• Jan Vermeiren was the founder of Networking Coach - the first LinkedIn certified training partner worldwide. Networking Coach helped organisations to become more successful by embracing the power of LinkedIn, social selling & social recruiting.

    His current position is The Compassionate Leader founder. This organization's mission is: creating the space for an inspiring vibe.

    He translates high-in-the-sky concepts into down-to-earth practical and easy-to-apply tips.

    We discussed a few of his famous models, including the Four different vibes, and their implications on the individual and group level.

    During the interview, Jan reveals a LinkedIn secret for lead generation.

    Jan has worked for more than 450 organizations all over the world including large multinational companies like Alcatel, Deloitte, IBM, ING, Nike, Orange, Philips, Rabobank, Siemens and local companies.

    If you are a leader, coach, trainer or facilitator you are most welcome in the free Compassionate Leaders Community:


  • BONUS: Jeffrey's interview with George Rogers (Assistant Executive Director of International Coach Federation) - the basics that you should know about ICF certification and coach credentialing

    Jeffrey helps new and developing coaches with coaching skills and client acquisition by training and mentoring them in good coaching, sales, and marketing best practices.

    Jeffrey is a Dean at Master Coach University, a global school of 81,746 coaches, leaders, authors, speakers, trainers, consultants, and change-makers. Master Coach University’s students learn breakthrough methods to support their clients’ life and business reinventions, impacting the most prestigious institutions in the world.




    https://mastercoachuniversity.com Other resources from the interview: The Monk And The Riddle: https://www.amazon.com/Monk-Riddle-Creating-Making-Living/dp/1578516447 Video - How to plan a strategic vision retreat: https://youtu.be/djKaLA6NSHo?t=229
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  • Richard thinks deeply about the future of humanity if humanity is to have a future - using that thinking to inspire enduring second and third-order change through the creation of adaptive and resilient futures for greater numbers of people.

    He is best known for his work as an anticipatory foresight practitioner. He is a keynote speaker, mentor, philosopher-activist and knowledge designer. In these capacities, he helps others consciously co-design the evolution of our world-system - its communities, institutions, organizations, and practices.

    He is the founding Executive Director of the Centre for the Future - an Earth-scale experiment aimed at developing society's capacity to evolve more consciously by reinventing life-critical systems that are currently failing humanity or are in a state of collapse.


    https://thehamesreport.typepad.com/richard_hames/ https://sage.fm/richard_hames_mentor https://www.hamesmcgregor.com

    Co-host: Dr. Steven Gans - Steven is a Philosopher, Psychotherapist, Coach, and Entrepreneur. His DNA is to bring out the best in others.


    "Richard has a mind that is impossible to leap over", Peter Flavel CEO Private Wealth Management, J.P.Morgon⎪"Richard’s compelling summary of the issues facing the world today and his clear view of the dynamics of change is so sharp that it penetrates the fog of the dominant economic paradigm", Ian Adam Director of External Affairs, BP⎪"Undoubtedly one of the smartest people on the planet – capable of transcending ideology and history in a single leap", Forbes Asia Magazine

  • If you are wanting to make a career shift into blockchain coding, are seeking to understand how to use smart contracts to improve your business flow or just want to connect with others who are learning and growing their experience base in blockchain and cryptocurrencies together, the Blockchain Chamber of Commerce is there to help and connect you on a global platform.

    Linda Goetze is the CEO of the Blockchain Chamber of Commerce - the organization that brings collaborative connectivity throughout the Blockchain ECOsystem in order to raise awareness, facilitate adoption and inspire advocacy for commerce, consumers and professionals building careers in blockchain technology.

    You can get a lot of value from their website blockchainecosystem.io where you can find almost everything you need to get started and even participate in various groups and initiatives.

    I was asking Linda various questions from the blockchain/bitcoin rookie position, and she was very patient and shared a lot from her rich experience and amazing professional network perspective.

    " [Blockchain] is a technology that has such a powerful impact on individuals' lives that individuals everywhere are saying 'I want to be involved. I want to use this technology. I want to take advantage of the options and opportunities that it gives me.' And so on an individual basis, I'm seeing amazing collaboration and connectivity around the world." Linda Goetze

  • (From the interview)

    You can get a pop star or somebody being an INFLUENCER and they're not necessarily a THOUGHT LEADER.

    You must ACHIEVE these four things, otherwise, it's unlikely you'll be a thought leader:

    (A)uthority, and

    Unless you push and push and push yourself and challenge yourself and keep yourself to a VERY HIGH STANDARD, you're not going to get to that real gem of an idea.

