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  • Happy Like Buddha Podcast with Adewale Adejumo is a personal growth podcast with a mission to teach wisdom and transformational thoughts that you will not learn in school.

    Happy Like Buddha brings you the greatest and best entrepreneurs and personal growth Mentors on the planet, and they'll be sharing the best ideas on personal growth for mind, body, spirit and work.

  • This is a unique and special time in our lives to consider how we can lead, no matter our status in life, to cultivate a world filled with compassion and care for humanity. This podcast will provide nuggets of wisdom from wide-ranging guests who are both well regarded and humble and compassionate at their core.

    In each episode, Rob Dube (Best-Selling Author and Co-Founder of imageOne - a Top 25 Forbes Small Giant), interviews some of the greatest leaders to explore how their journeys and personal disciplines shape the cultures they’ve created.

    Discover simple, practical tips and tools from mindful, high-performing leaders that you can implement in your leadership philosophy today. 869231

  • JE SUIS, un podcast positif dans lequel je raconte des moments clés de ma vie et les doutes d’une jeune femme de 21 ans.
    Corps, TCA, confiance en soi, hypersensibilité, réseaux sociaux, tous les sujets y passent !
    Je suis prête, et toi ?

  • Hello 💚 I’m Melanie and I will be your guide on this relaxation journey. Let me read to you a story, taking you on a journey in your mind; forget your troubles and concentrate on my voice for a while. Now; take some time for yourself – you deserve it. All scripts are written by myself, and are subject to copyright. Although these stories are for relaxation only & I do not claim to be a medical professional; relaxation itself has proven health benefits & can also reduce stress & the symptoms of mental health conditions. Do not listen to these podcasts whist driving or operating machinery.

  • Be who you needed when you were young, and this is the main inspiration behind starting this podcast. This podcast will primarily focus on people who are new to being grownup. We will be discussing about things that can actually help US in OUR life but which no one teaches and and which we are supposed to know. Apart from that, I will share my learning and thoughts on stuff I read or come across which make me think. I want to share them with the hope that it will help me discover myself and also the people around me, who are struggling just like me in their life.

  • Образовательный центр Modus Vivendi

    — Союз авторов-экспертов психологии и селфхелпа рассказывает про конкретные инструменты и методы психологии для самопомощи и саморегуляции
    — Ценим научный подход, доказательную базу, рациональное и критическое мышление
    — Создаём авторские курсы и обучающие группы
    — На данном канале выкладываем подкасты и озвучки проекта

  • How to overcome fear, anxiety and inaction with Mindful Strength. This is a Podcasting series about helping you navigate and thrive in difficult times. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/rochelle-l-cook-ma-cht/support

  • bojack audios that i listen to everyday because i have depression.

  • Par ma voix et seulement ma voix, je t'accompagne vers une transe hypnotique en utilisant le chuchotement, l'ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) que l'on peut traduire par "réponse sensorielle autonome culminante". Ce qui te permettra d'obtenir des sensations et des perceptions encore plus intenses et de profiter pleinement de ta séance.

    Tu trouveras ici, des séances d'hypnose pour :
    - mieux dormir,
    - gérer tes émotions, tes angoisses,
    - te relaxer,
    - changer quelque chose en toi,
    - arrêter de fumer,
    - perdre du poids...

  • Подкаст о карательной гинекологии, акушерской агрессии и насилии в родах

  • Hosted by Tim Sawyer, President and Co-Founder of Crystal Clear, True to Form is a regular podcast between leaders making headway in the aesthetic, anti-aging, and elective medical industries. Tim Sawyer is a two-time Inc. 500 entrepreneur and a highly regarded faculty speaker for over 28 medical associations.

    Episodes encompass in-depth discussions with some of the nation’s most successful elective medical practices and KOL’s while highlighting emerging industry trends, top strategies in digital marketing, and constructive management techniques. Learn from the experts to discover the secrets to success and the pitfalls to avoid when it comes to growing your medical practice with the authentic, the transparent, Tim Sawyer.