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  • A sci-fi(ish) romantic comedy podcast starring a repressed lawyer, a criminal client, a pesky sister and her fiance, an infuriatingly sexy coworker, and an android in the mood for love.Jeanine Bell​ is a robotics intelligence lawyer whose laser focus on her career has come at the expense of her romantic and social lives. After successfully keeping AI genius Penelope Lane out of prison, Jeanine receives the gift of LEO(h),​ an android with Synthetic Sentience. LEO(h) is Loving, Empathetic, Optimistic, and (only sorta) helpful. He's programmed to love Jeanine. He’s also very, very illegal.Created by Octavia Bray and produced by Atypical Artists.

  • Samstag, der 14. Januar 2023 in Lützerath: Das kleine Dorf in NRW hat sich in einen Schauplatz des Widerstands verwandelt. Die Polizei räumt die Barrikaden und rund 35.000 Menschen stürmen in Richtung der Abbruchkante des Kohlebaggers. Der 14. Januar markiert für viele den finalen Aufschrei des Dorfes vor seiner Abbaggerung. Auch für die 18-jährige Finja, die extra für die Demo angereist ist. Ihr gegenüber steht Samira, in ihrer Rolle als Polizistin. Und irgendwo dazwischen Alex, der als junger Journalist eines großen Medienhauses über die Auseinandersetzungen berichten soll. An diesem Tag treffen sie alle aufeinander - in einer Sitzblockade gegen den Braunkohletagebau in Lützerath. 

    "Verletzte Generation" – ein sechsteiliger Hörspielpodcast über die Klimaproteste in Lützerath beruht auf wahren Begebenheiten. Die Protagonist:innen wurden aus dramaturgischen Gründen jedoch frei erfunden. 

    Erlebe eine spannende Geschichte aus drei Blickwinkeln: Aktivistin, Polizistin, Reporter.

    Eine Produktion von Auf die Ohren.

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  • Star Wars & Scotch is a podcast hosted by 2 friends (Darkness429 & kmagic101) who are huge fans of a galaxy far, far away and who also happen to enjoy a nice glass of scotch. Join the community and the conversation and May The Force Be With You....Always!

  • Red flags
    Relationship talks and alot more on talk with femi
    Glad you can start this journey with me
    Instagram- feemii__

  • Noone, a timid young girl, is committed to The Counties Psychiatric Institute due to her ever-worsening nightmare disorder. She is placed under the care of The Counsellor who has dedicated his life to helping kids overcome their ailments, himself a product of childhood trauma. As Noone recounts her nightly torments during their sessions together, it becomes clear that her dreams unfold with a sinister life of their own. When The Counsellor realizes that her nightmares bear uncanny similarities to those of someone he loved dearly in his past, it unlocks a dangerous obsession inside him, and he grows desperate to find out what secrets hide inside Noone’s head.


    Available in other languages: FR - Le Bruit des Cauchemars, ES - El Murmullo de las Pesadillas, DE - Der Klang der Albträume, IT - Il Suono Degli Incubi


    Production by Bandai Namco Europe and Louie Media

    Directed by Thomas Rozès

    Music by Tobias Lilja and Thomas Rozès.

    Written by Lonnie Nadler, Mike Bambridge aka SuperHorrorBro, Supermassive Games, It's Just Jord and Eugene Myers.

    Our showrunner is Lonnie Nadler.

    With Amy Purshouse as Noone and Kester Lovelace as Otto.

    Based on Little Nightmares from Bandai Namco Europe

    Little Nightmares™ & © Bandai Namco Europe S.A.S.

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  • Courts récits érotico-littéraires (soft).

    Lucie, célibataire trentenaire, est une grande romantique.

    Cependant, en attendant le grand amour, elle rencontre des hommes, pour une ou plusieurs nuits, et éprouve parfois le besoin de vous confier l'une ou l'autre de ces histoires...

  • Join us three times a week for a trip back in time to the early days of science fiction. Travel the solar system with aliens, robots and space pirates aboard space ships capable of travel beyond light-years to discover planets and people, conflicts and conundrums. Short science fiction stories from some of the greatest vintage sci-fi authors of all time, Philip K. Dick, Ray Bradbury, Isaac Asimov, H. G. Wells, Arthur C. Clarke, Harlan Ellison, Fritz Leiber, Alan E. Nourse, Frederik Pohl, Kurt Vonnegut and many more.

    We’ll go back in time sixty to a hundred years, or more, when these amazing sci-fi short stories were written and very often find ourselves in the future. Narrator Scott Miller is your host for this journey through space and time.

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  • Come raccontiamo storie e soprattutto perché? The Storytelling Nerd è il podcast che parla di libri, cinema, narrazioni, comunicazione e nuovi media.

    Io sono Sara Boero, mi occupo di editoria e digital storytelling.
    Sul mio canale YouTube trovate i contenuti in formato video.