• Marta Dusseldorp finds it impossible to live in a small world. From an early age she was able to look around corners and see beneath stories. This gutsy and wonderful #coffeepod conversation ranges from self-discipline and dedication to the bravery of sitting in one’s true, authentic self. Underpinning Marta’s learnings is an incredible sense of the responsibility she feels for her work. Marta builds the awareness that we are given a voice to advocate for ourselves and for each other. She notes that the way to bring people along with you is to show why we are driven in our work, rather than filling up conversations with the what.

    As a UNHCR ambassador, Marta lends her stories and her voice to people suffering from global causes in a similar way to the challenging characters she loves to play. Currently, Marta is rehearsing the ground-breaking work exploring domestic violence by Melbourne playwright Angus Cerini. Under her new production label Archipelago Productions, Marta talks about her passion for producing, and the need to amplify conversations and characters that are hidden. ‘The Bleeding Tree’ will be not only a stage show, but with an ABC live screening, a panel discussion, helplines throughout the stream and a safe space for further discussion after the show.

    In giving oneself wholly to one’s work, Marta discusses the need to seperate technology from the rehearsal space. In an interesting parallel for workplaces today, she notes that the absence of technology, increases people’s ability to concentrate, to tap into creativity and imagination. Download, subscribe, hit play and get into a world where change is not only possible, but joyous, daring and rewarding.

    Marta both articulates and embodies the idea that within the coexistence of vulnerability and confidentiality, sits the power of relatability.

    Checkout Marta's latest work here: https://www.theatreroyal.com.au/shows/bleeding-tree

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  • Landing as a refugee in the upperclass Victorian suburb of Brighton from war-torn Somalia, Mariam Issa shares her thoughts on life, love, community and resilience. Take a moment over coffee to see your world through the eyes of an outsider. You may well be surprised at how the trivial becomes pivotal and conversely, how what we see as critical, can be rendered somewhat absurd.

    Mariam interrogates the narratives we tell ourselves and questions who authors our story? She emphasises the tools we need to take back the mastery of our own identity. In looking at the plot lines of the developed world’s women, versus the narrative of the developing world’s women, Mariam wonders about the destruction of Western culture, veiled behind accumulation of material possessions. She suggests the less apparent truth - the loss of communal culture. At a time where harnessing the collective holds great value for workplaces, political movements and community wellbeing, Mariam’s lessons of individual contribution are a rare find.

    While Western culture can be quick to dismiss traditions and rituals from abroad, Mariam argues that each of us must improve our listening skills and retain a childlike curiosity. She argues this place of wonder is what activates our ability to tell stories, and therefore to connect humanity. Mariam says, “If you can host someone in your heart, you can host them in your home.” She believes it is the act of listening that gives the power to the story teller. So activate your ear(pod)s, open up your willingness to learn and enjoy a raw CoffeePod from a phenomenal story-teller.

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  • Life is about choices. Michael Crossland was born fighting for his life and is living proof that adversity is not about what happens to us, but how we deal with it. Still striving for quality of life everyday, Michael is pursued globally to speak to the highest level of leaders, amongst sport, business and education, to empower people to start creating the world they want to live in, today.

    A businessman and elite sportsman, Michael asks, are you a passenger or a pilot? He points out, ‘because there are people in this world that would do anything to have your bad day’. After releasing his first autobiography in 2016, he is now a number 1 bestselling author across 6 different countries. We ask Michael, how do you go about building your resilience, like a muscle, day in and day out?

    Hit play to be inspired. In this utterly compelling coffee conversation, Michael opens up his wealth of knowledge to listeners with the aim helping leaders push through their own barriers to the next level of positive impact. Despite growing up being told only what he could not do, Michael continually shows the world everything that can be achieved if you can just believe that everything’s going to be okay.

