• The soft fade vs honest upfront debate is on!
    Happy Thursday lifers and welcome to therapy.
    Today's episode kicks off with a rather lengthy dilemma/debate from yours truly.
    The overarching question being "is it better to do a soft fade of someone that you're not super into, or to be honest upfront and let them know that you're not interested?
    We discuss!
    We then jump into your questions:
    -My friend is really conservative and I think she is going to take the fun out of my other friend's hens party. Do I discuss it with her?
    -I'm a 'yes' person. I know I'm guilty of overbooking things in my schedule but whenever I try to say no, my friends make me feel as though I've upset or disappointed them. How do I say no and take some time for myself without offending anyone?
    -I'm newly seeing a guy that I like and can see something progressing with. The problem is that I've hooked up with 2 of his friends. Do I tell him? If I do, WHEN do I tell him?
    If you have a question you'd like our unqualified but very enthusiastic advice about, you can slide into our DMs at @lifeuncutpodcast.
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  • Welcome to your Tuesday Lifers!
    Step right up because this is an episode that (according to our DMs) you've all been waiting for! Michael Theo from Love on the Spectrum is joining us today to chat all things like:
    -his dating life
    -his experiences of Love on the Spectrum
    -how autistic people can alter from neurotypical people
    -his new podcast 
    - & of course going on the Ellen Degeneres show!
    We were really grateful to have Michael join us on the pod!
    Today's episode kicks off with some talk about the rarity of taking the wife's surname in a marriage, and whether it's okay or not to publicly express your love for your ex... when you have millions of followers.
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  • OH MY GOD… It’s our final Bachette episode!

    Maybe ever, maybe just for the year - we’re still undecided. It’s the second last ep, which kicks off with Darvid meeting Brooke in a kayak (sadly there was no cameo from surf dog bachelor). After a quick paddle, they jump on quad bikes and try to escape from the Bachelorette compound. Osher springs into action and catches Brooke - forcing her on a date with Jamie-Lee. They go on a bush walk, which Brooke hates because she’s wearing brand new white jeans. Jamie-Lee tries to save the date by declaring her love but before Brooke can react - Osher picks her up and forces her to go on one last date with Holly. She makes Brooke endure a marathon session of interpretive dance and just when Brooke thought it couldn’t get any worse - Holly declares that she hates kids and WA. It’s all too much for Brooke who storms off mid date.

    Time for the finale, which is between the Persian Landscaping Prince and Best Friend Jamie-Lee. Both get grilled by Brooke’s besties - Amy and Abbie Chatfield. They both agree that Darvid is a total dreamboat but Jamie-Lee won't give up just yet. She hires a couple of bicycles and takes Brooke down to the skatepark to smoke cigarettes they stole from Osher’s dressing room. Darvid then rocks up and takes Brooke on a tantric-sex-yoga class, which is topped off with a confession of love.
    Osher decides that Brooke has endured enough so he allows her to say goodbye to Jamie-Lee who actually takes the news like a champion. Before she can wipe away her tears (and her eyelashes) Darvid rocks up to finish off their tantric sex lesson. Brooke is so emotional she literally cries away her eyelashes.

    It’s beautiful, its heart-warming, it’s why we watch this show. WE LOVE LOVE !!!

