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  • Þáttur þar sem bestu plötur hljómsveita og tónlistarfólks eru ræddar. Snæbjörn Ragnarsson og dr. Arnar Eggert Thoroddsen höfðu umsjón með þáttum #0001 - #0100. Haukur Viðar Alfreðsson og dr. Arnar hafa haft umsjón frá og með þætti #0101. Baldur Ragnarsson stýrir þættinum.

  • Umsjón: Hrafnhildur Halldórsdóttir, Andri Freyr Viðarsson, Hulda G. Geirsdóttir, Guðrún Dís Emilsdóttir, Sigurður Þorri Gunnarsson og Gígja Hólmgeirsdóttir

  • Birkir Fjalar og Smári Tarfur láta móðinn mása um þungarokk frá ýmsum sjónarhornum.

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    Djane Ali is one of the most recognized djs in Ecuador and the gay scene with a trajectory of 17 years.

    Ali is a Music Dj Producer and Remixer. She combines percussive rhythms full of rhythm and energy in her music and especially in the Circuit and House genres.

    Her Dance NightLife podcast is a combination of genres ranging from Progressive to Tech House, sets that invite you to travel to a wonderful state full of rhythm and energy.

    You can also find his songs of the Progressive House genre on Spotify and if you are interested in learning Music Production on Ableton Live with Djane Ali you can access the Udemy link at the bottom of the links section.


    Djane Ali es una de los djs más reconocidas del Ecuador y de la escena gay con una trayectoria de 17 años.

    Ali es Remixer y Productora Musical y en sus sets y presentaciones combina ritmos percusivos llenos de ritmo y energía, especialmente en los géneros Circuit y House.

    Su podcast Dance NightLife es una combinación de géneros que van desde Progressive hasta Tech House, sets que te invitan a viajar a un estado maravilloso lleno de ritmo y energía.

    También puedes encontrar sus canciones del género Progressive House en Spotify y si estás interesado en aprender producción musical en Ableton Live con Djane Ali puedes acceder al enlace de Udemy en la parte inferior de la sección de enlaces.

  • eavesdropping makes space for the sharing of experimental musics and new ways of thinking about music. Festival, forum, podcast & artist development opportunities curated by Juliet Fraser.

    Here you can find the podcast conversations between Juliet and the artists featured in the eavesdropping series and an archive of the live performances.

  • Rokkland er músík-magasín í útvarpi! Þar er fjallað um tónlist líðandi stundar, sögur sagðar af hljómsveitum og tónlistarmönnum og spjallað við óþekkta sem heimsþekkta tónlistarmenn. Þátturinn er aldursforseti Rásar 2 og í haust er 21 ár liðið síðan hann fór fyrst í loftið.

  • An English teacher painstakingly dissecting/trying to understand parts of popular music.

  • K-100 Radio a music and talk radio broadcast based out of Atlanta, GA. We are a LIVE 24/7 broadcast, but we also use Blog Talk Radio to engage with our audience live on the air. Visit our main site at to learn more and tune in. You can download our FREE mobile apps for Android and iPhone devices. We are also listed on Tunein Radio just search for us and follow the broadcast.

    Our talk segments and discussions include straight up no chaser conversations about Music, Social Issues, Current Events, Relationships & more. We give GREAT live interviews of artist and music industry professionals also for your enjoyment.

  • The leading drum & bass collective in Iceland -

  • Elmo Lovano is a producer, drummer, musical director, and the Founder/CEO of Jammcard. Each week, Elmo dives deep with an inspiring creative to give you context on how they go forward professionally and personally. Let’s GO!

  • Zig at the gig is a long-form interview-style show. The host Dave Deitke is a full-time Musician from Cleveland, OH. Who plays in an original band called C-level and teaches an adapted music class. Zig at the gig started as a podcast for Negative Space, a non-profit art gallery, promoting events and artists from the galley. The show has grown to include all facets of entertainment, including artist authors and musicians.

  • Do you help a young musician in your life practice? Are you a teacher that works with young musicians? Hosted by Christine Goodner, an experienced violin and early childhood music teacher. and author of Beyond the Music Lesson & Positive Practice, resources all about how to help families make music practice at home more effective with less conflict. TIME TO PRACTICE will bring you weekly conversations with performers, teachers, and students that will help, encourage and support you as you support the young musicians in your life.

  • Jakop Janssønn er en trommeslager, komponist og produsent som har jobbet for og med en rekke samiske artister og joikere.

    Etter hvert har han undret seg over hvor hans egen måte å forstå rytmikk kommer fra, i møte med joik.


    Han har også som lytter undret seg over hvorfor noen bandkonstellasjoner fungerer bedre enn andre i møte med joik.


    Kan man tufte sitt trommespill på noe mer enn sin egen opplevelse av samisk musikk?

    Finnes det skjulte rytmer, rytmekonsepter eller en trommetradisjon i samisk kultur som ennå ikke er belyst, beskrevet eller tatt fram i lyset?

    Og kan man ved søken finne en samspills-tradisjon i møte med joiken?


    I denne podcasten prøver Jakop Janssønn å finne svar på disse spørsmålene ved å intervjue mennesker med kompetanse, innsikt og erfaring innenfor samisk kultur.

    Foto: Knut Åserud

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • This is The CobraCast with Bobby Sharron..... Just a podcast with my friends, Austin Texas musicians, bands and myself having a great time talking about whatever comes up...... And sharing knowledge (If that's what you want to call it) and laughs along the way..... Enjoy :)

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  • A podcast to help empower women to learn about music production, audio engineering, and the general music industry. Each episode is a discussion between the Founder of Music Production for Women, Xylo Aria, and a renowned expert on the topic of the day. Feel inspired and learn how to take your first steps into the music industry by hearing the stories of the guests and their various journeys. The MPW podcast aims to give musicians of today enough starting knowledge without feeling too daunted or overwhelmed!

    Free Music Production Resources at:

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