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  • Growing up, Genevieve Clay-Smith had a feeling of ‘otherness’ that has fuelled a sense of destiny and driven her to align her creative talent with social justice. Leveraging her experience in acting and directing, Gen pursued the film industry as a force for good, making a decision that instead of striving for recognition as an actress herself, she would work to give people living with disability the opportunity to achieve their (socially invisible) dreams. Winning Australia’s iconic short-film festival, Tropfest, with “Be My Brother”, Gen made headlines, challenging the status quo and smashing stigmas by giving people with disability an alternative to the tragic narrative lens they are too often see through.

    A true game-changer, Gen’s work has been showcased at the United Nations as well as over 200 film festivals and events world-wide. Genevieve is the 2019 National Telstra Business Women's Award, Emerging Leader winner, the 2015 NSW Young Australian of the year and winner of the 2014 100 Women of Influence, Young Leader award. She also took out B&T's 2015 Women in Media award for creative, and won the 2015 Women's Weekly Women of the Future Awards. Needless to say, she is a mover and a shaker and as a part of the team at Taste has developed a new model of ‘creative inclusion’. We hope you enjoy this rare and delightful opportunity to have a coffee date with someone truly transforming lives, industries and audiences. 

    This #coffeepod proves that working inclusively doesn’t slow us down or compromise on quality. In fact, the transformation journey requires diverse inputs to change the narrative and therefore change the system. The operating model of so many creative journeys is founded on uncertainty. Uncertainty in terms of finance, acceptance, sustainability… we explore what it takes to suspend belief in transformation… and emerge successful. Come on the creative journey as we ask Gen how she overcame the loneliness of fighting for a more inclusive culture in the film industry. How long was she able to run her startup ‘Bus Stop Films on passion? And how did she successfully build alliances both in terms of social impact community and corporate supporters to bring her vision of inclusion to life?

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  • Mond Qu is designing a better future through insatiable curiosity. How? It’s not just his ability to blend art and science, or to combine functionality with beauty, Mond Qu is a creative crusader, challenging the processes we live by and revealing the architecture of our choices. The interplay between the digital, the physical and the human.

    Founder of United Make, Mond Qu wears many hats as a designer, narrative animator, and digital craftsman. What happens when a trained architect starts challenges digital architecture? When a designer refuses to use virgin materials and instead makes objects that reduce waste, decrease pollution and repurpose what would otherwise thrown out?

    How can we all embrace our creativity - one of the most sought after skills in the current age? Mond Qu says being creative is not about painting or drawing. It’s about problem-solving in a different way and collaborating with diversity to achieve a new outcome.

    This #coffeepod is infused with tips on being a better collaborator, design-thinker, communicator, and intentional creativity. Come explore the interplay between the digital, the physical and the human. And of course, expect a fair hit of being the change you want to see in the world.

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  • It’s a double shot this week as founders of Project Rockit (www.projectrockit.com.au), sisters Lucy and Rosie Thomas, talk mobilising change, challenging self doubt and creating open-minded global citizens. Rockit is a project and a platform designed to fuel a world for young people where kindness and respect thrive over bullying, hate and prejudice. Lucy and Rosie created the business soon after leaving high school, the idea grew from a strong desire to impact the way we treat each other - online and off - and instigate the formative conversations that seem to be missing from the education system.

    Having both received Order of Australia medals, been named by UNICEF among 12 Digital Champions for Children’s Rights in the Digital Age and sitting on a range of boards including Facebook’s Global Safety Board, the synergy between Lucy and Rosie is matched by the synergy between strategy and creation inherent in Project Rockit. Crystal clear on purpose and focused on the For-Profit Social Enterprise model as key to self-evaluation, market research and relevance, the sisters take the view that young people are experts and have worked with hundreds of thousands of Aussie kids through their school workshops – with no preaching lecturing or judging, just real talk.

    So how are two young entrepreneurs navigating the journey of taking a grass roots social movement to a sustainable, scalable, accountable social enterprise? Over the last 12 years, Project Rockit has become a global business and with it, the ambition to break open the echo chamber and have better conversations around conflicting views only increases. In between growing a team, gathering capability and taking care of each other, staying in close contact with school kids remains paramount. The sisters draw strength from these students “who are sick and tired of bullying and prejudice and want to make their voices heard against it”.

