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  • A series of events that will help make everyday people’s lives better, by offering inspiring, innovative, exciting and practical tools for a balanced mind and body, and a healthier connection with yourself and others.

  • The Function and Strength Speed and Power Podcast is the official podcast of Function and Strength. Speed and power are game changers when it comes to performance. Each episode will take a unique perspective in speed and power development.

    Hosts Jason Feairheller and Ryan Heickert will invite experts in the field of strength and conditioning on the show to discuss their methods, training, and philosophies. Every episode will deliver quality content that can be appreciated by any coach looking to better themselves.

    For resources on speed and power training visit http://www.functionandstrength.net/videos.

  • Internetinio radijos programele apie sveikata su Dr. Andriu Kudirku is Orland Park, IL.

  • Guided sleep meditation to put you to bed 🛌feel free to drop a message at sleeptimepodcast@gmail.com, comments, thoughts and suggestions are very welcomed! :) Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/frabelly/support

  • This is Making Love & Growing Up: an educational podcast that strives to reconstruct a positive mindset around sex and singleness.

  • The world is in such a crazy place and even though people our age love to socialize – they just cannot hang. That’s why I made this podcast – to make listeners feel like they are hanging with their closest friends and learning about new and different perspectives. Isolation can bring loneliness and I want to create a community that can’t hang, together. And this is not to be mistaken that my guests “can’t hang” – they totally can.

  • SOBER SEX focuses on conversations about what self-integrity, spirituality and personal evolution look like for different people as we learn to be and accept ourselves sexually and intimately. Featuring your hosts @louisahhh and @rosieromain and wise, weird, rad guests 🖤🖤🖤

  • Hi! Céline here – let me guide you through your journey to self-love (relatively) hitch-free!As a mentor and spiritual seeker herself, I bring playfulness and authenticity to this bimonthly podcast specifically designed for those who feel a little lost in the game of life, and yet, are ready to step outside their comfort zone, grab the bull by the horns, and live the life that they TRULY want to live.Is that you? Then welcome!Get your question answered in the show --> click here: https://www.mydawninglight.com/self-love-podcast/

  • What’s the future of Medicine? Find out from the trailblazers who are shaping it. Lots of insight into MedTech, bringing an idea into fruition and habits that have made these leaders successful. Think MedTech meets the Tim Ferriss Show.

  • A weekly podcast, sharing Nuggets of Wisdom and motivation, where we discuss strategies to take your life from a place of stress, overwhelm, or emotional burnout to a place of balance in your work/ home/ health.

    Listen to powerful messages from motivational speakers and innovative thinkers to help you gain inspiration and reclaim your joy.

    If you are ready to Elevate your thoughts, feelings, and take action so that you can Resonate in all areas of your life, subscribe and download and let’s get started changing your story….together!

    Join me at https://www.facebook.com/elevate.to.resonate

  • So here is the real question: How do Dentists like you, who aren’t willing to let insurances dictate how you will run your practice, who want to create incredibly profitable practices without sacrificing your time or sanity; how do you create the strategies to ensure your practice not only survives but thrives in the 21st century? That’s the blaring question and Dr. Steve Schluentz is here to provide the answers. Welcome to Dental Practice Freedom Radio!

  • Behind the Movement host, Kyle Fincham, speaks with different movement practitioners to discuss their journeys, philosophies, and insight.

    Blog: https://www.movementbrooklyn.com/blog
    Join our online community with classes and office hours: https://members.movementbrooklyn.com

  • I’m Matt Maruca, and this is The Light Diet podcast! After struggling with health issues as a young kid, I’ve spent nearly half my life seeking to understand how our bodies work in order to achieve optimal health.

    On my journey, I learned about little-known Western research from expert scientists confirming that our bodies are electromagnetic in nature, meaning that we are truly beings of light, and our body’s functions are controlled by light. This research opens the doors to an entirely new and deeper understanding of previously misunderstood Ancient Eastern wisdom about health, energy, and wellness.

    As the saying goes, heaven and hell have the same address: half way between our right and left ears. My goal is to travel the world and learn from leading Western Experts and Eastern Masters all of the things that we can do in our time on this earth to live in the states of bliss, flow, and love that everyone has experienced, but we have been taught to believe are only accessible under special circumstances.

    Achieving optimal health and self-realization in the modern world involves more than just diets of our food and exercise. It requires a new relationship with Light, externally and internally.

    Welcome to The Light Diet!

  • My friend, I know when it comes to workouts and nutrition you have felt like you are working against your body. I want to teach you how to honor it by working with it. Welcome to FEMININE FITNESS PODCAST - where we align how you workout, what you eat, and the thoughts that you have with your cycle. Some call this cycle syncing, because your monthly "cycle" is more than your period. If you are wanting to have flexible structure when it comes to your fitness, food, and lifestyle working with your hormones is going to help you to see the results that you want while supporting your energy. Because our energy is more important that pushing through when it just doesn't feel right.I want to teach you how to align your health and fitness goals with your feminine flow.

  • Join our coaches as they answer questions from the Gifted Performance Community, Interview Athletes and Dive Deep into Sports Science!

  • Zeno Dėžės platformoje mes dalinamės įrankiais, praktikomis, įžvalgomis ir patirtimi, kuri padės Jums išlaisvinti Jūsų vidinį potencialą. Čia pateiktos žinios ir patarimai paskatins Jus priimti ir pamilti save, atleisti sau, įveikti baimes, bei išsklaidyti kompleksus ar savikritiškas mintis.Mūsų vizija yra pasaulis, kuriame visi žino, kad jie yra svarbūs ir verti gyventi pilnavertiškai. Pasaulis, kur kiekvienas gali būti tuo kuo yra iš tikrųjų, be kaukių ir apsimetinėjimų.

  • The podcast dedicated sharing awareness about early diagnosis and management of kidney disease, organ transplantation process and  post-transplant life thought the stories of kidney fighters and care communities! Get educated, empowered and inspired through the extraordinary stories of battles and wills with kidney failure, life on dialysis, managing life with chronic illness, becoming organ donor and saving lives of many! The podcast produced by RenalMate ( follow us on IG & FB)

  • Tired of feeling stuck with your weight ? Have you ever thought, "I know what to do. I've tried workouts and diets, but for some reason I can't get there!"

    If you can relate, then you're in the right place. "Ready To Lose" is here to help you figure out weightloss for the last time. We don't do deprivation or restriction. Instead, we are all about MINDSET and building the belief in ourselves to create the health and weight-loss that we want.

    It's time to start losing weight in a way that FEELS like us! This podcast is has fitness, nutrition, health, diet, wellness, workout, exercise, life coaching, and fat loss advice to get you to your goal faster and easier than ever before. Get tangible tips, tricks, and tools to help build a healthy life that you love showing up for every single day. Are you Ready To Lose?!

  • TINT Eindhoven offers students the opportunity to deal with life issues related to the philosophy of life, meaning, spirituality (parts of being a complete human) and culture (learning from each other’s background). This podcast is an extension of that. During the events we host, a lot of valuable information is being shared. Through this podcast, it is finally possible for you to listen back to it, on-demand. Whenever and as often as you want.