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  • Welcome to More Than A Job, a podcast in which we talk to people who really care about what they are doing and are looking to create some positive impact in the world. Interviewees range from c-suite executives to designers and creatives.

  • Into the Fashion Industry Career Podcast is dedicated to giving fashion professionals the tools, information and resources you need in order to start or further your career. If you've ever wished you had a mentor to help you achieve all of your fashion career goals, this podcast is for you. With over 20 years of experience within the industry, your host, Maria Hedian - corporate fashion professional turned career mentor and fashion educator, teaches you everything you need to know in order to excel as a professional within the fashion industry. Podcast features include expert interviews, real life industry examples and over 20 years of knowledge and lessons. Together, we break down all of your career questions and identify behind-the-scenes industry strategies and techniques. Every episode is designed to help you take immediate action that will advance your fashion career to the next level.

  • The Gambling Review podcast speaks to key stakeholders on the state of play in industry and the ever-changing landscape of the world of gaming.

  • Sharing and celebrating stories of the everyday person's journey.

  • Diverse Dialogues from IELTS USA


    Each episode of our podcast draws together a diverse range of voices, including educators, administrators, students, and everyone in between, to explore topics vital to international education. Listen as these different perspectives build compelling, multi-faceted dialogues around today's most pressing higher education themes.







  • Welcome to SaaS Founders Podcast!

    SaaS Founders Podcast is a series of intricate conversations with SaaS founders worldwide to help peer founders build global SaaS organizations and businesses.

    This Podcast's mission is to democratize the knowledge to help SaaS founders build customer-centric and world class SaaS products and Businesses.

    Stay Tuned for an episode each Tuesday and Thursday with Joseph Abraham, Founder of SaaS Industry as he brings some phenomenal conversations with SaaS founders to you!

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  • The podcast that will help you make your entrepreneurship dreams come true! If you've ever wanted to your own business, but haven't started yet due to lack of knowledge on how to begin, resources or support system; are currently the owner of your own business, but looking for ways to enhance your business practices; are a fellow business owner looking for other entrepreneurs to collaborate with, then this podcast is for you! Our interview style podcast allows us to have in depth conversations with Warrior Women Entrepreneurs throughout the world, that come from varying experience levels, backgrounds, brands, industries, locations, and timelines of where they are within building their businesses. We get down to the nitty gritty details of the incredible, the not so amazing, and the straight up ugly aspects of creating, growing, and owning your own business. These are important things to hear and understand when developing and owning your own business, because they aren't things that people share honestly until after they have become success. We are creating a larger community of Warrior Women Entrepreneurs (business owners) within each episode we release. You will now have an army of entrepreneurs providing you with behind the scenes looks at what you may also encounter within your journey, and to help you realize that IT IS POSSIBLE TO ACHIEVE YOUR DREAMS! We are a community full of resources, camaraderie, and conversation to help each other along the way, and to know that we are in this together no matter what stage of building we are at! Remember always that, we are in this together Warriors!Hosted by 'Colo' Taskowitz, Black Belt in Jeet Kune Do (JKD), Master in Sports Science, Personal Trainer, and Martial Arts & Fitness Entrepreneur. Enjoy the podcast with these incredible Warrior Women in the World of Entrepreneurship!

  • Привіт, це піåрнâя та подкаст для всього Українського від піар-бутику про розвиток бізнесу, діджиталізацію, про мистецтво та моду, а також наукові інновації та розробки. Говоримо про арт, світ та що робити для розвитку культури та ідей - з любов'ю!

  • Rod Rehm, Jon Rehm, Todd Bennett, and Roger Moore give you the inside scoop on what exactly you should do if you are injured at work. Getting to know the attorneys here at Rehm, Bennett, Moore, & Rehm Law Firm. Keep watching (:

  • Guernica 37 is a specialist Barristers’ Chambers experienced in advising and assisting States as they commence a process of structural reform and transformation following periods of political instability, post-conflict, post-authoritarian regimes or prolonged periods of state institutions controlled by systemic and structural corrupt practices. Our range of clienteles come from the political, institutional and economic sectors as key stakeholders in any lasting and sustainable transformation. Our team of expert international lawyers designs, supports and implements, depending upon the needs of the State, a comprehensive, yet realistic, tailored strategy based on a fundamental understanding of the situation, quality, and geopolitical position. In our work, we take into consideration each and every aspect and vectors for a feasible and successful process. ​ Our work has involved the following countries Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bosnia, Chile, Colombia, Croatia, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Iraq, Kosovo, Libya, Maldives, Mexico, Montenegro, Pakistan, Palestine, Rwanda, Syria, Spain and the United Kingdom. https://www.guernica37.com/

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  • ¿Tenemos los mismos problemas que antes? Nelly y Sebas, madre e hijo, se proponen abordar los temas de ahora y de antes. El objetivo: observar, reflexionar, aprender y, por supuesto, pasarla bien!

  • Bienvenidos a Marchamos, una herramienta de comunicación institucional sobre lo que hacemos en la Oficina Española de Patentes y Marcas, O.A., Ministerio de Industria, Comercio y Turismo, !ahora en formato podcast! Síguenos para conocer mensualmente las últimas noticias nacionales e internacionales sobre propiedad industrial, patentes, marcas, tecnología, innovación y otros temas de interés del sector en lengua española, en un formato dinámico pero riguroso. Presentado por José Antonio Gil Celedonio (@joseagceledonio) y Miriam Verde Trabada. Contacto: [email protected].

  • Descifrando Venus es un podcast dedicado a redescubrir, aceptar y reenamorarse de la esencia de la mujer. Emprendimiento, familia,, amor, empoderamiento, sexualidad o feminismo…son algunos de los temas que se tratan. Un podcast sobre la mujer, donde ellos también caben. Porque para comprender primero hay que conocer.Espero que este espacio te ayude para que hoy el mundo tenga las mujeres que necesita, y mañana también.

  • Recopilación de episodios sobre finanzas del podcast de Pau Ninja.

  • Hoy le hacemos unas par de preguntas al libertador Simón bolivar no se lo pierdan

  • Permiso para Clave, un podcast donde conoceremos a la persona que hay bajo el uniforme, su micro o su pluma. Historias personales de miembros de los Grupos y Unidades de las FFCCSS españolas, europeas y del resto del mundo. Cada semana, una nueva entrega. Puedes seguirnos en nuestros perfiles de Instagram, Facebook y Twitter, así como en la versión con imagen en nuestro Canal de Youtube.

  • “Crec en la política. La necessitem per al bon govern del nostre país. I aleshores, com millorar-la? Les respostes a aquesta pregunta arriben de la mà de les persones amb qui estic i aniré conversant. Són persones que estan a favor de la política i que reflexionen sobre com recuperar-ne el seu prestigi.”