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  • “Sing For Science” is a science advocacy and music podcast produced with Talkhouse where musicians talk to scientists about science as it connects to their most famous songs. Created and hosted by New York musician, Matt Whyte, the podcast’s goal is to increase science literacy for as many people as possible by reaching a variety of different musicians’ fan bases. Listeners come to the show through their love of music and leave with a new piece of knowledge. Science literacy and respect for expertise are perhaps more vital now than ever before. The show’s chief tenet is that a more science and scientific process literate society can only contribute towards greater support for more fair, evidence-based policy in government. Sing For Science is listener supported; please contribute today at

  • 小E這週聊什麼是台灣Elsevier推出的Podcast節目,用輕鬆的方式每週聊聊醫學健康相關的研究和新聞。

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  • Co-hosts Amie and Sara are experienced nurses, former co-workers, and friends. Together they tackle hot topics related to nursing and healthcare, with grit!

  • 從語言出發,上至天文、下至地理,探索語言學同生活之間各種話題嘅粵語節目。A Cantonese podcast about topics connecting language and linguistics to daily life, with transcripts for Cantonese learners.

  • Breast cancer is more than the pink ribbon that symbolizes the disease; it is not pink nor is it pretty. It can be a messy, devastating, life-altering, and lonely journey. The women and men represented by the pink ribbon may have the same disease, but everyone’s story is different. Behind the Pink Ribbon is a weekly podcast dedicated to sharing the stories of breast cancer survivors to uncover the reality of what lies behind the pink ribbon. We bring on experts in oncology, genetics, plastic surgery, nutrition, and more to provide information on topics specific to breast cancer. We also bring on organizations that offer resources, services, and support to breast cancer survivors and their caregivers.

    This podcast will bring you stories of inspiration and hope, and a reminder that you are not alone in this journey. It will provide you with information and resources to be your own best advocate as you navigate through your journey of breast cancer.

    Hosted by Melissa Adams.
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  • Rodney A. Brooks was born in Syracuse, NY, in 1932. He attended the University of Florida and Harvard University, where he received his Ph.D. in physics with Nobel laureate Norman Ramsey in 1963. At that time he was fortunate to learn Quantum Field Theory from its perfector, Nobel laureate Julian Schwinger, who had just published his five-paper series "The theory of quantized fields", in which matter fields are treated for the first time on an equal basis with force fields. After several years as a post-doc at Harvard, Brooks spent five years working on aerospace projects. Then in 1970 he changed to the field of medical research. This led to a 25-year career at the National Institutes of Health, where he published 124 refereed articles. Among his accomplishments was construction of the highest resolution PET scanner of its time, the "Neuro-PET". He also invented dual-energy computed tomography (US patent 4247774), a method which has now been incorporated into commercial scanners. As an amateur clarinetist he founded and led a klezmer band called Shir Delite. After moving to New Zealand when he retired, he became aware that the wonderful QFT that he had learned from Schwinger is largely forgotten or misunderstood, leaving the lay public to founder in the weirdness and paradoxes of Quantum Mechanics and Relativity. He then made it his retirement mission to tell the people about QFT - the only theory that makes sense.

  • At Deep Isolation, we believe that listening is one of the most important elements of a successful nuclear waste disposal program. A core value of the company is to seek and listen to different perspectives on the matter of nuclear waste, nuclear energy, and disposal solutions.

    We have created this series to interview experts and stakeholders that represent aspects of nuclear waste. Our hope is to bring clear picture of Nuclear Waste: The Whole Story.

  • To celebrate Science Week 2008, DSE organised a series of lectures aimed at improving the level of understanding of the role that science and engineering play in our everyday lives.

  • The latest astronomy and space news from around the world. PLUS casual interviews with astronomers and other scientists seeking to understand the cosmos. All delivered in an easy-to-understand style with a dash of humor. Support this podcast:

  • Introduction to acids and bases, their physical properties and acid-base indicators

  • A Student-Run Podcast for Aspiring OTs and OTAs

  • The Reliants Project is a podcast about how networks shape your wellbeing, relationships and community. Through conversations with the leading thinkers in the field of network science the show will help you actively cultivate your network, whether your goal is to build your relationships more deliberately, make better introductions, or activate networks to make an impact in the world.

  • Science, life, and girl power! Exploring the most important topics in STEM and girl empowerment. Making this world a more equal and opportune place one girl at a time.

  • A weekly podcast where I explore animal facts with you in a calm and safe environment! Sleep, relax, or be attentive; its all up to you. New episodes available every Monday at 2:00 AM EST.

  • Nature Biotechnology's Forum podcast explores biotech's latest scientific publications, found in Nature Biotechnology and elsewhere, through discussions with today's leading researchers.

  • Dr Austin Tay is an organizational psychologist based in Asia. In each episode of the podcast, he will discuss work-related issues that matter in the workplace. Through the lens of a psychologist, Austin will provide tips and advice to his listeners to help them navigate the complex world of work.

    Austin Tay is the founder of Omnipsi Consulting ( We specialise in executive coaching, leadership assessment and development, career transitioning, training and workplace intervention. To send comments or suggestions, email to or send via twitter @psych_chat.

  • Beer testing, strategic analysis and methods of warfare. I currently make a new episode every week on the weekends.

  • Dive into the Pacific Ocean. Hear the latest news about the Aquarium of the Pacific, its animals, and exhibits, and listen to a variety of scientists and guest speakers covering important issues facing our ocean and planet. To download video files of these podcasts, visit our website at

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