    In this #coffeepod special we cover so much ground with humility, courage and humanity. I’m left feeling utterly elated at the world our young people are striving to create for us all. Listen and learn.

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  • In an honest and vulnerable discussion, Jules takes us back to his roots as a year 9 kid sitting up the back of class, heckling teachers, when one day a future mentor acknowledged him and changed his life forever. Now CEO of TRIBE, the fastest growing self-serving marketplace, Jules is moving from control to intention, perfectionism to purpose and is figuring out how to balance the desire to create something amazing, with the instinct to spend more time with those you love.

    A hit of inspiration and a coffee date for anyone who is wanting to take on the world while nurturing the world inside themselves, Jules uses wise-cracks to crack open powerful truths. As an advocate and contributor of Reach Foundation, Jules learned the value of vulnerability early. Beyond merely talking authentic leadership, Jules moves through the actions he takes everyday to return to a vulnerable place and get clarity and cut through as a leader. There are so many takeaways in this ripper #coffeepod.

    Drink up the sheer determination, dedication and empowerment Jules brings to the table and start designing your life, today…. Oh and checkout an Ikigai map while you’re at it ;)

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  • Grab a #coffeepod on the go with ONTHEGO Sports founder, the dynamic Mick Spencer. Are you ready for action? Mick discusses how as a leader he constantly reinvents himself. He talks passionately about how to get the right people onboard both as investors and employees - and retain them! His advice to leaders wanting to make change is simply to get started, because every single day counts.

    Mick breaks it down: look at what you need to do today but don’t want to do, look at what you want to do but that can wait until tomorrow and finally, look at what is growth related and can make you money. Now go!

    In a world where the biggest barrier to entrepreneurs succeeding is ‘not asking the questions’ - what is the craziest thing you’ve ever asked for? Take a hit of insp today and hear Mick recount his supercharged rise to stardom with all the down-to-earth advice of a startup veteran!

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  • Many of us have a strong sense of our why but struggle with our how. Tami Roos addresses the most powerful how - how to be the best possible version of ourselves. PHD, Best Selling Author, Speaker, Meditation Teacher and Intuitive Healer, Tami Roos was a key catalyst for the mindfulness movement in Australia and correlates science with meditation to enable high performance cultures. When we are all looking for an edge, how are we addressing our own thoughts? Tami Roos talks data as fluidly as feelings.

    By 2020 the biggest issue for governments, world wide, is going to be mental health. We are expecting ourselves to be ‘on’ 24/7 and many of us reach for our phones in the morning before taking a moment to appreciate our partners, our kids, or ourselves. Has digitisation and social media made us more connected? Tami says yes - to our devices. Not to each other. And the result is increased stress and anxiety. How can we start our day as fully charged as our mobile phones? Which habits destroy our wellbeing and what are those that we should we build in to be a better version of ourselves?

    Over this #coffeepod we talk mental state, performance, knowing our inner selves, surrendering to our emotions and being comfortable with constant change. We discuss how showing up and being truly present changes not only the way you react to people, but the way the world reacts to you. In a society obsessed with an idea of perfection, how does honesty affect our personal relationships? When we constantly compare ourselves to others, how can we step out of judgement and into understanding?

    Tami is a renowned thinker, meditation coach and influencer of high performance culture. Grab a coffee with Tami and I, and then take 3 mins afterwards, to experience the compound inourselves...”terest micro moments of stillness can create!

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  • Seeing the world as a kid gave Lucinda Hartley a unique perspective on community, diversity and equality. In today’s coffee date, we hear lessons from a phenomenal entrepreneur driven to be the change she is longing to see in the world. Lucinda talks business model complexity, the evolution of mentors, the reality of whole-of-self and growing a social analytics platform to do justice to the vibrance and power of local community.