    An article or a blog is not thought leadership unless it's truly INTERESTING, EXCITING, DIFFERENT, ORIGINAL, DISRUPTIVE and you know, making heads turn.

    Thought Leaders / Entrepreneurs ENERGY >>

    "They don't settle for the obvious answer or the first idea that comes to mind. They don't settle for boring ideas. Ideas that offer nothing new. They don't settle because they know that they've been cold to share truly innovative ideas. And unless you push and push and push yourself and challenge yourself and keep yourself to a very high standard, you're not going to get to that real gem of an idea.

    Yes, we've helped people write books, but the really exciting bit is to come up with the gem that, you know - at the center of the eye of the book is the IDEA and where it REALLY SHINES, where it's REALLY SAYING SOMETHING NEW, you know, it because of the market response."

  • Brian Friedman is a millennial entrepreneur who went from a blank sheet of paper to a successful multimillion-dollar exit in less than three years.

    During this time, he secured over $2.5 million in angel and venture capital financing, hired more than ten employees, opened offices in San Francisco and Taiwan, and sold global brands like Intel, Cisco, Castrol, and Box.

    His ideas about analytics and business practices have been quoted in TechCrunch, Yahoo!, Forbes, and other leading publications. He started the largest Wearable Technology Startup meetup in the US and now serves as VP of digital innovation on the executive team at Aventri, a leading enterprise cloud-based, event management software company.

    In Takeaways: Secret Truths from Leading a Startup, Brian gives you the tools to make the right decisions quickly in your business. This pocket companion covers the entire lifecycle of a startup, from growth and culture to operations and exit strategies. No matter how long you’ve been in business, Brian’s advice can help point you in the right direction.

  • Jeremy Redman - entrepreneur, speaker, and author: "I built multiple 6-figure companies by 30 and I’m trying to make them 7-figure. Somehow I got all the way from the trailer park to Sunset Blvd."


    "4 years ago I was told I was going to have a hard time being a tech entrepreneur. I did not have a cofounder (on at least 12 different occasions people wanted to be my cofounder and then abandoned me when things got tough – but I didn’t let that stop me), I could not code and I didn’t have much money. But I wasn’t going to let people tell me I couldn’t be an entrepreneur. It’s all I ever wanted to be. I remember when I was first called an entrepreneur and I remember how it felt. I was 7. I also remember being called that when I actually knew what it meant. And I have been chasing that feeling ever since. I want as many people to feel that same feeling and I want to help get them there. It’s not easy, but V/One sure definitely makes it easier than ever before."

    Not Boring Business

    "I started a brand called Not Boring Business: the go-to resource for pivoters, freelancers, solopreneurs and side-hustlers. Be sure to check out the podcast on iTunes and Stitcher."

  • S.M.

    "What if I told you that if you are brave enough to follow your dreams and you do what you know is right you will always win, no matter what the outcome is, and no matter if everyone else thinks you are crazy?

    My dear invisible friend, I want to share with you a story. I want to show you how Quantum Psychology can change everything you take for granted in the world as we know it. I'm offering you to be part of my personal journey, raising questions that will challenge your own perceptions.

    The moment is here and now, but the concepts of time and space can be elusive, as we will learn... Because this is a story about time, space and true interpersonal connections, and how the 3 of them, which we take for granted, can be deceiving even when an alternative truth lays in front of you.

    This is a dairy, a window to perceive the world from a different perspective than we have been biologically designed to. If you expect me to inspire or guide you, stop reading now; because I am determined to prove that the power to write destiny lies within each one of us.

    This will not be a comfortable or easy quest, filled with frustration and defeat. But remember that failure doesn't come from defeat; failure only comes from not trying or giving up on what you know as true.

    Are you ready to endeavor this journey with me?
    Our path to change the world starts here, it is all your choice..."

  • Entrepreneurship seems like a thrilling, lucrative adventure—until things go horribly wrong. As crisis after crisis hits, even the most seasoned founder can get disoriented. Whether you’re in the throes of business woes or just getting into the game, E. Keller Fitzsimmons has written a field guide outlining the terrain to help you avoid getting ​Lost in Startuplandia​.

    Keller has been there, done that, starting six businesses over twenty years. In this honest, personal guide, she draws on her trials and triumphs, as well as those of fellow entrepreneurs, to share their most valuable lessons for surviving startup failure. From staying self-aware to redefining success to prioritizing relationships, Keller illuminates the pitfalls that can make or break even the most resilient entrepreneur.

    Startuplandia can be as exhilarating and rewarding as you dreamed—as long as you’re ready to navigate the inevitable crevasses and quicksand along the way.

