• The topic of feeling abandoned when we call out to our spiritual guides or God, has Stephanie recounting a painful experience when Spirit didn’t show for her.  Heather suggests maybe pain or traumatic events could be an opportunity to release those which no longer serve us. This episode allows the listeners to reflect on how they are feeling, how they handle pain and if they have ever felt abandoned from Spirit. 

    Does pain always have a message?  The 3 Intuitive Healers strive to interpret that message if one exists.  Pain gets our attention for the opportunity to heal. Share your thoughts with the 3 Intuitive Healers.

  • The ego is very complicated and unique to each one of us.  It takes time, healing and intention to understand how our ego “tries” to protect us and how our ego “tries” to hurt us. Is it even intentional hurt or just us, not understanding our internal language in an external reality?

    What do our listeners think about their own egos?  Share your thoughts with the 3 Intuitive Healers.

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  • This episode has the  ladies discussing the beliefs we impose upon ourselves to act, do and live like the “experts”.  These limiting beliefs can hold us hostage to believing there is a right way and wrong way only scenario.  These beliefs can also bring on guilt and shame.  Angela discusses her continued struggle with her belief of sugar consumption interfering with her spiritual work. She discusses how she is making changes that are allowing her moments of freedom from her guilt thinking. Heather shares how her own demands on her behavior have added more stress and guilt in the past.  Stephanie has had resistance to following other people’s routines and beliefs, she desires to do her spiritual work her own way.  It’s wonderful to learn from others and it is great to try new techniques, but when we believe that other people know better than we do and that we MUST do as they do-therein exists our limitations.  The ladies discuss the use of alcohol consumption while doing spiritual work or practicing Reiki.  Again, it is what you are comfortable with that matters. Besides the self-limiting emotions experienced through imitating others, the ladies discuss their humorous stories of beliefs and behaviors they have since been released and changed.

    This is a wonderful reminder to read the books, listen to the podcasts and learn from others with experience-but always remember only YOU know what is best for your own lifestyle.  Experiment and find your own techniques, question your beliefs and create a lifestyle that brings you joy and peace.  You are your own expert for you!

  • Angela shares how she has been struggling with some issues.  She expresses how it is essential to ask for help when necessary.  She explains her issues are repetitive behavior, perhaps even from past lives.  Stephanie reveals that she still grapples with being seen, read and heard.  Though she continues to chip away at her fears, by facing them.  Heather speaks of wanting to be in a state of calm and peace.  She expresses this to mean she wants to be able to sit and feel, instead of just doing and not accessing her own feelings.  Heather says she wants to understand how she feels.  The subject of- the fear of success– is discussed.  The ladies share old beliefs that may be an obstacle to how they see success.  They speak about how they keep themselves small through fears they all carry.  Stephanie brings forth her big obstacle-judgement and imposter syndrome.  Angela worries about letting people down and the expectations she puts upon herself.  For Heather being judgmental of herself and others requires her constant attention.  The ladies also discuss who they were as a personality previously and who they are now.  They all three do not identify with their past versions of themselves, having grown and changed with desired results. Like shedding skin, a new version of self is created. 

    The 3 Intuitive Healers ask our listeners- Are you a different version now, than who you were years ago? Do you identify with your old versions and still feel the same? 

    Share your thoughts with The 3 Intuitive Healers, we love to hear from you.

  • The show begins with Stephanie sharing a subject she has been studying in a class. The concept was Dr. Wayne Dyer considering that he intentionally picked his parents to play their roles to grant him experiences that would be difficult, but pave his path to healing. The question presented-Do you think we choose our parents for this lifetime?  Angela says yes, she does believe in this concept.  Heather agrees as well, but there exists variables with how and why they believe this is possible and to what extent.  The ladies discuss the idea of life being planned and if so, how detailed?  The subjects of our life’s destiny, our purpose and even our ancestral lineage, are all considered as the ladies dive deep into the unknown.  Stephanie asks her second question- how do we find God in our lifetime?  Is it planned, do we seek the Divine or is it by happenstance?  Angela says that is tricky because we ARE God.  The ladies share how they feel and know the presence of God.  The ladies also discuss what the disconnect from God felt like. This discussion is a reminder no one person has all the answers.  We are all blessed with the capacity to find our own beliefs and it starts with asking ourselves questions.  If you have another perspective, we invite you to share your thoughts with The 3 intuitive Healers.

