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  • Nona Dirksmeyer is a young beauty queen. Smart and talented, her future is bright. But just days before her 20th birthday, Nona is murdered in her apartment. Police quickly decide their primary suspect is the young man who found her – her boyfriend, Kevin. After all, his bloody palm print is at the crime scene. Case closed? Not by a long shot. In Dateline’s latest original podcast series, Keith Morrison tells the story of three trials, two suspects, and one small town where things are not always what they seem.

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  • Carrie Jade Does Not Exist is the story of how one woman, who took on over six different identities, infiltrated the lives of vulnerable people, and lied her way into gaining their trust. This six-part series hosted by Sue Perkins and journalist Katherine Denkinson will tell the story of how Carrie built up a picture-perfect persona and scammed her way into the literary world until she finally got tangled up in her very own web of lies.

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  • Adapted from journalist Chris Hansen’s popular TO CATCH A PREDATOR series, each episode of the PREDATORS I'VE CAUGHT features Chris recalling the most notorious cases and providing a “Where are they now?” update. Email Chris directly with your comments, suggestions, and questions: [email protected] Research is courtesy of "To Catch A Predator Wiki." Visit the site for all things TCAP at (
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  • Between the years of 1967 and 1972 over 300 commercial airplanes were hijacked worldwide, with over 130 of those happening in the United States alone. This period would become known as "The Golden Age of Hijacking." American Skyjacker is the tale of a small-time crook named Martin 'Mac' McNally, who dreamed of the ultimate mile-high score: hijacking a plane and getting away with $500,000 in cash; but Mac's hijacking is just the beginning of a truly epic and incredibly wild true-crime saga.American Skyjacker: The Final Flight of Martin McNally is a ten-episode series.

  • В июне 1995 года боевики захватили заложников в городе Будённовске Ставропольского края и потребовали остановить войну в Чечне. Это один из самых крупных терактов в истории России, но о нем мало говорят и ещё меньше помнят. В подкасте ”Будённовск” вы услышите рассказы тех, кто находился в заложниках, вёл переговоры с боевиками и помогал спасти жизни людей.

    Автор и ведущая подкаста – Катя Голенкова.

    #буденновск #кавказреалии #радиосвобода

  • We are just 2 bestfriends who love to talk about ALL things sinister while slightly intoxicated. Join us every week as we chat about true crime, urban legends, conspiracy theories, and paranormal experiences. Support this podcast:

  • Just two siblings obsessed with the weird, strange and curious.

  • R.Silavs un R.Sniegs katrā sērijā mēģina radīt jaunu filmu vai seriālu, balstoties uz vienu patiesu notikumu.

  • To commemorate our fourth anniversary, Parcast and the team behind Unsolved Murders are taking a closer look at what it takes to catch a killer. In the new series Solved Murders: True Crime Mysteries, you'll follow the clues and uncover the missing pieces to some of history's most gripping cases. Every Wednesday, join Carter and Wenndy as they explore the days, months, and even years leading up to a killer being caught. Each episode plays out like a classic murder mystery—where the final reveal is nearly as shocking as the murder itself. Solved Murders: True Crime Mysteries is a Spotify Original.

  • Криминальная хроника, репортажи и материалы на страницах периодики 1920-х годов. Тру-крайм подкаст проекта «Тогда» и МИРА Коллекция

  • A mental health podcast about the myriad ways mental illness has been mistreated, misunderstood, and mishandled.

  • Привет. Меня зовут Андрей Доронин. Я написал несколько книг и поэтому некоторые люди называют меня писателем. В этом подкасте я рассказываю о том, почему наркотики зло и зачем вам необходимо держаться от них подальше. Потратив около 15 лет на употребление различных веществ, имею полное право в ироничной и порой ужасающей манере делиться опытом, который, безусловно, обязательно кому-нибудь пригодится и позволит не совершить роковую ошибку. Жизненные истории, впечатляющие примеры и живые гости, безусловно, будут интересны слушателям и не оставят равнодушным (я так думаю).

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  • Raidījuma vadītāji (Robčiks un Monta) ir izveidojuši "Radaru", kurš uztver latviešu noziedznieku un citu ļaundaru dzīves stāstus, baisus un neizskaidrojamus notikumus, mistērijas un citas lietas, ko varbūt kāds arī ir gribējis aizmirst, vai nemaz nav gribējis zināt. Bet tiem, kuri vēlas zināt: droši slēdz iekšā un kopā ar Robčiku un Montu uzzini, kādu informāciju "Radars" mums ir atnesis šoreiz!