  • Happy therapy Thursday lifers,
    Today we are jumping into something a little more grim but we've got some questions to ask the producers and casting staff of MAFS!
    Then we're jumping into your deep, dark, burning questions:
    -Do you pick the safe guy who treats you well, or the one you've got the chemistry for that isn't as safe a bet?
    - I'd been on one date with my now boyfriend when I had a drunken hook up with a friend. Do I need to tell him? I feel guilty.
    -I'm looking for a new job. What's the etiquette? Do you have to tell your current employer that you're looking for another job? Do you put them as a reference?
    If you have a dilemma you'd like us to unpack, slide on into our DMs on the gram @lifeuncutpodcast.
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  • Welcome lifers to a laugh and a half episode with Sally Hepworth.
    We sat down with Sally to not only speak about her brand new book "The younger wife" (which you can get here BTW: https://www.sallyhepworthauthor.com/) but also to talk about navigating a change in your career when you've possibly had a different one before or you're a little bit further along in life.
    Sally boldly became an author not long after the birth of her first child so we picked her brain about how and why she made such a pivotal change in her life!
    It wouldn't have been possible for her to be such a successful writer without her husband Christian making some changes in his roles as a parent and within the household. We talk with Sally about what a parent's role can look like in 2021. 
    Sally is witty. She is hilarious & she went to a sex party to research one of her books. This episode is likely to give you a laugh!
    You can find Sally here: https://www.instagram.com/sallyhepworth/?hl=en
    We also touch on the Matt Doran, channel 7, "I haven't listened to your album yet Adele" saga and how it's a good reminder that we need to pay more attention to what the boy scouts said and 'always be prepared!" 
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  • Strap yourselves in because this week is an old-school bachette marathon session - that’s right, three episodes in one week ! Holly gets the first single date and she’s making bracelets with Brooke - it’s sweet and lovely and the bracelets are totally gorg. Would you believe me if I said there was no dancing on this date? Sad but true. For the group date - Osher meets the remaining contestants in the park with a bunch of random kids and some toys from Kmart. I know they’ve had budget cuts but CMON!!! Now it’s the final cocktail party and is competing for the last remaining singe date. Holly gives Brooke a lock of hair, Jamie-Lee writes her another love letter, Darvid gives her an old receipt he found in his wallet and Konrad buys her a new pony. Then, who does she pick…? That’s right - the Persian Prince. We then say goodbye to Luca and Will - INTRUDERS NEVER WIN!
    The next episode kicks off with a group date and we’re being treated with some life drawing, however the key is capturing what Brooke represents (we’re getting deep). The concept sounds lovely but it’s really just 15 min of people drawing in silence - fun times! Konrad absolutely crushes it, and his picture is so beautiful it makes Brooke burst into tears. The only problem is - he tells her that working 9-5 is for losers and he wants to become Australia’s biggest influencer. It’s time for Darvid’s single date with Brooke and they’re making wine with their feet because Brooke has a mean foot fetish that needs quenching. Brooke then makes everyone go to the cocktail party barefoot because Darvid’s feet weren't enough - Millie was sent home because she had tinea and Kurt left because he had an ingrown nail.
    HOMETOWNS BABY! Without question, the highlight of this episode was Konrad’s dad. In fact, he was the highlight of the entire season. Imagine an older, quirkier, and more sensitive version of Konrad. Absolute heaven! Jamie Lee is up next and she has a shocker and gives Brooke a high-five instead of telling her she’s falling in love. Darvid made Brooke meet his mum who said she’d physically hurt anyone who made her son move away from Brisbane. Holly’s wasn’t much better and her mum told Brooke that her daughter hates kids and WA. Brooke’s so confused by all of this that she sends home the one shining light from this season…. WE MISS YOU ALREADY KONRAD !

  • Hey Lifers,
    Take your seat on the couch and we'll put the kettle on.
    Welcome to therapy Thursday.
    Today we kick off the episode by taking a look at the dress Kendall Jenner wore to her best friend's wedding; whether it's completely inappropriate or not and whether the concept of 'skinny privilege' has a part to play in these conversations.

    We're jumping into some big questions today like:

    -Can you still have a relationship with your pet that you shared with a partner after you break up? If you can, how does that look/work?

    -Do you need/want to know about your partner's past relationships? Does that benefit YOUR relationship?

    -We had a listener write in asking whether she should 'give up' on the possibility of meeting someone and have a baby by herself. They asked if that would be goodbye to any potential of romance in the future. 

    If you have a dilemma you'd like us to unpack, slide on into our DMs on the gram @lifeuncutpodcast.