  • This episode begins with Heather revealing her deep dive into identifying her thoughts and beliefs.  She breaks down how her spoken words were in contrast to what she was thinking.  By taking the time to sit with her feelings she was aware of the God essence that is her, that is us.  After being hard on herself Heather released negative thoughts and came into alignment with Source once again.  Stephanie asks why physical pain or emotional suffering tend to separate us from our connection to Spirit?  Angela says she will stop trying to find the reason and instead honor the belief that SHE is source, WE are always source, so there is no separation.  She says the bliss state is God and the depressed state is God.  Yet so many of us pursue the connection to God, not realizing we are the connection always and in all ways.  Do you have to feel happy and peaceful to feel God?  Angela offers the thought of being neutral.  When we are in a neutral state we can be aware of  God and not judge in opinion of good or bad.  Stephanie expresses her discomfort in saying the phrase, I am God.  Why she believes we are all Source and of Source, she recognizes God through life, people and nature. This episode offers the listeners different views on the phrase, I am God.  There are many perspectives and no right or wrong answers.  This discussion is an opportunity for the listeners to ask themselves, how do you see God?

  • The show opens with Angela sharing how she navigates her emotions when she is feeling imbalanced.   Angela speaks about depression and how she has successfully managed her emotions.  She expresses with an open heart, her mindset during her challenging days and how she creates relief.  Heather discusses what she has been feeling with new energies coming into her being.  Not only is she physically affected, she also experienced emotional releases and became frustrated with the process.  The good news is she expresses gratitude for the many enlightening experiences and the opportunities to heal and grow her connection to spirit. Stephanie is in a state of peace and calm since she has dropped expectations from what her spiritual path must look like.  She has stopped pursuing the results and is focusing on her beliefs in the magic. The process of becoming aware of ourselves and seeking communication with spirit can invite emotional upheaval.  Through addressing the emotions and honoring the feelings, the effort can offer great healing.  It is not easy and not always an enjoyable experience, but The 3 Intuitive Healers can all attest to the wonderful results they have all achieved through their commitment to being their best selves.  This episode offers the listeners examples of perseverance and belief.  Even when life can seem too hard or unrewarding, there is always the seed of hope that will flourish with attention and nurturing.  

  • The ladies recall how they found Reiki healing or how Reiki found them.  Stephanie shares how an invite to a Reiki share introduced her to energy healing that was surprising, yet familiar to her soul.  Angela originally didn’t resonate with Reiki until after several sessions when she was finally able to feel the energy. Heather was seeking help for her pain and was offered energy healing.  She fell in love instantly and pursued all things Reiki.  The ladies discuss how their Reiki methods have evolved through their many experiences.  They have all grown into their confidence, which has allowed them to offer Reiki healing in their unique expressions.  The ladies share their intuitive experiences that have occurred during their Reiki sessions.  Even though the Reiki healing is for the client, the practitioners can and do receive personal messages and healing as well.  Reiki healing is for the body, mind & spirit.  Reiki healing can be shared with any person open to healing.  Reiki healing can be learned by any person open to working with energy healing.  Share your experiences with giving Reiki or receiving Reiki with The 3 Intuitive Healers.

  • Stephanie shares the unusual happenings in her home the past week.  Her story is filled with the unseen, synchronicities and even an owl.  While she was elated and excited with the experiences, she had many questions as to what and who was communicating with her.  She asks the ladies how they interpret their own encounters with the spirit world.  Heather shares her memorable encounters with the spirits who were trying to communicate with her.  Feeling insecure and unprepared had her running away.  Later, she learned to create boundaries and gained control while interacting with the spirit world.  Angela reminds us that we are always learning our own spiritual language.  She shares the phrase she uses, “I have faith that you’re there, but I don’t have faith that I am translating correctly.”  This allows one to accept the experience without having to have proof of the message. When we can trust our own experiences and not force ourselves to know the why, we open ourselves to infinite possibilities. Through all the experiences we have with the spirit world, we are left with many questions and even doubts.  The ladies suggest that we go to our hearts.  What do we feel, sense or know about the experience? Let our hearts answer over our skeptical minds. There is no wrong answer, only the interpretation we accept for ourselves.  When we stop denying what we see or feel, we allow for the spirit world to interact with us, thus we begin our relationships and grow our language with spirit.

