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  • CFO Yeah! brings you up close with finance leaders in the world's most exciting, fastest-growing companies. In this podcast, you meet CFOs who believe that finance is another key driver for growth - just as vital as sales and marketing. We explore the changing nature of the CFO role, what makes finance teams successful, and how finance can be an effective business partner for growth.

    CFO Connect is a global community and resource hub for finance leaders, created by Spendesk.

  • بودكاست رحلة حدث تیدكس صنعاء ٢٠٢٠ یناقش الحدث وكل التفاصیل المتعلقة فیه، یستضیف البودكاست أشخاص من داخل فریق تیدكس لنقل تجربة الحدث للمستمع، ولإجابة كل الأسئلة الشائعة عن الحدث.
    كل أسبوع مع مزن سنان من ڤینس میدیا.

  • Journey through SDE Interview Prep is a podacast where I will take you through the prep pathway from scratch. This will be completely genuine where I will be sharing all the ups and downs throughout the process.To start something is to invite a change. And there's nothing which is more appealing and disturbing than a change. This change is for good and this is going to be really amazing. Hope on for this amazing journey, which anyone can follow while altering it to their taste. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/aravindvenugopal/support

  • Audcode provides a quick Arabic summary for technical content (audio, video, articles, books) to keep yourself updated. The summary is provided from developers to developers.

  • Tech for Thought, a podcast about all things Product and Tech in the MENA region. Hosted by Yi-Wei and Khaled, CPO & CTO of Talabat (Delivery Hero) out of Dubai, UAE.

  • Building Cyber Security Professionals Across MENA Region

  • بودكاست تابع لمجلة “نيتشر الطبعة العربية” يتناول أبرز التطورات والمواضيع العلمية على الساحة.

  • At Blind Android Users, we strive to make using Android as easy as possible for every blind person who's starting the Android journey.

    We bridge the dividing gap that stands between blind people, both new to Android and those familiar with the platform, on the use of the platform and revealing what makes the OS the platform to be on!

    The Blind Android Podcast believes that, no blind person should be struggling with their Android device, thus, we have determine to embark on a mission of understanding Android from a blindness perspective as easy as a child's play!

  • Xtended Realities is a podcast by ICVR focusing on VR/AR & emerging tech.

    ICVR is a software development studio based in Los Angeles, CA.

  • Henri Arslanian brings you in-depth discussions and constructive analyses of the developments shaping the future of money and finance from Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies to CBDCs and DeFi

  • The Nielsen Norman Group (NNg) UX Podcast is a podcast on user experience research, design, strategy, and professions, hosted by Senior User Experience Specialist Therese Fessenden. Join us every month as she interviews industry experts, covering common questions, hot takes on pressing UX topics, and tips for building truly great user experiences. For free UX resources, references, and information on UX Certification opportunities, go to: www.nngroup.com

  • بودكاست تقني عربي ساخر في الغالب غرضه مناقشة الجديد في الساحة التقنية

  • This podcast is your one stop destination to learn to code and become a successful software developer. You'll find coding tutorials on languages like python, javascript, go lang, java, and many more. You'll also learn how to write clean code, something that is of prime importance when learning to code. I am a self taught developer and a second year Electrical student @ BITS Goa, India. I also have a YouTube channel by my name and another podcast called BITS Cast where I talk about careers and entrepreneurship. Feel free to contact me here : https://linktr.ee/ishansharma7390

  • Podcast from SAP EMEA South General Business and Partner Team. Please join our podcast series where we travel across the EMEA South region to talk to different business leaders about their experiences in 2020 and how they’re now resetting their business for a brighter future. We travel to South Africa, Morocco, Egypt and other countries to get their perspective.

  • About Technology and Coffee | عن التكنولوجيا وروادها والقهوة وشاربوها والعلاقة بينهم لا تنتهي

    كل اسبوع هايكون معانا حلقة او اتنين هنتكلم مع متخصصين في مجال التقنية او القهوة المختصة او كلاهما نتبادل خبرات ونستفيد من خبرات الغير
    وكمان لو معناش ضيف هندردش في واحد من الموضوعين وايه علاقة القهوة بالتقنية

  • بودكاست أسبوعي تقني بتقديم عبدالله الجبري و صالح الشملان

  • Apple junkie talks tech, hardware and internet memes. with the occasional guest.

  • Z3Partners is an early-growth stage venture capital fund that has been instrumental from the early days of technology and digital investing in India.

    Z3Partners Business Podcast features insights from entrepreneurs, business leaders, investors and thinkers on the technology and digital ecosystem in India.

  • Getting to know more about technology, learn about technology, and have talks about technology, specially tailored to Egypt and the Middle East

  • The world we live in today is shaped in large part by the security incidents and terrorist attacks of the past... some we know about, and some still hidden in the shadows. As a counterterrorism agent with the U.S. State Department, Fred Burton was involved in many high-profile investigations including the search for and arrest of Ramzi Yousef, the mastermind of the first World Trade Center bombing as well as directing multiple proactive protective intelligence efforts for visiting dignitaries like Yassir Arafat and Princess Diana.

    In the Ontic Protective Intelligence Podcast, Fred speaks with experts about real-life incidents ranging from the 1966 University of Texas shooting, to high profile kidnappings and workplace violence incidents, to name a few. Join us as we dig into the world of physical security and protective intelligence—the past, the present and the future.