    With many business insights to take away, Lucinda dives into creating places for people. What elements must be present for us to structure and create an optimal community in our neighbourhoods, our workplaces, our cities? Lucinda believes that in urban planning, it is critical to acknowledge the existing local community has a lived experience - and therefore expertise - to leverage in change. Learn how we can better uses data to recognise local leadership and inherent behaviours, as well as the ethics and danger of technology if the right voices are not brought to the table.

    Neighbourlytics is one of Australia’s fastest growing urban-tech companies, having now created data for more than 500 neighbourhoods in 10+ countries around the world, as well as being deployed by city-makers to influence major urban development projects - from parks to shopping centres. Lucinda Hartley is a Westpac Scholar and a Myer Fellow and together with co-founder Jessica Christiansen-Franks is leading the conversation on urban innovation globally for more than a decade. Grab your coffee and listen in!

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  • Growing up in the wilds of Patagonia, Gus has always resisted being tamed by the world around him. Gus Balbontin is a true driver of better questions, and holds a healthy disrespect for authority. He has honoured this mindset through landing his dream job as Executive Director and CTO of Lonely Planet.

    These days Gus is dedicated to giving leaders a fresh perspective on problem solving - resisting the inclination to go broad and instead defining challenges as narrowly as possible. Gus is on the board of Startup Victoria and is Director of Above All Human. He currently runs Creative Studio and Innovation agency Roshambo, is the co-founder and partner at Atessa and is the Entrepreneur in Residence and Executive Director of VU Innovations at Victoria University.

    In this episode of Coffee Pods, Gus shares lessons on counter-intuitive leadership, innovation driven by common sense and the importance of knowing that your own truth is incomplete. These valuable learnings can be applied to all business contexts and especially to individuals striving to keep up with the relentless pace of technology.

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  • Paul Roos is a former AFL player and senior coach renowned for breaking with command and control style leadership. Instead, he builds mindfulness, empathy and self-awareness in teams. Paul shares the secrets to success as they apply to the business world, focussing on behaviour rather than outcome, alignment rather than exertion.

    How did a superstar footballer dodge the masculine stereotype to breathe balance and empathy into footy culture? What does he see as the lesson for all leaders in the high pressure 3-4 minute walk from coaching box to change room at the end of the game? And what does he ask of those in a position to impact the lives of others in terms of role modeling?

    In this Coffee Pod conversation, Paul moves beyond talking culture and dives into the day-to-day habits that supercharge action. Share in his vision for future leadership and get ready to show up differently.

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  • Mikaela Jade is a Cabrogal woman and a ground-breaking entrepreneur who is truly amplifying the voice of Indigenous Australia. Mikaela is a representative of Indigenous peoples at the United Nations and is the founder of technology business Indigital, telling Indigenous stories in innovative ways, including through an augmented reality app.

    Mikaela explores what does it look like to combine ancient knowledge-systems with cutting edge digital technology. In a discussion ranging from climate change to ethical digitisation to mental health and to honing our sense of belonging, this week's guest takes entrepreneurial spirit to a whole new level.

    How does a park ranger from Sydney discover her roots, harness her 'inner geek' and end up working with tech giants like Microsoft to record, track and augment Indigenous knowledge, all from a remote location in Kakadu? What can white Australia do better to support and celebrate Indigenous culture? And who out there can help get Indigital AR stories into schools and embedded in the education system so our country's wisdom remains alive for future generations? Grab your coffee and throw some fuel on the fire for change.

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  • Pam Melroy is a retired Air Force test pilot, former NASA astronaut and Space Shuttle commander. Have orbited the earth on no less than three space missions, Pam also commanded the International Space Station and is one of only two women to have commanded the Space Shuttle.

    How did a young girl have the tenacity see her dream through to reality after watching Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon 50 years ago? What does it mean to prepare your team for a mission like space? How does one embrace a position of leadership with so much riding on it? And what does Pam ask of us, having seen our home from an integrated perspective and recognising that our planet is our vessel and each of us is crew?