    Do you have a story about an interaction with the spirit world?  Contact the 3 Intuitive Healers to share your story.

  • Angela opens the show with her personal struggle emotionally and physically as she integrates new energies.    She shares how she found relief with the interaction of  Blue, her loving dragon guide.  Angela recalls her introductions to her other guides in her life, it’s a colorful journey!  Heather steps into the spotlight to discuss her spirit team who are always present and interacting with her.  There’s dragons, Archangels, a unicorn and even an alien in Heather’s experiences.  Stephanie offers an alternative view of her spirit guides.  She explains, unlike Heather and Angela, she does not regularly see her guides or interact with them by name.  Her relationship is more trust, in that she is always in the company of the unseen protectors.  This conversation offers the listeners examples of  how there is no right way to know your spirit guides.  The 3 Intuitive Healers share just 3 of the endless versions of possible relationships with the Spirit World.   Perhaps this conversation will inspire our listeners to share their own stories on their relationships with their spiritual guides.

  • The show opens with a discussion on the return to life outside of the home as we ease out of the lockdown.  Angela inquires about the great take away from being away from the hustle of life at this one year mark. The ladies share optimistic views for our future and talk about the importance of our perspective.  Heather explores the connection between working on coding to set up the 3intuitivehealers website and how her spiritual and physical are experiencing re-coding in tandem.  Heather also shares an experience that involved physical reactions to new energies she encountered. She received news of exciting changes to come, with the spirit world. Stephanie expresses awe in how manifesting has become instantaneous for her.  She marvels at the magic that is plentiful everywhere and for everyone, like she has a new sight. Angela shares how her Reiki technique has evolved.  She has created her own personal application based on her inner wisdom.  The ladies discuss co-creating with others to find our own unique practice.  There are many teachers to learn from, though remember we are all teachers and students. Angela encourages us all to go forth and create the reality we desire. Self-empowerment is vital to our well-being.

    The 3 Intuitive Healers encourage our listeners to step forward with belief and faith so everyone can empower themselves to not only see the magic-but to BE the magic!

  • This show begins with a discussion on finding balance in how we perceive and judge the actions of others.  The ladies discuss how being aware and NOT judging other’s behaviors, does not mean we are in agreement, we are only observing.  Their conversation refers to the work of Elizabeth Wood, seer & scientist.  Elizabeth spoke of her capacity to heal an ailment by talking to her body and remembering where the illness had originated in her childhood.  Elizabeth acknowledged the history and the present connection and seized the opportunity to heal, by releasing the emotional hurt that was attached to her physical issue.  Heather recalls her ailment which was connected to shame.  Her self inquiry work allowed her to heal her physical injury and the emotional origin.  Angela speaks of the feelings and fear experienced a year ago and her peace and healing now in 2021.  Stephanie expresses her amazement in strengthening her relationship with her soul and the unseen.  The past year was a launching opportunity for her growth and expansion of her belief in magic.

    Though their paths are uniquely individual, their goals to heal, serve and love unite this trio.

  • Angela opens the show with an experience she had involving her stress and the behavior of others.  She explains how she kept herself in a calmed mindest to navigate through her emotional experience with grace. She was proud of herself and explained why. Stephanie discusses her continued work on not taking things personally and Heather explains her phrase, “flipping her switch”, which we learn is something not to do!.  The ladies offer different insights for working through the emotional experiences we face daily. 

    The second half of the show opens a conversation on when and if to intervene.  The scenario begins with a past event when Heather went dancing and observed danger.  The ladies give their perspectives on fear, getting involved, assuming and Angela laughingly affirms her believe why dancing is dangerous. In the end it is less what is right or wrong.  Though the perspectives may differ, the ladies agree that one must do what feels right for themselves.  You may hear the music, but will YOU dance? 

