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  • Big Country Publishing Radio is an international show focused on inspiration, empowerment, and promoting consciousness. We feature authors, speakers, visionaries, entrepreneurs, and inspirational guests from around the world. We invite you to join us and call in as we talk about topics that will contribute to your life and to the world!

    Big Country Publishing is a fast growing self-help and transformational multi-media products publisher with authors and artists from around the world. We are committed to publishing products that are focused on entertaining you, healing the planet and contributing to your life in a positive way.

  • WORK. For some, its utter lack of perceived significance makes them desperately want for something more, while for others being on the job allows the highest level of fulfillment and even provides a centering life purpose. Think about it: We spend at least a full third of our lives either preparing for work via school or actually being in the workforce. Why not look for ways to maximize the meaning, positive sentiment, and performance contribution associated with it? This show explores timely topics about work to help listeners more meaningfully and productively connect with their work, while helping organizations to do the same for their employees. Anyone looking for guidance, inspiration, and examples on how to get unstuck at work or move to a higher level of meaning or contribution will enjoy tuning in. Weโ€™ll hear from experts with keen insights into their fields as they relate to meaningful and productive work, and from authors who have contributed their understanding to the topic of work, leadership, business, and work-life integration. Working on Purpose airs live Tuesdays at 6 PM Eastern Time on W4CY Radio.

    Working on Purpose Radio Show is broadcast live at Tuesday's at 6PM ET on W4CY Radio ( part of Talk 4 Radio ( on the Talk 4 Media Network ( This podcast is also available on Talk 4 Podcasting (

  • Come for the health tips, stay for the gossip. Follow Lily Montasser and Sham Shah as they navigate health and dating in New York City.

  • Famous Inspirational & Educational speeches that'll uplift you and will make you strive to become a better version of yourself. All these pieces of audio I use when working out to help educate myself or motivate myself depending on the audio

  • This podcast aims to give a flavour of festival events as part of the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival (SMHAFF). As well as interviews with key individuals (promoters, artists, contributors etc) we will also bring you some feedback from to those attending events and exclusive event recordings.
    Contact us at

  • Six Miles to Supper is about how to lose weight and keep it off. I personally used intermittent fasting and walking 6 miles a day to lose 80 pounds and keep it off. I want to share my journey, including tips and tricks I've found along the way, to help encourage others to reach their goal weight.

  • This is where photography meets real life. Join me, Marie Masse, Founder of Fearless and Framed® and The Preservation Project, as I explore + gush over the stories behind the photos we hold as high value and uniquely iconic.

    Whether you’re a photographer or someone who just loves pictures of your loved ones, my mission is to help you SEE more photo-worthy moments through your personal lens on the daily and reconnect to why these pictures matter for you (and for client, if your in biz).

    You won’t find images like these in a Pinterest search.

    We'll explore topics like: what to do with all those pictures, how to slow down (less is more), the business + marketing side of photography, teaching photography, enjoying your pictures, using your pictures to connect with your loves, and more.

    Some eps are educational, some are value-based convos, some eps are solo, some are with photogs that inspire me.

    Enjoy the stories ;)

  • Join Diane Sanfilippo - 2x New York Times bestselling author and serial entrepreneur - for business tips, advice, and motivation for emerging or existing business owners. You'll learn practical strategies from Diane as well as hear expert interviews with those who have had similar struggles and have found success.

  • Elephant In The Room was created by Suvi Inkinen, a Global Intuitive Mindset Coach and Inspirational Speaker, the Founder or HUNAWORKS. It is her passion project to help break the destructive bubble of perfectionism. Something that stole 2 decades of her own life and in our time is keeping most people from living their life with joy and authenticity. The podcast is about sharing raw, authentic conversations of our shame and vulnerabilities, our personal elephants we hide from the world out of fear of being judged and becoming unlovable. It's to make us feel more connected than disconnected from each other. Being seen and allowing others to do the same.
    To find out more about Suvi or connect with her, go to / Insta:hunaworks.

  • Forever Fierce is an all video talk show hosted by Catherine Grace O’Connell. She is joined each week by a diverse series of guest co-hosts of all ages and genders to keep the show fresh … and Fierce. This show is the definitive talk show/podcast to fiercely empower women of all ages through the lens of Midlife. Featured guests range from bestselling authors, creators, entertainers, health & wellness experts, world changers, business and financial leaders, entrepreneurs, celebrities, and moms!

    Watch live every Tuesday at 11am PST on LA Talk Radio.

  • Science-based information on the role of nutritional factors in the cause and prevention of multiple sclerosis

  • Welcome to the Health by Valerie hosted by integrative health coach, blogger and NYC based model, Valerie Ribon. This weekly podcast features interviews from the movers, shakers & creators in wellness, business & nutrition.

  • "Coach Brix" is a podcast created to give advice to athletes, improve their athletic performance, and motivate them to unleash your potential in life. Athletes! Athletic performance coaches and other medical professionals will give you their take on sports, competition, and life among other topics to help educate and inspire you. For more information visit Coach Brix //!

  • Join Mobius Nutrition's CEO David Taylor as he interviews other passionate thought leaders and health enthusiasts. Discover the tools and knowledge needed to gain a healthy mind and body so that you can achieve ultimate performance in every part of your life .

  • A podcast created to share the knowledge of some of the best in the world in rehab and performance to help the listener become one of the best in the world.

  • A series of mindful meditations, guided by Cheryn Lee Riepenhausen, to revitalise and nourish your whole being.

  • The Warrior Life teaches you how to be successful in all areas of your life. Warriors are mentally and physically strong, so the show focuses on complete health. Laying the foundation for a warrior’s life takes commitment and dedication to all aspects of your well-being. The show airs twice a week. Tuesdays are an expansive version of my weekly blog, which teaches you how to break through bad diet cycles and create positive relationships with food to achieve the body and life of your dreams. Thursdays are interviews with experts to help you overcome the daily battles we all face: being young, aging, disorganization, work-life balance, stress, lack of sleep and more. The podcast will educate and inspire you to become the best warrior you can be!

  • Are you ready to have more energy and sexual desire again, but feel stuck because you are too busy, feel exhausted, and don't want one more thing on your "to do" list?
    Congratulations brave one. Find Your Feminine Fire Podcast is for you. Listen in as Sexual Empowerment Expert Amanda Testa and her guests talk Sex, Love, Relationships, and how to connect with what lights you up from the inside out.