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  • The Unheard Truth from the Bible is a groundbreaking religious podcast because it offers more than the ordinary sermon-style podcast that tells the same old stories again and again.

    The podcast is revolutionary in Bible-study podcasting and preaching for Christians and Bible enthusiast alike as it exposes the โ€œunheard teachingsโ€ and eye-opening โ€œcold hard truthโ€ that many people have not heard of or just simply failed to hear.

    Listeners will also benefit from the LIVE question and answer interaction. They can send any biblical questions that they have been wanting to get answers for via chat or phone-in calls.

    Most importantly, it is a 100% FREE podcast. Listeners are not obliged to donate or pledge ANYTHING to the show as we believe that preaching the truth should be given freely.

    Hosted by podcaster Uly Villamin and featuring Philippines' no-nonsense preacher Brother Eli Soriano.

  • A podcast by Ed Lapiz. Become a supporter. Support this podcast with a small monthly donation to help sustain future episodes. Send your LoveGift/Donation click๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿ‘‰ Kuya Ed Lapiz Official YOUTUBE Channel: you so much for your prayers and support in this ministry. Our desire to share hope in new ways to millions of people in many places have become possible because of your unconditional love of giving in partnering with us to this ministry. Support this podcast:

  • "Pads" - short term for Father or Padre.
    Samahan sina Pads sa mga kwentuhan at kulitan about life, faith, pop culture, pati na yung mga bagay na baka nahihiya kayong sabihin kina Pads. No judgment, no sermon—kaya tambay na dito sa PadsCast

  • Tune in to the truth of our times in just thirty minutes every day.

    Run Through is a thirty-minute version of Sunday sermons. For more about CCF, visit

  • The Narrow Door is an ecumenical podcast that aims to promote dialogue in the Christian community. Catholic host Sam Oh sits down with a Catholic lay preacher, an evangelical pastor and a non-denominational Bible instructor to explore their differences and celebrate all the various ways that one can be a Christian. Fresh episodes every Monday and Thursday at 9AM โœจ

  • Even in our brokenness, in our imperfection and even in our failing moments, God can use us if we will allow Him. Life is never easy, but you don't have to journey it alone. Support this podcast:

  • Follow our Victory series podcast for regular updates on messages about grace, finance, the kingdom of God, and more.

  • Samahan si Fr. Fiel Pareja sa pagdarasal, pagbabasa at pagninilay sa Salita ng Diyos sa buong taon. Araw-araw tayong magsasama-samang magdarasal! Bago umpisahan o tapusin ang araw, o kahit saan ka man naroroon, at ano man ang iyong ginagawa, pakinggan at magnilay kasama ni Fr. Fiel.

  • The Burst Leadership Podcast consists of short conversations designed to help you grow into a healthier leader: one who knows God, loves others, and embraces life. Sometimes it’ll be like chatting together over a cup of coffee, and sometimes we take a deeper dive. 

    Brent Hoover is a leadership specialist with over 30 years of experience in cross cultural Christian ministry. He is passionate about breaking down holistic leader health and leader building into the essentials.

  • Sa “May Kasama Ka!” Podcast, tutulungan tayo ni Father Fiel Pareja na sagutin ang mga katanungan sa buhay at maunawain ang ating mga karanasan sa pamamagitan ng mga kuwento, katanungan, personal na karanasan, at pagninilay batay na rin sa liwanag ng ating pananampalataya. Kaiba sa ibang podcast na iyong pinakikinggan, ito ay ibabahagi sa wikang Filipino. Ang wikang mas tagos, malapit sa ating puso at sa ating mga karanasan. Ilan sa mga karanasang uusisahin ay ang pag-ibig, pagkabigo, kamatayan, galit, iba’t ibang pagdurusa sa buhay, kapayapaan, hustisya, pananabik at pag-asa (

  • Welcome to a new weekly podcast series called “USCIRF Spotlight” hosted by the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF), an independent federal advisory body. During each episode, Director of Outreach and Policy Dwight Bashir features a special guest to dive deeper on various topics and breaking developments that impact the universal right to freedom of religion or belief around the globe.

  • Daily Shots are short audio recorded reflections on the daily gospel by members of the Verbum Dei Catholic Missionary Family. New reflections uploaded every day.

  • Ken and Sonya Pounders provide hope with steps to victory for those who want to conquer addiction in their own lives or in the lives of those they love. You will discover encouragement and insight to overcome this epidemic of addiction as we draw on prophetic Biblical truth and a lifetime of experience.

  • When it comes to managing and navigating emotions, Jemma is your lady. Back in 2011, she walked away from a 35-year life sentence with depression and since then has made it her mission in life to rid herself of her depressive and negative mindset, habits, and behavior patterns. It has not always been easy, but every step has been rewarding.

    As a successful businesswoman, Jemma hid behind the mask of success and a busy lifestyle. But when work was over, she had to face herself and her thoughts.

    Her thoughts controlled her emotions and her emotions dictated her actions, habits, and behavior patterns.

    Choosing life meant every part of her linked to her depressive triggers had to be destroyed in exchange for a completely new start, living life, experiencing the reality of her desires and being rebirthed.
    Since her rebirth, Jemma has used her journey and story to inspire, help, and support others on their freedom to emotional well-being journey.

    This podcast is for individuals surrounded by a crowd, yet isolated and led by their emotions. Secretly suffering bouts of depression and emotionally demotivated, they may even be in denial. Mentally strong but emotionally weak, they lack the tools to address, identify, or manage their thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

    What makes us think and behave the way we do and how can we change and undo negative behaviour and thinking patterns?

  • Make the Word of God viral everyday, everywhere. Almusalita is your daily inspiration and companion about God's Word. Support this podcast:

  • Welcome to the Leading Together podcast, where we take an inside look at how we develop a leadership culture at Victory and Every Nation Philippines!

    Listen to exclusive messages on leadership and faith from Pastor Gilbert Foliente, the president of Victory and Every Nation Philippines, and other pastors in the leadership team of Every Nation.

    We pray that this podcast series will bring encouragement and wisdom to you as we lead together in our families, workplaces, communities, and churches!

  • Bukasyon Podcast is about conversations about vocation or calling. Our primary call is to be holy. Yes we are called to be holy. We can respond to this call through the states of life where we can be holy be it in priesthood, religious life, single blessedness and married life. This podcast is about a door that is always open, open to God`s possibilities for your life. Bukas`yon means the "bukas `yon" the door is always open for you to enter and respond to His call. It is a passage that is always open and when you leave that door it is always there open for you.

  • Audio messages of the Metropolitan Bible Baptist Ekklesia

  • Welcome home! This is the official podcasting site of Grace Testament Church. "There's No Place Like Home!"