• If you are an '80's baby, you grew up watching our guest on one of the most popular teen comedies of the '90s', alongside his friends Zach, Screech, Kelly, Jessie, and Lisa, on the hit show Saved By The Bell. And even as he hosts one of the country's most popular and longest running entertainment TV news programs - Extra - if you are that '80's baby, you will always see him as that jheri curl dude from Saved By The Bell, A.C. Slater. That's right, A.C. .. ahem ... Mario Lopez is in the house this week!
    He sits down with his fellow Libra brother, Nemo Hoes, to chop it up about any and all subjects, including which part of being in entertainment he enjoys the most, as well as which celebrity, out of all the ones he's met over the years, he was surprised knew who he was. Taking a page from our host's playbook, Mario has branched out to other parts of the 'biz, including broadway, TV movies, as well as launching his own radio show - On With Mario.
    Also, we dug up a little known fact about our guest, which solidifies him as one of the originators of the West Coast movement, back in the day.
    Roll up something with us, cuz.. we back with another one!

  • Some cats just have that grind mentality built-in. In the case of our guest, he came up in an era where - if you wanted to get noticed and be successful - you had no choice but to put in serious work. His beginnings in journalism in the early '90's as a beat reporter bred him, and now he's one of the most recognizable faces (and voices!) in sports television. Stephen A. Smith is in the house!
    Nemo Hoes and Stephen A. chop it up about how his hustle brought him through the ranks, eventually landing an editorial role at the Philadelphia Enguirer, and being amongst a select few black men in our country to ever achieve that status. They also get into the mentality that it takes to be successful, which for our guest also means giving back to his community, something that can often be forgotten in our 'me me me' culture. He also goes in depth about why he will never, ever, ever get into an argument with a comedian for any of the hilarious impersonations that have been done of him.
    Pull up nephew, and put one in the air with us. This is another classic GGN for the books.

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  • From coast to coast, LA to Chicago, the GGN News desk brings together two major OG's of their respective worlds. Actor Wood Harris joins Nemo Hoes at the desk this week!
    While he was still enrolled at NYU, he auditioned and ended up getting his first part in a major film, acting alongside 2pac, in Above The Rim - aided in part by some serious ball skills. Many of us still hold the HBO series, The Wire, as the best series to ever be on television, which our guest starred in, playing the character Avon Barksdale, whose character was loosely based on a real life story.
    Hailing from the westside of Chicago, Wood takes us way back with a story of when he saw Bishop Don "Magic" Juan rolling around the Chi, fully suited and booted, with two bad ones in tow.
    Look for big things coming real soon from Wood, including returning for the sequel of the movie Creed, as well as starring in the new ABC drama, The Mission.

  • Continuing on with this West Coast theme we've got going on lately - Nemo Hoes welcomes a fellow LBC-native to the GGN News desk, a young homie on the rise. He entered all of our musical consciousness a couple years back, with his monster hit singles "CoCo", then followed up with "Cut It" featuring Young Dolph. You know what it is - O.T. Genasis is in the house!
    These men are connected through their origins, and when our guest brought out our host (and Tha Eastsidaz) at a special performance at The Forum in L.A. a while back, it was a salute to the OG's, as well as the next generation of Rap.
    Uncle Nemo chops it up with O.T. about his new album he's cooking up, who his favorite past and future collaborations are, as well as who his favorite artist to smoke with is (can you guess who that could be?!) Plus, Snoop puts his young brethren on some game about how he can take his music to a whole new level.
    In the Smoker's Studio portion of the show, a hotly debated subject everyone can relate wth had O.T. real torn. You will not want to miss that.. So come thru, sit back, and put 1 in the air with us.

  • This week at the GGN News desk, Nemo Hoes welcomes yet another one of his up and coming West Coast neffews to the show - Compton-representative, AD, is in the house!
    If you've been sleeping on AD, please crawl out from under that rock you've been living under and get up on him. He's been bubbling for quite some time now, with a plethora of mixtapes and albums featuring a who's who of your favorite artists. Him and Snoop talk about his collab's with producer Sorry Jaynari for the By The Way and Last of the 80's albums, as well as the unity and love West Coast artists show each other, which only help elevate one another music and hustle.
    Our producer is always checking our guest rappers for their ability to rock a hot 16. He gets his wish, as AD and Snoop pass the lyrical baton back and forth like a seasoned track team. So stick around after the interview ends for some instant-classic GGN freestyle material!

  • This week we are joined by a double-threat talent - singer and actor (and who knows what else he's got up his sleeve), Algee Smith. In 2017, he starred in the three-part BET special, The New Edition Story, portraying Ralph Tresvant, as well as performing at The BET Awards, singing a rendition of Ralph's hit, "Sensitivity". Also in the year, he starred in the critically acclaimed movie, Detroit, and the world got introduced to his music when his debut EP, Listen, dropped. Yeah.. your boy's got some serious chops!
    Him and Nemo Hoes chop it up about his influences and what motivated him starting out, including Will Smith's impact on him to get into acting and his beginnings in music as a rapper.
    All that, plus Algee asks Snoop to share some nuggets on one of his favorite performers ever, Tupac. He obliges, sharing what 'Pac taught him about how to maneuver within the game. Bars!!
    So, come thru for another classic GGN Podcast and put something in the air with us, u-funky-bitch-u.

