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    Wintersport geht auch im Sommer. Julia Kleine und Fabian Jedwabny interviewen in der hICEzeit alle zwei Wochen special Guets aus der Wintersport-Szene. Sie haben große, schöne und kommende, große Namen aus dem Wintersport im Gepäck.

    Ob Skispringen, Biathlon, Skialpin, Bobsport, Eishockey u.v.m. - Fabian und Julia räumen mit dem Vorurteil auf, dass Wintersport auf die Monate November bis Februar begrenzt ist. Sie bieten den Sportlerinnen und Sportlern eine Bühne, die uns im Winter begeistern und im Sommer in Vergessenheit geraten.

    Die hICEzeit nimmt Euch mit hinter die Kulissen der verschiedenen Wintersportarten und gibt Euch echte Insights und Hacks aus der Welt des Wintersports.

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  • Analītiskas un kritiskas sarunas par Latviju mūsu pārbaudes laikā.
    Saziņai: parbaudeslaiks@gmail.com

  • Remember when we were younger and couldn't wait to be adults? Boy were we idiots! 😆 I'm Kiddy Sangs. You may already be familiar with me from Manuscript in the morning on Tricoastal radio or you may even be way more familiar with me from my infamous live show on Facebook KOFFEE WIT KIDDY! If you have no idea who the hell I am 🤷 kome kick it with me💪 Let's discuss life after childhood! The when's and why's? Let's talk about Hollywood gossip! Let's talk about politics! Let's talk about spirituality...... Eff it LET'S JUST TALK and listen to the underground from right here in the ark LaTeX!

  • UK-based news podcast for trans and non-binary folks and our allies. Join snarky trans fact-finding team Michelle and Ashleigh as they dissect the news, interview guests and chat about pop culture.

  • Dienas svarīgāko notikumu apskats – Latvijas Radio Ziņu dienesta korespondenti ir klāt vietās, kur tiek pieņemti lēmumi un risinās notikumi. Podkāsts divas reizes dienā informē par svarīgākajām aktualitātēm Latvijā un ārvalstīs. 

  • Florence Villeminot déconstruit les stéréotypes sur la vie en France. Chaque dernier jeudi du mois à 13 h 45.

  • On The Tech Talk for Accountants Show Andrew Lassise shares helpful tips for accountants and the technology issues they face. Join Andrew and his occasional guests on our weekly episodes. For more episodes visit us at https://rushtech.online/podcast/

  • Satirical podcast about UK and US politics. Contains frequent strong language.

  • Stock market commentary from Wall St thought leaders in strategy, economics, technical analysis and policy. Disclaimer ..........

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  • Women's Basketball and Hoops chat from around the world. From WNBA to FIBA international competitions, we've got it covered with our trio of co-hosts who are all Women's Basketball Warriors! Special co-host guests including players and coaches, with our soon to be famous jaw-dropper section and much more. Check out @basketmedia365 on TW and IG and go to the @WBBWorldwidePodcast on Facebook too.

  • Notre valeur cardinale est la recherche de la VERITÉ. Nous présentons des connaissances, des expériences, des perspectives différentes. Vous vous faîtes votre propre opinion. Transformez-vous avec France Liberté.

  • You’ve heard of the wrongfully convicted being exonerated of their crimes, but what does it take to get there? Record of Wrong is a KARE 11 podcast that delves deep into the world of the criminal justice system, from the perspective of the people appealing their convictions. This six-part series hosted by KARE 11's Emily Haavik examines the towering obstacles to prove innocence after conviction, and the burden those people carry long after they have been freed. New episodes are released on Tuesdays.


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  • No politikas līdz biznesam, par sociālo dzīvi un krimināldrāmām – pētnieciskais raidījums “Atvērtie faili” iedziļinās mūsu laika svarīgākajos notikumos. Katrs raidījums ir dokumentāls audiostāsts par procesiem un cilvēkiem, kas veido mūsu sabiedrisko dzīvi.

    Ja vēlies ar mums sazināties, raksti uz atvertiefaili@latvijasradio.lv vai sūti balss ziņas WhatsApp vai Signal lietotnēs uz numuru 28001144.

  • From the latest updates in dermatology to exclusive interviews with leading industry experts and a glimpse at what goes on behind the scenes, the staff at Dermatology Times brings you a podcast that will explore the impact of new data and support you in implementing innovative technologies that advance your patient care and practice. Join us under the dermatoscope for The Cutaneous Connection.

  • Labākais Latvijas Radio ekonomikas saturs - nauda, bankas, nodokļi, akcijas, IKP, preču un pakalpojumu tirgus un patēriņš, uzņēmumi un mājsaimniecības, pieprasījums un piedāvājums - žurnālistu intervijas, ieraksti un raidījumi par ekonomikas pasauli no individuālas pieredzes līdz globālajiem finanšu procesiem.

  • Betsafe Sports atšķiras no visiem pārējiem ar ekskluzīvākajiem sporta apskatiem un padomiem no dažādiem industrijas profesionāļiem. Ar neaizmirstamu pieredzi un citiem notikumiem, ļauj Betsafe Sports tevi aizraut satriecošā piedzīvojumā pār visaugstākajām virsotnēm!

  • Katru darba dienu stāstam par aktuālo ekonomikā gan Latvijā, gan pasaulē. Meklējam atbildes uz jautājumiem – cik konkurētspējīga ir mūsu ekonomika un zinoši ir uzņēmēji, kā pasaules procesi ietekmē mūsu dzīvi.