    In this episode, Pam discusses everything from dealing with cultural variations in teams to affecting change with a systems engineering mindset. A fascinating Coffee Pod conversation infused with a strong hit inspiration for change-makers - enjoy!

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  • James Chin Moody. Currently, he's the Co-Founder & CEO of Sendle, a disruptive business that is shaking up the postal industry. Prior to that, he was Executive Director of Development at Australia's National Research Agency, CSIRO.

    In this conversation, we talk about what it takes to establish a business and to grow it successfully. How to build a good team, what it takes to maintain your commitment to your vision, and also, the experience that James has had himself, as an entrepreneur.

    He's a co-author of a bestselling book, The Sixth Wave: How to succeed in a resource-limited world. He’s also heavily involved in significant global organisations, including the World Economic Forum, he's a Young Global Leader who is also heavily involved in global climate conversations. James is a really phenomenal communicator and his story is fascinating. He's an engineer by background, who's now running one of Australia's fasted growing startups.


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  • Gabrielle Dolan, she’s a global thought leader on authentic leadership and storytelling.

    In this conversation, we're getting into the art of storytelling. Gabrielle has worked with high profile leaders around the globe to help them become better leaders and communicate using the art of business storytelling. We're going to delve into what makes a good story, how is it that you can think about start, middle, and end, how do you get resonance with the people that you're talking to, and a whole variety of other tools, ideas, and strategies that can help you enhance the way that you effectively engage using the power of storytelling.

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  • Matthew Brimer the co-founder of General Assembly. They're one of the largest educational providers in the world. Many of you will have read about them earlier this year, because they sold to Adecco for $413 million.

    In this conversation, Matt and I really delve into the entrepreneurial journey he's been on, not only with General Assembly, with Daybreaker, one of his more recent ventures. We talk about what ideas get cut through with funders. We touch on the struggles and the challenges of entrepreneurial moments. We talk about the keys to building community, which Matt has done so consistently, successfully over the course of all of his entrepreneurial businesses.

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  • Our first Coffee Pods duo, Danielle Macleod and Nic Devlin, they're the two women behind a business called Somebody Inside, a company dedicated to helping people stand in their own power, get out of their own way, and make life a little bit easier.

    Now, in this conversation, we delve into the voices inside our heads, the stories that we tell ourselves, the way that we can limit our own capability and how it is we can take charge of ourselves better in those moments, how we can develop a heart-based leadership culture, and what it is that it takes not only to get the best out of ourselves, but the best out of the people that we're working with and the people we're leading. I hope you really enjoy it.

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  • Our guest Karen Palmer merges film, storytelling, technology and neuroscience to create emotionally responsive cognitive film experiences. What does that mean? It means when you watch Karen's film you wear a virtual reality headset and the film responds to how you react, so if you react to a particular saying with fear versus calm versus aggression the narratives going to take a completely different turn. It's a phenomenally interesting application of creativity and neuroscience, and I think you're really going to enjoy Karen's insights onto how technology and storytelling are being applied in new and innovative ways.

    She's an award winning international artist and public speaker and her immerse films have been shown all around the world and have won numerous awards including the digital dozen breakthrough and story telling, which was an acknowledgement for the most innovative approaches to narrative in the worlds of art, entertainment, journalism and marketing.

    Website - www.karenpalmer.uk

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  • For the first time ever we have taken Coffee Pods live on stage to record an interview with Barbara Hyman the CEO of PredictiveHire, a company that is seeking to bring data and algorithms to application in how we hire talent and make the right people choices.

    Barbara's career is a really interesting one and we delve into her experience in traditional corporate life leading a really significant transformation and change project at REA. Now, into startup world as a first time CEO in a rapidly growing business. And what we talk and focus on is really the contrast and the expectations, and the leadership demands of both those different worlds.

    Website: https://www.predictivehire.com/about/

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