• Welcome to the first episode of the alpha m. Podcast, something that's been in demand for a while now...

    I've decided to share content on lifestyle, self improvement and business in audio format so you can listen whenever and wherever you are. Just plug in your headphones, sit back and get a weekly dose of alpha m!

    In this episode, I share my sit down conversation with Kevin O'Leary, AKA Mr. Wonderful.

    We talk about:

    My journey, from bankruptcy to running multiple successful businessesFailure, and why failing doesn't mean you'll fail foreverMy 2 experiences on Shark Tank (and the rejections)How to get out debt while living your dreamWhat NOT to wear to your job interviewWhen someone doesn't love you back, what do you do?When is it a good time to raise capital and add employees to your business

    Plus so much more.

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    Enjoy the episode gentlemen.

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