    E. Keller Fitzsimmons is a serial tech entrepreneur, artist, and mother of two. She is the cofounder of Custom Reality Services, a virtual reality (VR) production company whose first two projects, Across the Line (2016) and Ashe ’68 (2019), premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. Keller is the recipient of the Silvertip PwC Entrepreneurship Award and Speech Technology’s Luminary Award. Her work has been published by Network Computing, InformationWeek, and Inc. An active angel investor, she serves on the technology committee for BELLE USA, a venture fund that invests in women-led startups. Originally trained as a classical archaeologist, Keller holds a master’s degree from Harvard University.

  • Chris Cooper has founded the largest mentorship program in the world in the fitness business, and recently wrote his third book "Founder, Farmer, Thinker, Thief."

    There he shows you the clear path forward by breaking your entrepreneurial journey into four distinct phases. He lays out the top priorities for each phase and shows you, step by step, what to do – and what to avoid – whether you’ve been in business twenty years or are just getting started.

    I have got a lot of value from his lessons shared in the book. Chris learned them from the trenches of mentoring 2k+ business owners worldwide.

    At the end of the episode, Chris shares a few helpful exercises that he has learned over the last 15 years being an entrepreneur.
  • Find out how Tom Poland made fortune by creating and implementing the unique 10-steps Leadsology marketing model. He will give you a little present for generating new leads at the end of the podcast episode.

    These days Tom’s thing is “Leadsology: The Science of Being in Demand” which is a blended learning program that gives professional advisors a model for generating a flow of high-quality, inbound, new client inquiries into their businesses almost every week of the year.

    Tom is a Marketing Mentor who started his first business at age 24 and has gone on to start and sell four others, taking two of them international. In that time he’s managed teams of over 100 people and annual revenue of more than 20 million.

    Over 2000 business owners across 193 different industries and 4 continents have been through his programs and many have gone on to add millions to their earnings and their testimonials are available on his website

    Tom’s work has been published in 27 countries and he’s also shared international speaking platforms with the likes of Michael Gerber of E-Myth fame, Richard Koch from the 80-20 Principle, Brian Tracy and many others.

  • Johannes R. Fisslinger has been a pioneer in the Art and Science of Self-Healing for 25 years and is teaching globally about Root-Cause Analysis and Lifestyle Prescriptions®. He's the founder of Lifestyle Prescriptions University, developer of ThermoBuzzer Biofeedback Imaging, director of the Titans of Yoga and Lifestyle Medicine documentary films and Producer of Lifestyle Medicine Summits.

    The interview was based on Johannes' book "The 6 Root-Cause(s) Of All Symptoms: Fear No More. Know WHY you have symptoms (Lifestyle Prescriptions - Self-Healing Made Easy Book 1)"

  • During his 20-year professional journey, Matt has supported global public organizations in North America, Europe, Asia and South America, across multiple industries.

    He’s presently Head of HR for the Canadian segment of a global retailer and leads a team that was recently recognized for the: ‘Most Innovative Use of HR Technology’ in Canada.

    Matt is passionate about innovation, technology & collaboration. Through sharing thought leadership, he developed a LinkedIn audience of over 30,000 in 3 months, regularly tackling challenges facing the HR profession, while also sharing his vision for the future.

    He serves on a number of Advisory Boards with vendors that serve HR, where he brings expertise in the areas of strategy, innovation, marketing, technology & sales.

    Matthew has an MBA from Simon Fraser University, and Graduate Certificates in Strategic Human Resources & Public Relations from Royal Roads University.

  • Martin Piskoric, about the Neverboss:

    The book is brilliant. I read it from the first to the last page and took notes. Kevin gives himself 100%—openly sharing his knowledge, understanding, and application.

    I liked the book's structure as well. For this topic, it was better than a parable and way beyond the classical educational approach.

    Neverboss made me think and engage, besides involving my emotions all the time. So both my left and right brain worked as I learned.

    This book needs to be read by as many people as possible, from the C level to the front line.

  • "I know that the juice is worth the squeeze that I'm putting myself through to pretty rapidly grow 60-70% year over year; so that doesn't just happen, but it happens when you put in the drive and put in the time and energy - and you see the results in the real time when the business is growing." - Jesse Krieger Bestselling author "Lifestyle
    Entrepreneurs", Founder & Publisher, Entrepreneur

    (1) The Lifestyle Entrepreneur definition

    (2) The prerequisites for becoming Lifestyle Entrepreneur

    (3) Feelings, Awareness, Intrinsic Experiences necessary for the journey

    (4) The internal / external drivers / triggers

    (5) The "21st Century Internet Economy" basics

    (6) The importance of self-development

    (7) The Lifestyle Entrepreneur Roadmap basics

  • Author, Social Media Mastery | Keynote Speaker | Digital Marketing, Social Media Educator | Chief Marketing Officer

    About Rebekah: "I’m the founder of Rebekah Radice Media and RadiantLA, a premier training and development companies, and the Chief Marketing Officer of Post Planner. Over the last 10 years, I’ve trained thousands of growth-focused leaders on how to build a purpose-driven marketing system.