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    We love love xx

  • Welcome to attraction part 2!
    Today's episode kicks off with Britt's beef with the daily mail, as well as a hot, big announcement about where else you'll find us in 2022!
    We touch on our reactions to Taylor Swift's newly released old album 'Red' and whether Jake Gyllenhaal has been treated a little bit harshly or not.
    Then we are rolling into part 2 of attraction!
    We broke down emotional and physical attraction in episode 170 & today we are taking a deep dive on the types of attraction and how they can be impacted by sexuality.
    We look at:
    -Sexual attraction
    -Romantic attraction
    -Aesthetic attraction
    -Emotional attraction.
    We then had one of our wonderful listeners, Billi, who identifies as non-binary and asexual join the podcast to speak about how being asexual has impacted their life and their relationships. We spoke about the misconceptions around asexuality and how consent around sex can be misunderstood in asexual individuals. 
    Some other things we touched on are:
    -demisexuality &
    The Australian podcast Listener's choice award is back and frankly, it's the one that we care about the most because it's a reflection of you guys, our incredible community, not a bunch of judges deciding whether we tell too many poop stories! If you have a spare sec, we would be ever so grateful if you could give us your vote here: https://australianpodcastawards.com/vote
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    x x x

  • WE ARE BACK! Sorry for leaving you high and dry last week. The recording equipment broke, and we swear this wasn't a clever rouse so that Laura and Matt could have a holiday.... hell,. they have two kids.... they don't holiday, they just parent their children in new locations.
    Today we are recapping episode 7, just the one, because it turns out the Socceroos were playing so who the hell cares about the Bachelorette... WE DO!
    Millie the intruder gets taken on the single date, where Paramount is the subtle brand sponsor./ .Subtle like a ball sack to the forehead, Then it is time for the most wholesome Mardi Gras themed group date ever!
    Jaime-Lee is still in a bit of hot water and we say goodbye to Taj and Mr abs MgGee.
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  • Happy Thursday lovely lifers and welcome to church.
    Today's ask uncut breaches a few new types of questions starting with:

    -My friend, who is a make up artist, expected me to pay $70 for her to do my make up. Is that acceptable?
    -I've offered to pay for a friend to cover her greys and have her hair done but she's just told me it is expected to cost $400. I feel stuck because I wanted to do a nice thing for her, but this is a lot more than I anticipated it would cost.
    -Are age gaps ever an issue or does it depend on the circumstances?
    -My partner of nearly a decade, who has cheated on me a few times, has just told me that they do not want kids. I do not know what to do
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  • Lifers this has been a bloody long time coming, and we don't just mean this episode, we also mean the fact that for the first time in the best part of a decade Brittany got a boyfriend. Yep, for once she didn't run.
    Almost a year into the relationship now (because she had to be sure you know - can't rush into these things) and it is finally time to introduce you properly to the man (aka penguin) that tamed the commitment-phobe wild beast was Britt.

    Jordan is an Australia professional tennis player with a career high of 43 in the world. These two young lovers have had a wild first year together and you guys have been asking for this episode for a long time! So we put it in your hands and asked what you wanted to know about him, their relationship, their age gap and his tennis career. There is also a spicy "would you rather" that made Jordan blush. ☺️
    Note from Britt: Lifers! Enjoy getting to know Jordan and I hope to give you just a little insight into our life and why I love him so damn much. He's the best 🐧
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  • Happy Tuesday Lifers!
    Well today might be one of our very favourite episodes EVER!
    Today we are chatting to Kath Koschel from the Kindness Factory.
    We could go into the details of Kath's story, but honestly it will be better than you hear it for yourselves. 
    She is so inspiring, grounded, down to Earth and real, and we know that you'll feel a sense of gratitude after listening to her.
    If you'd like to get involved in World Kindness Day, jump into the Kindness Factory here: https://kindnessfactory.com/
    We kick off this episode with speaking about Britt and Laura's various trips up the coast now that the lockdown leash has finally been severed! As well as the ridiculous things that ol' mate Gwyneth would have you pop in your Christmas stocking this year!
    The Australian podcast Listener's choice award is back and frankly, it's the one that we care about the most because it's a reflection of you guys, our incredible community, not a bunch of judges deciding whether we tell too many poop stories! If you have a spare sec, we would be ever so grateful if you could give us your vote here: https://australianpodcastawards.com/vote

