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  • What is the Writer's Life Chats? It is the fabulous, yet entertaining online radio show brought to you by Literary Professional Kisha Green. The goal of The Writer's Life Chats is to allow experienced authors and writers a chance to share their writing life with avid readers; be a mentor while offering sincere support to aspiring authors. While this isn't your traditional educational setting, we are in the new millennium. What better way to educate than via the Internet? Regardless of your writing experience, these chats strive to help educate interested readers and writers on the business of writing and publishing. This show is NOT just limited to authors, this is for ANYONE who writes or has written before. Writer's Life Chats is not your typical show. each episode creates a relaxing atmosphere for the guests as well as the listeners. Each week you can look forward to Kisha's Literary Jewels, as well as the platform to also discuss current literary events including the gray areas in-between.

  • Have you ever just had it up to here with you? when you try to escape you can't go anywhere but with yourself!!!!!yeah that's what I go through every single day!i made a play by play so you can see it in action understand the scientific method behind success I swear!!! and just in case anyone is wondering i am doing this to discover what my real "mental health issue is" or if its true GMO'S AND SHIT calcify your brain.all research is raw. No one wants to blow up a beaker on purpose but the limit has to be set by the seeker!!! Or you wont know how Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/laecie-horn/support

  • The duo behind Bourgeois & Maurice interview some of their favourite performers about what life is like behind the shimmery curtain, when the stages are all dark.

  • Explore the careers and sounds of music icons throughout the ages.
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  • Join the vitaltech team as we discuss the leading topics in information technology today.

  • We are Chris and Ashley, a father-daughter duo that is passionate about business, people, and personal growth. We are so excited to share and give insight into the books that influence our everyday lives and businesses! They have the potential to revolutionize the way you think about your business, your relationships, and yourself. Get reading and we'll talk to you soon!

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  • Getting to the Heart, Soul, and drive of top performers in the entertainment industry. Clayton Howe's guests share their paths, struggles, and lessons learned. Entertainmentx inspires, uplifts, and educates everyone interested in a deep dive look at entertainment professionals and industry luminaries.

  • Part 1 lays out the framework for Positivism as originated in France by Auguste Comte in his Cours de Philosophie Positive. Mill examines the tenets of Comte's movement and alerts us to defects. Part 2 concerns all Comte's writings except the Cours de Philosophie Positive. During Comte's later years he gave up reading newspapers and periodicals to keep his mind pure for higher study. He also became enamored of a certain woman who changed his view of life. Comte turned his philosophy into a religion, with morality the supreme guide. Mill finds that Comte learned to despise science and the intellect, instead substituting his frantic need for the regulation of change. (Summary by Bill Boerst)

  • Philanthropy unites Broadway stars like Lin-Manuel Miranda, Gloria Estefan, Judith Light, and more. The Broadway Gives Back Podcast spotlights Broadway actors, shows, and organizations in their pursuit of social impact and doing good. Our talented guests will share stories about their favorite charities, how they got involved, and the people and causes who have benefited from these philanthropic efforts. From stars to stagehands, cast members to front of house, and causes large and small, we will discuss why philanthropy is so vital and inspiring. 
    Hosted by former head of marketing for the Tony Awards and The Broadway League, and CCO for the Charity Network, Jan Svendsen, this feel-good podcast will also discuss ways you can do good through education and taking action to make the world a better place.
    Part of the Broadway Podcast Network.

  • STEP INTO MY WORKSHOP where I have been writing and publishing novels full-time since 1993.

    Let me say up front: this podcast isn't for just anyone. If you're looking to be entertained, or you just want to hang out and shoot the breeze with a bunch of novelists, there are a number of other podcasts that do that. But if you're serious about learning the craft of writing and publishing fiction, you're in the right place.

    (Just to be clear -- we'll have a great time! When it comes to writing novels, if you're not having fun, you're doing something wrong.)