    As the author of, “Social Media Mastery: A Comprehensive Guide to Strategic Growth,” a recognized digital marketing expert, and International Keynote Speaker, I’ve been fortunate to speak at over 200 events, including Inbound, Social Media Marketing World, and the NATO International Summit."

    About podcast episode: Beside info regarding Social Planner, when you just getting going or want to check your strategy, Rebekah is talking about:

    Understanding Your Audience Understanding where they Hanging out Understanding the Social Network You should spend the majority of your time on Understanding what type of Content they are looking for Put Automation in place to help You Manage every bit of it
  • Speaking with globally recognized LinkedIn expert... accumulating knowledge and LinkedIn expertise from 2005... among Forbes Top 20 most influential... giving you the knowledge, experience (understanding) and application for Your Business Success using LinkedIn features. Start with developing your Authenticity, Share Your Content, Use Video as a Game changer, The process to find your niche, Define Your Sales Funnel (with the Call for Action, The Lead Magnet, and other important ingredients). Cope with Your Personal blockades, and listen to Viveka how to Motivate Yourself to bridge the gaps. Find other sources such as Free e-book Viveka is offering you, as well as more sincere Education you can start from her web page.

  • 3x #1 Bestselling Author, Business and Marketing Consultant, Telstra Business Woman of the Year Awards Nominee 2015, Sigrid de Kaste is the Founder and Director of Stickybeak Marketing

    Sigrid formally studied marketing and has direct experience of start up, building, and selling businesses; together with the different types of marketing that is required.

    Stickybeak Marketing focuses on these 5 Pillars of Marketing:

    1. Positioning – Know, Like & Trust Building
    2. Publishing 3 Days in 3 Easy Steps
    3. Digital Product Creation
    4. Instant List Building
    5. PR & Promotions, Online and Local

  • The top 5 podcast questions:

    1. So we hear people talk about Digital Marketing these days with a wide range of services, how important is SEO in someone's overall marketing strategy?

    2. There are so many people claiming to be able to do SEO out there, are there any tips or advice to establish whos good and whos not? 3. Are the core fundamental basics in SEO still important? like site structure, headers, internal links etc. 4. How much regular information do you feedback to customers? ie reports etc? About how their SEO is progressing 5. Link Building is clearly a big topic in the world of SEO, whats important from that point these days, Relevance or metrics. About Craig: "My name is Craig Campbell; I've been doing SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation ) for over 15 years now as well as offering a broad range of other online marketing services.

    These marketing services cover all types of Online Marketing Campaigns including Email Marketing, Pay Per Click advertising, SEO consultancy, link building campaigns and all the latest SEO techniques that will help clients websites rank well.

    Search Engine Rankings are important to most businesses, the search terms that you are found for will help drive people looking for your services to your website. SEO campaigns don't have to be difficult and expensive we are here to help you as much or as little as you need. We can help clients with Local SEO, or nationwide SEO it just depends on the customer and the areas they want to cover.

    Many people come to us for their online marketing including people who have a decent knowledge of SEO but simply can't do the link building campaigns. And if you want good search engine rankings then your digital marketing strategy has to tick all of the right boxes, and you also have to use white hat SEO techniques to make sure that your search terms remain on page 1.

    We also offer people online SEO training courses, as well as training at places throughout the UK helping others understand SEO while passing on other advice and tips that we have learned over the years.

    Pay Per Click Advertising can also be something you can do if you wish to get quick results but overall as part of any online marketing campaign, we would advise that you do a mixed range of services to ensure that all of your eggs are not in one basket.

    So if you are looking to dominate your niche (or “intending to”) getting increased traffic for a broad range of phrases then get in touch today as organic search traffic and pay-per-click will work well and get your business online."
  • Darko works at the intersection of corporate innovation and ventures. He helps organizations develop their innovation strategies and capabilities, as well as ventures form and grow. Darko has experience serving C-suite Fortune 100 clients, national governments, and heads of foundations, as well as start-up founders and social entrepreneurs in pursuing bold new goals.

    Innovation strategy:
    Foresight • Culture/Organization design • Program management • Change & stakeholder management

    Venture strategy • Venture structure/operations • Leading teams • Consumer Behaviour/Behaviour Change