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  • Welcome to Project Blue Book Value! There are so many (alien) conspiracies out there and very little time to spend on them all. Don't waste your time looking them all up, let us do it for you! We can give you the proper Project Blue Book Value on the conspiracy and let you know if it is worth looking it up while you are bored at work.

  • Weekday mornings, The Daily Punch brings you inside Capitol Hill, the White House and Washington for an unfiltered look at the key players and stakes of all major issues of the day. People. Power. Politics. Hosted by Punchbowl News founders, journalists, and best-selling authors Anna Palmer and Jake Sherman. Powered by Punchbowl News. Produced by Cadence13. ​

  • “The French Futurist” podcast by Jean-Christophe Bonis is being recorded in wartime in Kyiv, on the battlefield of civilizations and values, mindsets, and technologies.

  • What if there were a predictable roadmap for success – proven over the years by other women – that would let you FAST TRACK your career and business success and move you forward. Success 4 Women Radio Show will bring these experts to you every week to tell you just how they did it. And let you know you can “do it” also.

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  • NBS brings research and business together. Join leaders of industry, academia, and community in shaping a more sustainable future.

  • A Látszótér Rádió műsorkészítőinek adásai közéletről, művészetről, közérzetről, minden hétköznap este 8-tól új epizódokkal.

  • We must make the moral case for capitalism and the free market! We must go on offense and stop going on defense everytime someone argues about the "evils" of the free market and capitalism. This is the only way to fight back against these people who think they have the moral high ground! And we can! The truth and history is on our side. John D. Rockefeller and Henry Ford made life better for the average Amercian, not worse. We must be able to argue and pursuade people and show them that capitalism is the most moral system. When the rich get richer it doesn't hurt the poor, instead it makes the poor better off. To get rich in a captialist system means we must provide a good/service that people want and will make them better off. Henry Ford didn't get rich by selling cars only to the rich. He got rich when he made a car cheap enough that the average American could afford. And look at how the car revolutionized society and how much freedom it gave to the individual. We must fight for this! Listen to my podcast and together we can DEFEND THE FREE MARKET!!!

  • Fiatal, kismama, nyugdíjas, családos, munkavállaló, lakásfelújító, befektetni vágyó, egyszer mindenkinek adódik olyan élethelyzete, amikor a Magyar Államkincstárhoz kell fordulnia ügyet intézni. Ha erről az ugrik be, hogy bonyolult űrlapok, sorban állás, hosszas bürokratikus ügyintézés, akkor tarts velünk, hogy megtudd, ez egyszerűbb, mint gondolnád. A Tranzakció podcastben mi adásról-adásra kalauzod leszünk az államkincstári ügyekben.

  • This podcast is rated one of the "Top Smart City Podcasts of 2022" in the FeedSpot ranking. Pierre Mirlesse interviews the women and men that strive to make their city a better place for their fellow residents, citizens and visitors. They help their city become smarter and more sustainable.Follow us on Instagram: us on Facebook: Support this podcast:

  • Szabó Gergő és Faragó Botond vagyunk. Szeretünk bizonyos témákban elmerülni és ezt szeretnénk hallatni másokkal. Ezért kezdtünk bele.

  • The Calling the Tune podcast series features experts from the European Commission’s DG REGIO discussing and shedding light on novelties of the Common Provisions Regulation 2021. Similar to the role of a conductor guiding an orchestra, harmonising the instruments to one music sheet, our experts will walk you through the latest regulatory provisions with hands on advice and useful information tailored to help you set up financial instruments in the 2021-2027 programming period.

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  • The Overtake provides a glimpse into the fast paced and ever-changing automotive industry. Host John Bozzella of the Alliance for Automotive Innovation takes listeners inside the industry to hear the stories of politics, policy, and technology creating a cleaner, safer, and smarter automotive future.

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  • São diversos os contextos de ensino de língua(s) portuguesa(s) pelo mundo. Cada cenário é único e repleto de alegrias e de desafios. A fim de conhecermos melhor esses panoramas, o podcast “Português pelo Mundo” entrevista professores espalhados pelo globo na missão de difundir a(s) língua(s) e a(s) cultura(s) de vozes em português.

    • Por Karen Couto, da Université Sorbonne-Nouvelle [];
    E Camila Almeida, da Università di Bologna [];

    Para o Ministério das Relações Exteriores (MRE) no âmbito do Programa de Leitorados.

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  • Like any big city, San Francisco has big problems. Rampant homelessness, an opioid epidemic, widening income equality and deep political divisions. What’s stopping the city from fixing itself? Where are the creative solutions? And what happens when one person’s solution is another’s root of the problem? Host Laura Wenus and producer Cintia Lopez are on a quest to find out, one San Francisco story at a time.
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  • With over 25 years of hands-on government contracting experience, Neil McDonnell is a leading small business advocate in the federal marketplace. As a small business owner, he has personally won and supported government contracts for the US Army, Navy, US Air Force, HHS,VA, Transportation, Interior, Energy and the Executive Office of the White House.

    As president of the GovCon Chamber of Commerce, Neil hosts daily LinkedIn live training and teaches the strategies and skills required to build relationships with federal buyers and teaming partners that lead to federal revenue.

    Neil also brings together leading experts in federal government contracting in order to help small businesses grow as government contractors.

    Neil is famous for making complicated topics easy to understand, helping businesses 'find their niche' and for providing specific, achievable, actionable steps any business owner could follow.

    Discover how small businesses can research opportunities, build relationships, promote their capabilities, request small business set-aside (SBSA) opportunities and secure government business contracts.

    Find out more at

    HOST: Neil McDonnell
    Neil is a small business owner, mentor, coach and trainer committed to helping small businesses achieve their goals. He is a motivational speaker, trainer and vocal advocate for the potential of American small businesses. His passion is drawn from his personal experience serving in the US Army, from providing contracting services to various government agencies, and from the many successful and failed companies he has founded since his youth.

    Connect with Neil:

  • Lean Portland is a volunteer group based in Portland, Oregon that offers Lean and Six Sigma consulting to nonprofit organizations. We also host learning events, free workshops, interviews, happy hours and volunteer opportunities and mentoring for other practitioners.

  • Over the past decade, a number of European populist parties have become increasingly competitive in key votes, and in Eastern Europe, these parties have not only come to power but also remained in office in consecutive elections. In this interview series, we will interrogate some of the main drivers and impacts of populist mobilization in Eastern Europe.

    The "Rise and Resilience of Populism in Eastern Europe" series is hosted by Dr. Tsveta Petrova and the European Institute at Columbia University. It is made possible with the support of the Erasmus + Programme of the European Union. The views expressed in this series are those of the speaker(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Institute or the EU Commission.

  • На политической кухне США жара – все кипит в ожидании выборов президента. Именно здесь Лиза Фохт вместе с американскими экспатами ищет идеальный рецепт президентской кампании.