  • This week at the GGN News desk, we welcome back, once again, the originator of the now classic Smoker's Studio answer to the question, "If you could have any super power, what would it be?". Do you remember the answer he gave? If you don't, just go back and peep his first appearance on the GGN. For now, let us proceed with today's show...
    Both K Camp and our host, Nemo Hoes, share an affinity for strip clubs, as can be seen and appreciated in Snoop's video for the song, "Trash Bags", that features his young neffew. They talk about strip club culture, getting plenty of love from the ladies there, and his favorite strip club in Atlanta.
    Speaking of The ATL, they also go in about the influence the legendary Jermaine Dupri had on the city's music, specifically in how he sonically brought Atlanta music up to the level where it was as great as anything out there.
    Nemo Hoes passes him something special, to the point where our guest is stuck. Don't worry, the smoke clears and he clicks back in, but if it's a goal at the GGN to get our guests so stoned they forget a question, well.. mission accomplished. Join us, won't you?

  • Our guest's career spans across generations, but his break came when director Spike Lee came to see his standup act. After seeing his act that night, Spike cast him in the classic flick, Do The Right Thing, and our guest never looked back. Legendary comedian, actor, producer, and writer Martin Lawrence joins Uncle Snoop on the GGN Podcast this week! After Do The Right Thing, a new young star in Hollywood was born, and Martin's reel hasn't stopped since, starring in all your favorites - including House Party, Blue Streak, Life (which he got to act alongside his idol coming up, Eddie Murphy), Big Momma's House, Bad Boys, and the list goes on...
    He chops it up with our host about what it was like making the wildly popular and hilarious sitcom Martin, including which of his various recurring roles he played on the show was his favorite.
    You can feel the chemistry that our host and guest have together in this episode, and wouldn't you know it - they have a project of their own in the works! Given the opportunity, they brainstorm what roles they would play if they could remake the classic pimp movie, The Mack. You know Uncle Snoop's dreams would come true if that ever happened!!
    So slide thru, nephew.. Another classic GGN Podcast is in yo ear!

  • We've had some of LA's finest artists on the GGN in the past, and this week we are bringing you a West Coast rapper that's been on the rise - G Perico. In 2016, his album Shit Don't Stop dropped, and when sources like Pitchfork and Fader showed it a lot of love, it just put a stamp on his name that G Perico was going to be a force in the game.
    Now, two years later, he slides thru the GGN and joins Nemo Hoes to talk about music, and much more.
    When he realized the streets weren't for him, he put his whole focus on rap. They chop it up about what surprised him about the first show he did in New York and also, what advice he would have for youngsters coming up who come from the same place as him. And if there was any doubt, he makes one thing absolutely clear - that he will be rocking a Jheri Curl for life! We all win when the Curl is alive and well.

  • In 2017, Hip Hop film-heads knew that the 25th anniversary of one of their favorite flicks of all time, Juice, crept up on us, and we were treated to Tupac nostalgia one more time. This week on the GGN, Nemo Hoes sits down and chops it up with the man responsible for directing Juice and many other classic films - Ernest Dickerson joins us at the desk!
    He gives us an insider's look into the making of Juice, including a priceless story of a lady's number Tupac was actually thankful he didn't get! Also, little known fact - he was able to get a role for his mother in the movie, playing the role of Sweets.
    Classic Hip Hop flick-heads will also know the movie Ernest specifically cast for Nemo back in the day, when he directed the thriller Bones, starring Nemo in the role of Jimmy Bones, opposite the amazing and timeless Pam Grier. Ernest talks about what he saw in him as a potential lead role, and they reminisce about how much fun they had during the making of the film.
    Ernest is still busy as ever, recently directing the drama film Double Play that came out in 2017, as well as numerous episodes of the AMC hit series, The Walking Dead.
    This is an all-time, classic episode of the GGN, ya'll, so come through and put one in the air with us. Chuuch.

  • This week, the GGN News desk welcomes actress, writer, and producer Lena Waithe to the set. Last year, she made history with her Emmy win for comedy writing for an episode of the wildly popular Netflix-original series Masters of None, becoming the first black woman to take home the award in the category.
    Lena has wanted to make timeless television since she was a youngster growing up in Chicago. She's got the chance now, as executive producer of the new Showtime drama The Chi, a show that she wanted to use to help bring shine to the real human aspects of the South Side of The 'Go.
    Her and Nemo Hoes also chop it up about what she likes better at this point in her career, writing or producing, as well what being a representative of the LGBTQ community means for her. Plus, a hilarious recount of early childhood shenanigans by Nemo at a place Lena worked at growing up, TJ Maxx, that you will not want to miss!!
    Lock in with us for another legendary episode of the GGN Podcast!

