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  • Welcome to the Real World Behavioural Science (RWBS) podcast, where we look at how behavioural and social sciences are being used in the real world to help change the public’s health, for good.

    The RWBS podcast is aimed at people working in public health, academia and industry, who have an interest in how behavioural science is being used to improve health and wellbeing.

    Each month, Stu King (BSPHN Committee Member and founder & CEO of behaviour change specialists BeeZee Bodies) interviews professionals from the worlds of public health, academia and industry, who are using behavioural science to help change people’s lives.

    We are pleased to launch the RWBS podcast with an episode featuring co-founder of the BSPHN; Professor Jim McManus.

    Future guests include:

    - Dr Amy Bucher – Behavioural Scientist at MadPow, Boston, USA.

    - Dr Nick Cavill – Quasi-academic and Director of a Public Health Consultancy, UK.

    - Professor Chris Armitage – Professor of Health Psychology, University of Manchester, UK.

    - Rich Sheridan – CEO and Chief Storyteller at Menlo Innovations, Ann Arbour, USA.

    We have some great guests in the pipeline from across industry, public health and academia and from across the world.

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  • Lisa Tahir is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker practicing as an Intuitive Psychotherapist. Her emphasis is on promoting personal growth and transformation by bringing you interviews with leaders in the: psychological, social, spiritual, emotional, cognitive, financial, physical, artistic, entertainment, and business communities and industries. We hope to motivate and inspire you to your own greatness.

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  • For dermatology practitioners, Dermasphere covers the most important updates from the latest articles and research in the field. Maybe you don’t have time to read the journals—but we hope you have time to listen to a podcast about them!

  • Vous recherchez une chaîne pour développer votre intelligence émotionnelle et relationnelle; et profiter de relations plus harmonieuses? Rejoignez Kenza PACE dans le Happylove Show.

  • Este es un espacio dedicado a compartir todos los secretos de la belleza coreana y del cuidado de la piel. ¿Alguna vez pensaste que sólo los personajes de K-dramas o K-pop idols podían lucir pieles espectaculares? Aquí aprenderás a cómo llegar a ese nivel. Porque tener una piel luminosa, hidratada y saludable, SÍ ES POSIBLE!

  • N Equals One: a podcast about science and discovery at UC San Diego Health. In each episode, we bring you the story of one project, one discovery or one scientist

  • El método tupuli se basa en 3 pilares fundamentales en la vida para mantener la mayor salud y vitalidad posible ejercicio físico, ejercicio mental y alimentación.
    Con estas 3 bases conseguirás todo aquello que te propongas, alinea tu físico y tu mente para conseguir el máximo potencial que hay en ti.
    Si quieres ver videos de ejercicio meditación y alimentación cada di en mis stories.
    INSTAGRAM- jesu.tupuli

  • Bilgi çağındayız, bilgileri alıyoruz ama kullanamıyoruz ya da nasıl kullanacağımızı bilemiyoruz. Bu podcastlerde öğrenmeye akademik olarak devam eden, derin dinleyen, gözlemleyen koç kimliğimizle hayatımıza gelen tüm bilgileri nasıl harmanlayarak kullandığımızdan bahsedeceğiz. Yani pratik hayat sohbetleri yapacağız. Biz zaten bu sohbetleri yapıyorduk, bunları paylaşalım istedik.

    Edith yok, samimiyet var. Umarım bizim kadar keyif alırsınız.


    @infinitcrea Berna ve @alchemypbs Yasemin

  • A podcast from the journal Occupational Medicine, that includes highlights from the current issue and an in-depth interview with a research expert on an important topic of the day

  • Join Emotional Baggage Expert and Life Coach Jen Vertanen and her guests each week as they explore tough topics through unfiltered, raw, and oftentimes hilarious conversations about the things that make us human. No topic off-limits; no story too much.

  • Intuitive Souls is a weekly podcast hosted by Psychic Medium & Spiritual Mentor, Erica Russo. This podcast is designed to help people tap into the power of their intuitions and live a happier, more balanced lifestyle. Episodes include topics all across the Spirituality and Personal Development spectrum.

  • It's Good to Be a Man is a project by and for Christian men seeking a positive and practical doctrine of manhood. Our goal is to become better at our work of dominion, rightly ordering ourselves and our world by developing those virtues and skills necessary to this task.

  • Easy Parenting Podcast

    Ireland’s number one parenting publication - easy parenting magazine has been offering Irish parents expert advice and assistance for over eight years.

    And now you can get more fantastic parenting advice and tips from our latest offering - the easy parenting podcast, which will offer expectant mums and parents advice in every aspect of their parenting journey – from conception to toddlers to teenagers right thought to empty nest syndrome!

    Tune in to the easy parenting podcast to listen to expert parenting advice that you can trust

  • Living. Loving. Growing.
    Nothing great happens by accident but through daily acts of intentionality.

    We are a young couple, determined to build an intentional life and marriage together. Sometimes, we win and other times, well... life happens.

    The Intentional Show is more than a conversation, it is the "bare-it-all-no-holds-barred" place for dating or married couples to learn tangible and practical tips for deliberate and conscious living, but especially Loving!

    Hosted by Tope and Kayode Oyewole

  • A Faculdade Pernambucana de Saúde – FPS fundada em 2005, tem por missão o desafio de uma instituição de educação superior que atue de forma indissociável entre o ensino, a pesquisa e a extensão. As atividades de ensino não se restringem a preparar o indivíduo apenas para atender às necessidades da população, mas, fundamentalmente, objetivam formar profissionais para atuarem como agentes transformadores da sociedade, centrados em uma visão generalista.

    Para tanto, desenvolve seu projeto pedagógico ancorada nos princípios da metodologia ativa, através do método de Aprendizagem Baseada em Problemas (ABP), o mesmo método adotado nas melhores universidades do mundo.

    Reforçando o pensamento de sempre adotar os melhores métodos, a FPS, o setor de EAD e o médico infectologista e Tutor Rafael Sacramento desenvolveram o FPS Podcast, compreendendo o podcast como um recurso pedagógico poderoso, que contribui com as práticas pedagógicas dos Tutores e no desenvolvimento acadêmico dos Discentes.

    O FPS Podcast tem como finalidade produzir conteúdo objetivo, significativo e indispensável sobre Educação em Saúde, cocriado por todos os atores do corpo acadêmico da FPS.

    Ouça e amplie o seu conhecimento!

  • Join SASMHA's founders as they discuss identity, mental health, healthy relationships, sexual health, and other brown taboo topics.

  • Parkinsons Recovery was founded in 2004 by Robert Rodgers, PhD to provide support, information and resources to persons who currently experience the symptoms of Parkinson's disease.

  • Hello and welcome to the Keto Happy Hour! We are Emily and Heather and have lost a combined total of 290 lbs. following a Ketogenic diet. We're here to talk about weight loss and Ketogenic living. We hope you join us and enjoy!

  • Aventures sensuelles d'une jeune femme libérée. A écouter comme une nouvelle littéraire hot pour s'évader au cinéma, à un concert, sur une plage, dans la rue, lors d'un lendemain de fête... Ou bien partir dans une serie, pour des épisodes torrides dans des villes à travers le monde. Pour des oreilles sensuelles en quête des désirs féminins...

  • The in's and out's of becoming an effective human athlete training. Hosted by professional coaches: Jeff Jucha CCFT, Pete Iaboni CF-L2, Duncan Mcnair, CF-L1, in Little Rock, AR