  • March begins with Heather having a painful accident.  She shares how she questioned what the accident meant or why it needed to happen?  There is much discussion on how and why the body communicates through pain.  Heather explains why she accepted her accident, instead of resisting and attaching a story to her ordeal.  Angela suggests using ease and grace to navigate through painful experiences.  She also talks about the fear of pain. Stephanie shares her experience of pain that consumed her because it was her only focus.  In the end Heather gives the advice of befriending pain in order to heal it.  Thank your pain? 

    Give it a try and let the 3 Intuitive Healers know your story. Email us at contact@3intuitivehealers.com.

  • This episode has Stephanie asking Heather and Angela how they balance the demands of life, while keeping the connection to Spirit. Heather explains how she checks in with her heart center to determine if she is out of balance. Angela shares a phrase she uses to pull herself out of the 3D human demands. She tells herself, “this is not real”, which allows her a return to calm.

    Stephanie opens the discussion on why we hold onto fear and worry and why is it so difficult to choose trust and faith instead? Is worrying a behavior that we can change? Does trust and fear require a belief in something greater than ourselves? What do you think or believe?

    The 3 Intuitive Healers would like to hear your thoughts and opinions. Email us at contact@3intuitivehealers.com.

  • The show opens with Angela sharing the message she is currently receiving, “let it go”. She reveals her discomfort with her growing pains. A discussion on Ego Death has the ladies explaining their interpretation and how they have worked through their own Ego Death. They discuss physical symptoms and the many emotions that accompany the Dark Night Of The Soul process. Amidst all the emotional and physical squirming, there is the shifting, releasing and healing we are rewarded. Angela says it like a hermit crab outgrowing its shell. Perhaps, we energetically outgrow our own belief system and thus feel a loss of our identity. By the end of the show Angela talks numerology and what this year holds for Stephanie and Heather.

  • Squirrels, acorns and little oak trees, what could they possibly teach Stephanie? Join the ladies as they question whether the world we see is a reflection of our thoughts and behavior.

    Heather shares how compassion changed her view with her previous boss, while Angela explains how fear affects our views of the world. The magic exists in our ability to change how we think and react to our environment. Don’t like what you see, well you have the power to change your view by changing your own perspective.

    The end of the show takes a twist as Heather shares her encounters with visiting energies in her home.

  • It is February and Angela shares exciting news of her 2021 progress. Her plate is spilling over with projects and creativity. She explains how she surrendered to the truth of what she needed. She stopped resisting and allowed people and new ideas into her plans, which created opportunities and she is bursting with enthusiastic momentum. Heather suggests going into the resistance to explore it. Ask yourself if the resistance is coming from self. If the resistance is within, ask why and what fears are causing your roadblock?

    Stephanie examines her resistance in attending a workshop that was disappointing. The ladies help Stephanie dissect her emotions, expectations and fears. The conclusion? Stephanie surmises she is riding a beach cruiser with training wheels!

    Resistance is it really a roadblock or merely a detour?


  • Stephanie shares her experience of having a random song playing in her head for a few days. She researched the lyrics of Paul Anka’s, The time of your life, and was moved by the words she read. She found herself reflecting on how quickly time has passed and is passing.

    The ladies then discuss mortality. Past, present and future are they really separate time frames? After exploring a few different realities, the ladies return back to the moment. The discussion encourages living in the now, embracing what is and pursuing what you desire. Oh, and pay attention to the song in your head!

  • Stephanie opens the conversation by asking Angela and Heather if they always knew they wanted to be of service. The ladies share their life's experiences that led to their current lifestyle as Reiki healers. Heather says she has always had a desire to serve and to be of help, but circumstances kept her from working in the medical field. Angela, while not pursuing a career of service, found herself changing her path as an aspiring actress to a life of healing. Angela embraced her inner call to help others and devoted herself to learning healing modalities. Stephanie had no plans to be of service, but believes the universe gently guided her to embrace healing as a lifestyle.

    What calls us to help? Love calls us, but sometimes what stands between us helping another is fear. How will you answer?