  • In our first show of 2018, we bring you our first Academy Award winner ever to grace the GGN News desk - the incomparable Kathy Bates joins us to help get the year started in the right way.
    You know her from many of your favorite movies, including her role opposite another legendary actor, James Caan, in the classic suspense/thriller Misery, as well as a slightly less disturbing role playing one Bobby Boucher Jr.'s mother in the hilarious comedy Waterboy.
    Nemo Hoes chats it up with her about how she got those roles and even gets her to admit she didn't know who Adam Sandler was prior to Waterboy! They also talk future projects and roles she would like to play, which she skillfully connects back to in our Smoker's Studio questions, with one of the best answers we've ever heard!
    You can catch Kathy currently on Disjointed, a new show out on Netflix, where she plays a weed-loving hippy named Ruth Whitefeather Feldman who gets her dream of opening a weed dispensary.
    Pass that, Ms. Bates!

  • It's a very special Christmas, so gather 'round the tree and spark some too. From us at the GGN to you, we give you GGN Podcast Episode #100 for Christmas this year. To kick off the festivities, we invited all our friends, new and old, to celebrate with us - Bishop Don “Magic” Juan, Ha Ha Davis, Too $hort, Luenell, Michael Blackson, Karrueche Tran, Fatboy SSE, Slink Johnson, and Supreme Patty.
    It wouldn't be a real Christmas party amongst family if there wasn't a little drama to go with that turkey and sweet potato pie, and Luenell gives it to Karrueche straight! But as you'd expect (or not), the mood is lightened considerably when talk of Hollywood's recent run of sexual allegations come up. Hmmm.
    All of the usual traditions of gift giving, sharing a meal together, and a game of Crackers breaks out. Thanks for sharing, Karrueche, but yeah.. we still don't understand the game either.
    Pull up with some egg nog and maybe a little mistletoe for you and yours, nephew. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, u-bitch-u!

  • Chi-Town representative Chief Keef has steadily been flooding the streets with new music, and he took a break from the studio to slide thru the GGN this week. Nemo Hoes asks him about all things Chi' - including being a part of the new wave of artists from the city, getting to work with Kanye West, what he loves most about "Chi-raq", and being one of the pioneers of a style of music that originated on the South Side - drill music. They also get into more pressing matters, like their favorite ice cream flavors, and he teaches Nemo something new about rolling up - imagine that!?!?!

  • Our guest's talent may only be exceeded by his super positive energy and vibes he puts out into the world. In 2016, his uber-catchy song "Panda" launched him into the mainstream's consciousness as one of today's young rising stars in music, which got stamped when he signed to Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Music imprint.
    Panda, panda, panda... Desiigner joins Nemo Hoes at the GGN News desk this week!
    They chop it up about everything from what it's like being an artist at G.O.O.D. Music, his new album that's in the works, growing up being influenced by our host's music, what song that he wishes he could have been part of, and the real - and extremely personal - story of where that infectious, positive energy flows from.

  • She's from the East and He's from the West. One is a young star on the rise and the other is a living legend. That's right - rapper Young M.A is our guest, and as usual, your's truly, Nemo Hoes welcomes you to another classic GGN Podcast. NYC has always been a breeding ground for the game's best rappers, and M.A carries on that torch, as well as for female rappers from the city. Her single "OOOUUU" blew way up in 2016 and is now 3x platinum. Her and Nemo talk about killing it at the BET Awards Cypher, not having to make waves as a female rapper from the shadow of an established male (but no shots fired), and how looking back on it now, turning down an acting role on Empire was the right move for her.

  • Whether you are a fan of the Dallas Mavericks or our guest's history of antics as owner of the team (side note: he doesn't give a ....), he will eventually get your respect by his hustling, entrepreneurial spirit and passion for everything he does.
    Nemo Hoes welcomes NBA team-owner and star of the hit TV show "Shark Tank" Mark Cuban to the GGN News desk! This episode is filled with some crazy stories, including what opposing team coach Pat Riley told him during those epic playoff runs against the Miami Heat and how he convinced Tony Romo to retire from football so he could play basketball for the Mavericks.
    Born and raised in Pittsburgh, black and yellow runs through his veins and Nemo salutes that! They chop it up about possible collaborations they could make happen on Mark's network, AXS TV. Also on this episode, we get his take on marijuana's place in pro sports. So roll up, and then pull up cuz!

  • If you don't know the story of what happened to our guest on his 21st birthday, you need to do some more research. But for now -- pull up and peep him on the GGN Podcast. His music and collab's with producer Metro Boomin have been bubbling out of the Atlanta rap scene for a few years and his much anticipated debut album finally dropped earlier this year - Issa Album. Among the wide array of topics, he chops it up with Nemo Hoes about his partnership with Epic Records and L.A. Reid, Atlanta's role in hip hop, the diversity at his shows, learning to fly airplanes, and wanting to play our host's character if he could remake the classic flick Baby Boy.

  • This week in GGN News... we not only get treated to one special guest - actor and comedian TJ Miller - but the one and only star of The Gorburger Show - Gorburger - joins Nemo Hoes at the desk. In this two-part interview, the script gets flipped on Nemo, as TJ has a gang of questions for our host - some thoughtful, some random, but all so so good. TJ talks about creating the character of Gorburger, which leads us into the second half of the show, as Gorburger joins us and takes us into his world.