    But let's face it. Novelists are a different breed. Not everyone gets us. And honestly, I enjoy nothing more than sitting around and talking shop with novelists. What works. What doesn't work. The ups and downs of being a novelist.

    That's what this podcast is all about: Sharing with you what I've learned over the years as a career novelist. My goal in creating this podcast is to help other novelists tell their story and get it into the hands of eager readers.

  • A podcast dedicated to helping you improve your craft, Acting.

  • Kistnihald undir jökli kom út árið 1968. Þar er sagt frá umboðsmanni biskups, Umba, sem sendur er undir Jökul til að kanna stöðu mála í söfnuði einum á Snæfellsnesi. Tilefni fararinnar er að séra Jón Prímus er talinn vera hættur að sinna embættisverkum og hjúskaparstaða hans heldur óljós. Umbi á að setja saman skýrslu um ferð sína og heldur undir Jökul vopnaður segulbandi en skýrslugerðin verður snúnari eftir því sem á líður enda fer Umbi að efast mjög um rökræn tök sín á þeim heimi sem hann er staddur í. Hann þvælist inn í veröldina undir Jökli sem kannski er ekki það versta heldur óvissan um eðli þess veruleika sem hann flækist í. Höfundur les. Hljóðitað 1975. Lestrar Halldórs Laxness úr safni RÚV eru færðir þjóðinni að gjöf í samstarfi við Guðnýju Halldórsdóttur og Sigríði Halldórsdóttur, dætur skáldsins.

  • This is Thresholds: a series of conversations with writers about experiences that completely turned them upside down, disoriented them in their lives, changed them, and changed how and why they wanted to write. Hosted by Jordan Kisner, author of the essay collection THIN PLACES.
    Hosted by Lit Hub Radio.

  • Each week, we'll discuss what's going on in the scotch industry, discuss our latest review, a visit from Dr. Scotch, and share a few drams. Visit www.scotch4dummies.com You must be of legal drinking age in your country to listen to this channel. Do not share this content with minors- share it with your friends of age. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/scotch4dummies/support

  • Like many of us, Eva grew up doing theater. 
    She attended musical theater camp and loved Broadway musicals. While a true passion, Eva chose to pursue a career in politics. She began by working for the Gore campaign during the infamous 2000 presidential election. She then transitioned to journalism, spending five years with ABC News as an Assignment Editor and Coordinating Producer, where she covered 9/11, the Iraq War, the 2004 Presidential Election, the death of Pope John Paul II, amongst others.
    En route towards a successful lifetime career in news, Eva made the decision to follow her original, true passion. In 2005, she left her job at ABC News to pursue a life in the theater, as a producer. The decision to leave a steady job and start from scratch in a famously cutthroat industry was not an easy one. But it certainly paid off. Eva has amassed over 18 Broadway credits and three Tony Awards. And, last year, she had four Broadway shows running simultaneously at one point. Her success can, of course, be attributed to her hard work and tenacity, but also to returning to her first love, building on the passion generated from her formative experiences in the theater—her first shows.
    On each episode of My First Show, Eva speaks with a different luminary from the entertainment industry, framing the discussion around four questions:

    What was the first show you saw?

    What was the first show you were in?

    What was your first professional show?

    If you could be in any show, anywhere, at any time, what would it be?

    Through a lively and personal conversation, Eva explores each guest’s formative experiences, how ambitions became reality and what dream roles still remain.
    Part of the Broadway Podcast Network.

  • In-depth interviews with acclaimed artists. We go deep about their process, intentions and demystify what it means to "make it".

  • Want to relax and get your mind in tune? Then join in on Framed! Framed brings you into the mind of an artist and how he sees the world. A reflection of his actions? Maybe. Occasionally talks intelligently but....
    Stick around and discover hidden truths. One episode at a time.
    Hosted by Joy Tutu

  • Arndís María, Ísabella Ronja og Pjetur Már fara yfir skoðanir sínar og álit á sögupersónum Sjálfstæðs fólks eftir Halldór Kiljan Laxness