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  • It's Therapy Thursday legends. So Laura is on holidays and her podcasting equipment died in the ass, so the into to this chat might sound a little different to what you're used to.
    First up we are talking about what everyone in Australia is talking about, little Cleo Smith was found 'alive and well'.
    Then we are answering your deep dark and burning questions :
    HELP! I love my job, and my boss but I don't know how to ask for a pay rise?
    My friends hate my boyfriend?
    I'm the breadwinner in our house, my boyfriend wants to pursue entrepreneurial endeavours, except he also sleeps in until midday and expects me to pay more for everything. Am I a bad feminist?
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  • Living with Bipolar - the upsides, the downsides and the Kanyes with Anastasia McLean!
    In today's episode we are chatting with the hilarious Ana from 'The Bipolar Diaries,' who openly shares her experiences of living with Bipolar II.
    Ana is an open book and speaks about:
    -what it's like living with Bipolar II, from life pre diagnosis to life now, 
    -how it affects her relationships with her family, friends and romantic interests,
    -her sex life such as  the hyper sexuality people with Bipolar experience during their manic stages and the negative judgement many women receive for their sexual desires and behaviours
    -the misconceptions and stigmas associated with Bipolar *cough* Kanye has a few of them!
    You can check out The Bipolar Diaries here: https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/the-bipolar-diaries/id1571542239
    *Content warning* This episode touches on mental health issues and mentions suicide. This episode also contains Ana's personal account of living with Bipolar II and should not be considered medical advice. If you are not in the right headspace to listen to this episode right now, please give it a miss or listen to it another time. Life line is available on 13 11 14. 
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  • It’s another episode of Bachette Uncut brought to you by the gasiest of couples - Matty J and Laura (this joke will make sense when you hear the start of the ep). The show kicks off with Holly dancing her way into a single date with Brooke where they literally…. dance the whole time. NO MORE DANCING HOLLY! They have a beautiful honest conversation about sexuality and identity, which is topped off with a rose and kiss. Just before Holly can break out the Samba one last time - it’s time for the group date!

    As per all group dates of late, it’s a weird mix of whatever the prop department has laying around channel 10. This week is a jumping castle compatibility game complete with ropes, love hearts and scissors. It’s seriously a miracle that everyone made it out of this date alive. Emily was crowned most compatible, which proves these games are a total waste of time. Not a whole lot happens at the cocktail party except for Darrrrvid getting a kiss that went on for 10 min - yes this actually happened. 

    Ep 4 saw everyone’s favourite contestant finally get a single date - that’s right it’s the hunk a spunk Konrad! They have a pamper date organised, which just involves Konrad taking his clothes off and being rubbed in oil on a massage table (well played Brooke). They kiss and cry (happy tears) and kiss and cry and kiss.. then cry.. followed by some more kissing and crying. To be honest, I’ve never seen a couple kiss and cry so much on a date but I’m not complaining - it’s beautiful.

    The group date is a go-kart race that involves folding Osher’s washing and organising his Christmas decorations. I swear we’re not making this up! Carissa wins because she’s a pro at untangling fairy lights but all she gets is a friendship peck from Brooke. Awkies! Just when we were starting to learn everyone’s name, production decided to throw in intruders - four of them! All the OG’s freak out and turn on Osher as they begin looting the mansion - they only stop when police are called to break up rioting (this last part is made up).

