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  • Absolutely No Adventures is a fantasy (un)adventure podcast that follows Sig, the owner of Signature Eats bakery, as he aggressively avoids becoming embroiled in any daring quests or chosen one shenanigans even though the universe really seems to want him to do just that. Follow Sig as he chills with his friends and stays far, far away from the slightest whiff of adventure. And bakes. He also bakes.

  • This podcast was created SOULY (soley) to activate the free thinkers, cultivate relationship, and to shine Light on topics for the world to see. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/jay-renaud/support

  • Terrifying tales of paranormal activities - in Urdu

  • Toll Switch is a genre-jumping anthology series set in New York City in the 1950’s. It’s an odd urban vision that is revealed in an unorthodox way...through the telephone.

    Join the Operator as she patches you into the calls that light up her switchboard. She’s deliberate and discerning, collecting and presenting to you only the rarest of exchanges. These conversations define a Manhattan where the possibilities not only defy limits, but also reason.

  • A weekly unofficial in-universe delve into the history of Warhammer Fantasy circa 1563 (Imperial Calendar) where the Master Tavern Keeper, amateur historian, thinker and drinker, in the city of Tobaro, Tilea explains the intricacies of the Old World for the young neophytes of the Engineering Guild as the city struggles under the yoke of Skaven occupation and their Chaotic collaborators...

  • Pojkmottagningen är en dramatiserad terapi, baserat på ett autentiskt fall.
    Psykologen Olof Risberg har arbetat med våld och övergrepp bland barn och unga i 30 år. I första säsongen möter vi 16-åriga Emil, som egentligen heter något annat. Han är medlem i Nordiska motståndsrörelsen och är misstänkt för mordbrand, narkotikainnehav och hets mot folkgrupp. Han tillverkar bomber och anses utgöra en samhällsfara. 

    För att klienten inte ska gå att identifiera är olika fakta och skeenden ändrade. Nytt avsnitt varje torsdag.

    Psykolog: Olof Risberg 

    Emil: Alexander Jubell 

    Manus: Viveka Risberg och Olof Risberg 

    Regi: André Christenson och Tim Dillman 

    Producerad av Novel Studios 

  • İnstagram takipçi ve beğeniyi aynı anda satın alabileceğiniz güvenilir alışveriş sitesi takipcialdim yeni paket ve kampanyalarla her zaman yanınızda olmaya devam ediyor. Sizde hemen sitemiz üzerinden sipariş vererek dilediğiniz hizmeti satın alabilirsiniz. Satın alma için tıklayın : https://takipcialdim.com/instagram-begeni-satin-al/

  • Il delitto di via Poma. La ricostruzione di bugie, errori e depistaggi che dopo oltre 30 anni nascondono ancora la verità sull’omicidio di Simonetta Cesaroni.

  • Negli anni Novanta sulle Alpi italiane gli orsi bruni erano praticamente estinti, a causa della caccia e dell’espansione delle attività umane. Poi un ambizioso progetto si diede l’obiettivo di ripopolare le Alpi di orsi: dieci esemplari furono prelevati dalla Slovenia e portati in Trentino. Funzionò. La convivenza però non è stata facile. Uno di questi orsi, M49, ha una storia e un carattere particolari. Entra nelle malghe per sfamarsi; a volte caccia per il gusto di cacciare, senza mangiare. Si avvicina alle persone, a volte troppo. Viene catturato, fugge da un recinto elettrificato. Ne nasce una forte discussione tra la popolazione, alimentata e distorta dall’informazione e dalla politica: ed è una discussione che può dirci molto sul rapporto tra gli esseri umani e la natura.
    Un podcast del Post, di Andrea Genzone e Gabriele Bertacchini

  • In questo podcast Paolo Colombo racconta un incredibile episodio della II Guerra Mondiale per lo più trascurato dai manuali di storia eppure caratterizzato da un tasso di assurda drammaticità che lo rende per molti aspetti unico. Ne viene una vera e propria narrazione civile.
    Intrecciando la Storia politica e militare con singole storie individuali e specifiche vicende, si ricostruisce in maniera toccante e avvincente l’evoluzione dei rapporti tra Germania e Polonia assieme alla ferrea determinazione e all’orgoglio che animano entrambe le parti, fino all’agghiacciante decisione nazista di radere letteralmente al suolo la capitale polacca. Trovare le parole per descrivere quello che accade può parere impossibile, ma questo podcast ci riesce.

  • Join Nigel Farage live at 7pm Monday-Thursdays on GB News for his takes on stories of the day.

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  • Welcome to Ince Podcasts - a series of podcasts presented by various members of our legal teams. These podcasts include industry insights into a range of different sectors and services as our experts delve deep into current issues.

  • America Out Loud is the premier news network with a diverse array of talk shows that inform and inspire. A daily resource for smart people.

  • From "wokeness" to cancel culture, the culture wars are in full swing. In this series of no-holds-barred long-form interviews, The Telegraph’s Steven Edginton sits down with world-leading commentators to unpick them. New episodes on Fridays.

  • Thai Expat Daily Show is an innovative commentary news channel, designed to share information and updates that impact expats in Thailand. Each week, we discuss topics related to life in Thailand, including culture, lifestyle, Covid-19, travel, and immigration. Featuring special guests and reviews of the Sunday papers to bring you memorable and accurate reporting. Whether you want quick updates of the latest headlines or in-depth analysis of the week’s top stories, there’s something for everyone. If you’re looking for an easy, convenient way to stay up to speed, tune in.We are a five-day-a-week show and our episodes will be uploaded each day at 8 pm.

  • Géopolitique parcourt les grandes régions du monde auxquelles sont associés des enjeux majeurs. Marie-France Chatin invite au débat chercheurs et experts, afin que soient expliqués et mis en lumière les différents mécanismes qui régissent les rapports entre les sociétés et leur environnement. Les invités de Géopolitique confrontent leurs regards sur un sujet d’actualité internationale. Une émission présentée par Marie-France Chatin. Réalisation et technique : Nathalie Laporte. Avec la collaboration de Cécile Lavolot.

  • In deze podcast bespreken we Indonesië met interessante gasten. Gemaakt door Edwin Mooibroek. Sinds 1999 werkt hij regelmatig in Indonesië en woonde 4 jaar in Jakarta als correspondent. Verschijnt elke 1e van de maand.

  • From the creator of The English Sessions comes Get the Word! An etymology podcast for word nerds. Join Mike as he picks apart words and phrases in English and lets you peek into his Fact Cabinet. More information and audio transcripts are available at https://www.englishsessionswithmike.com/ Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/get-the-word/support