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  • Welcome to the official page of Apostle Joseph Mintah. Apostle Joseph Mintah has been called with a mandate to reach, disciple, equip and release the younger generation in the End Time Harvest. Through this teaching of the Word, Healing, Deliverance and Declarations, the power of God has transformed many lives.

  • The Desire Factor Podcast is a leading-edge experience in the art and science of manifestation. In a format that features grounded, practical conversations about powerful spiritual principles, interviews with some of today’s most popular personal development experts, and one-on-one coaching with those seeking personal transformation, host Christy Whitman reveals the energy mastery secrets that open the door to greater fulfillment and success. You’ll come away from each episode of the Desire Factor Podcast with the skills to improve any circumstance in your life by deliberately changing the quality of energy you bring to it.

  • Pagan Mom is a podcast where you can come to indulge in various topics regarding paganism in our modern world. Merging present and past.


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  • An open forum, dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge.

    We ask our questions on the edge of what is known and unknown.. 

    We reach into the ether and pull forth fruit..

    This podcast will guide you to other realms, and bring you back home..

    A nexus of energy exchange with 'next level' guests, and out of this world topics. We will venture outward, and onward, ....forward into the beyond.

    Midnight, On Earth will bring you the nourishment you need, it will fulfill your desire for deeper a level of information. Metaphysics, aliens, quantum physics, conspiracies, angels, astral dimensions, ancient mysteries, modern mysteries, everything under every sun and more, the bits between the bits..

    We will be there..... With a microphone.

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  • Candid conversations with photographer Bryan Daggett and the world's sweetest people. New episodes arrive on Wednesday sometimes.

  • I want to inspire people to peruse a relationship with God. I want to share my story and show the love God has for me but most importantly the love he has for each and everyone of us!

  • A show where young people from all backgrounds come together to use their voices for God's kingdom. A product of the Good Lion Podcast Network.

  • 1 Peter 2:9 says, "But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light;"

    Join me as we learn about the Peculiar People God has used through the ages to encourage the saints and save the lost. People like David Livingstone, Phillip Bliss, Amy Carmichael, Isobel Kuhn, Jim and Elisabeth Elliot, D.L.Moody, Ira Sanky, and more.

  • Это подкаст про Oколо-Смертный Oпыт.
    Здесь я читаю истории людей, которые пережили клиническyю смерть и вернулись к жизни.
    Этим я хочу поддержать тех, кто потерял
    близких, а так же пролить свет на тему, которaя вызывает такие споры в науке, медицине, психологии и теологии.

  • "Тож ідіть, і навчіть всі народи..." (Матвiя 28:19)

    Через подкасти Слова Божого, ми доносимо людям Його головну суть: "Так бо Бог полюбив світ, що дав Сина Свого Однородженого, щоб кожен, хто вірує в Нього, не згинув, але мав життя вічне..." (Ів 3:16)

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  • Bodies in the Trees: The Last Recordings of The Unknown Book Club. In this harrowing 6-part series, Susannah Edwards uncovers a podcast investigating black magic and the Occult which may hold the answers to the strange case of The Bodies in the Trees at the Nine Ladies. For fans of Serial, S-Town and Up & Vanished, this podcast was taken down for over a year, but has been re-released due to real world developments

  • The Pastor Matters Podcast seeks to equip and encourage pastors in whatever context of ministry they find themselves in. Join Ronjour Locke and Brandon Ward each week as they look at various topics related to preaching and pastoral leadership.

    Pastor Matters is produced by the Center for Preaching and Pastoral Leadership at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

  • Подкаст про те, що здатне занурити на глибини серця, постійно оновлюючи його.
    Просто і доступно про помилки, шляхи, досвіди, пошуки Бога, уроки та висновки.

  • Ella Samuels is a Spiritual Facilitator and Counsellor. She believes we are all on the path of self discovery in finding true fulfilment. Come on this journey with her as ypu uncover God’s plan and purposes entwined in your daily experiences . This podcast is a compilation of deep reflections, thoughts and funny experiences. New episodes every Friday evening.
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  • Leaders from all across Calvary Global Network share insights, perspectives, and best practices.

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  • Cosmic Dancer - Lo-Fi Music / Hi-Fi Faith is a podcast in which I, Cristiano Luchini, mix the warm blanket of Lo-Fi Music with spirituality, creativity, history and ancient wisdom.

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