  • Welcome to the day of the week where you feel slightly better about the weird, wacky or shitty things that happen in your life!
    It's ask uncut where we answer your deep dark and burning questions!
    Today we are jumping in with a dilemma of a ring!
    What do you do if you hate your engagement ring??
    Flakey friends where you're fed up!
    Can you have sex in a friend's place? 
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    x x

  • Brittany is back in Sydney and back in Laura's bedroom behind the mic, and hooly dooly it feels good to be in the same room again.
    First cab off the ranks we are chatting about Alec Baldwin. Alec Baldwin has shot and killed a 42 year old cinematographer named Halyna Hutchins and Britt and Laura have some strong and slightly conflicting feelings about all of this.
    Next up we are chatting compatibility and how essential is it to a happy relationship?
    We also had the pleasure of talking to some of our awesome listeners who are navigating unconventional relationships, an interfaith couple named Daisy and Kurt and an interracial couple named Amelia and Brian.
    If you have loved this ep - join the conversation on our facebook page, Life Uncut Discussion group or the instagram Life Uncut Podcast, and you know the drill - tell your mum tell your Dad, tell your friends and share the love BECAUSE.... WE LOVE LOVE!

    After the mild success that was Bach Uncut last season with our Kinky Captain, a few of you wanted to hear us squabble our way through this season of the Bachelorette. Matty J is back behind the microphone and Laura is back behind a glass of wine!
    It is a Bachelorette world first...history making stuff! Australia’s sweetheart Brooke Blurton our very first bisexual, Indigenous lead takes her third shot at love! 
    Episode one kicks off with a traumatic walk down memory lane where the Honey Badger is thrust back onto our screens and to be honest, Australia wasn’t ready for this yet. But Bachi makes up for this with the most heart warming Welcome To Country and who the hell is cutting onions!! 
    Next up it’s time to bring in the suitors! 
    Matt has picked Konrad to win and Laura thinks it’s going to be Darvid… ONLY TIME WILL TELL! Episode one sees some drama over an IKEA chair, and well we all know what a b*tch flat pack can be in a relationship. 
    Some guy goes home. We can’t remember his name. 
    Episode 2: Our Persian Pirate prince Darvid gets the first single date, and he scores himself a big old sloppy kiss and a rose. And in true Bach form the first group date is the illusive group photo shoot and it did not disappoint.
    The cocktail gets a little spicy and Beautiful Beau goes home. We just hope the producers made him delete his camera roll before he left the mansion.

  • Happy therapy Thursday Lifers!
    Have you heard about the new ball bath contraception? No?? Well fear not, you're about to be balls deep in testicle bath knowledge...
    Today we are jumping into:
    -I used to be with a narcissist. Now I'm with a great guy and in a healthy relationship; but I'm feeling a bit...bored. Is this normal? I kind of miss the highs of the toxicity
    -How do I/ do I tell my friend that the outfit she is planning on wearing to my wedding is not okay?
    -My bridesmaid is dating a guy that my fiance and I don't like. I don't really want him at the wedding but is this going to drive a wedge between the friendship? 
    This episode is brought to you by Dermaveen. If you suffer from dry, itchy or sensitive skin Dermaveen might just be your saving grace.
    If you have a question that you'd like answered for ask uncut, slide on into our DMs @lifeuncutpodcast.
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  • Welcome to your Tuesday Lifers!
    We're getting a little spicy today! A topic that SO many of us have such an intrigue about, a world that hardly any of us know about; the sex work industry!
    On today's podcast we are joined by the wonderful Samantha X, Australia's most well known escort.
    We speak about what the biggest misconceptions of the adult industry are, what kind of things clients request (spoiler alert, it is likely NOT what you expected), the ins and outs of the industry and who the kinds of people that use these services are.
    Want to know what the average age of woman that her clients request?
    What do you think the sex is like?
    Why do you think a woman would get into the industry?
    Samantha breaks down a lot of our preconceived ideas of the industry and we hope that you enjoy this chat as much as we did!
    You can find her here: https://samanthax.com.au/
    Join the Facebook discussion group : HERE
    If you loved the episode, we'd realllllly love it if you could leave us a review!
    Share the ep with someone you love because we love love! x x